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Indian Nations Presbytery Volume 32, No. 3

The Presbytery Pages

Dec. 2009

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For the Time Being by Aaron Carland In the Annunciation section of W. H. Auden’s For the Time Being, the Angel Gabriel speaks to Mary in words both gentle and challenging: Mary in a dream of love Playing as all children play, For unsuspecting children may Express in comic make-believe The wish that later they will know Is tragic and impossible Hear child, what I am sent to tell: Love wills your dream to happen, so Love’s will on earth may be, through you, No longer a pretend but true….

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Since Adam, being free to choose, Chose to imagine he was free To choose his own necessity, Lost his freedom, Man pursues The shadow of his images: Today the Unknown seeks the known; What I am willed to ask, you own Will has to answer, child, it lies Within your power of choosing to Conceive the Child who chooses you

Inside this issue: Jack Huntress Calendar of Events


World Mission Challenge Planning Calendar Mission Yearbook Information


SAVE THE DATE Church News Goodbye to Anadarko Book Announcement


Percept Clergywomen Santa Store/Urban Mission


Youth - US Congregations Older Adult Ministries Second Wind Campus Min.


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Throughout the centuries, Gabriel’s words have challenged us, too. The true test of faith is not whether we believe certain things about God, but whether we trust God enough to let Divine Love be born in us – and whether we bear that Love out in the world. Christ’s ministry is not about programs and activities; it is all about bearing God’s self-giving love into the midst of human need. Can we learn to share with such abandon? Will we dare to loose the tight control we have over ourselves and our possessions that in so doing God may work a miracle? The Good News is that God does indeed choose us. Do we have the courage to let God’s love have such sway that God’s reign – in us and in the world – may be “no longer a pretend but true”? The members of presbytery staff join me in wishing you all the blessings of this season!

Remembering the stable where for once in our lives Everything became a You and nothing was an It. W. H. Auden

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Overview of October Stated Meeting

Dec: 10 - NOM Moore

First Presbyterian Church Edmond, Oklahoma October 9, 2009

15 - Council INP

Jack Huntress

17 - CPM INP

 22 - CC Memorial 24 & 25 – Christmas Celebrated INP Office Closed 31 – New Year’s Eve INP Office Closed

Worship service held prior to the start of the meeting. 

Members of the Presbytery Nominations Committee elected for 2010 and 2012.

Achena, Maud, Salem, Sulphur and First Presbyterian church, Wewoka. 

Approved a Minimum Compensation Package for 2010.


Approved Honorable Retired status for Rev. Jim Burns effective January 1, 2010.


Received information on Synod of the Sun Presbyterian Women Gathering 2010 in Oklahoma City at First Presbyterian Church.


Received a report on Oklahoma Sponsoring Committee, Triennium, Youthquake and Church Survey Results.


Received report on Synod of the Sun Meeting.


Approved the 2010 Presbytery Budget.


Approved that the funds from the sale of the First Presbyterian Church, Fredrick be added to the corpus of the Indian Nations Presbytery Foundation. 


Presbytery Meeting dates and locations are: 

1 - New Year’s Day INP Office Closed

Feb 26-27, Chisholm Trail Presbyterian Church,

5 – COM Central

Yukon  June 5, First Presbyterian

Church, Clinton

14 - Duncan AC 1p, INP

Feb: 21-22 - COM Retreat

 October 9, First Presbyterian

Church, Ardmore 

Council reported grants for individuals going to Uganda on an Evangelism and Church Building Project.


Elected members to serve on Presbytery positions for Classes of 2010, 2012 and 2015.


Council approved $1,000.00 to assist Salem Presbyterian Church, Sulphur, for pastoral support starting September 1, 2009, through September 30, 2010.


Received reports from Administrative commissions for Duncan and Anadarko.


Approved change in Indian Nations Presbytery Foundation By-laws.


Referred report form Presbytery Moderator to Council.

