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We’ve added reporters to our local news beats in the region. So when you open the paper, you’ll see more stories from the places you live, written by some of America’s best reporters.

More From The Blogosphere More Business. More Focus.

More Up Front Check out the new content on Pages A2 and A3. Enjoy a new daily look at how we live, current trends, and the water-cooler topics you crave. And you’ll also see more informational graphics that illuminate life in intriguing and incisive ways.

The Business section has been thoroughly upgraded for these times. Each day you’ll see a new business theme deeply explored, from Consumer Technology to Small Business, from Personal Finance to Real Estate.

Don’t have time to digest everything online? We bring you in print daily downloads from our writers’ online discussions and diatribes, on topics from politics to health and finding a job and more.

More Of Us. More Of You. Every day the first section will have more original Inquirer stories, about more things related to you than ever. It’s award-winning coverage you just can’t get anywhere else. But our National and World coverage is still there – in a new home, just a few pages back.

All this and more delivered right to your home. Life today changes fast. A newspaper that doesn’t change isn’t serving you. The Inquirer has new sections, new pages, new content ... new ways of delivering the information you told us you want. This is more than window-dressing. We’re redeploying writers, bridging the gap between online and print, reframing the conversation and, we hope, giving you even more reasons to pick up The Inquirer every day. So if you already subscribe, congratulations. And if you don’t ... what are you waiting for?

For home delivery, call 800-222-2765. Or subscribe at

For home delivery, call 800-222-2765.

More Local News

Great changes are coming to your Inquirer. Read this special wrap to learn all about them.

Starting tomorrow, you’ll see many enhancements to The Inquirer. But while we set out to make a great newspaper greater, there’s one thing that doesn’t change — our commitment to deliver the news accurately, to bring clarity to complex issues and to serve as a watchdog for justice and fairness for all. Look what’s coming.

Tomorrow, a lot changes ... but nothing changes

Welcome to a better Inquirer. We’re changing a lot. And nothing.

Announcing a better Inquirer A few months ago, the new owners of The Philadelphia Inquirer bestowed a great distinction on me by naming me its editor. It is an enormous honor to lead a newspaper that has been a vibrant voice for this city and our region since 1829.

Welcome To A New Inquirer Starting tomorrow, you’ll see a lot of improvements to your Inquirer. We’re improving the first section of the paper with a sharper focus on politics, health care, education and other critical issues, and

Today, I am proud to announce several significant content changes that will make the newspaper even more relevant to your life and innovative in our approach to delivering the news.

enhancing our Local News sections. You’ll discover new themes for

As the new Editor, I promise that The Inquirer will continue delivering the news accurately, bringing clarity to complex issues, serving as a watchdog for justice and fairness to all citizens of our area, and celebrating the successes of those individuals and groups working to make Philadelphia an even greater city. Our news team is committed to providing a comprehensive report of local news, features, and opinion from the city and the region, while maintaining our coverage of issues of the nation and the world.

the Business secReporter Kia Gregory

tion Monday through Friday.

You’ll find our columnists popping up in new places. You’ll see a fresh look to our sections and more local reporting. You’ll

day without it. Here

depth coverage,

you’ll find columns

we will also be

by Trudy Rubin,

creating more

Karen Heller and

news blogs from

other writers you’ve

the suburban

come to know. And

counties as well

there’ll be a daily

as South Jersey,


so that readers

“InTheKnow,” spotlighting how we live, today’s trends,

hot topics. A3 will continue this sharp focus on

Each day will have a different theme –

deeper and more varied than ever. So is

Politics, Health and the Economy among

our new Business section.

between the Web and print by putting in

coverage that has until now Reporter George Anastasia


offerings as well. And you’ll still get the same comprehensive coverage of the nation and the world, of sports, entertainment, food,

expect from your Inquirer. What you won’t see is any change in our commitment to journalism and in the convenience of home delivery.

through both our own

section every day

news stories and

Monday through Friday.

excerpts from our many

One day it’s Consumer

staff blogs, many of

Tech; another it’s Small

which have only been

Business. Other days will

available online until

focus on Personal

now. It’s our way to dis-

Investment, Autos, and

till the best of both

Real Estate. But whatev-

news worlds and save

er’s happening that day

you time. Two days a week the emphasis

in business locally,

will be on Politics, letting you know

nationally, and globally

Changes Right Up Front Turn past the front page and you’ll

Page A2, for example, will be called “InSights.” You won’t want to start your

the page.

The Things That Won’t Change With all these changes, what will stay the same? For one thing,

Columnist Karen Heller

the commitment to

ism you expect from The Inquirer – hard-

you can trust. We’ll keep giving the deep reporting and experienced analysis that wouldn’t exist in Philadelphia if we weren’t around. Reporter Diane Mastrull

If you opt for home delivery, you'll enjoy all these changes –

and more to come – with even greater convenience. So welcome to your new Inquirer. We’re changing to serve you better. Enjoy.

you won’t get a serious dose of national and international news

We’re reorganiz-

cover the local news

ing to look for indexes scattered around

will continue to be the watchdog

All these changes won’t mean

More Local News

found inside that section, instead of hav-

remains unwavering. The Inquirer

The World In Your Hands

and Washington.

it easier to read about the top stories

topical, authoritative stories –

in City Hall, Harrisburg, Trenton,

more modern design that will also make

hitting, investigative, explanatory,

will still be found here as well.

what’s really going on

Each section front will have a cleaner,

the sort of journal-

Look for a theme to the Business

as well. Every day you’ll get sto-

ing our staff to better

notice something new right off the bat.

I want to know what you think about your daily newspaper and website. I hope you will send your thoughts to And thanks for reading The Inquirer.

The world of Business has become

news you’ll want to read every day.

the gap

lifestyles, and health, that you’ve come to

All of these changes are aimed at one thing – to provide you, our loyal readers, with the information you need to thrive in an ever more complex world. In the months ahead, we will add new exciting content in other sections and on a broad array of additional platforms, so you can have the news the way you want it, when you want it.

A New Business Section

them. This will come

online, while enhancing our online

ways to get

and interact with our reporters.

find us closing

only been

have additional

breaking news

and insight into

the paper

Beginning tomorrow, the paper will provide several design and content enhancements. You will see some of the details in this wraparound. Philadelphia Media Network is making a large investment in state-of-the-art technology so our reporters, photographers, designers, and editors can bring you the news in the myriad ways you expect it, including long-form stories, video essays and interactive graphics in print and on

Investigative reporters Craig McCoy, Dylan Purcell and Nancy Phillips

A Bright New Look

ries from across the United Reporter Suzette Parmley

– especially in the

States and the world, starting with a full page in the front sec-

Pennsylvania suburbs. The goal is to

tion. And labeling will make it even easier

offer more stories about the people,

for you to find these stories.

places, and issues nearest to where you live. In addition to generating more in-

Stan Wischnowski Editor

All this and more and the convenience of home delivery! Call today or subscribe at

For home delivery, call 800-222-2765. Or subscribe at

Announcing a Better Inquirer  

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