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Are You Tired of Replacing Poor Quality Barn Accessories? Is your stall and barn hardware really doing its job? In the following pages, you’ll find hard-to-find equine accessories and barn hardware that are not only functional, but of the highest quality. Carefully selected for beauty and longevity, these items will turn your barn from blah to fabulous. We are oftentimes asked by our clients where we get our unique hardware and if it is for sale. We listened to their requests and this catalog is the result. You may be remodeling or perhaps planning an entirely new facility. Whatever your requirements, we have the barn products that make sense for a barn that will last a lifetime. Some accessories we manufacture ourselves and other hard-to-find hardware products we source from unusual suppliers. Enjoy this preview of our product line. In many cases, these items come in various colors or sizes. Please call us on our toll free number at 800-888-9921 for more information or pricing on the item you’d like to add to your barn. Remember, Innovative Equine Systems specializes in steel stall and barn door fabrication. Call us for a quote on your complete interior design as well.

Rubber Flooring Pavers Our interlocking pavers, made from natural recycled rubber, are the perfect choice for those building green. They have a lower oil content than the synthetic recycled pavers sold elsewhere, and a non-toxic binder. This translates to a product that is more durable and longlasting, and one that has a lesser impact on the environment. Safe, durable, green – what more could you ask for in barn flooring?

Rubber Flooring Tiles Our tiles, available in several styles and thicknesses, are the perfect solution for a permanent stall floor. Adhered to a concrete floor with our adhesive, they provide your horses with a non-slip, padded surface for their stalls and greatly reduce the dust so detrimental to their respiratory health. They’re also great for wash racks, where slippery concrete can have treacherous results, and stall walls, where a gentler, padded surface is required for babies or kickers.

Automatic Insect Control and Insecticides The difference these automatic insect control systems makes in your barn is incomparable – everyone who has one says they don’t know how they ever did without. Eliminate the flying and biting pests in your barn, including the flies that cause West Nile virus. Keep your horses and riders comfortable during insect season. We provide 3 sizes for any barn design, as well as the necessary insecticides – both plant-based and synthetic.


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Saddle Racks These are not your ordinary saddle racks! Innovative Equine Systems’ saddle racks display and store your saddles beautifully and are designed to last. Each is made from heavy gauge steel and powder coated in your choice of black or hunter green to match most any decor. Each rack easily holds any size English or Western saddle and has plenty of room between each post for adequate air circulation.

Bridle Racks Care for your tack in style with our beautiful and affordable bridle racks. Availble in 4- or 8-post configurations, the generous 2 ½” diameter posts keep your leather from creasing as they would with those skinny, hook-style racks, and are much more convenient - simply slide the halter or bridle off with ease. The posts are capped with plastic inserts - no sharp edges to scratch your leather or catch the lead rope on your halter. As with our other racks, these are fully welded from heavy gauge steel. Pair one or more up with our saddle racks, and we’ll powder coat them to match.

Saddle Blanket Rack Our saddle blanket/saddle pad racks are such a handy addition to your tack room. Available in two styles – fixed and rotating – the racks include a welded peg to hold bridles or halters. The fixed style, similar to a bathroom towel bar, can be mounted in your tack room or directly to a stall. The rotating style can be mounted the same way and has a swiveling arm that rotates a full 180 degrees for out-of-your way convenience. These are powder coated for a durable and long lasting finish in your choice of black or hunter green. Pair this functional and affordable barn accessory with one of our saddle or bridle racks in a matching color.

Cross Tie Bracket Now here’s a great little barn accessory! These brackets (or anchors) come in pairs, and are approximately 3 ¾” square. Mount these space savers on outside posts or in your aisle way and cross tie your horse securely. Made of heavy duty steel with strong welds, they are powder coated black or hunter green and available in recessed or surface mounted versions.

Hold Open Door Magnets These magnets are great for holding your steel doors open, and translate to greater safety in your barn. Just give the door a push to lock it in place with the magnet - a gentle tug releases the door. With a simple wall attachment to your hinged doors, this magnet works well with shutters, dutch doors and stall fronts. Keep you and your horses safe and add these great magnets to all of your hinged barn doors. 3” deep with a 2 ¾” diameter.


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QuickRail™ Fence Brackets Our unique QuickRail™ brackets are the solution for paddock and tight containment problems that the equine industry has been waiting for. Damage is inevitable with animals as large as horses, and repair used to involve digging up posts and replacing entire sections of fence. Now imagine replacing just the affected rail – what a time and money saver! QuickRail™ brackets, made of galvanized, used with standard 15/8” rails, are bolted into your posts with the special rivet nuts we provide. The rail is then inserted into the bracket and should the rail become damaged, replacement is a simple task – just unbolt the bracket and replace the rail. We can provide steel posts and rails as well, making your fence almost indestructible. Strong, easily repaired, and attractive fencing has just hit the market!

Cast Aluminum Grain Feeders This feeder will last a lifetime. Mount it on a wall, or use it with our rotating feeder door. Cast from solid aluminum, it’s designed with a deep bowl for hungry horses. There are no sharp edges – we sand the edges for a rounded, smooth finish. This is truly a fine addition to any barn.