St Crispin 22-24 - CPM Retreat St Crispin 26 & 27 – Stated Meeting Memorial Presbyterian Church, Norman

Mar: 25 – INP Foundation Meeting 1:30, INP Office

Apr: 5 thru 9 - Sacred Chaos, Oriental, NC 17 & 18 – YouthQuake


Approved Elder Jill Acree to serve The Lord’s Supper to Shepherd of the Hills, Sulphur, Cheyarha Presbyterian Church, Seminole,

                    


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Mission co-worker learns value of humility, partnership in Philippines by Carol Waters Special to Presbyterian News Service GUTHRIE, Okla. — As part of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s World Mission Challenge, the Rev. Paul Matheny traveled to Oklahoma’s Cimarron and Eastern Oklahoma presbyteries Oct. 9-18 to share the good news of God’s work in the world. Paul, Mary & Rachel Matheny and his wife, the Rev. Mary Nebelsick, are mission co-workers, serving in the Philippines at Union Theological Seminary in Dasmarinas. There, Matheny teaches theology, philosophy of religion and ministerial studies. Nebelsick teaches biblical studies, focusing on the Old Testament. The couple has served as missionaries there since 2001. With Nebelsick’s background as a child of missionaries, the idea of living and serving abroad was appealing. As a professor, Matheny has encountered challenging cultural differences. For instance, striving to teach theology so it makes sense in the context of a Filipino pastor has caused him to re-think the theological language he uses in the classroom and his teaching methodology. And while North American seminary students may not first go to their seminary professors for assistance in a crisis, Filipino students routinely knock on the Matheny and Nebelsick’s door, sometimes late at night. It’s not unusual for the couple to feed hungry people, buy medications for children in the community or even drive a van full of sick people to the charity hospital. The community members know they can depend on them to help, regardless of the situation. And for Matheny, being able to assist is a joy. While the Philippines can be a violently dangerous country, the couple feels safe there. Matheny said that people appreciate the missionaries’ presence in the country because they “bring compassion to a country where there’s not much compassion.” Humility is something Matheny has learned to practice during his time in the Philippines. It’s important to try to see things from the perspective of the Filipinos, to try to understand from them what is needed there. Matheny said he’s learned the spiritual discipline of backing off, of not being in control and allowing the Filipino people to guide him in his work among them.

Order Your New Planning Calendar and Mission Year Book Now. For more than 117 years the Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study has brought the Presbyterian family together daily for prayer and study. Each yearbook page bears witness to the abundant possibilities of the church because of the living water within its people.

This 19-month calendar that begins June 2010 contains many aids for pastors and other church leaders. $10.50 each; $8.00 each for 10 to 23; $6.00 each for 24 to 99 or more; $5.00 each for 100 or more plus shipping for all orders.

If you’d like a hard copy of the 2010 Mission Yearbook for Prayer and Study and/or the 2010-2011 Planning Calendar you can order through the presbytery office by calling (405) 524-0990 or emailing Simply state how many of each you would like to order. The cost of the Mission Yearbook is usually around $6.50. We will send you an invoice when the books arrive in late 2009.

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Church News Good Byes

SAVE THE DATE Mark your calendar July 15-18, 2010 Presbyterian Women Synod of the Sun Conference Keynote Martha Sadongei Tribal Membership Kiowa/Tohono O’odham Host Church First, OKC Scripture Psalms 16:6

Book Announcement

After more than 120 years, the Anadarko Presbyterian Church congregation was dissolved on Sunday, October 4, 2009. Rev. Barbara Hunt officiated and the choir from Anadarko's sister church, First Presbyterian Chickasha, provided special music. The history of Anadarko Presbyterian Church began before there was an Oklahoma. On September 8, 1889, nine members organized the church, with the Rev. Silas V. Fait as pastor, in a borrowed Episcopal chapel on the grounds of the Anadarko Indian Agency. In 1886, the church members built their own frame church house at the Agency, and in 1902, they moved it to the newly created Anadarko town site. In 1924, the little frame church was replaced by the brick structure that still stands today. The church nurtured dozens of families and participated actively in the life of the local community. Expatriates enjoyed telling which pew "belonged" to which family, how if someone was gone, everyone noticed it, and when you returned to town, you'd still find the same family in the same pew. In testament to the enduring reach of Anadarko Presbyterian Church, attendees to the closing service included former members from Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas. Anadarko's legacy of missions benefited several neighboring ministries in Caddo and Grady counties and throughout the Indian Nations Presbytery. Column courtesy of Paulette Henderson

