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Media Kit 2011

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Contents # 1 in Anthem 3 Circulation 4 Display Ad Rates 5 6 Display Ad Sizes Specs 8 Delivery 8 Deadlines 9 Payment 9 Classified Ads 10 Advertising Terms 11

Number 1 in Anthem

IN&OUT Everythin

g that’s

going on

De cem be

r 28 , 20 06 –Ja nu

ar y 10 , 20 07

of anth


IN&OUT IN&OUT IN&OUT Everything that’s going on…

of anthem

februar y 15-21, 2007

It’s definitely the village voice.

Everything that’s going on…

Everything that’s going on…

of anthem

febr uar y 22-28, 2007

august 2–15, 2007

of anthem


New Ye ar’s Do uble Iss ue

The Problem WiTh

Private Legislative Coffee Talks Bringing the capitol to Anthem and beyond. Page 22.

Help Wanted

Page 21.

The Buzz

Sheriff Joe: LocaL SubStation PLanned

Retro-R esolutio

Kohl’S DeparTmenT STore coming to anthem

Anthem’s desperate homeowners can now swap online.

School Board MeMBer

face t he p La ’s Last Summer n ew ye a r fr e s h ns take

Page 38.


e stress off. By Plus: th Chris Pr ickett Where to e Smar test Reso Spend ne lut w Year’s. Paion Page 29 ge 12

page 26

IN&OUT IN&OUT IN&OUT IN&OUT Everything that’s going on…

april 5–11, 2007

of anthem

Everything that’s going on…

Everything that’s going on…

febr uar y 8–14, 2007

may 24–June 6, 2007

of anthem

Everything that’s going on…

of anthem

of anthem

Januar y 11–17, 2007

3r d Annual

Festival of Fine arts at A n t h e m

Now We’re Cookin’ Why your rates may be headed for a huge increase. Page 22.

child SurviveS Near-tragic accideNt (Adults involved aren’t doing as well. Page 22)

The Talk: Are you changing your habits PlUs: A tour down the Arizona Canal. ANd: Home water systems demystified.



Two weeks of events!

January 12, 13 & 14

The # 1 Source for Local Information

e e

In&Out Magazine Freedom Way Magazine Anthem Portal Web Site

munity Section

Images AZ Magazine Word of Mouth Email/Internet

Arizona Republic Community Section

“It’s definitely the village voice.”

Foothills Focus Come Play With Us

–Bruce Hernandez Senior Vice President and Pollster at the Behavior Research Center

Community Newsletter Community meeting Mailings/Fliers Sonoran News Desert Advocate Signs Around Town 0





SOURCE: The Behavior Research Center

Percent of respondents in an independent telephone survey, commissioned by the Anthem Community Council, who named this as their source for local information. Statistically significant sample of 400 respondents in an open-ended question. 3

In&Out Publications, LLC 623-556-6917 (Fax 623-398-7026)

Circulation In&Out is distributed via U.S. Mail to homes and businesses in the North Valley area. It is also hand-delivered to dozens of retail venues and medical and commercial offices, schools and libraries. The geographic target is kept intentionally narrow to ensure high reader involvement and higher response rate for our advertisers. In&Out is published weekly giving advertisers the opportunity access to high frequency delivery of their ad message for improved recall.

Mailed to Homes 14,000 Street Distribution 1,000 Zip Codes Within Circulation 85085 85086 85087

In&Out Publications, LLC 623-556-6917 (Fax 623-398-7026)


Display Ad Rates

All rates are net

Standard Placement ROP

ROP ads rotate throughout the magazine


RATES ARE PER INSERTION Size 1/8 Page 1/4 Page 1/3 Page 1/2 Page Full Page

Consecutive Issue Commitment

NON-Consecutive Issue Commitment

















































Fixed positioning at a 10% premium, when available.

Premium Placement

Better Positioning for Better Results


RATES ARE PER INSERTION Position Front Cover 2nd Cover (Inside) /P1 3rd Cover (Inside Back) Front Matter Front Matter (1/2 page) 4th Cover (Back Page)


Consecutive Issue Commitment

NON-Consecutive Issue Commitment















































In&Out Publications, LLC 623-556-6917 (Fax 623-398-7026)




6” X 9” Live Area: 5” X 8”

5” X 8”

4.2” X 2.4”




2.4” X 7.8”

5” X 3.8”

1.58” X 7.8”

In&Out Publications, LLC 623-556-6917 (Fax 623-398-7026)


Display Ad Sizes




5” X 2.5”

2.4” X 3.8”

5” X 1.8”


2.4” X 1.8”


In&Out Publications, LLC 623-556-6917 (Fax 623-398-7026)

Specs Accepted File Formats • PDF • JPG • Tiff • EPS Color Space CMYK Resolution 300

Delivery Send Materials to In&Out Advertising in one of two ways: Email FTP Server 1. Copy and paste this address into your web browser: 2. Username: clientdrop 3. Password: inoutdrop 4. Click “Upload File(s)” 5. Click “Choose File” and navigate to the file on your computer. Click “Choose.” 6. Click “Begin Upload” 7. Notify In&Out of the delivered materials by phone or email at above address.

