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the inova health foundation 2020 book of gratitudE recognizes

You! for your outstanding philanthropic contributions

WE ARE EACH A PART OF THE SAME MOSAIC This beautiful mosaic, made possible through a gift from Dr. Gary and Tina Mather, is one of the first things visitors see when they walk into Inova Schar Cancer Institute’s flagship facility in Fairfax. Entitled “Ginger,” the mosaic is named for artist Valerie Theberge’s mother who lost her battle to cancer. It represents hope and unity. “With patients, family members and staff in mind, I set my focus on creating an atmosphere of lightness, joy and expansiveness.” VALERIE THEBERGE, 2019

Read more about Dr. Gary and Tina Mather on page 38.

As a global pandemic threatened to overwhelm hospitals across our region, Inova was blessed with an outpouring of generosity from donors and community members who wanted to stand together. Throughout 2020, there were many acts of selflessness and kindness: thousands of people came forward, each offering their own precious and unique gifts.

“It’s been quite remarkable to watch the community rally at a time like this. We are just so grateful to everyone who stepped forward. Thank you.” SAGE BOLTE PHD, LCSW, CST Chief Philanthropy Officer and President of the Inova Health Foundation

Some, like philanthropists Dr. Gary and Tina Mather, not only continued their leadership support of Inova Schar Cancer Institute’s Mather Proton Therapy Center, but also provided critically needed funds to help keep Inova’s frontline heroes and our community safer. Families of patients, such as the Gravesons, stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our team members to overcome insurmountable odds in facing down a terrible new disease. These individual acts of generosity are powerful in and of themselves — and there are literally thousands of heroic and inspiring stories. But together these pieces — these acts of compassion and generosity — form an unforgettable mosaic of how this community responded at a time unlike any in living memory. Whether supporting our Emergency Preparedness Fund that helped us move quickly to address urgent COVID-19 needs, or continuing to fund long-term projects and critical initiatives vital to our community’s health, you — our donors — stepped forward. This is our gratitude story for 2020. Thank you for being a part of that story.

sage bolte PhD, LCSW, CST

When we first got the call from state health authorities in early January 2020 about a new virus that had emerged outside the U.S., Inova quickly established a task force to set up a COVID-19 Resource Command Center for what seemed like an unlikely event. At the time, it was out of an abundance of caution that we purchased supplies and prepared our teams to mobilize to fight this new health threat. As the leading integrated health system in Northern Virginia, Inova was called upon to take extraordinary action during an unprecedented time to fight COVID-19 while continuing to meet the health needs of millions of people. It is with great pride and eternal gratitude that Inova was able to rise to the occasion, in large part due to the generosity and support from the community we are privileged to serve. Throughout a year of devastation and illness, our physicians, nurses, clinicians and health professionals were sustained by stories of hope, inspiration and resilience. Just as our Inova team rose to meet these unprecedented challenges, so did our patients, donors, families and communities. Through cards, meals and donations, we felt your continued support. We dedicate this 2020 Book of Gratitude to all of you, our Inova family.

“We live and work in the communities we serve, as do the people for whom we care. It’s what sustained us during the long, uncertain days.”

J. STEPHEN JONES MD, MBA, FACS President and CEO of Inova Health System

j. Stephen Jones MD, MBA, FACS



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Thanks to acts of outstanding generosity and supreme selflessness and sacrifice, Inova’s COVID-19 response impacted the lives of many throughout Northern Virginia.

As Inova team members risked their own safety — some going days without seeing their own families — patients, supporters and the public united to show these caregivers that they were not alone.

From critical cancer programs with longrange benefits for the health of our communities to lifesaving research, 2020 was a year of major advances in cancer care at Inova — thanks to the generosity of dedicated supporters.






Heroes don’t always wear capes. Every Inova team member contributed to the health and safety of those depending on Inova for health care, particularly our nurses who were on the front lines every day.

COVID-19 highlighted the stark socioeconomic disparities that many of our Northern Virginia neighbors face. Thanks to supporters, Inova was there to care for the most vulnerable among us.


A LEGACY OF LOVE; A LIFETIME OF SERVICE A beloved pediatrician who cared for generations of Northern Virginia families creates a lasting legacy as Inova Children’s Hospital is renamed in his honor.