Divided Hearts: The Presbyterian Journey through Oklahoma History By Danney Goble, Michael Cassity Explores the intersection of church and state history Guided by a penchant for self-reflection and thoughtful discussion, Presbyterians have long been pulled in conflicting directions in their perceptions of their shared religious mission—with a tension that sometimes divides hearts as well as congregations. In this first comprehensive history of the Presbyterian Church in Oklahoma, historians Michael Cassity and Danney Goble reveal how Oklahoma Presbyterians have responded to the demands of an evolving society, a shifting theology, and even a divided church…. A former history professor and university administrator, Michael Cassity is the author of three books and numerous articles. The late Danney Goble was Professor of Letters at the University of Oklahoma and the awardwinning author or coauthor of eight books about Oklahoma and Oklahomans. Copies of Divided Hearts may be purchased at the Indian Nations Presbytery office at a discount price of $20.00. O: (405)524-0990 or 1001 NW 25th Street, Suite 206,

Source: Anadarko Presbyterian Church archives.


Oklahoma City, OK 73106

PERCEPT RESOURCES FOR THE CONGREGATION Percept’s mission is to provide the best information-based planning tools to churches, regional bodies and other religious organizations in the United States. If you have not visited the Percept website at recently, take a look at the new resources available for congregations: Percept resources are available either free or at a reduced cost – just one of the ways that the synod and presbytery support congregational ministry. Here is a highlight from the Percept website: Percept's new Ministry Area Profile Maker shares the same simple online interface as FirstView Maker, a resource that Link2Lead members have been widely using since it was introduced in 2007 to create complimentary FirstView reports. Everything you need to create your ministry area boundary and complete your order is at your fingertips and requires only a few minutes of your time. As a Link2Lead member you always receive the best discount available to church leaders for the Ministry Area Profile.

CLERGYWOMEN MEET AT LIDO’S In late October, INP clergywomen decided on an impromptu get-together. An invitation was sent out and a date and place (Lido’s) were randomly chosen. As many pastors know plans change and days fill up with closer to home responsibilities. Luckily on this day there were seven who gathered for lunch: Carol Waters, Ann Wasson, Tracy Evans, Stacie Pitts, Sue Long, Megan Dosher and Bobbie McGarey. The topic: getting to visit with one another face to face. Lots of laughter. Good food and yes, lots of laughter. A decision was made to meet again in January although no date was set.

Megan Dosher & Carol Waters, enjoying the company of fellow clergywomen. Photo courtesy of Carol Waters

Santa Store 2009 - for Urban Mission The Santa Store is Saturday, December 12, 2009. Volunteer shifts are 8:30am to 12pm and 11:30am to 2:30pm. Please call (405-9461556) so we can schedule accordingly. We have over 600 kids signed up to receive toys and gifts, so any donation is very much needed and appreciated!

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  Faith on Tap Feb. 6 - 8 § Family Fun Retreat Mar 13 - 15

Dwight Mission Camp & Conference Center RR 2 Box 71 Vian OK 74962 918-775-2018

Youth Leaders Retreat February 12-14 Dwight Mission has put together a weekend full of activities, seminars, and other youth related stuff for youth leaders within the church to enhance current youth programs. Cost of conference is $125 and includes all lodging, meals, and programming. Stated Meetings Feb. 26 - 27, Chisholm Trail - Yukon Jun. 5, FPC - Clinton Oct. 8, FPC - Ardmore

No one holds or has held the place in the heart of the world which Jesus holds. Other gods have been as devoutly worshipped; no other man has been so devotedly loved. – John Knox Scottish clergyman and leader of the Protestant Reformation and founder of the Presbyterian denomination

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Children and youth: High priority means high performance

OFFICE HOURS MON–THUR 9am– 4pm Visit the website for more ideas

For many adults who’ve drifted away from organized religion, or who never had much of a bond to begin with, what brings them back is becoming parents. They look into the faces of their babies, their children ask questions about God and how the world works, and they want their children to grow up as moral people, with a sense of right and wrong. But not all congregations do a good job of welcoming children and youth even though doing so can be a definite strength. Caring for youth plays an important role in attracting young families to a congregation and makes it a place where people want to stay. For congregations that score well on the Caring for Children and Youth scale in the U.S. Congregational Life Survey, three factors contributed to that strength. First, the sons and daughters of the adults involved with the congregation came to worship there. This is important because if the parents and congregation can’t get their teenagers or even younger children to come with them to worship, there’s not much chance they’ll choose to be involved in a congregation later in life. Second, families in congregations with this strength are generally satisfied with the programs being offered to their children (in the average congregation, nearly six out of 10 expressed satisfaction). And third, ministry for children and teenagers in these places is seen as one of the most valued pieces of the congregation’s work. The research shows, however, that congregations strong in caring for children and youth also tend to be places where people are growing spiritually and where they have a common vision about the congregation’s future. They invest from the ground up in the faith development of children. They look to the future.

