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Inns Magazine Escapes 2012

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Some days, wouldn’t you like to just slip into the past, and get away to those simpler times? Stroll down the road to Grandma’s, and dig in to the best pie, the warmest chocolate, the sweetest lemonade? Snuggle down for the best night’s sleep you’ve had in ages? Well, we all know that time travel isn’t quite a reality yet, but it is more than possible to escape to just such a place, and it’s not so very far away.

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Editor’s Note Stafford’s Bay View Inn


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Inns Magazine Escapes 2012


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Inns Magazine Escapes 2012

Centrally located on Lake Simcoe’s South Shore

* Romance, Spa & Golf Getaways * Thanksgiving & Christmas Packages * | 1-800-465-2376 | | 55 Hedge Rd, Jacksons Point, ON L0E 1L0

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Just got your new Spa Life/Inns Magazine. Excellent Issue and I guarantee I will be looking at it more than once. Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Evon Corbould Great Lakes Design Just looked at this issue at a B&B here in Lancaster, PA. It is such a beautiful area of America and I highly recommend it. My wife and I just celebrated 20 years of marriage and wanted to get away. It is our first time at a B&B and we really enjoyed it - especially the food. I recommend this type of travel to anyone! Richard Warner, Massachusetts Editor’s Note: Thanks, Richard, and congratulations to you and your wife!

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Editor’s Note: Inns Magazine offered congratulations to Dianne Campbell, of the Montrose Inn. She was a recipient of The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, which marks the 2012 celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth as Queen of Canada. It also honors significant contributions and achievements by Canadians. Co-owner of the historic Montrose Inn, Dianne Campbell is an active participant in her community and utilizes her time wisely in her commitment. She has served in a number of positions throughout Quinte West in a volunteer capacity. Most notably, on the Board of Directors for the Quinte West Chamber of Commerce; Tourism Services Advisory Committee; Economic Development Committee; Volunteer & Information Quinte – Fundraising; Co-Chair of MRFC Invisible Ribbon Gala; and is President of Laureate Delta Pi Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi. Montrose Inn

From Seaside to Fireside CONTRIBUTORS Mary White Wendy Schuster

ADVERTISING MANAGERS Jane Huisman Brenda Rowsell

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RCMP Cpl Longworth; Rick Norlock – MP Northumberland/Quinte West; Dianne Campbell (co-owner – Montrose Inn)


Inns Magazine Escapes 2012

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Close only counts in horseshoes, so I am told.

t is no secret that I would love to own a larger B&B with my husband: a long time dream looked like it was finally coming to fruition. I have loved a property and dreamed of owning it but there were a few roadblocks, like price. Price is always an issue. We live in a world where we think our house or B&B is worth more than anyone else’s. Sometimes it is best to walk away if the seller isn’t going to negotiate, so we did -we walked. The good news is they came back to us with a counter offer that was an acceptable price for both parties. Off and running or so I thought. We had conditions and one was a house inspection. Four hours with three men and the news wasn’t good: it was nasty, and very disappointing. It left me speechless and disheartened to say the least. But proof is always in the pudding and the inspector showed us every concern he found and many of them to be fixed now rather than later. I never thought it would have so many problems. So that evening while sitting on our front porch my husband and I decided to abandon our ‘ship of dreams’. We just didn’t have six figures to put into the property. So it was time to listen to reason. It is a good thing I have a few reasoning skills in me because normally I am an emotional buyer. I have come to appreciate when a couple decides to embark on an adventure like this and to put all their eggs in one basket to buy their dream property that it is truly a leap of faith. One of my first questions to innkeepers when visiting a B&B is “What did you do in your former life?” I love the answers. To me they are inspiring. I love to hear those stories and will never tire of hearing them. In this issue you are going to read lots of those stories and of course about great places to venture to. So find your favorite place and sit back and enjoy! See you next issue -


Inns Magazine Escapes 2012


By Lauren Nesbitt-Baggerman


ome days, wouldn’t you like to just slip into the past, and get away to those simpler times? Stroll down the road to Grandma’s, and dig in to the best pie, the warmest chocolate, the sweetest lemonade? Snuggle down for the best night’s sleep you’ve had in ages? Well, we all know that time travel isn’t quite a reality yet, but it is more than possible to escape to just such a place, and it’s not so very far away.

Welcome home, to Stafford’s Bay View Inn, on Little Traverse Bay, in Petoskey Michigan. Here, hospitality comes with a little touch of your childhood, and if you stay just once, you become a part of the family. Built in 1886 as a summer hotel, this gem has been welcoming guests ever


since, but it was with the arrival of Stafford C. Smith, fifty-five years ago, that the Bay View Inn became like a touch of home. “Stafford’s family often had dinner there,” says his wife, Janice Smith. “His grandfather purchased a cottage (in the area) and Stafford’s family had the use of that cottage for the month of July. When it came time for him to get a summer job, it was only natural that he chose to work at the Bay View Inn.” It was meant to be: Janice herself had been hired to host in the dining room. The two met at the inn. Married the following year, they became innkeepers together, purchasing the Bay View Inn for their own. Through the years, combining the impeccable Victorian ambience with stellar personalized service, Stafford and Janice have Inns Magazine Escapes 2012

built an extended family of guests and staff. Says Janice, “Many of our staff have been on board for several years, and as guests return to the inn, they look forward to being greeted as family.” But hospitality is more than making you feel welcome: it’s being able to relax when you get away from it all, here. They long ago decided to preserve the charm of Victorian Americana. There are five types of accommodation, and each offers its own unique charm: some rooms offer views of the bay, a sitting area, fireplace and whirlpool tub for two. Others offer views of the garden, and still others are individually decorated in period antiques, wall coverings and bedspreads. The inn specializes in luxurious yesteryear. ( For a full glimpse, just take the virtual tour! )

The calm of simpler days beckons. “Our guests truly enjoy getting away from the ‘hubbub’ of life, to the tranquility found at the inn,” says Janice. “That is one of the reasons we continue to keep televisions out of the guest rooms, and maintain several open public spaces in our lobby.” But don’t assume that the inn doesn’t offer all the perks. Their motto, ‘timeless tradition, modern conveniences’ can reassure you that these well-appointed rooms will have all that you’re looking for. And then, what childhood family memories don’t include the food? “Many families have created a tradition to visit Stafford’s brunch for a reunion, or birthday,” Janice says. “To them, coming to Stafford’s is as if they are coming to ‘grandma’s’.” Experience has led the inn to keep those

winning traditions alive. She says, “Our Sunday Brunch specializes in traditional dishes. Many of the chefs have tried to change menus, only to be met with disappointment.” Amenities alone would never account for the enduring success of the inn. Their signature? Personalized service. Returning guests will tell you it’s their favorite part of a Stafford stay. “For the staff and managers, it is their being able to perform their work as though they owned the inn,” Janice says. “They clearly understand that they are the key both individually and collectively to continue to make Stafford’s one of the most respected and long standing hospitality centers in this region.” As the saying goes, it’s all in the family.

Inns Magazine Escapes 2012

Stafford’s Bay View Inn Petoskey, Michigan 800-258-1886


By Lauren Nesbitt-Baggerman

You know there has to be a logical explanation. On your own, you’re staying at an inn that’s a renovated historic mansion, and you’ve just heard the innkeeper call your name from the stairway. When you get to the staircase, the innkeeper isn’t there. In fact, a note on the front desk says that she’s just stepped out for a few minutes. So, there you stand, certain that you really did hear someone call your name, but you also know that you are alone in the inn. 12

Inns Magazine Escapes 2012

Château Laurier, in Ottawa, now

Château Laurier, in Ottawa, then


The Groveland Hotel

ow we’ve got goosebumps. That tingly feeling we all get when we’ve run into something we just can’t explain. Rational creatures, we wait for the next scientific study to reveal all. Yet, stories of the unexplained persist: reports of objects that move by themselves, of sounds that have no cause, of inexplicable sightings of shadows that wear the dress of a bygone era. Far from trying to hide the fact that things go bump in the night at their inns, innkeepers are recognizing the real fascination most of us have for the idea of

hauntings and they are getting the word out there, that, if ghosts are your thing, they have a destination for you! On line directories such as have links and lists to lead you in the right direction. Possible ghost sightings range from the grandeur of the Titanic, to the tears of a little girl who got lost. Depending on your taste for destination, the modern or historic, charming or gruesome, there is a haunted inn out there, waiting for you! For example, come to the Château Laurier, in Ottawa, Ontario. This Fairmont Hotel boasts an illustrious history, as well as an illustrious ghost. This grand castle was Inns Magazine Escapes 2012

built by railroad magnate Charles Melville Hays, who perished aboard the R.M.S. Titanic before witnessing the opening of his achievement in 1912. Guests in the hotel have reported sightings of the gentleman there, ever since, and when he’s been spotted, guests just can’t shake that feeling that they’re being watched! ( Steeped in romance and history the American Yosemite National Park in California can be plenty colorful. At The Groveland Hotel stories abound about Lyle, the recluse gold-miner who died with a box of dynamite under his bed. Lyle still tinkers away, affecting the lighting when it suits


