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This special section is produced by the Daisy Mountain Veterans and published by In&Out Publications as a service to the Daisy Mountain Veterans. For info on the Parade and the Daisy Mountain Veterans, visit

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Saturday, October November 10, 2012 4, 2009 In&Out 29–November


I am a Veteran By Andrea Christensen Brett

You may not know me the first time we meet I’m just another you see on the street But I am the reason you walk and breathe free I am the reason for your liberty I AM A VETERAN I work in the local factory all day I own the restaurant just down the way I sell your insurance, I start your IV I’ve got the best-looking grandkids you’ll ever see I’m your grocer, your banker Your child’s schoolteacher I’m your plumber, your barber Your family’s preacher But there’s part of me you don’t know very well Just listen a moment, I’ve a story to tell I AM A VETERAN

Grand Marshal Eric DeSocio My family and friends were home praying for me For the land of the free and the home of the brave I faced my demons in foxholes and caves Then one dreaded day, without drummer or fife I lost an arm, my buddy lost his life

I joined the service while still in my teens I traded my prom dress for camouflage greens I’m the first in my family to do something like this I came home and moved on I followed my father like he followed his But forever was changed The perils of war in my memory remained Defying my fears and hiding my doubt I don’t really say much, I don’t feel like I can I married my sweetheart before I shipped out But I left home a child, and came home a man I missed Christmas, then Easter The birth of my son There are thousands like me But I knew I was doing what had to be done Thousands more who are gone I served on the battlefront, I served on the base I bound up the wounded And begged for God’s grace I gave orders to fire, I followed commands I marched into conflict in far distant lands In the jungle, the desert, on mountains and shores In bunkers, in tents, on dank earthen floors While I fought on the ground, in the air, on the sea DAISY MOUNTAIN VETERANS PARADE

But their legacy lives as time marches on White crosses in rows And names carved in queue Remind us of what these brave souls had to do I’m part of a fellowship, a strong mighty band Of each man and each woman Who has served this great land And when Old Glory waves I stand proud, I stand tall I helped keep her flying over you, over all I AM A VETERAN November 10, In&Out 2012 OctoberSaturday, 29–November 4, 2009


The 2012 Daisy Mountain Veterans Parade pays special homage to those who experienced some of the most harrowing action… POWs, Wounded Warriors and Purple Heart recipients. There are 30 Grand Marshals, all of whom served this country with honor, each with an amazing story.


Saturday, October November 10, 2012 4, 2009 In&Out 29–November



Current POW Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

From the Bergdahl Family, of Hailey, Idaho…

“Hello Anthem Arizona! Our best wishes to you on this day. As you are aware, our only son, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, has now been held in captivity for over three years. We look forward to the day when we are reunited with him, but until that day comes, we take comfort in the great support we have received from around our nation. We realize more than ever, we are not alone. Our communication with Department of Defense and others tell us there is


great effort to bring Sgt. Bergdahl home and we are very grateful. The support of individuals continues to raise our hopes throughout this challenging ordeal. So we thank you who are in attendance today. We thank Bowe's supporters for your prayers, and for your activism in bringing our son safely home. Bowe, if you hear or read this, know that we love you! We are proud of you! Stay strong! We are working hard to bring you home!”

November 10, In&Out 2012 OctoberSaturday, 29–November 4, 2009



Commercial, Residential & Industrial Waste Collection & Disposal 602-237-2078

Dynamic & Diverse Women Determined to Make a Difference

The members of are dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service.

We are proud to be a sponsor of the 2012 Veterans Parade. Contact us at:


Saturday, October November 10, 2012 4, 2009 In&Out 29–November



David Woellner Brigadier General E.D.

(Dave) Woellner, USAF (Ret) was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army Air Corps in 1942. He flew twin engine aircraft over France prior to and during the Allied invasion of Normandy. Lt. Woellner later transferred to the Eighth Air Force, where he piloted B-17 bombers. On his 13th mission, Woellner’s aircraft was shot down. He was captured and interned at Stalag Luft I in western Germany for the duration of the war. Woellner subsequently received two Meritorious Service Medals, two Legion of Merit Awards and several combat decorations. Gen. Woellner later served in Korea and Vietnam, and retired as a Vice Commander of the Air Force.

Henry Ong T/Sgt. Henry Ong Jr., USAAF

flew 30 missions during WWII as a radioman/gunner on B-24s and B-17s. On what was to be his last mission before returning home, Sgt. Ong’s B-17 was brought down by enemy ground fire. After bailing out, Ong was immediately captured and sent to Stalag Luft IV in Poland. He took part in the infamous “Forced March” of thousands of Allied prisoners during the brutal winter of 1945. Ong was liberated by the British 8th Army in May of 1945. He is the holder of the Purple Heart, the Prisoner of War Medal, four Air Medals and a Presidential Unit Citation. Ong later served as Commissioner of the Military Veterans Commission and was inducted into the Arizona Hall of Fame in 2005.

