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Queen R Jenkins is the owner and designer of Purity Clothing Co. At Purity Clothing Co we redress your SOUL. In Season Magazine is a publication of Purity Clothing Co. God gave Queen a vision of In Season Magazine and The Oh Please! Makeover in 2005 and that vision rested inside her spirit until 2010. Through Purity Clothing Co she began making women over and in August 2010 she began making teens over. In Season Magazine is a place for every woman and girl, no matter your size!

We have allowed God’s Holy Spirit to remake our clients through our hands. We know that we are but MERE vessels that He did not have to choose to use...but He did. And for that we will forever be grateful. Humble yourselves and make God first and you can experience a joy -filled life! Trust in Him and let Him be the pilot and you the co-pilot. It’s definitely worth it! Queen R Jenkins Editor-In-Chief

Heavenly Father‌ God, penetrate my heart with your Holy Spirit so that I may show the love of Christ to everyone I talk to, everyone I see, everywhere I go on today Let me show Your love today Be magnified in me today Jesus Be exalted in me today Jesus Lord, decrease my flesh that I may increase in YOU For I was crucified with You and You as me For You were penalized for my wrong Your body as mine, You took my place Let me not exist, for I have no past Let me not exalt myself higher than You Let me be humbled before You, Oh Lord Let me be pleasing in Your sight, Thank you Jesus Let Your double anointing fall upon me, in the name of Jesus Reign over me Holy Spirit I love You Jesus Let me speak love out of my mouth, in the name of Jesus Help me Holy Spirit Let me love those that don’t necessarily love me Let me speak love to those that despise me Help me Holy Spirit O Lord, let me see what you see in Your children Let me not judge Smile through me and show Your love Use my face to always show Your beauty, Your glory, like you did Moses Help me Holy Spirit Use my mouth to speak love and life into a dead situation in the name of Jesus My eyes are upon You, Lord I trust You Lord I trust You in this Amen. Amen. Amen By Queen R. Jenkins

Purity Clothing Co is a kingdom-based clothing company where we put God first BEFORE our designing and styling. At Purity Clothing Co, ‘we redress your SOUL’. We give you a God-inspired look on clothing and the Truth about beauty and fashion.


IS: Why do you sing for the Lord and not the world? JB: I sing for the Lord because I feel that it’s the assignment that God has on my life. It’s not just about the singing; it’s the ministry of seeing the lives of others being blessed and getting to know the Savior of my life. In the world, I could sing too. The music can feel good and put people in that “right place;” however, it’s my passion to share the Good News (the Gospel of Jesus Christ). IS: Have you ever been asked to cross over into the secular music arena and if so, what was your response? JB: I haven’t really been asked to cross over. I would love to be a Kingdom influencer in the arena of R&B and Hip Hop, because they need God just like we do. As representatives of God in the earth, it’s important that we don’t get so caught up in our world of Christianity. Instead, we should remember that we have been commissioned to go out and preach the Gospel. There is a world that is in need of God’s love and we are the ones to show and share it.

Joel Buckner


IS: What are some of the issues you would say are robbing our young males of their "kingdom identity"?

I asked him what he meant and he said...

my example... ...‘the drug dealer’ ‘the gang member looking for me ’ ...

JB: Wow! This is a heavy loaded question. Lack of role models is the main issue. If they don’t have any example, how do we expect them to conduct themselves? I work with young men from urban areas. One time one of the young men said to me, “you know I would not be here if I had you in my life growing up.” I asked him what he meant by that and he said, “When I leave home in the morning, my example is the drug dealer that I see; going to school, it’s the gang member that’s looking for me; and when coming home, it’s the boyfriend that takes advantage of me and my mom.” This is the reality of a lot of young men. When they are not able to see successful men of God in their neighborhoods or involved in their lives, they turn to who will be there. Everyone wants to be accepted, approved and loved. They may not say it that way, but that’s what they are looking for. Seems like I have said it through this whole interview, but we must get out of ourselves and see that people are in desperate need for a Savior.

…‘the boyfriend that takes advantage of me and my mom’ Continued on pg 10...