Colonial House Inn, Yarmouth Port, MA

him, or water faucets, and is particularly interested in ladies’ cosmetics which he has been known to toy with, while amazed female guests watch their makeup hop from counter to sink. ( For ‘Spirited Ghostly Getaways’, or ‘Haunted Honeymoons’ look no further than Magnolia Mansion, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Touted one of ‘the most haunted inns of America’, the innkeepers welcome their guests’ stories and even photos of their other-worldly experiences during their stay. A little girl may visit your room in the dead of night. You may hear alarms, the distant play of a music box, or the worrisome pacing of someone out in the hall. And then there’s the caring spirit who will tuck


you in, drawing the covers up over you as you sleep. ( haunted.htm) The Maryland Ghost and Spirit Association will tell you that the ghost of Mary Reynolds continues to run the Reynolds Tavern, despite her death in 1785. Current employees of this Annapolis bed and breakfast relate their experiences of Mary’s presence. Some have heard her singing Christmas Carols. Others have watched her vent her displeasure by breaking glasses and tea pots. And, according to the Association’s photos and temperature readings, Mary is not alone. ( )

Inns Magazine Escapes 2012

A mysterious shadow makes its presence known to guests at the Colonial House Inn, in Yarmouth Port, on Cape Cod, in Massachusetts. Guests recount feeling someone tap them on the shoulder, only to turn around and learn that there is no one standing behind them. Or, for an even spookier encounter, guests will see that shadow looming behind them vanish from the room. ( Of course the innkeepers can’t guarantee that you will experience their resident specters, but you can always be sure of a fine getaway in keeping with the ‘spirit’ of the unexplained.

What is more iconic of harvest, and Thanksgiving, than a pumpkin? These flexible vegetables are reputed to be native to North America, and certainly continue to thrive throughout. There’s bound to be a pumpkin festival scheduled in your area this fall, but if not, you can always take advantage of Pumpkinfest in Port Elgin, Ontario. In 2011, the festival’s international weigh-off saw the award-winning giant pumpkin coming in at over 1600 pounds! But there is so much more to these colorful globes than just good looks. Offering vitamin A and beta carotene aplenty, pumpkins contain other minerals, vitamins and fiber. Almost the entire plant is edible, and the ways to cook pumpkin are nearly limitless. So, stop admiring these beauties from afar, and start savoring their goodness in your autumn menu.

Pumpkin Cobbler Ingredients:


1 can Pumpkin, large 4 eggs large, beaten 1 1/2 cups sugar 1 tsp salt 1 tsp ginger 1/2 tsp cloves 2 tsp cinnamon 1 cup evaporated milk 13 oz 1 pkg yellow cake mix 1 cup butter melted 2 tbsp brown sugar 1/2 cup almonds slivered, OR 1/2 cup chopped walnuts

Blend together pumpkin, eggs, sugar, salt, ginger, cloves, cinnamon and canned milk. Pour into greased 13”x9”x2” pan. Sprinkle dry cake mix over top of mixture. Drizzle melted butter over dry cake mix. Sprinkle brown sugar over butter. Top with a sprinkling of nut meats. Bake in a 350 F oven for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Makes 9 servings.

Inns Magazine Escapes 2012


Pumpkin Apple Muffins Ingredients:

2 cups flour 1/2 cup sugar 3 tsp pumpkin pie spice 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp salt 2 eggs 1 cup canned pumpkin 1/2 cup vegetable oil 1 chopped peeled apple


In a large bowl combine flour, sugar, pumpkin pie spice, baking soda, baking powder, and salt. Combine eggs, pumpkin and oil. Stir into dry ingredients just until moistened. Fold in apples. Fill greased muffin cups almost full. For a streusel topping combine 1/4 cup sugar, 2 tbsp flour and 1/2 tsp cinnamon. Cut in 1 tbsp butter until mixture resembles course crumbs. Sprinkle 1 heaping tsp over each muffin. Bake at 350째 for 25-30 minutes or until done. Cool in pan 10 minutes before removing to a wire rack. Makes 12 muffins.


Inns Magazine Escapes 2012

Flourless Pumpkin Brownies Without flour or any leavening agents these brownies will be quite moist and dense and less firm than traditional brownies.

Ingredients: 1 -14 oz can pumpkin 3 large eggs 1/3 cup butter OR coconut oil, melted 1/4 cup cocoa powder pinch of salt 2 tsp vanilla 1/2 cup plus 2 tbsp sweetener of choice (raw honey, agave, maple syrup) 1 cup chocolate chips 1/2 cup chopped nuts, if desired

Method: Preheat oven to 350Âş F. Combine pumpkin and sweetener in a large bowl and mix well. Combine all other ingredients in order listed. Finally stir in chocolate chips (and nuts, if using.) Spread evenly in an 8Ă—8 baking dish coated with either melted butter/coconut oil or cooking spray. Bake for 40 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into center of pan comes out clean. After cooling cut into bars.

Inns Magazine Escapes 2012


Pumpkin Pie Pancakes Ingredients:

2 cups flour 4 tsp baking powder 1 tsp cinnamon 1/8 tsp each nutmeg & allspice 3/4 cup sugar 1 1/2 cup canned pumpkin (or fresh, cooked and mashed) 3 eggs 1 cup milk 3/4 cup vegetable oil 1/2 tsp vanilla


Combine wet ingredients. Combine dry ingredients. Combine the dry and wet ingredients together. Pour 1/4 cup batter scoops on hot griddle, and cook until bubbles form. Flip and cook other side. Serve hot. Keep warm in a 250 ÂşF oven, covered loosely. Serve with sautĂŠed apples or pears. Serves 6


Inns Magazine Escapes 2012

Pumpkin à la Bartlett Lodge Working as head chef at Bartlett Lodge in Algonquin Park for the 2011 and 2012 seasons, Jakob Lutes grew up in Frederiction, New Brunswick. After studying at the Culinary Institute of Canada, Jakob worked with Chefs Stephen Treadwell and Marc Lapine. Enjoy his creativity with pumpkin and squash by trying his recipes, below and bon appétit!

Butternut Squash Gnocchi Ingredients:

3 Butternut squash 1 1/2 cups flour ¼ lb butter, room temperature 5 tbsp Parmesan cheese 4 egg yolks pinch salt nutmeg


Cut the squash in half and remove the seeds. Place in a roasting pan and cover with foil. Roast in a 350 F oven for 45 min, or until softened. Remove from the oven and allow to cool slightly. Remove the flesh from the squash and place in a bowl lined with cheesecloth. Wring the squash to remove as much liquid as possible. Measure about 4 cups of squash and place in a food processor with the egg yolks. Puree to a smooth consistency. Place the blended squash onto a lightly floured work surface along with half of the flour, butter, cheese, salt and a pinch of nutmeg. Mix to combine, adding flour to keep the dough from sticking. Once combined, roll out to ½ inch thickness. Place onto a sheet of parchment paper and cover in plastic wrap. Refrigerate for 2 hours. Remove the gnocchi dough and place onto a lightly floured work surface. Cut into ½ inch strips. Roll each strip between the work surface and your hands to form long cylinders. Cut the cylinders into small pillows, about ½ inch in length. Roll each piece off of the back of a fork with your thumb to create the gnocchi. Reserve in a refrigerator until ready to cook.

From left to right is Sam Robertson, Crystal Lillico,

Bring a pot of salted water to boil. Place the gnocchi into the boiling water, being careful not to over crowd. When the gnocchi begin to float, remove with a slotted spoon. Serve with browned butter, sage and your favorite cheese.

Jakob Lutes, Warren Finnie, Glen Gamble

Inns Magazine Escapes 2012


Two Inns experts, Mary White of BnBfinder and Mary Hughes, Editor of Inns Magazine, field questions from Innkeepers and travelers the innkeeper might send you instructions on how to find them in their office or the inn will have small signs on the front door letting you know check-in procedures. Even though bed & breakfasts are usually part of the innkeepers’ residences, they are also a professional business. So, no matter what the arrangements, innkeepers want to welcome you, get you settled in and allow you to enjoy your getaway at your own pace.

Since B&Bs are usually in someone’s home, what do I do when I get there? Do I ring the doorbell or just walk in? Do innkeepers keep the door locked and, if so, will I have a key once I get there to come and go? How does it work?

What do I do when I’m staying at a bed & breakfast if I need something in the middle of the night? At a hotel I would call the front desk, but at a B&B what would I do?

room keys or some other arrangement. Upon arrival you can expect the innkeeper to greet you after ringing the door bell, get you settled in and give you a key to come and go on your own. In some instances,

Innkeepers have procedures in place if you need anything, at any time of the day or night. Unlike most hotels there are no 24hour front desks, so innkeepers frequently try and anticipate needs such as having a guest pantry filled with drinks, snacks and so on. Some innkeepers will give you an

Great question. While there is no single answer that applies to all inns (as is typical with any question about B&Bs), every innkeeper wants you to feel “at home” and comfortable. Most inns will send you a welcome email or confirmation letter before your stay which explains what to do when you arrive, check-in times and procedures, where to park and so on. Some inns have keys that open both the front door and your guest room while others have a combination lock for the front door and individual


Inns Magazine Escapes 2012

after-hours number for emergencies (often times it’s included in an information booklet in the room). During the day some inns have a board where they post how to reach the innkeeper if they are away from the inn and an emergency does arise, or they have calls forwarded to their cell phones. Of course, it should go without saying to call 911 and then alert the innkeeper if there’s an emergency. Hopefully, your B&B stay will be uneventful and you won’t need to. I’ve been doing research about opening a bed & breakfast and I have read about seminars offered for aspiring innkeepers. How do I find one in my area and what should I expect to learn?