James Yeager Corporal James Yeager, USA,

joined the Army in 1949 and was sent to Korea the following year as part of the 29th Infantry Regiment. During an engagement with the North Korean 6th Army, Yeager’s unit sustained 90 percent casualties leaving less than 100 who were all taken prisoner. The enemy marched the POWs 600 miles into North Korea. There they herded the Americans into the Sunchon train tunnel


THE POW MEDAL Issued only to those U.S. military personnel and other personnel granted creditable U.S. military service who were taken prisoner and held captive (1) While engaged in an action against an enemy of the United States. (2) While engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force. (3) While serving with friendly forces engaged in an armed conflict against an opposing force in which the United States is not a belligerent party. For more information on Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and Prisoners of War, visit

November 10, In&Out 2012 OctoberSaturday, 29–November 4, 2009



Saturday, October November 10, 2012 4, 2009 In&Out 29–November


and opened fire with machine guns. Yeager escaped by playing dead. Found the next day by the 187th Airborne Regiment, he is one of only 21 survivors of the massacre. Corporal Yeager received the Combat Infantry Badge, Prisoner of War Medal, Korean Service Medal and the United Nations Korean Service Medal. He was separated from the service in 1952.

Joe Johnson Johnson defended the beaches of

Corregidor with the Marines until May 6, 1942 when Corregidor fell. Johnson began his life as a prisoner of the Japanese confronting slave labor in Japan. Surviving brutality, starvation, threatened execution, near-fatal injuries and mine cave-ins, Johnson’s courage, determination and internal fortitude kept him alive. He was close enough to Nagasaki to see a curious huge white cloud hovering over the city a day before American planes began dropping food on his camp. Of the 31 men in his recruit platoon who fought in the war, 21 had perished—most as prisoners of the Japanese.

Thomas Kirk Colonel Thomas H. Kirk Jr.,

USAF (Ret) served in the Korean Conflict and later flew fighter-bombers during the Vietnam War. In 1967, Kirk’s F-105 was shot down while participating in a raid on North Vietnam. After safely parachuting from his aircraft, Tom Kirk was captured and sent to the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” prison, where he remained for more than five years until the war’s end in 1973. For his combat leadership and heroism, Kirk was awarded the Air Force Cross, three Silver Stars, two Distinguished Flying Crosses, nine Air Medals and the Purple Heart. Col. Kirk later commanded a pilot training wing in Alabama and served as Vice Commander of all Special Forces in Europe. He retired from the Air Force in 1978.


THE MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL May be awarded to any member of the Armed Forces of the United States who distinguishes themselves by either outstanding achievement or meritorious service to the United States.

November 10, In&Out 2012 OctoberSaturday, 29–November 4, 2009



Bill Ledbetter PFC, Co E, 320 Inf. Regt,

35 Division, in service 18 months. Seriously wounded in Battle of the Bulge near Bastogne and spent 10 months in the hospital. Bill was attached to Patton’s 3rd Army.

Bill Jones Jones is a proud member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Chapter 691, Sun City, AZ.

THE PURPLE HEART Awarded to members of the armed forces of the U.S. who are wounded by an instrument of war in the hands of the enemy and posthumously to the next of kin in the name of those who are killed in action or die of wounds received in action. It is specifically a combat decoration. The organization now known as the "Military Order of the Purple Heart," was formed in 1932 for the protection and mutual interest of all who have received the decoration. Composed exclusively of Purple Heart recipients, it is the only veterans service organization comprised strictly of “combat” veterans. For more information on the Military Order of the Purple Heart, visit

10 10

David D’Angio D’Angio is a native Arizonan. He entered the U.S. Army in 1966 and served two combat tours in Vietnam in 1967 and 1968. D’Angio was wounded in several military ops during that two-year period. He received the Army Accommodation Purple heart with two clusters C.M.B. and retired as a Staff Sgt.

Emanuel ‘Manny’ Herrera

SSG Herrera is a Desert Storm veteran. He was deployed with the 259th Sector, Arizona National Guard in 2006 as a Convoy Security gun truck commander. Manny was awarded the purple heart, Combat Action Badge and is a member of the Wounded Warrior Project.

Guadalupe Marquez

Guadalupe C. Marquez served in the Fourth Marines 1966–1967. While in Dong Hoi, Guadalupe received two Purple Hearts and the Presidential Unit Citation.

Jerry Gustafson Retired Army Major

Jerry Gustafson served his country in three wars from Western Europe in World War Two, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Gustafson received two Purple Hearts. In 2010, his World War Two unit, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal [See page 15].

Saturday, October November 10, 2012 4, 2009 In&Out 29–November


John Zurcher

Zurcher is an Anthem resident who served in the U.S. Army for 14 years. He is the recipient of various medals and commendations.

Michael Virgin Col. Michael

E. Virgin enlisted in the Army in 1966 and served in Vietnam from 1967–1968. He was commissioned in 1970 as a U.S. Army Officer. Virgin served in the 82nd Airborne Division, 101st Airborne Division, 6th Armored Cav. Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, 9th Infantry Division, Berlin Brigade and the 1st Infantry Division for a total of 32 years of active duty by the time he retired in 1997. His awards include the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars with V device, Distinguished Service medal, two Purple Hearts, and three Legions of Merit. He is most proud of his two children and happy marriage of 43 years.