Cook with your daughter


Mothers, cook with your daughters. As mothers, we should want our daughters to know how to cook and prepare meals for their family. Teach them about nutrition and how important it is to eat healthy by cooking great meals together. Cooking is also a great time to have small but memorable discussions while preparing dinner. Get your daughter talking, while planning the weekly dinner menu. Involving your daughter in the dinner planning each week is a sure-fire way to spend some quality time together. Titus 2:4-5 the older women likewise, that they be reverent in behavior, not slanderers...they will train the young women to be sane and sober of mind {temperate, disciplined} and to love their husbands and their children. To be self-controlled, chaste, homemakers, good-natured {kind-hearted}, adapting and subordinating themselves to their husbands, that the Word of God may not be exposed to reproach {blasphemed or discredited}.

n this day and age where children are inundated with innumerous amounts of sexual content in television ads, sitcoms and movies...and even cartoons these days, it’s almost impossible for a young girl to embrace or even protect her purity! As a mentor, I see so many young girls that have lost their innocence. These innocent girls have been subjected to circumstances they have no control over. As parents, mentors and role models, it is our job to be the example that little girls RARELY see. We must take a stand of purity for this younger generation or they will continue to go astray. If you think there’s nothing you can do then you’re wrong! It’s our responsibility as parents to make sure these girls “know” that they should always act like a lady. Where they end up in life is our fault, whether good, bad or indifferent. The bible says that we are to raise our children up in the way they should go. If we do not guide our girls in the right direction they will go astray. Proverbs Play with your daughter 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, and It is very important that you set ‘play dates’ with when he is old he will not depart from it your daughter. Making and Spending ’free’ time with your daughter is essential and key to your relationship with each other. When you ‘make’ time to spend with her it lets her know you love her and sends a message to her heart that she’s special. It can be a simple ‘date’ over a smoothie or ice cream at her favorite ice cream shop. It’s Pray with your daughter that simple and it doesn’t take much time, effort or Mothers, pray with your daughters. As mothers, it money to do so. These little things will make a big impact in her life when she becomes a is very important that your daughters see you mother. When you teach her that she’s special praying as well as teaching her how to pray and and beautiful in your sight and in the sight of God reading the scripture. Your daughter is your it sets a FIRM foundation of her real, God-identity, ministry and it’s important that she sees you setting aside time to pray and read your Word. If God-image and becomes a sounding board for she sees you doing this she will model you. We true self-worth. If you don’t teach her who she is then she’ll believe what the world and the media should want to be the role model that our have to say. Genesis 1:27 God created man in daughter follows. Also, allow her to pray. This His image Proverbs 31:30 Charm is deceptive, will teach her that she too should have a and beauty is vain. relationship with God and to pray.

Mini Mother ~ Daughter Guide:

Manna Teaching Ministries Presents... ‘The School of Ministry’ Bible Study Every Monday evening Taught by Evangelist B. Amos Time: 7PM Where: Conference Call 712.775.7000 Access code: 1024786#

Sign our guestbook! *Please be on time as we will always open up with prayer and prayer requests!

through those challenges, I have taken the lessons and put them into song form. If you are in need of music that’s about worship and the abundant life in Christ, that’s what you will find in my music. IS: What would you tell a young person about how important it is to live right, to live a holy life? JB: It’s important to build a relationship with Christ, because He is the key and answer to life. In Him, you will be complete and lack nothing. I would also tell them that it’s important to live a holy lifestyle, IS: What are some of the ways your ministry because it keeps the constant flow of has helped our young males get back on track? relationship between you and God. What do they have to say? It’s important to know why God created us and what our purpose is JB: I started a company back when I was in while we are here on this earth. college call D.R.E.A.M.S. (Developing Ready Educated Aspiring Males for Success). This IS: Why is it important to be a company was developed to address some of "worshipper"? the issues that surround young men who don’t have guidance. We worked with them on JB: Worship is more than a song; Saturday’s, teaching them in the areas of faith, it’s a relationship with God. It’s finance, social justice and physical fitness. laying your life down so you can be a Moving forward, it will be a non-profit foundation of the ministry. I will begin to build vessel for God here in the earth. I it more very soon. believe the ultimate level of worship is when we get to the place where IS: What does music do for the soul or a we understand that life is not about heavy-hearted person that may be going through? What would your music do for them? us but about giving God glory. We are a part of a plan and vision, and to worship is to play our role in the JB: Music is like a medicine for the soul. vision of God. As my friend Vernon When you combine the perfect melody with strong words, it can change the way a person Williams would say, “it’s love responding to love.” thinks and feels, inspiring them to want to move forward . I think of my music as lifeBecause God first loved us, we pour giving music. I, like many others have gone our love – our all – back on Him. through many challenges. As I have gone

Purity Clothing Co blesses teenage girls with a makeover they call ‘The Oh Please! Makeover’. Through The Oh Please! Makeover they say YES to what pleases God and OH PLEASE! to what doesn’t!

Keionia Saveright

Girls, ages 13-18, can register for the makeover online or at your local school. Simply tell your counselor that your want the girls in your school to have the opportunity to register for The Oh Please! Makeover and they will contact us! Winner of The Oh Please! Makeover - November 2010

~Winner will be featured in ‘In Season Magazine’

Register Online @

Send your name, age, parents name, your phone number, your parents phone number and email address to

Purity Clothing Co. ‘We redress your soul’ 678.933.7080

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Support this Kingdom business! We, as Kingdom citizens, are responsible for making God known in the earth! Show the world that God’s economy is STRONG and UNBREAKABLE! Davido’s is a part of God’s economy so let’s support them!! God’s businesses FLOURISH at ALL times! So let’s go to Davido’s!