“IT IS WITH A GRATEFUL HEART THAT I THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO.” For your outstanding dedication to all you have taken care of during their medical uncertainty. You are truly on the front line of defense in combating coronavirus and many other issues. Seeing patients getting well is what drives you in your profession. Your patients thank you for your caring, your thoughtfulness, and your passion while under your care. It was with a grateful heart that I thank you for what you do. LAURA THOMAS and DANIELLE SHARPE with the Adult Observation Nursing Excellence Award established in 2020 by WILLIAM M. FORD, who dedicated his Bronze Star Medal to Inova frontline heroes

“I HAVE RARELY SEEN SUCH COURAGE OFF THE BATTLEFIELD.” The caregivers I had at Inova displayed exemplary courage during COVID-19, particularly my nurses. Each and every one of those nurses is a hero in my eyes, risking their own health and safety to ensure that patients received the care they needed. They never flinched. I have rarely seen such courage off the battlefield. WILLIAM M. FORD on why he dedicated his Bronze Star Medal to Inova frontline heroes


ACTS OF EXCEPTIONAL COURAGE, GENEROSITY AND COMPASSION… The COVID-19 pandemic revealed all of that — and more — throughout the entire Inova Health System. Our donors, caregivers, patients, families and communities rallied to protect the most vulnerable among us. Here are a few of those stories.

THE UNEXPECTED COSTS OF COVID-19 THE EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS FUND: A COMMUNITY RESPONDS TO THE UNEXPECTED COSTS OF COVID-19 In the early days of the pandemic, the needs throughout our health system were tremendous and urgent. In the first few weeks, as Inova mobilized in the face of an unprecedented health threat, donors and businesses were determined to stand with us and responded with an outpouring of generosity. More than 3,355 donors contributed $4,700,000 to support critical COVID-19 costs — and 48% were first-time donors. These gifts provided vital support for care sites throughout our system, addressing a range of unexpected needs that included emergency time-off for our frontline heroes, CRRT machines, iPads and supplemental childcare coverage for our team members.


for EMERGENCY TIME-OFF Donations helped to offset the cost of emergency time-off for frontline heroes.


for CHILDCARE COVERAGE Donations helped to supplement additional childcare coverage for Inova team members.


for CRRT MACHINES Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy machines at a cost of $25,000 per machines. In addition, organizations and corporations donated the following:

734 iPADS DONATED 734 donated iPads with an approximate value of $229,000 helped to keep our team members safer and to connect families with their loved ones who were in isolation.

80,000 MEALS DONATED 800+ local restaurants and partners donated 80,000 meals and treats valued at approximately $893,000 to Inova hospitals around the region.

221,000 MASKS DONATED The community donated 221,000 masks with an approximate value of $873,000.

“WE ALL GO THROUGH CHALLENGING TIMES.” I have donated to the Team Member Compassion Fund for years because I want each and every Inova team member to receive the support they need when they need it. My family received so much support when my brother died from a fund at his workplace. It made all the difference to my sister-in-law. It is important to me to pay that forward. I want our team members to feel the same support when they need it. TONI ARDABELL, MSN, MBA Associate Chief, Clinical Enterprise, Inova Health System

“IF ONLY YOU COULD HEAR THE GRATITUDE FROM A TEAM MEMBER’S WIDOW WHO NEEDED HELP.” The pandemic has impacted many of our team members. Some Inova team members went to being sole earners in their families due to a partner’s job loss, causing many to struggle in maintaining basic living needs. Others are challenged with an increase in childcare expenses for their young children due to remote learning. The Team Member Compassion Fund shows our team members that we care about them and that we are all truly a family. LO KING AVP, Human Resources, Inova Health System


GIVING TO THE GIVERS PATIENTS, DONORS AND COMMUNITIES JOINED TOGETHER TO HONOR CAREGIVERS Heroes don’t always wear capes … in fact, as we all found out in 2020, many wear masks and scrubs and go about their work quietly. When the pandemic struck, thousands of Inova team members suddenly were on the front lines of a global health emergency — putting their own lives at risk and many spending endless hours and even days away from their own families — to ensure that our communities, patients and

loved ones received the care they so desperately needed. And an extraordinary thing happened: Patients and donors came together in unprecedented ways to support and honor our 19,000 frontline heroes with notes of gratitude and encouragement, while generous people opened their hearts and made gifts to help those team members who needed a little bit of assistance of their own.

$1,150,000 2020 INOVA HONORS

TO HONOR AND BENEFIT INOVA’S 19,000 FRONTLINE HEROES While we couldn’t be together in person, our virtual signature fundraising event, 2020 Inova Honors “In This Together,” was a tremendous success by all measures. More than 200 sponsors, including 106 Inova team members, helped to provide cornerstone funding for resilience initiatives, critical support services and emergency assistance to help those heroes who have an unexpected financial event during these challenging times.



THE TEAM MEMBER COMPASSION FUND Inova President and CEO, J. Stephen Jones, MD and his wife, Kathryn, made a very generous leadership challenge gift to Inova’s team member giving campaign, Inova Gives Back, with $50,000 to support the Team Member Compassion Fund. Since March 2020, more than $266,000 in emergency assistance has been given to team members, including assistance for funeral expenses, non-reimbursable medical expenses, natural disaster, emergency travel, transitional housing and other essential life expenses due to extenuating circumstances — many of which were a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

THE TEAM MEMBER WELL-BEING AND RESILIENCE FUND Inova’s commitment to providing world-class care extends not only to our patients and the communities we serve, but also to our 19,000 team members across the Inova Health System through leading-edge initiatives to strengthen their resilience and well-being, including: Trained peers and leaders made the rounds with Compassion Carts loaded with items intended to facilitate a “pause and thank you,” such as healthy snacks, stress relief tools, lip balm and handwritten thank-you notes.