We decided to ask Peter Scherman and Rick Wolf of The B&BTeam®, industry known consultants, to answer this question: A good seminar for aspiring innkeepers is one of the best investments of time and money that you could make if you are serious about innkeeping. You should expect to learn about the innkeeping lifestyle and inn operations to understand what your typical day will look like. Because buying an inn is a big investment, your seminar should thoroughly cover inn valuation so that you get an idea of how to assess whether the price of an inn you might like is fair. And if you are planning to build or convert, you should get an idea of

how the value of your inn will be affected by your choices to ensure that you create the best experience for your guests and the best future return on your investment. Lastly, a seminar should expose future innkeepers to a variety of disciplines and skills they will have to learn to be successful, from food and beverage choices to the latest in marketing. You can search for seminars by using search engines or looking on a variety of directories as well as PAII’s ( website. Where a seminar is located should not be a factor, as what you learn will be applicable wherever you end up. The time spent traveling is less important than the quality of the seminar you choose.

Rick Wolf and Peter Scherman of The B&B Team

Inns Magazine Escapes 2012


Great Escape Getaways

Calabogie Peaks Resort and Conference Centre, Calabogie, Ontario

Come to the Ottawa Valley to Ontario’s premier mountain, lake and wilderness resort. Family activities abound on the mountain, lake or land, or discover your romantic getaway. Choose from cottage, manor, or condominium accommodations, all rooms and suites with the finest amenities. A year-round destination, enjoy the best dining at Canthooks Restaurant year around, and the Boathouse Bar & Grill and Black Donald’s seasonally. Whatever you’re looking for, it’s here! Calabogie Peaks Resort and Conference Centre Calabogie, Ontario 613-752-2720 / 800-669-4861

Walkerbrae House and Suites, Guelph, Ontario

This 1850 historic Canadiana log home offers an intimate B&B setting and has one deluxe suite that is designed for those who like to get away for total privacy. The suite has its own entrance and kitchenette, king bedroom and private living room and bath with outdoor Softub sitting outside the French doors. Gourmet breakfast served each morning in your suite. Pet friendly of course! Guelph, Ontario 519-240-0308


Adams Basin Inn, Adams Basin, New York

Mt. Baker Lodging, Maple Falls, Washington

Welcome to western New York’s Finger Lakes wine country. On the tow path of the Erie Canal, this country inn is set in a quaint neighborhood, and offers comfort in historic elegance. Indulge in a breakfast that is an epicurean delight. Relax on the open air porch, after settling into one of the four delightful guest rooms. Come home to Adams Basin.

Literally take your home with you on vacation! The focus is on providing outstanding accommodations that meet your varied needs. An extensive portfolio includes a vast array of self-catered, individually unique vacation rentals, ranging from basic overnight studio condos to family cabins and group chalets. Just bring your personal items and food…and you’re all set!

Adams Basin Inn, Adams Basin, New York 585-352-3999 / 888-352-3999

Mt. Baker Lodging Inc. Maple Falls, Washington 800-709-SNOW (7669)

White Doe Inn Bed and Breakfast, Manteo, North Carolina

Sobotta Manor, Mount Airy, North Carolina

Famous for its all-inclusive stays and concierge services the inn is located near Roanoake Island, on the shores of Shallowbag Bay with its alluring beaches. From spa services to celebration packages, the comfort of the inn with its porch, balconies, whirlpools, fireplaces, and naturally, the four-course seated and served breakfast, is always welcoming. Come stay where the road is less traveled! White Doe Inn Bed and Breakfast Manteo, North Carolina 800-473-6091 / 252-473-9851 Inns Magazine Escapes 2012

An eclectic décor welcomes you into this restored, locally historic landmark. Warmly elegant, nestled in the Yadkin Valley Wine Region, enjoy the comfort of original terraced gardens, or the congenial parlor. Choose from four richly appointed rooms, and in the morning indulge in a breakfast second to none, graciously served in the traditional dining room. Sobotta Manor Mount Airy, North Carolina 336-786-2777

Great Escape Getaways

Southern Grace Bed & Breakfast, Brandenburg, Kentucky

Jamul Haven Bed and Breakfast, San Diego, California

Antrim 1844 Country House Hotel, Taneytown, Maryland

Combine casual Southern elegance with lavish luxury and farm fresh cuisine. After a good night’s sleep under a goose down feather bed in your quiet room, enjoy a gourmet breakfast served at your time, your way. Five-stars on TripAdvisor, relax in a picture-perfect setting that includes a pool and gardens.

Get away from the crowds to this secluded, gated, six acres of luxury. A fully renovated 1890s Victorian mansion offering a health spa, disco, and lovely grounds with waterfalls, choose from four suites with five-star hotel amenities. Appealing to celebrities’ discriminating taste, and world-class travelers, come for a unique experience.

Nestled at the foot of the rolling Catoctin Mountains in Central Maryland, this unique country house hotel is acclaimed for its cuisine and luxurious accommodations. Located just 15 minutes from Historic Gettysburg, Antrim 1844 Country House Hotel offers a spectacular setting for romantic getaways, fine dining, elegant weddings or corporate meetings and events.

Southern Grace Bed & Breakfast, Brandenburg, Kentucky 270-422-7974 / 855-LUX-STAY (855-5897829)

Jamul Haven Bed and Breakfast, San Diego, California 619-669-3100

Antrim 1844 Country House Hotel, Taneytown, Maryland 410-756-6812 / 800-858-1844

Blisswood Bed & Breakfast, Cat Spring, Texas

Trinity House Inn, Gananoque, Ontario

Inn on the Twenty, Jordan Village, Niagara, Ontario

Be assured of the warmest Texas welcome when you arrive to this bed and breakfast at Lehmann Legacy Ranch. Not only does this 650-acre property offer you those ranching vistas, but you’ll find wildlife, lakes and gracefully grand old oak trees. Settle back for the best country classy dining at Carol’s at Cat Spring Restaurant. Choose from a variety of accommodations. Blisswood Bed & Breakfast Cat Spring, Texas 713-301-3235

The beauty of the Thousand Islands is all yours, reflected in the unique antiques and tasteful décor of the inn. Their signature is the personal attention guests receive, which staff can do easily because of the inn’s small size at eight rooms. Relax in the water gardens where you can curl up with a book to the splash of the fountain. Trinity House Inn Gananoque, Ontario 613-382-8383 / 800-265-4871

Inns Magazine Escapes 2012

In the bounty of the Niagara Peninsula, this winery country inn offers a variety of lodging from suites in the main building to luxurious cottage suites. Cozy and inviting, with your every comfort in mind, they offer the unexpected - excellent soundproofing, accessibility, dog-friendly suites, in addition to all the amenities you expect from a fine country inn. Relax in the Vintage House spa, or On the Twenty Restaurant. Inn on the Twenty, Jordan, Ontario 905-562-5336 / 800-701-8074


INN Life in By Mary Hughes

‘The Hostess City’

Savannah, Georgia, sometimes known as ‘The Hostess City of the South’, is a city of strong women - the mayor and city manager and the university’s dean are all women, to name just a few. So it’s not unusual to find four incredible women entrepreneurs who love their jobs as innkeepers, and are making a difference in the Savannah travel industry.

Teresa Jacobson, Azalea Inn & Gardens

The Azalea Inn & Gardens has one special staff, Joey, an eleven year old Yorkie who goes to the inn every morning by 7 am and goes home at 6 pm. He spends his day by greeting the guests and visits with them - he even has naps with guests on request!

Azalea Inn & Gardens is a 5500 sq. ft. 10-room bed and breakfast run by innkeepers Teresa and Michael (Jake) Jacobson. Teresa had worked as an army nurse. Her career eventually blossomed into the medical transcripts business, which turned into a huge undertaking, with several staff and was very lucrative! Her life took a new turn when she was traveling and met Jake in California. While dating, they came to Savannah to see Teresa’s niece graduate from college, and they stayed at the Azalea Inn. A year and a half later, married, Theresa and Jake returned for their honeymoon in Savannah and stayed at the Azalea Inn again. Although they relocated to Jacksonville, Florida, they loved Savannah and kept coming back. On one particular trip, they discovered that the inn was for sale! So Teresa and Jake decided to take the leap into innkeeping. Jake works in agricultural irrigation so of course he looks after all the gardens. They grow vegetables and herbs for the inn’s use. Teresa runs the inn full time, with the help of her staff. And their faithful Yorkshire, Terrier, Joey. Azalea Inn & Gardens Bed & Breakfast Savannah, Georgia 800-582-3823 / 912-236-6080

Jackie Heinz, Zeigler House Inn Ziegler House Inn owner Jackie Heinz was in dentistry for 10 years and realized she hated looking into people’s mouths. For a time, she had a golf business and gave lessons. But hospitality was her calling. She’s run a professional catering business for 25 years. Currently, she loves innkeeping at the Zeigler House Inn, which was built in 1856 by a trader. For its first 100 years the building was used as a single family dwelling. In the day, guests didn’t come just for an afternoon visit, they came and stayed for a period of time, so that is why there are so many bedrooms! Haunted by two child ghosts, one a Zeigler child who died of yellow fever, and another small child who tragically fell off a balcony, guests sometimes see little handprints on a freshly cleaned mirror or on a freshly puffed pillow. The building was turned into a boarding house and bordello of all things, and then, finally into a b&b, in 1999. In 2005 Jackie turned it into a full-fledged b&b inn, when she fell in love with Savannah and made an offer on the house. Thirty days later she was running Zeigler House! With 8,000 sq. ft., all seven suites are equipped with kitchens and each one is supplied with breakfast that is stocked in your suite, with fresh baked goods, fruits, juices, all waiting at your convenience. Zeigler House Inn Savannah, Georgia 866-233-5307 / 912-233-5307


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Fall Getaways are better the B & B way

Nestled in the heart of the quaint fishing village of St. George Island/Apalachicola, Florida 888-244-8320 / 850-653-9199

Bay View Inn, est. 1886 Petoskey’s favorite landmark lodging... historically speaking. Built in 1886, this true Victorian Country Inn is steeped in history and hospitality. Guests will find breathtaking views of Little Traverse Bay, exquisite dining, paved bike trails, world class golf, historic architecture, boutique shopping and “million dollars sunsets.”