In&Out Publications, LLC 623-556-6917 (Fax 623-398-7026)


Deadlines Space Reservation • C  losing date for insertion orders – Noon, Thursday, 14 days prior to publication.

Materials (Press-ready art) • Closing date for press-ready art (in correct size, format, color

and resolution) – 10 a.m., Monday, 10 days prior to publication date.

Extensions on deadlines must be arranged in advance with the Advertising Dept. Missed materials deadline will result in forfeiture of the space without refund.

Payment Installments

The monthly payment plan is available for those who supply required credit information. The first payment is prorated to include the balance of the current month plus the second month. The balance of the contract is divided among the remaining months of the contract.

Forms of Payment • Check • Visa • Mastercard


In&Out Publications, LLC 623-556-6917 (Fax 623-398-7026)

Classified Ads Text only ads organized by classification in the back pages of the magazine are submitted and paid for by the advertiser online at Click on “Submit Classified Ad.”

Rates Commitment (# of weeks) Cost per Unit* per Week Add Red Ink Add Bold

1 $5 +$2 +$2.75

2 $4.75 +$2 +$2.75

4 $4.50 +$2 +$2.75

13 $4.10 +$2 +$2.75

26 $3.75 +$2 +$2.75

*Unit=25 keystrokes


Announcements – General Announcements – Graduation Child Care Classes For Sale Garage Sales Help Wanted Lost & Found Misc. Real Estate

Services - A/C & Heat Services - Cleaning Services - Financial Services - Hanydman Services - Landscaping Services - Misc. Services - Painting Services - Pet Services - Plumbing Services - Pool Services - Roofing


Close for classified ads is noon, Wednesday, eight days before Thursday publication date. No extensions are permitted for classified ads.


Visa Mastercard American Express Discover

In&Out Publications, LLC 623-556-6917 (Fax 623-398-7026)


Advertising Terms 1) Rates subject to change but guaranteed for the duration of the contract period. 2) Publisher reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertising at any time without liability, even if previously acknowledged, accepted or published. 3) Ads purchased but not printed due to Publisher error are entitled to a position of equal value in a future issue. 4) Changes made to artwork by In&Out Publications, LLC are billable at $75/hour. 5) If client-supplied artwork changes are not received by deadline or in-house art changes are not approved by deadline, the last published ad will be picked up for publication. 6) In consideration of publication of an advertisement, the Advertiser and the agency, jointly and severally, will indemnify and hold harmless In&Out Publications, LLC, and In&Out magazine, the officers, directors, agents, employees and representatives from and against all losses, damages, claims, liabilities and expenses (including legal fees and costs) resulting from publication. 7) Advertisements are accepted upon the representation that the Advertiser and its agents have the right to authorize publication of the ad and its contents. 8) Advertiser assumes full liability for all content (including any text, representation, illustrations, sketches, maps, words, labels, trademarks or other copyrighted matter) in his authorized advertisements. 9) Artwork created by In&Out Publications, LLC for an Advertiser is the sole property of In&Out Publications, LLC. Copyright remains with In&Out Publications, LLC and cannot be copied or published in any form without the express written consent of the copyright holder. 10) The Advertiser and its Agency is fully and personally responsible for the payment of all fees related to this contract including cancellation fees, design fees and late fees. 11) The Publisher reserves the right to adjust distribution numbers and method at any time. 12) Returned checks will incur a $50 fee. 13) Overdue balances will result in non-publication of ads. Advertiser remains responsible for payment of reserved space for non-published ads. 14) Balances overdue by 30 days may result in a terminated contract and incur a $250 cancellation fee plus a late fee of 1.5% per month (APR 18%). 15) Cancelled contracts will incur a $250 termination fee and require 21 days notice. Additionally, already-published ads will be pro-rated to reflect the rate corresponding to the number of ads published. 16.) Changes in payment method, ad schedule, ad size or other stipulation must be approved by the Publisher in writing and may incur a $45 change fee.


In&Out Publications, LLC 623-556-6917 (Fax 623-398-7026)

Insertion Order

In&Out Publications, LLC 623-556-6917 (Fax 623-398-7026)


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