Nathan Borquez On June 19, 2004,

Borquez was deployed to Iraq where he participated in combat patrols in the Al Anbar Province. On Sept. 17, 2004, Borquez suffered traumatic brain injury when his vehicle was blown up by an improvised explosive device (IED). He recovered at an Army Hospital in the Al Anbar Province and returned to duty. On Oct 24, 2004, the vehicle he was traveling in struck another IED causing a second traumatic brain injury and a ruptured ear drum. Borquez returned home in mid-November 2004 and was assigned to the Balboa Naval Medical Center in San Diego to convalesced for eight months before receiving a medical discharge from the U.S. Marine Corps. In 2010, he was cleared by military doctors to reenlist. Today, Borquez serves our country with the U.S. Army Reserve. He is an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran and has been awarded a Combat Action Ribbon, two Purple Hearts, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Expert Rifleman Badge and Expert Pistol Badge. DAISY MOUNTAIN VETERANS PARADE

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE MEDAL Awarded to any service person who has distinguished himself or herself by exceptionally meritorious service to the Government in a duty of great responsibility. Exceptional performance of normal duty will not alone justify an award of this decoration. Awards may be made to other than members of the Armed Forces of the United States for wartime services only, and then only under exceptional circumstances, with the express approval of the President in each case.

November 2012 OctoberSaturday, 29–November 4, 200910, In&Out

11 11

Norman Morgan Norman joined the Navy

in 1941 as a 17-year-old boy. Norman was stationed on the USS Quincy CA39 for 14 months before she came out second best and was sunk. The surviving men swam four to five hours until U.S. Destroyer DD398 came to their rescue. Norman participated in the Battle of Savo Island in August 1942, and spent the remainder of his service at Pearl Harbor until he was discharged in 1944.

Pete Lamphere THE SILVER STAR The third highest military decoration to a person serving in any capacity with the United States Armed Forces for valor in action against an enemy of the United States.

Lamphere served in the U.S. Navy from 1958 to 1965. Lamphere was a Marine Medic and served in Vietnam from June 1963 to February 1964 when he was wounded. Pete is a Purple Heart recipient.

Robert Walp Chief Master Sergeant served

in the military for 35 years in the Navy and retiring in the Air Force. Chief Walp did much for this great country serving a year-long tour in Vietnam in 1970 where he was awarded a purple heart. Walp is also a local hero serving as a Phoenix firefighter for 33 years.

Todd Blue A native of Phoenix who attended

Moon Valley High School and the University of Arizona, Blue served in both the Marine Corps and Defense Intel Agency for 20 years, and was medically retired as a Master Sgt. He served several combat tours: Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Somalia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. He lives in Surprise, Ariz. with wife Katy (a registered nurse), his 9-year-old son Bradley and 2-year-old daughter Brooke.

William Faria Senior Master Sargent

William C. Faria entered the U.S. Air Force on Oct. 12, 1983. During his 24 years of service William experienced extensive combat during Desert Storm, Bosnia, and Operation Enduring freedom. William’s major military decorations include the Airman’s Medal for Heroism and the Purple Heart. William also served as the Joint Strike Fighter Subject Matter Expert advising the Honorable Donald Rumsfeld.

12 12

Saturday, October November 10, 2012 4, 2009 In&Out 29–November



Brian Turner First Sergeant

Brian Turner served in the U.S. Army, Arizona Army National Guard and the Army Reserves for over 28 years, and is currently in the 224th Military Police Co. Turner is an Infantryman and a Military Police Officer. He was deployed in combat during Desert Storm in 1990 and two deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004 and 2006. He was awarded the Bronze Star during his last deployment to Kirkuk Iraq in 2006.

Calvin Martin “Say Nothing,” said Martin. Domingo Bonilla

Bonilla served in the U.S. Army from March 1968 through December 1971 and was honorably discharged with the rank of Sgt. He served one year in Vietnam and was awarded a Bronze Star and Silver Star. Bonilla stays active in the American Legion & VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars).

Eric DeSocio DeSocio served

seven years active and five years guard. He was deployed to Afghanistan from 2011 to 2012, and is in the Wounded Warrior Program at the Warrior Transition Unit in Ft. Huachuca, receiving Therapy due to wounds suffered from an RPG blast.


THE WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT The Project’s mission is to honor and empower wounded warriors by raising awareness and enlisting the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members. It also helps injured service members aid and assist each other. And it provides direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members. For more information on the Wounded Warrior Program visit woundedwarriorproject. org.

November 2012 OctoberSaturday, 29–November 4, 200910, In&Out

13 13

Evan R ahm Sgt. Evan Wade Rahm, 31 Bravo

MP, served in OIF/OEF in Al-Almara, Iraq from April 2010 to July 2011. He was blown up while taking fire by a mortar while on a combat mission.

Jacob Walp PFC Walp was on

THE AIR FORCE CROSS Awarded for extraordinary heroism while… (1) engaged in an action against an enemy of the United States

guard patrol in northern Iraq in 2009, when a mortar hit and knocked him to the ground. His right ankle was so swollen his boot had to be cut off. The medical team for the 1st Cav. said he should be flown to Germany to repair his ankle but PFC Walp refused to leave his platoon in Iraq. They gave him painful steroid shots to his ankle. When he returned to Fort Hood, Texas, PFC Walp had surgery to repair his ankle. PFC Walp stayed to help protect his unit in fire fights and endured more mortars. “I’m probably alive because of my battle buddy and brother in arms, PFC Walp. I’m grateful to him until the day I die,” said SPC Ruben Colin, with utmost respect.