We have expanded the CARES Peer-to-Peer Support Program, offering practical short- and long-term guidance for units or teams facing a crisis or a stressful event. To meet our team members where they are, trained Behavioral Health Nurse Practitioners round weekly in care sites and are available for team and one-on-one support.


In addition to generous donations to help ensure Inova team members received what they needed to care for patients, tens of thousands of people sent in notes of encouragement and hope to lift our team’s spirits and let them know that they were not — and would never be — alone in the fight as long as there were people who cared. Here are a few of the notes we received:


THE EMERGENCY RESEARCH FUND IN A RACE TO FIND TREATMENTS FOR A DEADLY VIRUS, EVERY MOMENT MATTERS! On March 6, 2020, Inova’s first COVID patient was admitted and on March 15, Inova’s Advanced Lung Disease team led by Steven Nathan, MD was asked to lead all COVID-19 related research. Research included participation in pharmaceutical studies, investigator-initiated studies, registries, diagnostics, bio-banking and drug repurposing. Research and sharing of findings are integral to Inova’s mission to ensure better outcomes for patients and are highly resource-intensive. In 2020, donor support was critical to our ability to respond quickly to so many unknowns — and

your support helped to save thousands of lives, in our community and across the nation. We are proud to have discharged more than 7,700 COVID-19 patients as of April 2021.


THE EMERGENCY RESEARCH FUND Thanks to generous supporters contributing $464,260, critical research didn’t stop during the COVID-19 pandemic and Inova researchers were able to continue their work.


CANCER DIDN’T STOP FOR COVID NEITHER DID OUR SUPPORTERS, PATIENTS AND CAREGIVERS! Cancer is an isolating — and often frightening — experience. Living with and fighting cancer is difficult enough under normal circumstances. Now imagine doing so in the midst of a pandemic where everything literally changed overnight. But where there was uncertainty, Inova donors and caregivers stepped fearlessly into the void. Donors continued to fund lifesaving expansion efforts while cancer care specialists quickly adapted to provide the best, most comprehensive care available for patients who were now facing even greater challenges.

HOPE IS LIKE AIR FOR CANCER PATIENTS “As an experienced Oncology Key Account Manager, I’ve been working with major cancer centers in multiple states for many years. When I got the cancer diagnosis, I was referred to Dr. Jang at Inova Schar Cancer Institute. My experience at Inova Schar from day one has been truly positive. Everyone I interacted with has been genuine, warm, kind, caring and empathetic. I never feel like I’m just another patient here. Hope is like air for cancer patients and these are the people who give me courage and treat me with compassion and kindness.” —Anonymous patient


Inova Schar Cancer Institute Melanoma and Skin Care Center



Endowed Schar Chair of Urology Oncology


Endowed Moran Chair in Lung Cancer Research



$20,000,000 Saville Cancer Screening and Prevention Center


Inova Schar/ Loudoun Expansion

Endowed Mather Proton Fellowship (2)







Psychosocial Support and Education


Endowed Croan Medical Oncology Fellowship (2)

Innovation, expansion and holistic support were key areas for donors for 2020. Thanks to all who continued investing in the battle against cancer.

Legacy Estate Giving



Cancer Research


Proteomics Research and Molecular Tumor Board


Patient Rent, Transportation, and Medications


Artists-in-Residence and Visual Arts

“BY DETECTING CANCERS EARLY, WE HOPE TO SAVE MORE LIVES.” Cancer is the leading cause of death in the U.S., surpassing even cardiovascular disease. By detecting cancers early, we improve treatment outcomes and cure rates. It is critical that we are able to offer accessible, multidisciplinary screening and prevention services in a ‘one-stop-shop’ approach. With the new Saville Cancer Screening and Prevention Center, we hope to prevent more and more cancers in the years ahead. JOHN DEEKEN, MD President of Inova Schar Cancer Institute

“THE SAVILLE CENTER WILL HELP CATCH CANCER EARLY.” My wife Marie, a nonsmoker with lung cancer, passed away in 2014. Because of the expert care my wife received through each step of our cancer journey I wanted to help other lung cancer patients and their families receive that same care…and create a lasting legacy to make a difference for others who were going through what we went through. That’s why I made an estate gift. RICH ORDEMAN supporter of Inova Schar Cancer Institute and Life with Cancer

Saville Cancer Screening and Prevention Center at Inova Schar Cancer Institute

A LIFESAVING GIFT THE NEW SAVILLE CANCER SCREENING AND PREVENTION CENTER AT INOVA SCHAR WILL OPEN IN SPRING 2022 Paul and Linda Saville know firsthand how devastating a cancer diagnosis can be for a patient and family — and how important early detection and prevention are in the battle against cancer.