Download the BBCanada iPhone app today!

Reserve your northern Michigan getaway today, 800-258-1886.

Bay View inn • Petoskey, Michigan staffords.coM

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Shannon Romine, The Dresser Palmer House The Dresser Palmer House, built in 1876, was originally two homes side by side. Mirror images of each other, one side was owned by the Palmer, Family and the other side by the Dressers. Now integrated, the bed and breakfast offers 11,000 sq. feet and can sleep up to 37 people. It is popular for weddings of up to 50 people. Renovated as an inn in 1987, current General Manager Shannon Romine comes from a restaurant background. She operates the property as a 16-room inn. Shannon loves hosting events and is famous for her stories of the resident ghost. (Savannah is reputed to be the most haunted city in America.) The inn is said to be haunted by a little girl named Madeline Dresser. She died in the house as her night gown caught on fire by the fireplace. Little Madeline loves to drop or hide pennies. Shannon said one day she had her hands full when leaving a room, and heard something hit the floor. There was a penny. Known for her work running three different restaurants in Savannah for over 15 years, the b&b’s management job fell into Shannon’s lap. Before her interview she looked at several b&bs, immediately researched the market, and even stayed at the DPH. Four days later she arrived for her interview with a marketing plan in hand and was hired on the spot! “I am in hospitality because I love the people,” she says. “Being in upper management in the restaurant business, I was so far away from guests. This inn made me remember why I love being in hospitality!” The Dresser Palmer House Savannah, Georgia 912-238-3294

Diane McCray, Green Palm Inn Green Palm Inn has owners Diane and Gary McCray at the helm. Originally a sea captain’s house built in 1897 as a side-by-side duplex, it was abandoned from 1960 until 1990. Revamped in 1998, Diane and Gary bought the property in 2003, creating the 4-room inn, plus a separate two-bedroom house. Gary has worked as a households mover for 38 years working around the country. He loved Savannah, and they relocated there. With Gary gone a lot of the time, Carol wanted a b&b that she could handle on her own. Her success means that she now has staff that helps out. “There is nothing hard about running a b&b,” she says, “it is just time consuming. Innkeeping is not a glamorous job!” Carol loves people, listening to their stories and likes to step back seeing people sharing their experiences! Always busy, she runs her business while keeping her husband on track and looking after her parents, too. Green Palm Inn, Savannah, Georgia 888-606-9510 / 912-447-8901 Must sees of Savannah: Tour the town with Savannah Trolley Tours. For dining try Mrs. Wilkes for a true boarding-house style lunch. Visit The Pirates House for an entertaining dining experience. Vics on the River offers fine dining with a beautiful view. There’s The Tearoom for a lovely lunch. And for an interesting visit, drop in to the childhood home of author Flannery O’Connor, or the home of Juliette Gordon Low who started the Girl Scouts of the USA. Celebrate their 100th anniversary this year in Savannah.


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Do you love those little touches or ideas that you see in your travels? Well we do too and thought we would bring some to your attention!

Fancy Butter Move over plain butter pats and see these elegant butter cutouts. Marion Matthews, owner of Sleepy Hollow Bed and Breakfast, says “Easy to

do!” and collects just the right size cookie cutters to cut out cool-temper-

ature butter. “You want them the right size - not too big so there isn’t any waste.”

Special Celebrations Guests will love those personal touches, like your anniversary greetings written on their dessert plates, with icing. These chocolate pecan tarts were as good as they look!

Experience Waterloo Region’s Art, Culture, Festivals and Fine Dining at The Walper Hotel. 82 renovated and refurbished rooms and suites, The Walper seamlessly blends architectural details with all the contemporary amenities you come to expect.




Creative Towel Display Give your towels new life when you present them in interesting baskets or hat boxes. This great idea came from Rose Meghie, Innkeeper .

20 Queen Street South, Kitchener, Ontario

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By Junie Gerongay

Free Spirit Spheres in British Columbia

Dog Bark Park, Cottonwood, Idaho


here is a place in Canada that will make you feel like Tarzan, an astronaut, and an explorer? Why not try Free Spirit Spheres in British Columbia! Their manifesto is a rather humble and noble one: “Inside the sphere, walls and ceiling become one.” Tom Chudleigh, inventor and distributor of the Spheres says, “True inspiration always comes from the Spirit realm. It was an idea that just came to me and it wouldn’t go away.” Years after contemplation and three accommodating tree house spheres later, Tom provides the ultimate escape that fits harmoniously into a forest setting without altering it, and reduces the human footprint to near zero. Bedding and towels included, and power and heating equipped, you are provided everything you need to enjoy your stay in peace and serenity, 4 meters above ground level. A real treat, that’s for sure! Rates start at $135 per night. Due to liability considerations, Free Spirit


ou’ve heard of the Big Apple, the Big Easy, and probably even the City of the Big Shoulders. Now, have you ever heard of the Big Dog? In the pleasant and historically rich city of Cottonwood, Idaho there stands a big brown dog. Dog Bark Park is the brainchild of Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin and their art business of creating dog sculptures. Originally, the smaller beagle served as a roadside attraction to promote their art studio. Dennis, owner of his own construction company along with being a chainsaw artist, designed and built what is now the B&B dog inn and brought both aspects of his careers together. This year marks the 10th season of their inn, and the two could not be happier with the careers they have carved for themselves!

Rates start at $86 per night, pet friendly.

Spheres is an adult only facility: 16 years and over.


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The Aurora Express Fairbanks, Alaska

Thyme for Bed B&B, Lowell, Indiana


here possibly could you find only the most divine scenery, a nostalgic atmosphere and a unique getaway? In Fairbanks, Alaska, the Aurora Express takes you back into Alaskan history. Susan Wilson brought to fruition her idea, eight years after her grandmother’s passing. Very close to her grandmother, Susan saw her in a dream: Susan was told to find a caboose, and that the rest of the train would be found soon. Sure enough that morning, the caboose was discovered. It meant husband Mike would move the train to what is now the Aurora Express, in blistering winter weather. Each car named after important women in her life, Susan began her bed and breakfast of railroad car rooms. The Wilsons have been in the business for 18 years and going. Climb aboard to your next escape! Rates start at $145. Visit


f you find yourself touring the sites of Lowell, Indiana, you can be sure you’ll find a safe haven in the Thyme for Bed B&B. Opened in 2003, in Tornado Alley – American’s midwest – Sherryl Bainbridge built the dome-shaped bed and breakfast with safety in mind. It withstands 300 mph winds, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes and tornados. She did this to exhibit the sturdiness and reliability of this shape of home, and hopes that others will build these houses in similar tornado-prone areas, as well. Inside, it is air-conditioned, heated, and you have everything you need. You’re never cut off from the world with the in-room internet service, TV, DVD and VCR players, and a radio. Check out the Thyme for Bed B&B soon. Rates start at $110. Visit

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California’s Madonna Inn Mckay Island Lighthouse. On McKay Island on Lake Huron


e awed and mesmerized as you are guided toward the Mckay Island Lighthouse. On McKay Island on Lake Huron, this historic lighthouse was built in 1907 to serve the increase in marine traffic caused by the abundant local timber industry. It has passed through many owners, unwatched and in need of care before it was saved from destruction. Then, it came into the possession of hospitable hosts Larry and Pat Peterson. The lighthouse is going strong as a year-round, self-catering place to stay. Experience the marine history of Ontario. You can still climb up to the lighthouse beacon, which still guides boats and freighters into the harbor of Bruce Mines. Take an awesome adventure while staying cozy for the night. Rates start at $75 on a daily basis. The lighthouse itself starts at $100. Visit



rom rustic furnishings to modern allure, each and every one of the 110 rooms is individually themed to its own magical grace at California’s Madonna Inn. On 2200 acres, it is a unique hotel resort with uniquely designed rooms, each accompanied by massive stone fireplaces or rock waterfall showers, all decorative features taken from the hotel’s surrounding property. The Madonna Inn has been in business for 54 years, opening in 1958. The wondrous ambience of the resort appeals to brides, locals, and out-of-town guests. Fine dining, banquet rooms, gift and wine shops, a day spa, fitness room a poolside bar, a bakery, hiking and nature trails, even a limo – where else can you find all your luxurious wishes, and a little bit more, but in central California? Rates start at $189. Visit

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Marketplace The Turkish Towel Company

A leading provider of luxury Turkish towels and bathrobes, our brand is recognized for its incredible softness, absorbency and durability. Feel the difference of 100% genuine Turkish cotton. Tel: 866-631-1676

Softub Canada

Canada’s Truly Portable Hot Tub Lightweight (only 22kgs), portable, sets up in just minutes. Plugs into 110V. Indoors or out, year round. #1 in Energy Efficiency. Call for discount pricing for Inns and B&Bs. 967 Falconbridge Rd., Sudbury, ON Tel: 800-668-8827 or 705-525-6155

Sealy Canada Ltd.