(2) engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force; (3) or, while serving with friendly foreign forces engaged in an armed conflict against an opposing armed force in which the United States is not a belligerent party.

14 14

Saturday, October November 10, 2012 4, 2009 In&Out 29–November

Jim Nalin Nalin served in the

Army from 2002 to 2012. He was deployed twice to Iraq; in 2003 as a Multiple Launch Rocket System crew member and in 2006 as a Heavy Equipment Transport System operator. Jim is a member of the Wounded Warrior Project and lives in Tucson.

John R avita Ravita served in

the U.S. Navy from 1943 to 1945 in the Pacific War Theater. He was a Gunner's Mate 2nd Class on the destroyer escort, the USS Weaver. He was part of history in Tokyo Bay when he was anchored behind the USS Missouri and proudly witnessed the signing of the Peace Treaty with Japanese Dignitaries (Emperor Hirohito) and General MacArthur in September, 1945.


Joseph Noewillis Noewillis

served four-and-a-half years and was medically retired in December 2007 while stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.

Ron Gardner Gardner has

chosen to ride with his MCSO Motorcycle brothers.

Tiffani Maynor Maynor

served in the U.S. Army from 1992 to 2009. Originally an Executive Military Personnel Assistant, she served two tours in South Korea and three years at the New Orleans Army Recruiting Battalion. Transitioning to Military Intelligence Analyst, she trained at Fort Huachuca, Ariz. Duty stations included Yongin South Korea, Fort Wainwright, Alaska, Camp Humphreys South Korea, Fort Huachuca Ariz, a combat operational tour with the 101st Airborne Division in Tikrit, Iraq from December 2005 to December 2006. After returning from an operational deployment, Maynor was assigned to work as a Military Intelligence Analyst Instructor at Fort Huachuca, Ariz. from January 2007 to July 2009.

THE CONGRESSIONAL GOLD MEDAL The highest civilian award bestowed by the U.S. Congress. The decoration is awarded to an individual or unit who performs an outstanding deed or act of service to the security, prosperity, and national interest of the United States.

President Obama signed a bill on Oct. 5, 2010 to grant the Congressional Gold Medal (above) to the 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team, and Military Intelligence Service in recognition of their dedicated service during World War II.


November 2012 OctoberSaturday, 29–November 4, 200910, In&Out

15 15

16 16

Saturday, October November 10, 2012 4, 2009 In&Out 29–November



November 2012 OctoberSaturday, 29–November 4, 200910, In&Out

17 17

2012 Daisy Mountain Veterans (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

USMC Mounted Color Guard

‘Arizona’s Own’ 108th Army Band Grand Marshal - POWs

 oung Marines Black Sheep Y Battalion VFW Post 1796 Black Canyon City

Combat Vets Motorcycle Assn. Veterans First, Ltd.

Soldier’s Best Friend

OSR Physical Therapy

23 Iwo Jima Memorial Float

24 Dreamchaser Horse Rescue 25 Girl Scout Troop 1731

26 C  ivil Air Patrol Deer Valley Squadron 302 27 Sheriff Joe Arpaio

28 V  FW Riders - Post 1760, 1796, 3513, 9400 29 D  aisy Mountain Fire Department CERT

10 Phantom Realty

30 A  rizona Rough Riders Historical Association

12 USMC Toys for Tots

32 C  oldwell Banker Daisy Mountain Real Estate

11 T  roopFuel / ABA Arizona Scorpions

31 Cub Scout Pack 431

13 H  orseshoe Trails Elementary School

33 Boulder Creek High School

14 C  ub Scout Pack 609 LDS Church

15 B  oy Scout Troop 609 LDS Church

16 V  alleyCrest Landscape Maintenance 17 Cub Scout Pack 432 18 Outlets at Anthem

19 G  race North Royal Rangers Outpost 128 20 D  ave Janssen’s School of Music 21 G  rand Marshal Purple Heart Recipients

18 18

22 T.F. Ripper

Saturday, October November 10, 2012 4, 2009 In&Out 29–November

34 Sunset Ridge Student Council 35 Girl Scout Troop 2422

36 Sweat Cheer All-Stars 37 Anthem Pets, Inc

38 A  rizona Submarine Veterans Perch Base 39 Rock Spring’s Cafe

40 T  revor G. Browne High School JROTC 41 Anthem Elementary School 42 Kevin Hamilton

43 Republic Services of Phoenix 44 Marine Corps Vietnam Mule 45 G  avilan Peak School Student Council


Day Parade Participants 46 Maricopa 4-H Cloggers

47 Sun Valley Baptist Church 48 El Zaribah Shriners

49 J ean-Pierre Brietta “The Tour De Force Realtor” 50 S  tone Canyon Construction LLC

68 S  ons of the American Revolution

69 G  reenway High School Navy JROTC Armed Drill Team 70 W  alter “Doc” Davidson, WWII Veteran 71 Mini-Occasions

51 U  SS Arizona Replica & Pearl Harbor Survivors

72 Barbecue Doctor

53 G  rand Marshal - Wounded Warriors

75 N  athan Martens Arizona Memorial and Gold Star Mothers

52 A  merican Legion Post 29 “The Patriots”

54 Diamond Canyon Band

73 Starlight Community Theater

74 S  andra Day O’Connor HS Air Force JROTC (Freedom Flag)

55 Desert Mountain Unicycle Club 76 Girl Scout Troop 2254 56 Interact Club of Boulder Creek 77 U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps High School

