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Pango: mobile payment solutions for parking

What is Pango? Pango is an innovative technology enabling drivers to pay for parking using their mobile phone

Using Pango Smart phone application (IPhone, Android, Blackberry)

Text message SMS (not a Premium SMS!)

Mobile phone (IVR automated voice system, Call Centre operator)

Payment Channel Bank cards

PaySec CCS Possibility of integration with city-cards

Pango enables parking • On street (parking zones)

• In gated parking lots

On street parking Driver uses Pango application to start and stop parking transaction.

Parking warden function The check is performed in real time by comparing the registration plate of the parked vehicle with the records in a central database, the user is notified by SMS  By voice communication with the operational centre using Pango console 

Tablet with internet communication

Using a smart phone application

MP Manager

Automated registration plate recognition

Using a professional warden terminal

Checking parking payment  Automated registration plate recognition 

Application in the warden terminal

Easy and fast to use

Highly reliable

Cost effective solution

Parking in garages and gated parking lots Driver uses the Pango application to open the gate and register the parking transaction at the same time.

Easy installation Installing the hardware module in the the gate or fulll integration with the parking system

Global references  Israel:

over 40 cities including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem since 2007 over 220.000 parking places

 Germany:

Hamburg, Cologne, Wolfsburg, Lübeck and others from 2007, 65.000 parking slots

 US:

New York City, Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, New York state

 Poland:

Świdnica, since June 2013 Tarnów

 Austria:

Linz, since May 2013 Graz and St. Pölten

 Licences issuesd in 2012: Czech Republic, Canada, Greece

References in the Czech Republic parking zones  Mělník  Pango pilot project  In operation since mid March 2013

 Approx. 320 parking slots, 3 payment zones

References in the Czech Republic gated parking lot  PALLADIUM shopping mall, Prague 1  In operation since October 2013  over 900 parting places in three underground levels

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