Resource Center Catalog Online Click on Resources Look for an individual title or a subject area then reserve your selection. Items can be picked up or mailed. User Friendly Any questions contact Jean in the Presbytery Office (405) 524-0990

Also, congregations with high scores on Caring for Children and Youth are likely to be numerically growing. It’s not surprising if parents bring their children and are pleased with what they find, they’re more likely to stay, get involved, and tell their friends. Did the church/adults help them develop and understand their faith? Were their opinions respected and did they have a role to play in ministry? Was it a place where they experienced God? If not, then why go back? But if the seeds of faith are planted and nurtured by adults who really do care, the fruits of believing may sprout elsewhere in a time of true testing, years later and miles away.

Websites Worth Visiting: -This website sponsored by The Sanctuary offers a wonderful quarterly newsletter, Holy Ground, which is a reflection on living a contemplative life. - “Spirituality and Health” magazine produces this website as a composite of its current issue.

Page 7 Cont….Websites Worth

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is committed to equipping leaders, developing covenant connections and providing resources to welcome and encourage older adults to participate at every level of the church while meeting their needs and utilizing their talents. This is done by means of important networks of Presbyterians out in the church working with older adults. Overview The lengthening of the average human lifespan is one of the remarkable achievements of the 20th century. In 1900, life expectancy was only 47, but over those 100 years, it rose to 75 for men and 78 for women. The percentage of older persons in our global society is growing and expected to nearly double between 1990 and 2030. This trend is no less apparent here in the United States and is especially noticeable within our own congregations of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), where the average age of worshipers is 58 — and rising. For every worshiper under the age of 25, there are more than six worshipers over the age of 65, which account for 35% of all Presbyterians. Our churches, which have traditionally focused on our youth members, must now answer this question: "How can we adjust our focus to better meet the needs of and utilize the skills and wisdom of our older persons?" Our Work The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) works primarily with its covenant partners, the Presbyterian Older Adult Ministry Network (POAMN) and the Association of Retired Ministers, their Spouses or Survivors (ARMSS), to help congregations address new challenges and ever changing needs, collaborate with other religious and secular ministries, and advocate on behalf of society's older adults.

Visiting m—This website holds plenty of easy, simple, and seemingly effective ideas for getting older adults to develop a Christian faith or renew their Christian faith from past days. POAMN readers looking for simple suggestions to try with the aging will find it here! www.congregationalresou Adult/Introduction.asp—If you are responsible for administrating a senior adult ministry in your congregation, here is help for you. This comprehensive website presents reasons why congregations should try to evangelize the aging, mental aspects of aging that influence faith development, and identifies some issues that the parish will encounter. This is a “think” piece done really well. [POAMN Network News, Spring 2009] +++++++++++++++++++++

Our Resources In cooperation with Presbyterian Homes and Services of Kentucky, we publish the annual Older Adult Planning Guide. POAMN and ARMSS each publish a quarterly newsletter containing news of successful older adult ministry programs, educational articles, liturgical materials, book reviews and upcoming educational offerings. Available online or by calling (800) 524-2612.

Second Wind, under the directorship of Richard Poole, is a non-profit coffeehouse on Campus Corner promoting local artists, charities, community, coffee & Live Music in Norman! Join us for a refreshing cup of coffee while you study, hang out, or play board games! Open FULL TIME for coffee, fellowship, studying, board games & free wireless internet access. DAILY from 10am to 11pm. This year’s remaining Friday night concert is December 11 - Christmas Open Mic.

The Religion Communication Congress April 7 - 10, 2010 in Chicago, is expected to draw some 1,200 communication professionals from around the globe. This international, interfaith event will include challenging plenary speakers, more than 50 skill-building workshops, expert roundtable discussion groups, and networking and idea exchanges by sharing this information through your newsletters and Web sites. http://

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