Supplier of the finest mattresses to the Hotel industry - Now available for B&B’s- owners can purchase Sealy products – small orders welcomed. You and your guests will enjoy a perfect night’s sleep on our signature products. Call for wholesale pricing. Toll free Canada 800-268-4414 request our hotel division

Merchant Processing

Tom Weiskotten has been in the credit card processing business for 14+ years and he specializes in the lodging business. Get great rates and service. Hundreds of Inns and B&B’s across the country utilize his services and they receive low rates and excellent personal service as well as a 24/7/365 toll free help desk. Tel: 518-963-7272

Little Luxuries of Virginia

A small enterprise based in rural Virginia. We offer elegant amenities of hand engraved soaps and custom signature fragrances to the small upscale B&B. Quinton, VA USA Tel: 804-678-9900

Great Lakes Design Ltd.

Producer of unique amenities for Hotels, Inns and B&Bs including, soaps, liquids, Pens & Pencils, Door knob hangers and necessities. Beauty wipes, room supplies, ice buckets, spa slippers and more. Call for samples - we ship USA and Canada. 519- 426-3098 / Toll-free: (800) 785-9192

Inn Consulting Partners Innovative Solutions for Current and Future Innkeepers



SOO T H I N G . P U R I F Y I N G . I N V I G O R A T I N G .

Services for Current Innkeepers

Bill Oates & Heide Bredfeldt have been aiding Innkeepers in planning and executing successful exit strategies. Evaluation • Valuation• Transfer Consulting

Seminar for Future Innkeepers

In-depth one-day seminars Our seminar will help you understand the business side, as well as personal side of Innkeeping. $75 per person or $99 per couple (includes lunch) November 3, 2012 at the Arrowhead Inn in Durham NC Contact us for 2013 dates.

Services for Future Innkeepers For more information, visit us online or call us today!


Let us help you make the right choice. Bill Oates and Heide Bredfeldt Successful matchmakers since 1983.

802-257-2360 or toll free 877-957-2360

208 Passaic Ave, Fairfield, NJ 07004

Suppliers to the Bed and Breakfast industry

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A good first impression just has to make a lasting impression. When people are coming in and out of your house or maybe even simply passing it by, why not make sure they get a warm and welcoming feeling? Your door and home exterior may tell people about you, even before meeting you. A wreath is the perfect introduction. Wreaths can keep things classy and sophisticated, or simple yet elegant. You can never go wrong with a cleverly placed wreath to entice and welcome people into your home. A wreath for the season or to keep all year round, with so many kinds of wreaths to match your individuality, you’re sure to find just what suits your tastes. Take a look at these lovely Inns Magazine suggestions.


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of alberta’s best fall getaways — 1 click away




per night including breakfast

Mountain Retreats I Unplugged Escapes I Spa Experiences I Private Cabins I Secluded Getaways

The Charming Inns of Alberta characterizes their collection of twelve inns as ‘larger than a bed and breakfast, more personal than a hotel’. From helping their guests pick the perfect wine to recommending local hot spots, their Innkeepers are at the ready to help guests make the most of their visit.

I 877.478.4667 CIA - Inns Magazine ad - sept 17-12.indd 1

Discerning travelers are very savvy when it comes to planning their vacations. They know that staying at an inn means distinctive accommodations and highly personalized service, often unavailable at a hotel. When these travelers visit Alberta, they choose to stay with the Charming Inns of Alberta.

With twelve Charming Inns throughout the province, you are sure to experience all of Alberta’s great landscapes as well as the province’s most distinctive Inns. Visit for vacation packages and specials year round.

12-09-17 3:19 PM

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When you want to get away from it all

Moffat Inn, Niagaraon-the-Lake, Ontario This historic inn is perfectly situated in the Old Town section of Niagara-on-the-Lake. If you’re looking for the warmth and coziness of a cottage, here the comfortable rooms will welcome you with all the amenities. This boutique hotel was fully refreshed with new dÊcor in 2011, and offers the tranquil facilities of their Secret Garden Spa at their sister property, the Prince of Wales Hotel. The Coach and Horses Pub serves up traditional pub fare in bistro-style dining. Come enjoy your dinner, fireside, May to October. The inn is located minutes from awardwinning wineries, shopping, the Shaw Festival, and the other beautiful and historic sites for you to see and enjoy. Moffat Inn Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario 905-468-4116/888-669-5566


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Wedmore Place a Country Hotel at the Williamsburg Winery, Williamsburg, Virginia Located on the Wessex Hundred, a three hundred acre farm, this luxury hotel is close to historic Williamsburg. With peaceful serene ambience, it is surrounded by vineyards, forests and meadowlands. A luxurious retreat, guests can choose from among 28 rooms and suites. “Every room is designed based on different wine regions of Europe,” says Courtney Darden, Assistant V.P. of Marketing. “With fine antiques, paintings and fireplaces in every room, it’s the feeling of being transported to Europe. Fantastic!” The Food, Wine and Escape Package offers a romantic getaway. It includes a reserve tour, wine tasting and a 3 course dinner with wine. “The fine dining restaurant called Cafe Provencal serves Mediterranean cuisine with a French flair,” says Courtney. Wedmore Place Country Hotel at the Williamsburg Winery Williamsburg, Virginia 757-941-0310 / 866-WEDMORE (866-933-6673)

Hotel Belvedere, Kingston, Ontario “The leisure traveler wants accommodations that speak to them of Kingston,” says Innkeeper Ian Walsh. “We have that in spades!” Hotel Belvedere is located near historic downtown. A Kingston landmark built in 1880, it offers 20 private guest rooms, including period décor, and a Jacuzzi suite. Says Ian, “Guests feel welcomed by the surroundings here, and at the same time get the good rest that they are paying for.” It’s certainly Old World charm, with all the modern amenities. Breakfast may be served in your room, or on the beautiful outdoor terrace, perhaps. “Our staff repeatedly gain accolades from the guests,” says Ian. “It’s the sense of living in an historic village yet having the amenities that make traveling so pleasant.” Hotel Belvedere Kingston, Ontario 800-559-0584 / 613-548-1565

The Highland Manor Inn, Owen Sound, Ontario Crowning the Bruce Peninsula at the top of Owen Sound, The Highland Manor Inn Grand Victorian Bed and Breakfast stands an elegant invitation to Georgian Bay. Dating from 1872 this finely appointed bed and breakfast offers not only spacious suites with comfortable queen sized beds, ensuite bathrooms, and fireplaces, but gracious public spaces for your relaxation and enjoyment. Home cooking graces the formal dining room with a full course breakfast, and while this impeccably period home offers graceful surroundings you won’t miss out on the big screen TV, or the complimentary WiFi. The Highland Manor Inn Grand Victorian Bed & Breakfast Owen Sound, Ontario 519-372-2699

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Brockville Victoria Inn, Brockville, Ontario This boutique hotel is ideally located close to downtown, the Brockville Art Centre, The Trans-Canada Trail, and within viewing distance of the St. Lawrence River. Enjoy period surroundings while relaxing after a long day of business or travel. Taking its rightful place among the 300 impressive historic buildings in Brockville, the stately inn offers cozy comfort or grand luxury. Enjoy a wonderful view, the Jacuzzi or shower for two, king or queen beds, and all the modern conveniences. With impressive experience to call upon, owner/innkeeper Susan Guenette’s commitment to providing welcome hospitality really shows. Come take your place along Millionaire’s Row. Brockville Victoria Inn Brockville, Ontario 613-341-1203

The Edward Harris House, Rochester, New York The 2009 recipient of “Top 10 Most Romantic Inns of North America” award, where else would you choose to stay for your romantic escape? This bed and breakfast inn offers quiet neighborhood living, located in the arts and culture center of Rochester. Welcoming guests since 1896, this registered historic landmark offers plush comfort in each room, hand in hand with unique amenities which include chocolate, original fireplaces, vintage period décor, sunflower shower heads, even an old-fashioned sleeping porch. Indulge in the all-natural breakfast, served in the formal dining room, or the cottage gardens, in season. Stroll the organic herb and floral gardens grown for the inn’s own kitchen. Come find a welcoming sanctuary. The Edward Harris House Rochester, New York 585-473-9752 / 800-419-1213

The Beach Rose Inn, Falmouth, Massachusetts Tucked away on 1.5 acres of idyllic gardens in a quiet corner of Cape Cod, the inn is just minutes from bridges to the mainland. Built in 1863, the inn offers historic charm with contemporary amenities in nine en suite guest rooms and a two-bedroom cottage. Enjoy a full gourmet breakfast and Bistro menu selections with wine list. Lounging on the grounds, biking on the renowned Shining Sea Bikeway, or strolling to the nearby beach, guests discover why, as Patti Paige sang in her classic tune, “You’re sure to fall in love with Old Cape Cod.” Explains a recent guest, “How lucky was I, to find such a wonderful, Divine, place.” The Beach Rose Inn Falmouth, Massachusetts 508-540-5706/800-498-5706


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by Wendy Schuster Almost anything can be dipped in chocolate. It all started with pretzels, but you can be creative! Last year’s treat, for example, was thick bacon, baked with brown sugar coating. (Let it get nice and crispy! One strip should be cut into thirds. Let cool completely then dip in dark chocolate and sprinkle with ground pistachios.) I have always been a chocoholic at heart. About 27 years ago I had a regular 9-to-5 job and enjoyed catering and baking on the side. I took a few general interest classes and then got serious. I ‘retired’ from my job and pursued the passion. I always enjoyed creating one-of-a-kind cakes and confections, met my husband, roped him in to be my muscle, and the rest is history!

