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ADAM FUSS 27 January – 14 April 2011 FUNDACION MAPFRE Paseo de Recoletos 23, Madrid Free entrance

This Adam Fuss exhibition comprises fifty images, dating from 1986 to the present day, including major series as well as the première of his most recent works. The selection gathers images that the artist believes to be among his best. The project is organized by the Fundación MAPFRE and Cheryl Brutvan, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Norton Museum and curator of his first survey in the United States, in close consultation with the artist himself. Adam Fuss makes photographs of unrivaled beauty and mystery with traditional and historical photographic techniques. This is all the more unusual at this moment in time when large format, digitally manipulated color photographs compete with paintings for our attention. His decision to use the processes for making daguerreotypes, platinum prints or photograms, for example, is not a statement against technology nor has it evolved from romantic notions. He explores the best means to create the images that he has in mind. The results are timeless pictures. Since 1999, Fuss has worked on a series called My Ghost which concentrates on the power of memory and loss. He has created an evocative series of haunting images that capture for instance empty christening gowns and towering columns of swirling smoke. Fuss used the labor intensive daguerreotype process, abusing it to create blue toned, ethereal images that seem to contradict the intended permanence of the photographic method. It is the artist’s sensitivity to marrying image and process that has resulted in these dramatic pictures of remarkable beauty. A decade later, he has returned to this series and focused on the tail of a white peacock or a magnificent image of the Taj Mahal made from a 19th century paper negative he altered.

Born in London in 1961, Adam Fuss initially lived in England and Australia. In 1982, he moved to New York where he began to make a living as a professional photographer, documenting contemporary art exhibitions and the work of fellow artists. His artwork is present in distinguished private and public collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Kunsthalle Bielefeld, Germany; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. This exhibition will be the first survey of Fuss’ career in Spain. Adam Fuss is represented by Cheim & Read, New York; Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco; Xavier Hufkens, Brussels, Timothy Taylor, London and Marta Cervera Gallery, Madrid.

FUNDACION MAPFRE Paseo de Recoletos 23 Madrid Telephone: +34 91 581 61 00 Free entrance

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