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PLAIN & SIMPLE Strugling with business? Needing to gain more exposure?

in review

“in review” magazine is the missing piece to your puzzle! Your ad is created by our Graphic Designers at no extra cost so you get the professional look, for less! “in review” is even distributed by AUSTRALIA POST!!

With a new, professional look to your advertising campaigns, you’ll be wondering why you never tried it earlier! It “simply” makes sense to advertise with “in review”.

You reach up to 16,000 homes & businesses with an expected readership of 40,000! You also hit a wide range of potential customers of different demographics! Men, Women & Children of all ages!

Simply call In Review Magazine on (08) 8531 3037 and watch your business grow! *Regional editions delivered via Australia Post only. Metro editions distributed by PMP Limited. In Review Magazine do not guarantee results from advertising. Advertisement results vary depending on the type of advertisement placed. In Review Magazine reccomends talking to one of our team members to find an effective way to market and advertise your business.

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Sections 61, 62, 63 Bowhill Road & Section 244 Burbridge Road

Located approx 25 Kilometres from Murray Bridge are these 4 rural sections which are for sale as a whole or as individual sections as below: Section 61: 175.4ha or 454.28 acres Cropping and Grazing Section 62: 56.73ha or 146.85 acres Homestead, Shedding, Bore and Yards Section 63: 151.1ha or 391.35 acres Cropping and Grazing + Bore Section 244: 367.3ha or 907.6 acres Cropping and Grazing + Bore

This is a great opportunity to secure a lifestyle property(s) or handy add on farm. Full property description available from Landmark Harcourts Murray Bridge. Registrations of Interest closing 2pm Tuesday 27th March at Landmark Murray Bridge

Contact Mark Egan - 0409 055 744

RLA 102485

Murray Bridge 8532 2622

Lameroo 8576 3132

Pinaroo 8577 8218

Meningie 85751102 Karoonda 8781097

Did you know?... 1. Snails can sleep up to 3 years.

Not so amazing when you think about it, what do snails have to do all their lives? Sure, they leave great slime trails and make excellent targets for salt shakers and little boys, but other than that there’s not much more to do but sleep after an exhausting run across a sidewalk.

2. Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour.

Well, I’d like to see anyone keep this up long enough to actually lose 150 calories. Now that I think about it, I DON’T want to see...

3. Donald Duck comics were banned in Finland because he doesn’t wear pants.

This is completely understandable.. I mean, who wants to look at a duck with no pants on? Besides, I understand that it is the law for all birds to wear pants in the city limits of Finland.

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Cut out the given coupons and bring in store to redeem *Conditions Apply, offers valid till end of April ONLY, so get in quick!

The ULTIMATE Hair-do package • Haircut • Colour • Refreshing Scalp Massage • Intensive Mask Treatment & Dry Off



all for only $99

PLUS you’ll receive a complimentary FREE Eyebrow Wax and a take home NAK Hairspray!

Must Have Product

“Tangles Team”

It’s like a Blow-dry in a can, Spray and go!

Cleanse & Refresh - Without Shampoo!

A time-saving solution for busy people! Kerryn






Book Now! Call our salon on (08) 8532 2848 find us on Facebook

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in review

Welcome to the March edition of In Review Magazine for 2012


ith our recent re-location we’ve noticed a large increase of interest in In Review Magazine and now have a large range of print & promo and uniform products available on display in our new showroom. If you would like to know more about what we can offer please refer to page 16 and 17. We are able to help you brand your business with not only advertising, printing and promotional products, but also web! In Review have a large range of different website templates which are a lot more affordable than creating a website from scratch. We can even assist you in marketing your business via social media which is a modern way to get your message across! If you require more information or would like some pricing on our services, please contact head office today on 8531 3037.

In Review Magazine Head Office: 16 Seventh Street, Murray Bridge SA 5253 Phone: 8531 3037 Fax: 8532 4335 Email: Justin Goodwin Director

Paul Stone Director

Rick Roos Graphic Designer

Sally Smith Graphic Designer

Did you know? In Review has many different website templates available for purchase. Our Graphic Designers are able to help you alter a template to suite your business. It’s more affordable than creating a website from scratch!