Classic Truffle Recipe Ingredients:

2 ½ lb of bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped 1 ½ cups heavy whipping cream 1 egg yolk 2 tbsp butter

A week after our wedding we bought an old Victorian house, opened two businesses and lived on the top floor. A bake shop and a massage therapy clinic were born, we worked for each other. Stefan stirred batters for me (that’s where the muscle comes in) and I did reception for him for his massage therapy clinic. Many long hours later, we decided to move on to the Bed and Breakfast business, found the perfect house, and have been enjoying the lifestyle for over 11 years, and chocolate has been a big part of the menu at our b&b, Hillcrest House located in Waterloo, Ontario. Stefan and Wendy Schuster of Hillcrest House Waterloo, Ontario


Heat cream in a 2 quart saucepan over medium-low heat. Add chocolate, stirring regularly to melt. Remove from heat. Add egg and butter while mixture is warm, stir well. Let sit at room temperature overnight or refrigerator for 1 hour. Line a cookie sheet with waxed paper, form 1 inch balls by hand and place on sheet. How to add your own pizzazz? While mixture is still warm you can add any liqueur to taste, nuts, tea leaves (tbsp), let your imagination go! And then let set and roll. If you want a more formal look melt dark or white chocolate in a double boiler, take the balls and dip in the chocolate, turn out onto waxed paper and let set.

Hillcrest House Bed and Breakfast Waterloo, Ontario

Inns Magazine Escapes 2012


Rum Balls, a time-honored tradition with a chocolatey twist Ingredients:

6 ounces of bittersweet chocolate (Lindt, Callebaut) ½ cup sour cream 2 cups of Oreo cookie crumbs ¼ cup Stroh Rum (Austrian high proof rum, available in the vintages section of the liquor store) ¼ cup cocoa ¼ cup butter, melted 1 cup icing sugar ¼ tsp salt


Melt chocolate, blend in sour cream and salt and let sit. Mix together well in a separate bowl Oreo crumbs, rum, butter, cocoa, and icing sugar. Stir into chocolate mixture, let cool for 2 hours. Shape into balls, roll in icing sugar and store in an airtight container. They get tastier the longer they sit!! For a chocolatier twist melt dark chocolate in a double boiler, take the balls (without icing sugar coating) and dip in the chocolate, turn out onto waxed paper and let set. The secret to preparing chocolate for your guests? You can do it – anything goes!


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Real Estate Marketplace Les Diplomates B&B Executive Guest House

"8 STAR PLACE $1,699,000 "

After 16 years of continuous success in the accommodation business, both locally and internationally renowned, Les Diplomates B&B is now for Sale. Ranked #1 by Trip Advisor and rated 9.6 out of 10 by, Les Diplomates B&B has been committed to excellence in customer comfort and service.

Spectacular best describes the Whitney Manor. This property has been lovingly restored & updated by the present owners. You will be in Awe as you tour this 32 room Mansion w/ 12’ ceilings, exposed Limestone walls, & heated marble flrs. The Manor offers many possibilities! The lucky new owners could live in a large section of the Inn and rent out the other 4 self contained luxury units, or operate the business from outside and rent out all 5. This property sits on 1.3 acres, has lovely water views, and is just minutes to City Hall downtown Kingston, ON! For more information see

Immerse yourself in Inspiration, Heritage & Nature in this incredible 5940+ sq. ft. mansion on the shores of Rice Lake. Over 450’ of gorgeous lake frontage on over 2 acres. Continue the success of this award winning operation of over 17 years with your own personal creativity or use as an outstanding private lake front retreat/year round home with incredible views. Architecturally splendid. Thousands spent on restoration and refurbishing. Many elements to this offering. Christine Domina Sales Representative Keller Williams Energy Real Estate Brokerage Oshawa 905-723-5944 • Cobourg 289-252-1736 • Mobile 416-873-4747 Toll free 866-723-5944 Elevate your Real Estate…

Located in the heart of the thriving tri-cities of Waterloo, Kitchener, and Cambridge, Les Diplomates B&B is a truly spectacular home and extremely successful business. This home features four fantastic guest rooms each with a private bathroom. The home has 3 Jacuzzi tubs, 6 fireplaces, an innkeeper suite as well as a fully appointed basement apartment. The entire home has been extensively upgraded to achieve the high-class elegance this rare find offers. Gross Revenue potential of $75000 + Live and thrive in this successful turnkey operation. Vendor willing to provide hospitality training.


McKitrick House Inn “Turn-Key Bed & Breakfast” located in Orangeville (just outside of Toronto). Consists of two historic buildings totalling 10 guest rooms and Plenty of parking. Very reputable with world wide clientele. More info and photo at

High Street Inn A maintained Four-Star B&B in Baddeck, Cape Breton, NS. In two houses are 7 guest rooms all private bath, two apartments, one owner's residence with 2 bathrooms. Completely renovated 4 years ago.


Email: Phone 902 295 1400

The inn is for sale as a turn key operation innkeeper apartment 4 suites Brockville Ontario mouth of the 1000 islands famous victoria home in brockville Susan Guenette 10 Victoria Ave Brockville Ontario K6V 2B1 CANADA 613-341-1203 •

Inns Magazine Escapes 2012

B e d a n d B r e a k f a s t s f o r Sa l e • i n n s a n d r e s o r t s f o r s a l e

Kimberly Muhtar - Sales Representative 519-539-6194 Sutton Group Right Way Real Estate (2007) Inc. Brokerage Direct: 519-495-4140

YOUR WESTCOAST REAL ESTATE SPECIALIST is your one-stop shop for Bed and Breakfasts / Inns for sale in British Columbia, Alberta, and the Pacific Northwest. Every property listed is exposed on at least ten web sites including, Vancouver Real Estate Board, Vancouver Island Real Estate Board, RE/MAX, National Real Estate tours Peter Birrells, National Real Estate Association and others.

Peter Birrell

Toll Free: 1.800.665.1455 604.250.3301 39

Inn Consultants and Brokers Since 1993 Just a taste…. Find many more inns for sale on our website!

OREGON, 10 rooms and suites. Ocean view near Cannon Beach. $2,150,000

The B&B Team® has been serving the Innkeeping industry since 1993 with sound guidance leading to successful careers in this marvelous field. Our team of experienced professionals have over seventy-five years of combined experience as innkeepers, consultants, and brokers. With three offices, we look forward to working with you anywhere in the country.

MAINE, 11 rooms, 2.5 acres, waterfront. Pure Maine. $1,900,000.

Services for Current Innkeepers

TENNESSEE, 15 rooms. Events. Restaurant and bar potential. $1,900,000.


Services for Aspiring Innkeepers

NORTH CAROLINA, 5 rooms in Asheville. Expandable. $1,200,000.


Better Way to Learn Innkeeping™ For a complete list of seminar dates and locations visit

FLORIDA, 23 room boutique inn on the “Forgotten Coast.” $2,500,000.

Call us today!

NEW YORK, 5 rms, great owner’s quarters, profitable. Near Ithaca. $915,000

Virginia: 434.286.4600 Maine: 207.967.1995 Maryland: 410.422.5083

ARKANSAS, 9 rooms in Eureka Springs. Owner’s residence. $795,000. 40

Inns Magazine Escapes 2012

Sooke Harbour House Sooke, British Columbia Just listed one of the top ten restaurants in Canada (according to Where to Eat in Canada), The Sooke Harbour House uses only fresh ingredients which are grown in the inn’s certified organic gardens and nearby organic farms or harvested in the wilds from around Sooke All 28 guest rooms are designed for year round comfort and charm with each room offering ocean views, balcony/terrace, private bathroom and comfortable seating in front of the wood burning fireplaces. Each of the rooms have their unique furnishings with antiques and original art, a lot of the rooms feature Jacuzzi tub, hot tub or double bathtub for romantic stays. From the complementary port or wine to the beautifully presented and delicious breakfasts that can be served in the rooms the inn is superb. Sinclairs wine cellar has been changing over a little these days to feature our B.C. wines, and is down from his previous 5000 bottles of collectors wines from around the world. This inn is 33,400 square feet with attention to detail evident everywhere. The 2.5 acre oceanfront property boasts spectacular gardens and a great beach next to the popular Whiffen Spit with 1/2 mile of sand beach.. Offered for sale at


with a portion of the purchase a share sale.