Seeing the Washington, DC area lacked a comprehensive screening and prevention program, the Savilles made a $20,000,000 gift to help fill this vital community need. More than 40% of cancer cases in the U.S. are attributed to preventable risk factors. With their gift, Paul and Linda are investing in saving lives throughout Northern Virginia for years to come.

THE NEW 24,000-SQUARE FOOT SAVILLE CANCER SCREENING AND PREVENTION CENTER WILL PROVIDE ACCESS TO CRITICAL SERVICES FOR THESE CANCERS: > Prostate > Bladder > Pancreatic > Colorectal > Breast > Lung > Head > Neck > Cervical > Uterine > Ovarian > Melanoma > Skin > Thyroid

“We’ve all been impacted by cancer. Tragically, many of us know someone who has died from cancer due to a late diagnosis. Linda and I are humbled to have the opportunity to partner with Inova Schar to help bring these vital cancer prevention services to our community.” PAUL and LINDA SAVILLE, on their transformational gift

“The Saville Cancer Screening and Prevention Center is our secret weapon for leveling the playing field in the fight against cancer. The Saville family has provided our team at Inova Schar with the state-of-the-art detection, screening, and diagnostic tools to attack cancer when it is most vulnerable — at an early stage. When we can detect cancers early, we have the advantage when it comes to fighting for our patient and saving lives.” AMIT “BOBBY” MAHAJAN MD, FCCP, DAABIP, Medical Director Interventional Pulmonology and Inova Complex Airways Disease Program, Inova Schar Cancer Institute


LIVING WITH CANCER DURING COVID LIFE WITH CANCER® SERVICES WERE NEVER MORE CRITICAL THAN DURING COVID-19 Patients, caregivers and families needed psychosocial support more than ever before. Almost overnight, many therapy sessions, support groups, and exercise and educational classes transitioned to virtual. And for those who came in for treatment, our clinicians offered critical care and support. Generous donations from our community enabled Life with Cancer to continue to support patients and families — at no cost to them — during the most difficult time imaginable.


Life with Cancer specialists were there every step of the way — remotely and in person — to support each cancer patient and family on their cancer journey.

WORKING TOGETHER TO FIGHT CANCER Despite 2020 being a year of tremendous uncertainty, many generous supporters continued to raise funds through a variety of virtual events to ensure that critical Life with Cancer programs went forward. Thousands of hockey goalies participated in the October Saves Goalie Challenge to raise money to fight cancer. This year’s event raised $30,000 for Life with Cancer and $100,000 to benefit the Lara’s League Women’s Cancer Research Fund at Inova Schar. The annual Lobster Extravaganza was put on hold but the community still stepped forward, raising more than $366,000. Many thanks to the Peterson family and all who continued to support this cherished tradition.

This year’s Joan Hisaoka “Make a Difference” Gala raised nearly $1,000,000. Joan Hisaoka, a remarkable woman who lost her battle with cancer at the age of 48, knew the role emotional and spiritual support play in healing and wanted to support others. For the past 13 years, Joan’s brother Robert Hisaoka has hosted the gala in her memory, raising nearly $8,700,000 for Life with Cancer programs. Team Mathias, named after Mathias Giordano who lost his battle with cancer, donated $250,000 to support children and families undergoing cancer treatments. Mathias was an inspiration to all he met and he strongly believed in helping make a positive impact for children who were fighting pediatric cancer. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO GENEROUSLY SUPPORTED LIFE WITH CANCER: (top to bottom) (1) October Saves Goalie Challenge, (2) the Peterson family, (3) Robert Hisaoka, and (4) Mathias Giordano.


Cancer care and support didn’t stop for patients and their loved ones who were depending on us!

21,759 12,362 2,195

Participants in 1,850 CLASSES, GROUPS AND WELLNESS PROGRAMS for adults, children and adolescents.

Individuals participated in EXERCISE AND ACTIVITY programs.

NUTRITION COUNSELING APPOINTMENTS with expert dietitians for adults and children with cancer, as well as caregivers.

6 NEW 2 GROUPS 1,025 3,322

BREAST CANCER REHABILITATION series addressing surveillance, nutrition, brain fog, emotional challenges, physical and occupational therapy and sexual health. New networking groups launched for VETERANS and ACTIVE MILITARY and LGBTQ+ patients and families.


PATIENT CONSULTATIONS with our psycho-oncologist, Sermsak Lolak, MD, FACLP.

Meetings with pediatric patients and their families to provide HOLISTIC CARE, EDUCATION AND SUPPORT.