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Kahler Wilson Accounts / Admin

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Brought to you by

in review

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Keep your eye on this space for prize announcment and terms and conditions... Page 14


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Simple Egg Fried Rice Ingredients * 2 cups / rice bowls cold cooked rice * 2 eggs, lightly beaten * 4 shallots (thinly sliced) Seasoning : * 1 tsp light soy sauce * salt and pepper to taste Garnishing: * Chopped spring onions & diced Carrot Method: Heat one to two tablespoons oil in a wok and fry shallots till fragrant and light brown. Remove fried shallots. Whilst oil is still hot, add the rice and stir-fry well. Pour in seasoning and continue to stir-fry for about 3 minutes. Pour in eggs and fry until properly cooked. The rice should be coated and yellowish-brown in colour. Sprinkle the fried shallots over the rice. Dish out and serve with garnishing.

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• Specialising in loans from $1K - $5K

Cash for....

• Quick approvals

• Bills

• Credit issues OK

• Furniture & Electrical

• Car Repairs

• Apply online or visit our new premises

• Holiday • Misc Kahler Wilson Loan Consultant

16 Seventh Street, Murray Bridge P. 8531 0116

*Terms & Conditions and lending criteria apply. Please call aloan4u if you have any questions regarding application or lending criteria.

Did you know?... 1. Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad served in first-class.

Until I read this, I was convinced that there was an olive missing from my salad, yet no one would believe me. Now I am vindicated! I am now searching for proof that the airlines have taken one peanut from each bag .. I’ll keep you posted.

2. An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain.

After reading this, I realized that I know of many people with the same problem! But thatís an article about politicians I’m working on. For me, it’s usually that my eyes are bigger than my stomach...

3. The average human eats eight spiders in their lifetime at night.

I don’t know about this fact ... I’ve seen several spiders at night and never once felt compelled to eat one. Though I hear that spider is tasty if barbequed correctly.

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MARCH 2012 2012 MARCH

Clean Up Australia Day Clean Up Australia Day

Public Holiday Public Holiday Adelaide Cup Day Adelaide Cup Day

Rotary Art Show Rotary Art Show Murray Bridge Murray Bridge

< Hang Hang Me Me Up! Up! <

Racing & Roasts Racing & Roasts Murray Bridge Speedway Murray Bridge Speedway

BRA Art Exhibition BRA Art Exhibition Sixth Street Murray Bridge Sixth Street Murray Bridge

Karoonda Farm Fair Karoonda Farm Fair


Karoonda Farm Fair Karoonda Farm Fair

Murray Bridge Farmers Market Market Murray Bridge Farmers OFFICIAL OPENING OPENING OFFICIAL

March 10, 8am -1pm. Come for breakfast March 10, 8am -1pm. Come for breakfast and stay for lunch! and stay for lunch!

Fresh local produce, direct from the source. Fresh local produce, direct from the source. Special guest - Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello. Special guest - Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello. Family activities, great food and music. Family activities, great food and music. Come see us by river or road @ the Wharf Come see us by river or road @ the Wharf Precinct [next to the tennis courts] Precinct [next to the tennis courts]

For more information, contact Paul Geisler, For more information, contact Paul Geisler, market manager on 0419684589 or market manager on 0419684589 or Facebook: Murray Bridge farmers market Facebook: Murray Bridge farmers market



Call (08) 8531 3037 to book this spot today






Crafted from solid pine this quality suite is exceptional value. 4 piece suite includes queen size bed, 2 bedsides and 1 tallboy. (Mattress Extra)

5pc Mustang Suite


(Table size 105cm round)

Settler Dinning Room Suite (Table size 1800 x 105cm)



4 piece bedroom suite includes queen size bed, 2 bedside and 1 tallboy. (Mattress Extra)


5pc Focus Square Extention Setting

9pc Focus Suit

(Table size 90 x 40cm extending to 120cm)




(Table size 2100 x 1100)


(Table size 160 x 100cm extending to 210cm)




In Review Magazine - Murraylands Edition - March 2012  

Latest edition of In Review Magazine, Murraylands 2012 featuring great local businesses.

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