For more information on these and other offerings on B.C.’s West Coast check out or

Ocean Wilderness Inn

Sooke, B.C. 4.5 acre oceanfront home with 9 spacious bedrooms with their own bathrooms, 7 of the 9 rooms have their own private entrance from outside. The Inn fronts on almost a mile of semi private pebble beach. The commercial zoning allows for a number of interesting options for the new owner. Offered for sale at

$1,050,000 Peter Birrell

Eagles Rest – Tofino, B.C.

$649,000 Remax Crest Realty 2609 Westview Drive North Vancouver, B.C. 604-250-3301

Inns Magazine Escapes 2012

Ebb tide B&B - Ucluelet, B.C.

$1,100,000. 41

Hot Products Orange to Warm up Your Fall Décor this Season

Orange is the season of fall and foliage and what better way to add some warmth to your décor than with punches of orange. We found great inspirations that you’ll want to cozy up with, for home or Inn. Velvet Pumpkins

With Thanksgiving and Halloween just around the corner, you can use these as the centerpiece for your guests to gather round. Add to a harrowing ambience to conjure up the Halloween vibe with style. $25.00 each

Vendome Pillar Holder

This mercury and glass pillar holder is versatile enough for you to use for fall, vintage enough to complement wood, brick or stone, and modern enough to add that extra punch to your décor all year long. $38.00

Capri Tear Drop Lamp

Shimmering, sophisticated and stylish, pay tribute to fall with colored glass and nickel accents. $275.00


Inns Magazine Escapes 2012

Small Okura Kidney Table

Keeping it modern and versatile is the trick and this table does the job! Lacquer and walnut. 495.00

Dyson , Digital Slim™

Surya Turner Orange Throw

Elegant and accentuating, if you’d rather keep it calm and cool this season, this luscious throw is the home accessory for you. $37.99

Klyne Ottoman and a Half

Vibrant and fierce, this shade of orange gives the room attitude and its own striking pose. Not only is it stylish and cool, it is made with the planet in mind.

Dyson has cut the cord and engineered a new way to clean. Digital Slim™ is a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner for nimble cleaning. A balanced weight distribution for high, low, hard-to-reach and in-between spaces, its new battery technology delivers a fade-free 20 minute run time . Saves lots of time from lugging out a big vacuum. Can fit into the small corners and even in that little spot beside the toilet.

Orange Okura Planter

Hand-thrown stoneware with reactive glaze suitable for any outdoor or indoor decor - emphasize your greenery! $895.00

Inns Magazine Escapes 2012



1/4 cup packed brown sugar 1/4 cup butter or margarine 1/4 cup golden corn syrup 3/4 cup butterscotch chips, divided 2 cups rice crisps cereal 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips 1 tsp oil



In a large saucepan, combine brown sugar, butter and corn syrup, then bring to a boil over medium heat, until it looks all bubbly below. Make sure the sugar is dissolved! Remove from heat and then stir in 1/2 cup of the butterscotch chips and stir until melted. Stir in cereal until well coated. Press into a 9x9 pan. Melt the semi-sweet chocolate chips. Spread evenly over surface of bars. The butterscotch chips and the oil have to be melted over hot water, or they go grainy, so melt these in a pot over a pot of water, (a homemade double boiler). Drizzle the melted mixture over the top of the bars to make the tiger stripes. Cool in the fridge and enjoy once the chocolate has hardened.

Inns Magazine Escapes 2012

CANADA Alberta

British Columbia

The Overlander Mountain Lodge

A romantic boutique hotel and restaurant on the edge of the Pacific offering twenty-eight water-view guest rooms and restaurant, organic gardens, soothing in-room spa treatments and an unconventional art gallery. Sooke, BC Tel: 800-889-9688 or 250-642-3421 3/12

Jasper East, AB Tel: 877-866-2330 4/12

Sooke Harbour House

Nova Scotia Old Orchard Inn & Spa

Make this delightful inn your home base, while exploring beautiful Annapolis Valley. Relax at our indoor pool, sauna, sundeck, outdoor chess, tennis courts and full service spa. Gourmet dining in the Acadian Room, which features heritage architecture and a spectacular view. Wolfville, NS Tel: 800-561-8090 or 902-542-4487 3/12

Ontario Benjamin’s Restaurant and Inn St. Jacobs, ON Tel: 519-664-3731


Bonnie View Inn

Haliburton, ON Tel: 800-461-0347


The Briars Resort & Spa

Jackson’s Point, ON Tel: 800-465-2376 or 905-722-9698


Brockville Victoria Inn

Famous Victorian home in Brockville at the mouth of the 1000 Islands, offers Queen size beds, luxuryamenities, WiFi, TV/Phone, Private Baths. Waiting to welcome you – Please Inquire Brockville, ON Tel: 613-341-1203 3/13

The Caversham House Bed & Breakfast Stratford, ON Tel: 519-271-7882 / 866-998-7882

The Cove Country Inn

Westport, ON Tel: 888-268-3466 or 613-273-3636

Inns Magazine Escapes 2012



Ontario Eganridge Inn & Spa

Fenelon Falls Ontario Located on the tranquil shores of Sturgeon Lake, Eganridge Inn and Spa is the perfect place to unwind from the stresses of daily life. Fenelon Falls, ON Tel: 705-738-5111 or 888-452-5111

The Gananoque Inn

Gananoque, ON Tel: 613-382-2165 or 800-465-3101


Hillcrest House Bed and Breakfast Waterloo, ON Tel: 519-744-3534


Hotel Belvedere

Travel writers and guests from around the world agree that the Belvedere is Kingston’s and the Thousand Islands’ most comfortable and gracious inn. Located downtown. Kingston, ON Tel: 613-548-1565 or 800-559-0584 Fax: 613-546-4692 3/13

Mornington Rose Bed & Breakfast

An elegant, beautifully restored Victorian home built in 1905. Classic taste and inviting furnishings blend with a contemporary bright, airy atmosphere to create a fresh, but still traditional look. Stratford, ON Tel: 519-275-2626 / 866-277-9577 3/12

Moffat Inn

Charming Niagara-onthe-Lake inn centrally located on the main street. 24 lovely guest rooms, one elegant two-bedroom penthouse suite. Walk to Shaw theatres, shops, dining and spa. Golf, wineries, casino nearby. Long considered one of Niagara’s best values. Niagara-on-the-lake, ON Tel: 905-468-4116 3/13

Pretty River Valley Country Inn

Nestled on 125 acres of the Niagara Escarpment near Collingwood. An Agro-Tourism destination voted Top 25 on Trip Advisor! Relax, reenergize and reconnect with each other at the Inn. Nottawa-Collingwood, ON(Blue Mountain) Tel: 705-445-7598 or 855-445-7598

Inn on the Twenty

Jordan, ON Tel: 800-701-8074 or 905-562-5336



Legacy House Charming 1873 Italianate Heritage House providing a unique elegant ambiance for your stay in Stratford. Easy walking distance to theatres, shopping and restaurants. Gourmet breakfast served in the Grand Room. Stratford, Ontario Tel: 519.273.6521 or 1.800.532.0248 3/12


A heritage boutique hotel in Toronto’s Humber River valley, offering deluxe rooms and suites, luxurious on-site full service spa, fine dining, banquet facilities, and private chapel. One of the most flexible venues in Toronto. Toronto, ON Tel: 416-236-2641 or 866-653-6455

Trinity House Inn

circa 1859,is located in the beautiful 1000 Islands.The award winning Inn is well known for its gracious hospitality,fine cuisine and well appointed accommodations in an ambiance of casual elegance. Gananoque, Ontario Tel: 613-382-8383 or 800-265-4871

Black Walnut Manor

4255 Victoria Ave. Vineland, ON Tel: 905-562-8675

Lakefront Bed & Breakfast

Killarney Lodge

Algonquin Park, ON Tel: 866-473-5551

The Old Mill Inn and Spa

Sunny Rock Bed & Breakfast

Haliburton Highlands, 2.5 hours north of Toronto. Adult. Waterfront view suites guaranteed to pamper. Fireplaces, steam showers/Jacuzzis. Sip a deckside beverage while enjoying nature’s peace and quiet. Deliciously tempting breakfast. Seasonal Natural Whirlpool. Much more than your average B&B. Haliburton Highlands, Minden, ON Tel: 705-286-4922 or 888-786-6976 3/12

Inns Magazine Escapes 2012

A unique, vintage, 2 acre lakefront estate with 21st century amenities: luxury, elegance and comfort combined with vineyards, restaurants, theatres, golf and history; breathtaking sunsets and views of Toronto’s skyline.