“Thank you for all you have done with the fitness program online! The life-affirming connections, the support from you and the teachers, and the guided healing are so greatly appreciated.” Anonymous patient



Since 2018, Inova Schar has partnered with the Smith Center for Healing and the Arts to create the Artist-in-Residence program where local artists work directly with patients, caregivers and clinicians to create opportunities for stress reduction, relaxation and healing. As our cancer center and hospitals closed to visitors early in the pandemic, the Artist-in-Residence program offered a message of strength, hope and healing for anxious patients who were often alone facing treatment, as well as a welcome respite for exhausted and sometimes overwhelmed Inova team members. Through music and visual arts, our artists served as a reminder of our humanity and a beacon of hope during a very uncertain time. The program — funded 100% by philanthropy — has been such a success that we are expanding it across the Inova system.

Throughout our system, spirits were uplifted by the talents of our artists. Some of the musicians played outside of the COVID-19 vaccine centers while visual artists drew images of hope and inspiration for team members who were treating patients.

ARTWORK ON THIS SIDE: 1. White Teapot by Jessie Coles 2. Another Hockney Shower by Mike McConnell 3. Birch by Michele Montalbano ARTWORK ON OTHER SIDE: 1. Rabbit by Emily Uchytil 2. Playing to Win #3 by Claudia Gibson-Hunter 3. Frida by David Amoroso 4. Embroidery 2 by Maria Karametou 5. Music Heals by Turner Houston, Smith Center/AIR Program

“TINA AND I ARE EXTREMELY PROUD TO HAVE MADE THIS GIFT.” During my cancer treatments I benefited from proton therapy, but I had to travel to Baltimore, which was a burden. The people at Inova have become part of our family, and being able to support our family and community in such a personal way is very meaningful to both of us. DR. GARY AND TINA MATHER on their transformational gift

“PROTON THERAPY IS NOW CLOSER TO HOME.” Unlike traditional forms of radiation, proton therapy targets tumors with unparalleled precision, sparing up to 60% more adjacent healthy tissue. Proton therapy has the potential to have a positive impact on both cancer control and quality of life, two things we are always seeking to improve for our patients. This treatment is especially useful for children who need radiation therapy and patients who require radiation in areas which have been previously irradiated. GOPAL K. BAJAJ, MD, MBA Radiation Oncologist, Department of Advanced Radiation Oncology and Proton Therapy, Inova Schar Cancer Institute


at Inova Schar Cancer Institute

THANKS TO A CANCER SURVIVOR AND HIS FAMILY, PROTON THERAPY CANCER TREATMENT COMES TO NORTHERN VIRGINIA INTRODUCING STATE-OF-THE-ART CARE AT THE INOVA MATHER PROTON THERAPY CENTER For Dr. Gary Mather, cancer became personal the day he was diagnosed. Since that day he and his wife Tina have become tireless advocates for advancing cancer care in our community.

Well known philanthropists, Gary and Tina have invested $20,000,000 in the new Mather Proton Therapy Center. Proton therapy is ideal for patients for whom traditional radiation is not an option.

In March 2020, the Center opened its doors and treated its first patients. The Mathers’ transformational gift established the center and has been key in supporting critical research and attracting top talent to this program. Their donation enables us to treat more than 40 kinds of cancer – including many hard to treat pediatric cancers. Inova is the only health system in Northern Virginia to offer proton therapy. In its first twelve months, the Inova Schar proton team has treated more than 100 patients.

“Our patients and their families are able to receive the very best, world-class care at Inova, thanks to you!” ASHISH CHAWLA, MD, Chairman and Medical Director, Department of Advanced Radiation Oncology and Proton Therapy, Inova Schar Cancer Institute

“BEING A NURSE MYSELF, I UNDERSTAND WHY NURSING EDUCATION IS SO CRITICAL.” Inova’s nurses exemplify and embody nursing excellence in every sense of the word. Supporting nurses demonstrates how deeply they are valued and underscores the importance of investing in them throughout their nursing careers. NATALIE BUSH, RN long-time Inova nursing supporter

“WE HAD TWO BOYS ON THE MOST ADVANCED LIFE SUPPORT FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIVES.” When Matthew, our 16 year-old son, got COVID-19, we couldn’t manage his fever and his pulse ox dropped into the mid 80s. He was rushed to Inova Children’s Hospital and put on life support. A week later, my other son Timothy, 15, had the same life-threatening symptoms. We had two boys on the most advanced life support fighting for their lives. Everyone at Inova gave their all to us. Thank you for saving their lives. SHERRY GRAVESON mother of Matthew and Timothy


24/7 EXCELLENCE Inova’s 5,000 nurses are the very heart of our healthcare system, so when they were called to face a pandemic of historic proportions while caring for the regular health needs of our patients, they did not waver. Providing exemplary care every time, every touch, our nurses’ courage and commitment inspired us all.

Many generous supporters have invested in our nursing program — including funding scholarships — to ensure clinical excellence and personal growth for these dedicated professionals. We thank long-time donors Gary and Charlotte Ahrendts, Natalie and Wes Bush, Claude Moore Charitable Foundation, Ric and Jean Edelman, David and Marilyn Karlgaard, and the Stavish Family for investing in nursing.