57 Wells Fargo Stagecoach

78 Girl Scout Troops 2595 & 2798

58 Prescott Mobile Vet Center

79 A  merican Legion Riders Post 29

60 P  roMusica Arizona Chorale & Orchestra

81 P  ioneer Arizona Living History Museum

62 Rayne of the North Valley

83 G  irl Scout Troops 1009 and 1984

59 Girl Scout Troop 1051

80 Core Pest Solutions

61 AnthemLovesDogs, Inc.

82 Musical Theatre of Anthem

63 A  nthem Preparatory Academy/ 84 D  aisy Mountain Fire Archway Classical Academy Department Honor Guard 64 Anthem Lions Club 85 High Desert Little League 65 American Legion Riders 86 USS Arizona Memorial Replica Post 62-Peoria 87 DLC Resources 66 EST Enterprises Weed Control


88 North Valley Posse

November 2012 OctoberSaturday, 29–November 4, 200910, In&Out

19 19

United States Marine Corps Color Guard Leads the parade Since 1967, this extraordinary military unit has been stationed aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base in Barstow, Calif., representing the Marine Corps and the Logistics Base throughout The United States. This Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard performs precision color guard movements in numerous types of events. What sets this color guard apart from any other military color guard is the fact that “America’s Heroes” are riding “America’s Living Legend”—wild mustangs captured and adopted from the Bureau of Land Management’s “Adopt a Horse and Burro Program.” In addition, the team only rides Mustangs of palomino color. The Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard is the only remaining mounted color guard in the Marine Corps. The Marines work and

train with the horses and perform in different events throughout the year. The riders are trained to recognize that horses are living creatures capable of thinking, feeling and decision-making. The Marines learn to respect their mounts as individuals with different personalities. Being aware of each horse’s potential and learning how to draw it out challenges every rider to be a better horseman and stronger leader of Marines. To contact the Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard or request the team to attend your event, contact the team leader, Gunnery Sergeant Robert Smith by email at or call 760-577-7302. On Facebook, go to MarineCorpsMountedColorGuard@

Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard GUNNERY SERGEANT ROBERT J. SMITH

Cottonwood, Ariz. Duty Stations/Assignments 1 BN/7th Marines – Weapons Field Training BN, Parris Island; 3rd BN/5th Marines- SNCO Academy, Camp Pendleton, CA; 3rd BN/7th Marines- Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard. Deployments 1998 Okinawa, Thailand; 2000 Okinawa, Korea; 2004–2005 Iraq; 2006 Iraq; 2010 Afghanistan; 2011–2012 Afghanistan.


Rosemead, Calif. Duty Stations 2nd BN/7th Marines- Sqd Leader; 4th LAD- Pasadena, Calif.; 4th LARCamp Pendleton, Calif.; 1st BN/7th MarinesSqd Leader; Stable man & NCOIC Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard Deployments SE Asia multiple times in early 2000s; 2004 OIF2 Iraq; 2009 OIF9 Iraq.

20 20

Saturday, October November 10, 2012 4, 2009 In&Out 29–November


Cibecue, Ariz. Duty Stations 2009–2012 SNCOIC/NCOIC Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard; Marine Corps Communications School, HQ Co/ Maintenance Plt, Plt Sgt; 9th Comm BN/ Service Co- AN/TRC-170 Tech. Deployments 2006–2007 OIF2 Iraq, 9th Comm BN, 1 MEF.


Weston, W. Va. Duty Stations Sqd Leader, Marine Base, Hawaii; PMI- Pauloua Rifle Range, Hawaii; Plt Sgt, Camp Lejeune, N.C.; Stableman Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard. Deployments 2000 Africa & Haiti; 2005–2006 & 2007–2008- Iraq; 2011- Afghanistan.


Kelso, WA Duty Stations Disbursing CLR-17; Stableman Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard.



November 2012 OctoberSaturday, 29–November 4, 200910, In&Out

21 21


ValleyCrest salutes the military heroes whose duty and service allow our freedom. We are proud to support the Daisy Mountain Veterans as well as the Anthem community as a sponsor of the 2012 Daisy Mountain Veterans Parade. Learn more about our support of the Anthem community and DMV at

22 22

Saturday, October November 10, 2012 4, 2009 In&Out 29–November


Homeless Vets Decline Overall, Yet Homeless Female Vets Spike “Veteran” and “homeless” are two words that should never meet. And, while the number of homeless vets has decreased in recent years, the number of homeless female vets has spiked. According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, the number of female homeless vets doubled between 2006 and 2010. Almost two-thirds of female homeless vets were between 40 and 59 years old and over one-third had disabilities. Many of these women have young children. The problem is compounded as women vets often opt out of shelters in fear for their safety. But in Phoenix, the non-profit organization Veteran’s First is working to chip away at that problem. With support from the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services, community volunteers, Home Depot, Behr Paint and private donors, Mary Ellen’s Place was developed to provide safe, affordable housing for female veterans in need. The home provides women with private rooms stocked with essentials such as a microwave, coffee pot and TV, plus comfortable common areas for socializing. But what about those with children? Enter Sallie’s Place, the newest project of Veteran’s First, which will provide larger, two-bedroom apartments as well as a secure outdoor play space. The building is located across the street from an elementary school and near mass transit. Further renovations are needed, and donations of funds, household goods and expertise are being sought. To help or apply, visit or call 602-841-7663. DAISY MOUNTAIN VETERANS PARADE

A Division of IMS Expert orthopedic care in your neighborhood.