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON Tel: 905-938-0698


Michigan Auberge Harris

The Grange at Stag Hollow Lakefront Bed & Breakfast

A unique, vintage, 2 acre lakefront estate with 21st century amenities: luxury, elegance and comfort combined with vineyards, restaurants, theatres, golf and history; breathtaking sunsets and views of Toronto’s skyline. Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON Tel: 905-938-0698 3/12

Lakelands Bed and Breakfast 10 Park Court, Box 1682 Niagara on the Lake, ON Tel: 905- 468-2428

UNITED STATES Kentucky Southern Grace Bed & Breakfast Brandenburg, KY Tel: 855-589-7829 or 270-422-7974


Niagara-on-theLake (Circa 1871) Historical Cottage Rental

Rental Cottage of Canadian Soprano Maria Rekrut, with all the comforts of home - two suites with color digital cable TV, VCR, DVD, bathrobes, Egyptian duvets and sheets, Turkish towels. Fireplace, A/C, BBQ, fridge stocked with breakfast. Gift Basket included with your stay. Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON Tel: 905-980-0346/866-226-4730 2/12 Regent House

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario 905-468-8102

Ste. Anne’s Spa

Canada’s largest allinclusive destination spa is nestled on 400 acres, featuring 28 guest rooms, most with private bath and fireplace. Guests can enjoy delicious country cuisine, pools, hot tubs, a eucalyptus steam room and more. Ste. Anne’s Spa Grafton, ON Tel: 888-346-6772

Riverside luxury 77 rooms and suites with personal service. Whirlpool bath, heated outdoor pool, cardiovascular and fitness room, sauna and wireless internet. Direct access to the bicycle path. St-Jean-Sur Richelieu, 20 minutes south of Montreal. Ask for our packages. Tel: 800-668-3821 Fax: 450-348-7725 3/12



Waldo Emerson Inn

Kennebunk, ME Tel: 877-521-8776 or 207-985-4250



Antrim 1844 Country House Hotel Taneytown, MD Tel: 410-756-6812 or 800-858-1844



Beach Rose Inn

“Close to Everything and a World Apart,” this 1863 Cape Cod inn features nine en suite guestrooms and a two-bedroom cottage, offering a peaceful environment, warm hospitality, and full breakfast. Falmouth, MA Tel: 800-498-5706 or 508-540-5706 3/13

Gabriel’s at the Ashbrook Inn Provincetown, MA Tel: 508-487-3232

Inns Magazine Escapes 2012


Stafford’s Bay View Inn

Petoskey, MI Tel: 800-258-1886 or 231-347-2771


Attn: Aspiring Innkeepers Full Day Workshop in conjunction with the 25th Annual Innkeeping Conference Lake to Lake B&B Association October 29, 2012 Cadillac MI Learn the 3 “R’s”: Rates, Rooms & Reservations PLUS purchase challenges, tax impacts and insurance issues. annual_conference.php 888-575-1610

New York Adams Basin Inn

Adams Basin, NY Tel: 888-352-3999 or 585-352-3999


The Edward Harris House B&B Inn

A retreat of urban serenity, this c.1896 boutique style Inn offers business and pleasure travelers the quiet relaxation of neighborhood living with the convenience of a central city location. Rochester, NY Tel: 800-419-1213 or 585-473-9752 3/13


North Carolina’s

romantic destination in the Outer Banks on Roanoke Island. Enjoy staying in one of our beautiful guest rooms, and add on one of our romantic packages to complete that perfect stay at the White Doe Inn. Located just minutes from beautiful beaches along the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The White Doe Inn offers an unparalleled list of amenities and services. 800-473-6091 or 252-473-9851

Sobotta Manor is nestled in the heart of the Yadkin Valley Wine Region and just minutes from many of North Carolina’s finest wineries and the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Inn is located in the center of historic downtown Mount Airy and walking distance to restaurants and shops.

Sobotta Manor Bed & Breakfast

347 West Pine Street Mount Airy, NC Phone: 336-786-2777

North Carolina


Sobotta Manor B&B

Boxwood Inn

Mount. Airy, NC Tel: 336-786-2777


White Doe Inn (The) Manteo, NC Tel: 800-473-6091







Mt. Baker Lodging Inc. Maple Falls, WA Tel: 800-709-SNOW (7669)


Essential Amenities

West Dover, VT Tel: 802-464-3511 or 877-464-3511

Fairfield, NJ Tel: 800-541-6775

The Maple Leaf Inn


Charlottesville, VA Tel: 540-967-0844 or 800-277-0844


The Hermitage Inn

Barnard, VT Tel: 800-516-2753


Prospect Hill Plantation Inn and Restaurant

Bliss Wood Bed & Breakfast & Spa Cat Spring, TX Tel: 713-301-3235

Newport News, VA Tel: 757-888-8854



Inns Magazine Escapes 2012

Hoyt House B&B Inn

Luxury meets you at the door of this boutique hotel located in the historic seaside district. This Amelia Island inn is the perfect blend of comfort, romantic elegance and hospitality. Come be our Guest! Amelia Island, FL Tel: 800-432-2085 or 904-277-4300

Casa Grandview Historic Luxury Inn, Cottages & Suites

“Urban Boutique Collection”
Historic Past / Modern Luxury surrounded by a cozy Caribbean-like island atmosphere with a sophisticated Mediterranean flair. Prime Downtown area location.
 West Palm Beach, FL 
 Tel: 877-435-2786

Chrysalis Inn and Spa

La Casa del Camino

804 10th Street

Laguna Beach, CA

Overlooking Bellingham Bay, this peaceful haven offers bay view guest rooms, a luxurious spa, meeting rooms, and a wine bar and restaurant.Enjoy a sunset walk on the boardwalk or a stroll to Fairhaven’s unique shopping district. Bellingham, WA

Tel: 888-808-0005 or 360-756-1005

This historic Mediterranean-style boutique hotel features cozy rooms, ocean views, casual gourmet dining and the local surf culture with its action sports-themed casa surf project suites. Tel: 949-497-2446

• We provide specialized photography and video for Spas to large Resorts in the Hospitality Industry. • We work with many Spas currently and can offer a competitive quote on your needs. Call 519-671-3686, for the different packages we offer. • We specialize in on-location photography. Contact us for interior, exteriors, aerials and lifestyle images. The property with the best photographs gets the attention of clients first. • We proudly serve all of North America.

Special S


a pricin Don’t le g t bad rob you photography of anoth er reser va tion

Inns Magazine Escapes 2012 Visit us online at


Distinguished Inns of North America WWW.SELECTREGISTRY.COM Fairville Inn

Wedmore Place & Williamsburg Winery

Elegant accommodations in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Brandywine Valley just minutes from world-famous Longwood Gardens, Winterthur, the Brandywine River (“Wyeth”) Museum, fine dining and much more. Gourmet breakfast and afternoon tea are, of course, included. Enjoy the elegance!

Wedmore Place consists of 28 individually

styled rooms with European décor; wood-burning fireplaces, antiques and

wall hangings. Fine Mediterranean Cuisine is served daily at Café Provencal, overlooking the pool terrace. Williamsburg, VA

Tel: 757-941-0310

Chadds Ford, PA Tel: 877-285-7772 or 610-388-5900


Tara – A Country Inn

The Swag Country Inn

Inspired by the greatest movie of our time, Gone With the Wind. Tara offers 27

On top of a 5000’ mountain near Asheville

awaits rest and relaxation in the luxury century-old hand hewn log inn. The Swag

featured as a top romantic hideaway and “most memorable retreat”. Waynesville, NC Tel: 800-789-7672 or 828-926-0430


Clark, PA Tel: 724-962-3535

The Captain Lord Mansion


Asa Ransom House

Each room created with its own distinctive character, most with a fireplace and/or porch. Flower and herb gardens for strolling. Clarence, NY (15 miles NE of Buffalo) Tel: 800-841-2340

The Washington House Inn

One of America’s Top 10 Most Romantic


Cedarburg, WI Tel: 888-554-0515 or 262-375-3550

Historic elegance in the Brandywine Valley. Southern hospitality, personal

romantic couples getaway. This historic main house is close to shopping, has

Intercourse, PA

Tel: 800-664-0949 or 717-768-2626 50



Hamanassett Bed & Breakfast

Inn & Spa at Intercourse Village

The perfect atmosphere for a relaxing

exceptional dining and is located in the Historical Village of Intercourse in the heart of Lancaster County.


The Washington House Inn combines casual elegance with historic tradition. 34 guest rooms with luxury bedding include whirlpool and steam baths, fireplaces and antiques. Guests enjoy a complimentary social hour and a homemade expanded continental breakfast. The Inn is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Inns. Experience royal treatment in 10 exquisite guest rooms, or world-class spa

with over 100 indulgent services. Perfect for Castle weddings or executive retreats. Sharon, PA


A 10-room historic village inn with award-winning dining, wine list & high tea.

Buhl Mansion Guesthouse & Spa

Tel: 724-346-3046

luxurious guest rooms, seven-course candlelight or casual dining. The beautiful gardens provide a fairy-tale wedding venue.

Make enduring memories when you experience the timeless elegance of large, beautifully-appointed & exceptionally-detailed guestrooms at The Captain Lord Mansion, each will pamper your senses! Come celebrate, relax, retreat and indulge yourself. We specialize in “Couple’s Spa Treatments”.

Kennibunkport, ME Tel: 800-522-3141 or 207-967-3141


service, candle light breakfasts on private estate. A Select Registry and Diamond property. "The elaborate breakfasts are a

Chadds Ford, PA

highlight" NY Times.

Tel: 877-836-8212 or 610-459-3000 Inns Magazine Escapes 2012 4/12

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