“Inova cares for more than two million lives a year; the engagement of Inova nurses at all levels, from direct caregivers to executives, is key to delivering the quality of care we provide EVERY time, EVERY touch. Our nurses are leading the way in improving the health and touching the hearts of our communities.” Maureen E. Sintich DNP, MBA, RN, WHNP-BC, NEA-BC, EVP, Chief Nurse Executive

“I cannot think of a better or more noble way to make a difference than to provide financial support for education.”

Patricia “Trish” C. Seifert, MSN, RN, CNOR, CRNA(E), FAAN, Independent Cardiac Surgery Consultant

“I have many team members that are currently enrolled in school and I believe I have been a role model to them by demonstrating that you can work, have a family, and complete your educational goals.”

“It is not a job that you do and leave behind on your way home. I truly believe being a nurse is a calling. Our work is done from the heart; all of us leave a little piece of ourselves with the little ones we care for.”

Frances Taylor Daneschzadeh RN, Nurse Manager

Lisette Van Mastrigt-Gordon, BSN, RN, CCRN


COVID-19: A MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS The social distancing and isolation of the pandemic severely impacted our communities’ mental health. Substance use disorders and addictions are widespread and increasing dramatically. Inova saw a 56% increase in adult outpatient visits. Through telehealth, individual and group therapy, Inova expanded its reach into new communities, but demand continues to outstrip

resources. Donors who understand the need for holistic, evidence-based treatment are helping Inova to bridge the treatment gap, bringing hope and healing to thousands of families throughout Northern Virginia. We are grateful to long-time supporters, including our new partners the Orange Crimson Foundation, for their commitment to our patients and community.



36% OLDER ADULTS AND 50% MILLENNIALS KNOW SOMEONE WHO HAS INCREASED THEIR ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION According to research commissioned by Inova in 2020, as part of the Act on Addiction Campaign.

HEALTH AND HOPE FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULTS The need for mental health care for adolescents has never been higher and the pandemic will continue to take a toll on young people in the years ahead. The Inova Kellar Center has seen unprecedented demand and maintains an ever-growing waitlist for its programs. We are thankful for the longtime support of community partners like United Bank. While United’s annual golf tournament was canceled in 2020, the bank and its partners contributed more than $175,000 to Kellar, bringing their total giving to Inova to more than $6,000,000.

SHINING A LIGHT ON ADDICTION For the millions whose lives are touched by addiction or substance use disorders, knowing where and how to find help for themselves or a loved one is truly a matter of life or death. In 2020, Inova held its second Act on Addiction Summit, with generous support from Joan and the late Russell Hitt. The virtual program featured Inova-commissioned research on the mental health impact of COVID-19 in our communities and provided accessible addiction resources to more than 9.4 million people in our region and beyond.

THE INOVA EWING FACT PROGRAM: SUPPORTING SURVIVORS OF CHILD ABUSE, SEXUAL ASSAULT AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Due to the extraordinary stressors placed on families with job loss, food insecurities, lack of child care and limited coping mechanisms, the severity of child abuse and domestic violence cases that we’ve seen has risen significantly. At the height of the pandemic, many victims felt trapped, avoiding the ER and staying with their abusers. Donor support is critical to the Inova Ewing Forensic Assessment and Consultation Teams (FACT) program as services are always provided free of charge. We are grateful to the Ewing family for their long-time support and for the donors whose generosity has enabled us to expand care into new communities.



very low cost, treating nearly 14,000 patients annually. Families who were already Approximately 78% speak a struggling with economic language other than English, insecurity have borne much and approximately 76% idenof the brunt of COVID-19. tify as Hispanic/Latino. Given Through ten Inova Cares this demographic, we provide Clinics for Women, Children and Families, our team provides educational resources in both English and Spanish. compassionate primary Thanks to our friends at healthcare, education, and Northrop Grumman and resources to our region’s many thoughtful donors for uninsured and underserved supporting this critical work. communities for free or at a “The emotional, physical and financial toll of the pandemic is hitting our patients very hard. Our team sees the struggles firsthand. Thanks to donor support, we’ve worked to help a mother pay her phone bill so that she can reach her doctor or a postpartum patient diagnosed with COVID afford her medications. Some families are struggling to provide food, so we created an emergency food pantry and are connecting them with our community partners.” HUNTER GUNN, LCSW, Director, Inova Cares Clinics for Women and Children

By bringing world-class healthcare, education and wellness programming to area residents, regardless of their ability to pay, our community benefit services amount to hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Through subsidized health services, free or discounted charity care, clinical programs for low-income residents and investments in medical education and cutting edge research, Inova works for social justice by addressing health disparities and socioeconomic barriers, identifying gaps and strengthening resources to safeguard and advance good health for all. OUR COMMITMENT IS TWOFOLD:

provide access to healthcare services to make people healthy, and provide education services to help keep people healthy.

