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Cultural Dialogues Syllabus Seven Sessions Designed for students who are curious about their culture and others in the community, students who would like to express their opinions, students who would like to listen and speak up, students who are interested in developing better communication skills, poetry skills, performance skills, students of all kind and preferably ages 12-22 years old. 1st session: What this workshop is about? The Plans? Syllabus. Who are you? General Introductions: Define who you are in every possible ways that no one even knows. Digging deep into your own person and finding something rich and empowering in you to share with others. *Mention Open Studio for students to come in to work. 2nd session: Poetry to images and images to storytelling. I’m going to teach the deep meaning behind words and how to make expressions stand out and strong. Matching poetry to pictures or images and how these images can create a story line. Learning how stories can be strong and the more personal it is, the more value and impact it has. 3rd session: Images to storytelling and media effect with emotions. Continuing from last session and learning different ways of storytelling… for example, pictures to presentation… Talk about every kind of media out there and what is being shown most and how it messes with our head and society. How we look at things due to media and the effects it has on each individual (ex. Self-confidence, self-esteem). 4th- 5th session: Expressing/ performing and rehearse. Prepare for cultural dialogue. Leading. Opinions. Watch videos of performances and practicing in front of an audience. Positive critique with advice and improve and communicate better. Rehearse with each other more than 2 times. Contact the people they want to bring in. They contact artist/people to remind them of the event. Cultural dialogue planning: Snacks. Decision-making. Advertising. Bring friends. Talk about how things should be. Let the students take control. It’s their cultural dialogue. Have students take leadership roles. 6th session: Cultural dialogue. Get stuff ready. *7th session: Write thank you letters and reaction to cultural dialogue.

cultural dialogues syllabus