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Primo Chicken Pollo Parmigiana Succulent chicken breast crumbed & deep-fried, topped with ham, cheese & napolitana sauce. Pollo Avocado Pan seared chicken breast fillet, topped with avocado in a white wine & cream sauce. Chicken Stir Fry Tender chicken breast slithers tossed with capsicum, onions, snowpeas, bean sprouts & hokkien noodles in an oriental sauce. Pollo Florence Pan seared chicken breast topped with fresh tomato, spinach & melted cheese finished with a creamy rosé sauce. Pollo Principessa Pan fried chicken breast topped with ham, asparagus & cheese with a cream & white wine sauce. Chicken Schnitzel Golden fried chicken breast schnitzel with homestyle chips & tossed salad.

Primo Meat


Primo Surf n’ Turf Crumbed & fried grain fed veal pieces topped with prawns & garlic cream sauce, served with chips & salad. Beef Stir Fry Tendor beef strips tossed with broccoli, capsicum, onion, baby corn and cashews in a sweet black bean sauce with hokkien noodles. Scallopine Funghi Grain fed veal cutlets pan seared with fresh mushrooms & spring onions in a cream & demi glaze sauce. Veal Parmigiana Tender veal schnitzel crumbed & deep fried, topped with a meaty bolognese sauce & grilled mozzarella cheese. Scallopine Campagnola Pan seared grain fed veal cutlets topped with spinach, tomato & cheese, gratinated to golden brown, served with a demi glaze & white wine sauce. Veal Schnitzel Golden fried veal schnitzel served with homestyle chips & tossed salad. Dianne, mushroom, pepper sauce & gravy.

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Dianne, mushroom, pepper sauce & gravy.

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Primo Pasta Choice of Spaghetti, Penne or Fettuccine - (Tortellini & Ravioli $1.90 extra)

Primo Seafood Garlic Prawns Butterflied prawns, pan seared in garlic, topped with cream, garnished with rice & salad. Lemon Pepper Prawns & Calamari Prawn cutlets & calamari dusted with lemon pepper seasoning, lightly fried & served with chips & salad. Seafood Platter Fish, prawns & calamari crumbed & golden fried, served with homestyle chips & salad. Crumbed Prawns Butterflied crumbed prawns cooked golden brown, served with chips & salad. Prawn Noodles Hokkien noodles tossed with prawns, capsicum, onion, spinach glazed in a sweet chilli & honey sauce.

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Lunch & Dinner Specials 12.9 Risotto Primo Pan seared prawn cutlets tossed with bacon, spring onion & garlic and creamy sauce. Butter Chicken Chargrilled tendori coated chicken marinated with yogurt and rose sauce served with rice and pampudum. Bolognese Traditionally made meat & tomato sauce. Fish & Chips Crumbed fish served with chips, salad & tartare sauce. Chicken Caesar Salad Fresh lettuce tossed with croutons, egg, bacon, shredded parmesan & mayonnaise, topped with chargrilled chicken. Pizza Your choice of any 10” pizza from our main menu.

Napolitana Traditional tomato based sauce with garlic, fresh basil & olive oil. Puttanesca Tomato tossed with pitted olives, capers, fresh chilli, anchovies, basil & garlic. Alla Panna Panfried mushrooms tossed with sliced ham, deglazed with a cream sauce. Gamberi Pan fried prawns with tender chicken breast strips in a basil & garlic rosé sauce. Zucca Roasted pumpkin tossed with panfried pancetta, broccoli, baby spinach, basil & garlic, finished with a cream sauce. Avocado Avocado tossed with pan seared chicken, spiced with chilli & garlic in a cream sauce. Vegetarian Pan seared mixed vegetables tossed in a fresh tomato sauce. Pescatore Sauteed prawns & calamari tossed in a garlic & sweet chilli cream sauce. Crab Tender blue swimmer crab tossed with cherry tomatoes and spinach in a spicy light Rosé sauce. Carbonara Egg, bacon, black pepper in a cream sauce. Con Pollo Succulent chicken tenderloins pan fried with spring onions, fresh basil & broccoli in a rosé sauce. Marinara Pan fried calamari, prawns & mussels, marinated in a fresh tomato & basil sauce. Lasagna Layers of pasta, ham, egg, salami, cheese & a rich meaty sauce baked on the premises & served with salad.

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Primo Risotto Risotto Con Pesce Italian rice tossed with prawns, calamari & mussels in a rich creamy sauce. Risotto Pollo Chicken, mushrooms, spinach & semi sun-dried tomatoes in a cream sauce. Risotto Crab Tender blue swimmer crab tossed with cherry tomatoes and spinach in a spicy light Rosé sauce.

Primo Focaccia 9.9 Prosciutto Prosciutto, fresh tomato, basil & cheese. Chicken Chicken, lettuce, mayonnaise, cheese & avocado. Vegetarian Fresh tomato, eggplant, roasted capsicum, lettuce & cheese. Ham Ham, cheese & tomato.

Primo Kids Meals 7.9 Chicken Nuggets & Chips Veal Schnitzel & Chips Penne Bolognese

Penne Alla Panna Fish & Chips Calamari & Chips

18.9 17.9 18.9

Primo Pizza 12” Pollo Chicken, capsicum, cheese,onion & fresh tomato. (Barbecue sauce available) Primo Salami, pepperoni, bacon, prosciutto, onion, fresh tomato, garlic & basil. Margherita Fresh tomato, basil & garlic. Ham & Pineapple Ham, pineapple & cheese. The Lot Ham, bacon, salami, pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, capsicum, onion, pineapple & anchovies. Alla Carne Bacon, ham, salami, chicken, basil, semi sun-dried tomato & cheese. Pepperoni Pepperoni & cheese. Vegetarian A selection of vegetables with herbs & cracked pepper. Seafood Mixed seafood topped with fresh tomato & cheese. Calzone Rustico Ham, cheese, mushroom, capsicum & olives, folded in a pizza pastry, baked golden & topped with bolognese sauce.

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Primo Salads Chicken Salad Garden fresh salad topped with Chargrilled chicken breast strips, avocado & a balsamic mustard seed dressing. Chef’s Salad Tender pieces of chicken tossed with garlic flavoured prawns, smoked salmon and avocado on a green salad with a balsamic mustard dressing. Thai Beef Salad Tendor slithers of eye fillet steak chargrilled and marinated with a spicy Thai dressing served on top of a spinach and bean sprouts salad.

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Primo Light Meals & Sides Soup of the day Seasonal Vegetables Wedges with sour cream & sweet chilli sauce Bruschetta Garden Salad Garlic Bread

9.9 7.9 8.9 8.9 7.9 5.5

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