$334,000,000 COMMUNITY INVESTMENT IN 2020 $88,000,000 CHARITY CARE

HELPING PATIENTS FOCUS ON HEALING, NOT FINANCES For so many families in our region, COVID-19 has taken a terrible toll on their financial security. Thanks to our donors’ generosity, Inova was able to provide $342,452 to patients and their families to help cover critical expenses including medications, rent, utility bills, childcare, groceries and transportation. In addition, with transformational support from Robert Hisaoka, the Hisaoka Cancer Patient Assistance Fund has enabled Inova to add two full-time social workers who support Inova Schar patients and their families.

$16,000,000 EDUCATION

$15,000,000 RESEARCH


“Knowing that patients and families will have a place to turn in their most difficult days is what inspires my giving to Inova.” PETER WENTZ, supporter of Life with Cancer and Inova Schar Cancer Institute — Fair Oaks Patient Assistance Fund


Love Window The

As the pandemic took firm hold and uncertainty gripped the nation, Jenny Sullivan, a Recreational Therapist, was looking for ways for recovering patients to focus on something positive. She created the L-O-V-E design on the window at Inova Center for Personalized Health and used it as therapy for our patients to practice standing, balance, grasping and fine motor skills. Soon other team members including therapists, nurses, food service workers, construction workers and administrative staff helped complete the window design. THERAPY FOR ALL

“KNOWING A CHILD WILL BE HELPED AND THAT I CAN BE PART OF THAT MEANS EVERYTHING TO ME.” Forty-five years ago, I came to Inova as a medical student, so Inova has been a rewarding part of my life all that time. My three daughters were all born at Inova Fairfax and my wife and I both had successful surgery at Inova. When my wife Candace and I decided to make this gift, we were hoping to know that our desire of caring for all children and our community would continue into the foreseeable future. LAURENCE J. MURPHY, MD on the transformational gift to Inova L.J. Murphy Children’s Hospital

“I’M USING MY ALLOWANCE TO HELP KIDS AT THE HOSPITAL.” Gratitude — and giving — comes in many forms. For eight-year-old Poppy, gratitude came in the form of donating her $25 allowance to help children at Inova Children’s Hospital. Poppy was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia when she was just five years old. She spent 160 days at Inova Children’s and wanted to bring happiness to other children. Due to COVID-19, her toy drive became virtual and it raised $279,000 to ensure that every child being treated at Inova got a new Lego set (her favorite), book or toy. POPPY age 8

I N O VA L . J . M U R P H Y C H I L D R E N ’ S H O S P I TA L

THE INOVA L.J. MURPHY CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL: A GENEROUS LEGACY OF LOVE It is difficult enough to have a child with a serious medical condition that requires treatment or hospitalization; it was made exponentially more so by COVID-19 when visitors, including anxious parents and family members, were restricted for safety. However, Inova Children’s Hospital team members were there to care for our littlest patients at a time when they needed it most — from our NICU teams who were there caring for medically fragile newborns to our physicians, nurses and allied health professionals who supported families through this unprecedented time. Donors showed their gratitude to these caregivers.

A BELOVED PEDIATRICIAN MAKES AN INCREDIBLE GIFT FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS In early 2021, Inova Children’s underwent a name change. Dr. Laurence Murphy wanted to create a lasting legacy for his family, his patients and the communities he served by making a transformational gift to support pediatrics. Dr. Murphy has worked at Inova caring for tens of thousands of grateful patients for 45 years — often multiple generations of the same families. In fact, his three adult daughters were born at Inova Fairfax. He is a beloved figure at Inova Children’s, continuing to make the rounds to check on patients himself. Dr. Murphy’s incredible gift will continue his legacy of caring for children for many generations to come. “Dr. Murphy was my pediatrician when I was growing up. I first started seeing him at the age of one. In high school, he gave me my first job as a receptionist. Later, he was excited to hear I was pursuing a career in nursing. Today, I am leading the Pediatric Research Department at Inova, and I am honored to know I’ll be working at the newly named Inova L. J. Murphy Children’s Hospital.” SERINA ZORRILLA, RN, CCRC, Pediatric Research Manager

“COVID-19 is certainly taking a mental, emotional and physical toll. Child Health Development (CHD) doesn’t quit, so we don’t quit. I’ve found myself providing extra care to families as they navigate having their loved ones in the hospital during a pandemic. Siblings and grandparents must cope with having a new baby they’ve been unable to meet, and parents are having to manage so many additional stressors without a robust support system. I’ve spent time with families teaching them about attachment and bonding and providing creative ways for them to stay connected with each other and the CHD community to bolster their support network and resiliency. I know this has been invaluable to my families during such a challenging and uncertain time” NICOLE JOHNSON, MA, CCLS, CIMI, Certified Child Life Specialist II, Cardiac Services, Inova L.J. Murphy Children’s Hospital

