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INOVA analyzes its customer's specific needs to develop communicational solutions suitable to the demand and budget available. Based on information from DMS, we identified the opportunity to perform a communication assessorship to assist the dissemination of FATCA. The proposal seeks to transform DMS in a source of information on the subject, for which, in this way, it can be a reference on the issue in Brazil.

 Meeting with the client, for approximately 2 hours;  Writing a text on the subject;  Sending the text to the financial market journalists;  Active follow up with selected journalists;  Disclosure of information to DMS stakeholders;  Support for contacts from the press in general and guidelines for the

DMS spokesman;  Outcomes monitoring;  Preparation of report.









This proposal accounts 17 hours of labor, which will be distributed according to the need of each of the items described above.

This commercial proposal does not contemplate: o Clipping (However, if possible, in the short term, it is highly o o o o

recommended to hire a specialized company); Face-to-face meetings with partners; Disclosure with other partners that require medium or large complexity; Costs of ‘actions’, such as a press conference, arts files, distribution of giveaways, among others ; Crisis Management.


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