623.882.1292 Call today to schedule your appointment


• Ankle Sprains

• Rotator Cuff Repair

• In-Office X-Ray

• Shoulder Dislocation

• Anterior Knee Pain

• Knee Meniscus Tear

• Hip Reconstruction and Preservation

• Hip & Knee Arthritis • Elbow Tendonitis

• Joint Replacements & Revisions

• Minimally-Invasive Spinal Techniques • Care of General Back & Neck Pain • Complex & General Spinal Cases • Shoulder Tendonitis/Bursitis


Douglas Mangan, MD Michael Weng, MD Amon Ferry, MD Issada Thongtrangan, MD Christina Khoury, MD Jennifer Stern, PA-C Erin Spritzer, PA-C

For more information on patient care, providers and insurances, scan the code shown above or visit us at November 2012 OctoberSaturday, 29–November 4, 200910, In&Out

23 23

Members of the

American Legion Auxiliary Unit Post 128 President.............................. Arlene Spears Vice President.............................. Betty Pactwa Treasurer.............................. Carol Hider Sgt at Arms.............................. Janet Jones Secretary.............................. Lynn Woodward Chaplin.............................. Gwen Roberts Membership.............................. Barbara Kimball Helen Clark

Wanda Hill

Beverly McCarty

Mary Ann Derryberry

Annette Hill

Sandra Meginnis

Joan Devine

Sandra Kaplan

Patricia Flickner

June Krueger

Patricia Francis

Jane Layne

Virginia Tizzano

Birdie Goldsmith

Margaret Long

Kathleen Walker

Cathey Goodman

Priscilla Maret

June Walters

Lucille Grooms

Mildred Mastrin

Shirley Weltz

Susan Hall

Carolyn Mayfield

Marilyn Witt

Jamie Moore Margaret Pfile

We salute America’s heroes.

Store Manager: JoSeph Malinconico

24 24

Saturday, October November 10, 2012 4, 2009 In&Out 29–November


Walmart_Eighth.indd 1

10/29/12 12:0

Members of the

American Legion Post 128 Commander . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Don Demarte Senior Vice Commander. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Melissa Lange Junior Vice Commander. . . . . . . . . . . . . Tom Derryberry Adjutant. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tom Smith Finance Officer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tom Francis Service Officer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jim Fleck Judge Advocate. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Darlene Gonzales Chaplain . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Joe Melton Abrams, Joe

Doolittle, Douglas

Layne, Richard

Schenck, Daniel

Bair, Kevin

Elmore, Ryan

Lober, DeWayne

Bakas, Alan

Ferris, Frank

Long, Steve

Searcy, James

Ballman, Michael

Fleck, James

Maltby, Jack

Barbier, Phil

Francis, Tom

Mastrin, Philip

Bayners, Tom

Frantz, George

Mayer, Robert

Bearup, James

Freda, Robert

Mayfield, Edward

Berger, Joseph

Frownfelter, Mickey

McCarty, Richard

Brazzel, Ervin

Giles, Richard

McCracken, Dave

Bulat, Stanley

Goldsmith, Jacob

McGuaric, John

Byers, Earnest

Gonzales, Darlene

McLean, Thomas

Cantu, Robert

Goodman, Stephen

Moran, Ralph

Carlise, Charles

Gorman, Gerald

Mullins, Ed

Carroll, Sallie

Gutierrez, Rachel

Murphy, Bruce

Sutton, Richard

Coffin, Garry

Haag, James

Negri, Domenick

Taylor, Wayne

Collar, Stephen

Hackett, Robert

Nicholson, John

Therrien, Joseph

Comptin, Kenneth

Hale, Charles

Noel, Donald

Conley, Edward

Hall, Robert Sr.

Norkus, Joseph

Therrien, Robert

Corcodel, George

Harding, Katherine

Norris, Ray

Coutts, Deanna

Hershey, William

Oliveri, Janes

Cox, John

Hider, Dennis

Petronzio, Joseph

Crump, Samuel Sr.

Higgins, William

Pfile, Bernard

D’Angio, D.

Holmberg, Wayne

Prescott, Elizabeth

Decker, Donald

Huffman, Stephen

Proctor, Morris

DeMarte, Donald

Johnson, Eric

Proctor, Ronald

Demirjian, Greg

Kafenbaum, Ruben

Rizzo, Frank

Denter, Howard

Kaplan, Harry

Robinson, Grant Jr.