“THANKS TO YOU, WE CAN PROVIDE LOUDOUN COUNTY WITH EXCEPTIONAL CARE CLOSE TO HOME.” At Inova Loudoun Hospital, we are neighbors helping neighbors. For more than 100 years, we have kept our promise to Loudoun County to provide exceptional healthcare close to home. In turn, our community has made significant philanthropic investments in our people, programs and facilities, including our new North Tower, to ensure that we are well-poised to keep our promise for the next 100 years. DEBORAH ADDO President, Inova Loudoun Hospital and Senior Vice President, Inova

“THE GOAL IS FOR PEOPLE IN THIS COMMUNITY TO LIVE LONGER AND BE HAPPIER.” This past year has shown the critical importance of being connected to a major healthcare system like Inova. As we recognize the role Inova plays in our community, we must each consider how we can contribute to this work. FRED SCHAUFELD Chairman, Inova Health Foundation and benefactor of the Inova Loudoun Hospital Schaufeld Family Heart Center, made possible with a $5,000,000 gift from Fred and Karen Schaufeld and Bobbi Schaufeld.


A TOWERING ACHIEVEMENT: INOVA LOUDOUN HOSPITAL’S NORTH TOWER On April 13, 2020, Inova Loudoun Hospital opened the doors on its brand new patient tower — and a new chapter in a more than 100year history of caring for Loudoun County residents. Thanks to the outstanding generosity of thousands of area donors, the Loudoun Rising Campaign raised more than $21,000,000. Featuring all private patient rooms with high-tech amenities, new Labor and Delivery and Postpartum Care Units, an expanded Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with enhanced capabilities, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, and hospital and outpatient labs, the North Tower is a

testament to our community rallying together to ensure that state-of-the-art healthcare is available close to home. We are deeply grateful to all

who have supported Inova Loudoun Hospital and the patients and community we serve — all who are a part of our past, present and future.

“We know that families just like ours go through the ER every day. Scott and I wanted to help ensure local access to world-class care is available.” SHARON VIRTS and SCOTT MILLER, on their $4,000,000 gift to transform emergency and trauma care in Loudoun County

As the new location for Inova Alexandria Hospital, the Landmark site will allow for comprehensive, patientcentered programs and services that include a larger emergency room; private patient rooms; and the INOVA SCHAR CANCER INSTITUTE AT ALEXANDRIA HOSPITAL, which will provide full cancer services, including radiation and infusion. The hospital will be one of only three Level II trauma centers in Northern Virginia and one of only seven statewide, providing 24-hour specialty services for brain injuries, complex fractures and other trauma care. The addition of a medical office building will allow an estimated 50 specialty physicians to see patients on the same campus as the new hospital. Construction is slated to begin in 2023.

Yves Rathle:studioYVESinc conceptARCHITECTURE+DESIGN

“We are thrilled for the potential to build a new hospital and medical campus, one that would allow us to expand our seamless system of care, increase our services, and elevate the facilities in Alexandria and throughout the region.” J. STEPHEN JONES, MD, MBA, FACS PRESIDENT AND CEO, INOVA HEALTH SYSTEM

LOOKING AHEAD TO MEET THE NEEDS OF OUR COMMUNITIES FOR DECADES TO COME Northern Virginia has experienced record growth over the past decade. The healthcare needs of our expanding and diverse communities, particularly in the East Region (Alexandria, Mount Vernon and Springfield) have continued to grow. To meet those needs, Inova is investing $1,000,000,000 for a state-of-the-art campus in the former Landmark Mall as part of a mixed-use community in partnership with the City of Alexandria, Foulger-Pratt, The Howard Hughes Corporation and Seritage Growth Properties. A balance of residential, commercial and entertainment spaces, this site will be accessible by public transportation. It will also feature affordable housing that will allow Inova to reach more patients and families.

INOVA HEALTH FOUNDATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES MARCH 2021 Fred Schaufeld, Co-Chair Craig Cheifetz, MD, Co-Chair Zobair Younossi, MD, Vice Chair, Medicine Shaza Andersen Maris Angolia Paul Bajaj, MD Sunil Budhrani, MD Sage Bolte, PhD, LCSW, CST Natalie Bush John Deeken, MD Bob Denson Shashank Desai, MD Marty Dudley Jim Ecklund, MD Mary Ann Friesen, PhD Don Irwin John Jones, MD J. Stephen Jones, MD, FACS

Al Khoury, MD Chuck Kuhn Deepti Malhotra Jay Marwaha Gary Mather, PhD Dean F. Morehouse Alexia Orr Lauren Peterson Lola Reinsch George R. Salem Sam Schreiber Donnie Simpson Evelyn M. Strauch Mike Wheeler John Wood

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2020 Book of Gratitude - Inova Health Foundation  

2020 Book of Gratitude - Inova Health Foundation  

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