**Rewards from Davido’s** Davido’s Honor Roll program Hey moms and dads!! Did your child make honor roll during the 20102011 school year?? If so, take their report card into Davido’s for a FREE small pizza!!


IN SEASON Magazine

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I support SMALL KINGDOM business Campaign! Help build God’s KINGDOM by supporting KingdomFIRST!

Make a BIG impact with SMALL Kingdom businesses! In order for small businesses to stay in business they need the support of their local community! BIG retailers were once small but YOU supported them and they GREW! The benefits of a SMALL KINGDOM business: Create our own economy that we control thus keeping SMALL Kingdom business in business Bring jobs to our community Provide small treasures you may NEVER find in a big retailer Provide better customer care because of their small size Provide creative merchandise from local artist and/or designers

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Purity Clothing Co

Fruit of the Spirit Café 948 Railroad St Ste D Conyers GA 30013 *FREE Wi-Fi 770.374.6561

678.933.7080 G Phi J Wear (Glory Phi Jesus) 404.509.1710

LaTique Boutique 678.572.9984 Things Dat Bling 404.290.4483

IMAGE CONSULTING Purity Clothing Co Queen R Jenkins 678.933.7080

BEAUTY A Special Touch Spa by Jacouri Mobile Spa Services 404.246.7560 Prestige Smile Teeth Whitening 678.640.7154

CONTRACTORS Corner Stone Construction Glen Hodge 678.768.9828 225.772.3138

Glam Squad Mandissa Johnson 678.615.5983



Garage Door Installs 678.640.7154

Time For Me Boutique 770.235.2321



Chef Bandorian Classie Catering 678.377.0616

Ivory Tower Designs & Jewelry 404.307.0291

Roxanne Elliott 678.342.4756

Savannah’s Accessories 678.736.9556


DJ SERVICES Darnell Latimore 678.768.9767

Acts of Valor Hair Salon 770.482.6500 *EAR PIERCING

KINGDOMFIRST DIRECTORY Help build God’s KINGDOM by supporting KingdomFIRST! HAIR STYLIST Styles By Roberta 404.216.7200

Jaime Smith 615.351.8493 MAKE UP ARTIST

PHOTOGRAPHY Michael Alvins Photography 678.984.0095 Marchelle Beeman Photography 404.483.4386

Jaime Smith 615.351.8493



Art on 5 Art Gallery 404.564.4799

Jones Enterprises Lashawn Jones


Clarissa Horton Studios 770.354.3633


Jessica Rollins (Artist) 770.760.1245

Worthy Gift Gallery 678.848.4766 20% OFF use Coupon Code: 816


The Wisdom Knot 678.933.7913


Pixel Tree Designs Joseph Roberts 770.714.3505


Girls To Women 404.797.0624

Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival 404.915.6117 *October 2011

Manna Teaching Ministries 770.882.7389


HOPE Girls Ministry Angel West 954.673.1534

Wireless Evolution Thomas Carter 6746 Covington Hwy Ste 106 770.322.6671


ashion designer, runway coach, jewelry-

maker, mentor and editor are just a few of her titles. Queen R Jenkins teaches young girls queenly etiquette, {ROLE} modeling and purity classes through her fashion design company, Purity Clothing Co. In Belk’s sponsored clothing and shoes!

February she was asked to produce a fashion show and train twenty one girls in model etiquette for Clements Middle School. Purity Clothing Co partnered with Belk’s and Maurice’s who sponsored clothes, shoes and handbags for the show. After the show Maurice’s offered all the girls in the fashion show the opportunity to be ’LIVE’ models in their store window for Summer 2011! What a blessing for these young girls indeed! It’s our responsibility as community leaders to be great ROLE models for our children and other peoples children as well! At Purity Clothing Co we teach ROLE modeling before runway modeling because ROLE modeling is MORE important and will take you MUCH further! There’s ALWAYS an opportunity to be a ROLE one! Continued on pg 19...

Maurice’s sponsored clothing and handbags!

Queen and the girls doing a fitting at

The girls modeled in front of 600+ people! They did such a great job!!

Queen and the girls after the show. Thanks Belk’ and Maurices!

Belk’s and Maurice’s arrived at Clements Middle with clothes, shoes and handbags!

March 2011 Issue  

In Season Magazine is filled with the TRUTH about beauty and fashion! We guarantee you that everything you read in our magazine will ALWAYS...

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