Derryberry, Mary Ann

Kulick, Wayne

Roy, John

Derryberry, Tom

Landino, Frank

Sasser, Loney

Woodruff, James

Dolgos, Stephen

Lange, Melissa

Sawdy-Bowers, Paula

Wright, Thomas


Seghetti, Maurice Senska, Edmund Sisco, Joan Smith, Paul Smith, Tom Spangler, Vernon Sproule, Wayne Starr, Folmer Steele, Billy Stewart, Stephen,

Toplak, Richard Totah, Yolibeth Trask, Boyd R. Travis, Robb Troy, Steven Walters, Ralph Ware, Robin Waters, Tom Weltz, M. Wiedmeyer, Raymond

November 2012 OctoberSaturday, 29–November 4, 200910, In&Out

25 25

…And those who continue to serve

Justin R. Simons Agent–State Farm Insurance 3655 W Anthem Way Anthem, AZ 85086 623-551-3700 26 26

Saturday, October November 10, 2012 4, 2009 In&Out 29–November


Members of the

VFW Post 12031 Commander...................................Dennis Hider Senior Vice Commander...................................Don DeMarte Junior Vice Commander...................................Rachel Gutierrez Quartermaster...................................Bob Hackett Adjutant...................................Tom Smith Surgeon...................................Doug Roach Chaplin...................................Joe Melton Trustee...................................Alan Proctor Trustee...................................Ralph Walters Trustee...................................Tom Derryberry

Abrams, Joe

Freda, Robert

Bakas, Alan

Frownfelter, Mickey Marrs, Gill

Berger, Joseph

Garver, Raymond

Mayer, Bob

Rumbaugh, Robert

Blackburn, Jeffrey

Gutierrez, Rachel

McCombs, John

Searcy, James

Carter, John

Haag, James Hackett, Bob

McNicholas, Thomas

Short Jr, Elmer

Clonts, Lillian Copen, Bob

Hale, Chuck

Corbitt, Mervin

Hamm, Kennith

Demarte, Don

Hardy, Edward

Derryberry, Tom Devine, Thomas Fatout, Edward Favale,Frank

Harrison, James Jartin, Bill Hider, Dennis Howard, Vince

Mariano, Hector

Melton, Joe Middleton, Edgar Miron, William Gonzales, Darlene Norris, Ray Oliveri, Jim Perone, Sam

Roach, Douglas

Smedegard, Paul Smith, Tom Starr, Folmer Steward, Stephen Stricker, Larry Taylor, Wayne Willandre, Alan

Jennings, James

Pfile, Bernie

Walters, Ralph

Proctor, Alan

Watson, Richard

Fought, Stephen

Kirshiner, Kristopher

Ravita, John

Weltz, Richard

Francis, Tom

Landino, Frank

Rink, John

Wethington, Paul

Fiezel, Frank Fleck, Jim


November 2012 OctoberSaturday, 29–November 4, 200910, In&Out

27 27

28 28

Saturday, October November 10, 2012 4, 2009 In&Out 29–November


The Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services Supported this Parade The Daisy Mountain Veterans organization is very grateful to the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services (ADVS) for its generous support of the 2012 Parade and Family Picnic. Without the assistance of sponsors such as the ADVS, we would be unable to host the best parade in the state. The ADVS serves as a strong advocate for local veterans, assuring that they and their families receive the information and assistance they need to obtain the benefits they are entitled to under state and federal law. The Veterans Services Division provides counselors who will assist in processing compensation and pension applications, appealing Veterans Administration decisions, filing for survivors death benefits, applying for aid and housebound benefits, certifying claim documents, requesting military records, applying for special veteran license plates and assisting with questions about veteran benefits and entitlements. The Daisy Mountain Veterans are very proud to partner with the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services in helping our local veterans, and hope to continue this special relationship for many years to come.

About the Daisy Mountain Veterans

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 12031 Post Commander: Dennis Hider 632-444-5010

American Legion Daisy Mountain Post 128 Post Commander: Don DeMarte 602-999-1649

American Legion Auxilliary Daisy Mountain Unit 128 President: Arlene Spears 623-551-4832

These three organizations come together to form the Daisy Mountain Veterans, a proud organization involved in multiple projects primarily focusing on the well-being of veterans and their families. The DMV seeks individuals with similar passions to become a member. To join, contact the appropriate organization. DMV Annual Veterans Parade Vets Helping Vets Outlets at Anthem Mary Ellen’s Place Support Arizona National Guard Greenway NJROTC (home for female vets) Desert Highlands Youth Football Patriot Pen Sallie’s Place Public Safety Awards Voice of Democracy (for female vets with children) Boy Scouts Road Cleanup Madison Street Veterans Boys’ State Teacher of the Year Operation Stand Down Girl Scouts Toys for Tots Packages to Troops Girls’ State Support of Disabled Veterans Post Cards to Troops HDLL Baseball Veterans Memorial at Anthem Buddy Poppy Drive Deputy Coleman Memorial Prison Outreach

“We love our veterans, we love our country and we love our flag. We are Daisy Mountain Veterans. We are still Serving.”


November 2012 OctoberSaturday, 29–November 4, 200910, In&Out

29 29

Daisy Mountain Thank you toOur Financial Supporters The Daisy Mountain Veterans Parade almost didn’t happen this year. But thanks to the support of the following individuals, businesses and organizations, we are able to celebrate our veterans in fine fashion. Our supporters’ donations demonstrate a sincere dedication to our veterans, our country and our community. Please join us in thanking them. When possible, please support these businesses as they generously contributed to our parade and our community. If the veterans and this parade is important to you, and if you do business with someone not listed, ask them to please support us.

