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Hope through young leaders

Annual Review 2012/13

Because of supporters like you, young leaders are bringing the hope of Jesus to individuals and communities from Ireland to Siberia. Jason Lane International Director Innovista “Across Europe, Russia and Central Asia, young leaders are launching and developing local mission that is changing lives.”

Young leaders like Yusuf and Indira who I met in Central Asia. Gripped by the plight of teenagers in their community who are turning to drugs to escape poverty and hopelessness, they decided to act. Today, they lead a growing youth outreach, where teenagers are finding freedom from addictions, connecting with the small local church and discovering the unconditional love of Jesus.

You gave 863 young leaders like Yusuf and Indira practical training in 2012. They’re launching and developing local mission that is changing lives across Europe, Russia and Central Asia. By 2015, we want to be training 2,000 young leaders like those on these pages every single year. That’s why your support matters so much. Hope through young leaders. Hope because of you.


Emma and Steven encouraged their church to pray for young leaders in Uzbekistan.

One of these, Shavkat, is leading camps for disadvantaged people.

Guzal and her disabled son experienced love like never before.

Hope in unlikely places


young leaders like Shavkat got one-on-one

Guzal is a Muslim widow who lives with her severely disabled son in Uzbekistan. They are right at the bottom of Uzbek society, avoided and ignored. Shavkat lives nearby. As a Christian, he faces persecution if he shares his faith.

coaching from Innovista last year

But Shavkat wanted to lead a secret Bible camp for disabled children and their worn-out mums. He asked Innovista to help him lead mission in this context. So we did.

Equip your church at

Guzal and her son played games, heard Bible stories and had a week’s holiday. “I have no one to help me or my son,” said Guzal. “I see what the [statecontrolled] TV says about Christians, but I came anyway because I felt like I had no other option. “No one loves me and my son like you Christians.” Shavkat and Guzal’s names and photos have been changed for security reasons.


Phil gave £30 online.

This enabled Jem to lead mission in a deprived community.

Josh became a Christian and has been helped by Jem to tell others.

Josh brought his friend Reece to church, who now follows Jesus too.

Hope for a community


Josh lives on a deprived council housing estate in England.

and disengaged young people living around them.

“I grew up with an alcoholic Mum, an absent Dad and no one to tell my problems to.

The church they helped plant is seeing young people like Josh realise their potential to change themselves and their community.

“By 14, I was smoking and drinking, and beating people up for no reason.”


Jem moved onto the estate to pioneer an Innovista mission model. Every month his team connect with 100 of the most disadvantaged

Josh now follows Jesus and is bringing more and more of his friends to church.

1 in 3 young people where Josh lives are in child poverty

“I want to help people that are going through what I was.”

Give online today at

Sue raised £182 by organising a cake sale.

This allowed Innovista to train young people leading mission in Siberia.

Sharlotta was equipped to train her team to share the gospel.

One of them, Tarina, has seen her friend follow Jesus.

Hope that makes a difference Sharlotta leads a mission team reaching students as part of a new church in Abakan, Siberia. She loves telling people about Jesus. But wasn’t impressed with others rehearsing an evangelism script. Your support allowed us to give her practical

You helped us train

training to equip her team to share their faith with their friends. “Tarina was really shy, but I could see that she loved God,” says Sharlotta.


“One time Tarina came to our student meeting with a friend from college. Her friend has now decided to follow Jesus and is now a part of our growing church!“

“We met a lot and I saw her become more open and start to share her faith with other students.


church planters like Sharlotta in 2012

Sharlotta Get creative and make a difference at

Ross and Sonia give monthly via Standing Order.

This helps Innovista give Baha in Central Asia resources to lead mission.

Baha shared Jesus with Andriy in a way that made sense to him.

Now Baha has trained 25 others to do the same.

Hope that continues Baha

Andriy was part of an extreme fighting club in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. When customers at his shop couldn’t pay, he would react by violently beating them up. Then he went on a retreat for unchurched young people led by Baha. You provided Baha with Innovista resources created specifically for this context.

During the weekend, Andriy decided to become a Christian. Now, when he feels like fighting, he prays for God’s strength to resist. “I feel more in love with God than I’ve ever felt with anybody in my life.” Because of your support, we trained Baha to train 25 more young leaders to host these retreats, bringing hope to a population that seldom hears about Jesus.

1 in


people in Tajikistan are followers of Jesus Source: Operation World

Andriy Make an impact at

Your prayers, time and gifts gave 863 passionate young leaders from Europe, Russia and Central Asia access to quality mission-focussed training in 2012. Because of you they’re pioneering mission, bringing the hope of Jesus to their unique local contexts. Here’s a summary of how you’ve given to make mission happen through young leaders and of how we’ve stewarded these gifts to bring the most hope and change to others. Thank You.

Hope because of you 45

















Developing Young Leaders






Raising prayer and financial support

Local Government




Trusts and Foundations

Training and Resources Fundraising Events

This is a provisional summary of Innovista International’s financial activities for the year ended 31 December 2012. Full audited accounts will be available from the office on request.


volunteers gave

3,149 hours

863 young leaders equipped to lead

mission across

Europe, Russia and Central Asia in 2012

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Annual Review 2012-13  

During 2012 Innovista trained 863 young leaders to lead local mission across Europe, Russia and Central Asia. Here's some of their inspiring...

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