2nd Lt. ($100) Andrea Klingenmeyer

Anthem Pets/Jackass Acres AnthemLovesDogs, Inc. A-w Right Place, LLC AZ Shade Design and Consulting Barbecue Doctor Bob and Sue Andringa Bob and Pat Maki Business Network Anthem (BNA) Cheryl Scott Coldwell Banker / Daisy Mountain Real Estate Cub Scout Pack 432 of Anthem Dave Janssen's School of Music Dennis & Carol Hider *

Ray & Dale Norris * Ruben & Linda Kafenbaum* Rich Johnson*

Foothills Focus Newspaper (In-kind)

Robert Hackett *

John Foss

Staples Store Tramonto (In-kind)

Rayne of the North Valley

The Tour De Force Realtor

Republic Services of Phoenix

Titan Pest Control Tom & Pat Francis * Tom and Bonnie Smith *

1 Lt. ( 250) st


Aimee & Ryan Cvancara Denny’s at Anthem EST Enterprises - Weed Control

Edge Fitness Scottsdale* Edward Jones Investments— Doug Demuth

Jim & Liz Haag *

Holly Matson Josephine & Chuck Irwin* Mark & Alison Sasser Mary Ann* & Tom* Derryberry Meena Pandya, PostNet (In-kind) Michael Scheuring / Allstate Insurance Mobil1 Lube Express North Phoenix Counseling –Cesar Gamez

Elect Andy Tobin

Rick & Sandy Horcicak

GFWC North Valley Women's Club

Exceptional Landscape & Cactus

Major ($1,000)

LtCol & Mrs. Don Jacobsen* Mike* and Amber* Cargile Musical Theatre of Anthem Sheila Sorrento Walmart at Anthem

Lt. Col. ($1,500) Phantom Realty

Valley Crest Landscape Maintenance Valley Orthopedics

Colonel ($2,500) Justin Simons, State Farm

General ($5,000) Anthem Community Council (In-kind) Outlets at Anthem (In-kind)

Captain ($500) OSR Physical Therapy

Rotary Club of Anthem

*Designated Veteran

30 30

Saturday, October November 10, 2012 4, 2009 In&Out 29–November


Veterans Say… Thank you to our Special Supporters Financial support is critical, but the show would not go on if it were not for the support of the many talented and energetic individuals and organizations who helped with the countless details. Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center


Anthem Country Club

Chris Prickett

AZ Department of Veterans’ Services (Grant of $2,000)

Justin Simons

Bell Ford Bill Smardo (Cannon) Crescent Crown Distributors

Jack Briggs

Tom Francis Keith Standerfer

Parade Marshals Ralph Walters

Cross of Christ Lutheran Church

Dennis Hider

Daisy Mountain Fire District

Ray Norris

DLC Resources El-Zaribah Shriners Fellowship Church Gizmo’s Sports Bar & Grill Hampton Inn Hilary Bright Angel Jaguars from Desert Highland Youth Football

Ken Carll

Parade Committee

Tom Francis

Mark Outeiral

Tom Smith

Mary Ann Derryberry


Arizona Republic Foothills Focus Freedom Way ImagesAZ In&Out Publications Online at Anthem

Staging Volunteers Alex Alwin

Amber Cargile Andrea Klingenmeyer

Mike Cargile Pat Abrams Rachel Guieterriz Ron Jerich Ryan Chamberlin Seth Schroader Sharon Boots Sharon Trask Steve Fought Suellen Briley Tom Spangler Tom Derryberry

Veterans Row

(Very, very important people)

Ben Gonzales

Alan Proctor

Bobby Rumbaugh

Jim Oliveri

Bryan Bickel

Melissa Lange

Andrea Klingenmeyer Arlene Spears Bob Hackett

Bob McGunagle

Charlie Anson Cheri McGunagle

Don DeMarte

Food Court

Bonnie Smith

Chris Lindberg

Dennis Hider

Dan Arvidson

Don DeMarte

North Valley Posse

Darlene Gonzales

Jim Oliveri

Del Mau

Numerous small donations from supportive residents

Mary Ann Derryberry

Denice Bickel

Meggie Pfile

VIP Seating & Parking

Ed Trask

Bonnie Smith

Republic Services of Phoenix

Melissa Lange

Jerry Boots

Don Whitman

Rachel Gutierrez

Ryan Jenkins, Entertainment Productions

Joe Abrams

Larry Martin

Ray Norris

Josh Nance

Meggie Pfile

Salt River Regulators

Rite Scherer

Laurie Lindberg

Rueben Kauffman

Tom Smith

Laurie Smith

Streets of New York

Sandi Carll

Lisa Prescott

Valley Crest Landscaping Maintenance

Stephen Goodman

Lisa Wampler

Steve Fought

Maggie Chamberlin

World Wild Life Zoo

Tom Derryberry

Marge Frame

Midway Chevrolet


Alan Proctor Chris Lindberg

Hospitality American Legion Auxiliary Ladies of Cross of Christ

November 2012 OctoberSaturday, 29–November 4, 200910, In&Out

31 31

32 32

Saturday, October November 10, 2012 4, 2009 In&Out 29–November