Automatic Waterer This is a durable, cost effective and easy to maintain waterer. It maintains water levels with a completely enclosed float, mounted so water valves and connections are out of reach and out of sight of the horses. Made from heavy molded polyethylene, the bowls are easy to clean and isolated from the water supply. A dovetail fitting is included to mount on a stall wall, on fencing, in your pasture, or anywhere in the field you can run a water line. Optional heaters are available for cold climates.

Corner Grain Feeder This sturdy corner grainer makes installation and cleanup a snap. It’s made from polyethylene plastic, a super durable material, and the top lip is rolled back inside, making it difficult for grain to escape. It installs permanently with bolts or can be used with your snap clips for shows.

Stall/Barn Lights

These long lasting lights replace your old metal halide lights, and are easily installed. They produce 30-50% more light, last twice as long and cost half the electricity to run. Completely enclosed and gasketed, they’re easily power-washable, as there are no parts to rust. Enjoy “instant on” convenience at minus zero temps, closest to daylight quality light, and no glare or shadows. The stall light is a round, lowprofile fixture, 11-3/8” diameter. The barn light is a 4-foot, 3-lamp fixture, 48”L x 7-1/4”W x 5-1/4”D.


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Sliding Door Carriages Our sliding doors feature these high-quality, quiet nylon trolleys with sealed roller bearings. The steel portion of these trolleys is brass colored and electro-plated for extreme durability, and has a ½” threaded extended shaft that will handle up to 800 lbs. With smoother operation and less noise for indoor applications, these can be used if you’re building new sliding doors or rebuilding older ones.

Infrared Heaters- Gas or Electric Infrared heaters direct line of sight radiant heat to floor level objects which, in turn, heat the surrounding air to the desired temperature. People, horses and objects at floor level enjoy instant, cost-saving comfort. Perfect for large high ceiling barns and arenas, these infrared heaters can be sized to fit any budget and situation from arena riding to foaling stalls to wash racks. Designed and manufactured by a leader in the heating industry, these heaters were chosen by us for their quality, reliability and - most importantly - their cost effectiveness.

Rotating Wash Wand Innovative Equine Systems has designed this unique wash wand to add another measure of safety to your barn. The wand rotates to prevent you or your horse from tripping on a hose under foot. Built to last with stainless steel and solid brass fittings, this rotating unit hangs from your ceiling. A must for every equine facility trying to keep things neat and safe.

Mortised Finger Latch Never before available in North America, our proprietary mortised latching system satisfies the most demanding client who needs the safest, easiest to use and longest lasting stall latch in the industry. With just a couple of fingers, you can now open your stall door – or any hinged door, for that matter – from either inside or outside the stall. Designed with safety in mind, there is no protruding bolt or latch part to cause injury to you or your horse. With a stainless steel body and solid cast brass striker, this is a fool proof latch and will last the lifetime of the facility.

Mortised Dead Bolt/Keyed Latch This latch can be used for all hinged door applications where there is a narrow profile steel frame. With only a one inch backset this latch can be mortised into small door frames and still offers a keyed access or square key dead bolt for ultimate security.


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Exterior Brass Door Pull Looking for something classy but inexpensive for inside and outside access doors? This solid brass door pull is designed with hidden, back-access attachment and includes thru-bolt hardware. It’s a great complement to any barn interior.

Monster Barn Door Pull These large barn door pulls were designed for a client who wanted something classy, something unusual. Designed with a beautiful radius and with attachments 12” O.C., these are heavy duty door handles for large hinged or sliding doors. Powder coated to match your barn interior, they come with all attachment hardware included.

Adjustable Clevis Hinge Stall fronts and doors are very difficult to align and adjust, making installation more difficult. Attachments many times are twisted, or the original dimensions have changed. Designed and manufactured by Innovative Equine Systems, this heavy duty clevis hinge helps align and adjust heavy steel doors, and makes installation a breeze. Available with weld-on hardware and bronze bushings (dependent upon application), this must-have door hinge comes electroplated or can be custom powder coated. Each has a 5/8” threaded shaft and ¾” hinge pin for the heaviest of doors.

Solid Cast Brass Flat Finial Here’s a gorgeous way to top your post tops. Solid hand cast brass finials are placed atop 4 ½” O.D. posts, and are a safe method of protecting the post top so horses don’t get hurt while adding a touch of class to your barn interior. Offered with or without attachment hardware, the finial comes with a rough finish that will age to a gentle patina over time, or we can polish them to a mirror finish for an additional charge.

Brass Ball Finial This hollow ball has a substantial wall thickness and can be used on its own or in conjunction with the flat finial, above. A blind rivet nut attachment at one end makes for a streamlined look. They are polished to a mirror finish and are 5” in diameter. Put some “bling” in your barn with these beauties.


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Water Nozzle This industrial grade nozzle is included with our rotating wash wand, but is also available as a stand-alone item. Modeled after a fire fighting nozzle, it is made of stainless steel, fiberglass-reinforced nylon, and a soft and comfortable, santoprene rubber grip that keeps the nozzle free of dents and scratches and protects anything the nozzle comes into contact with. With an adjustable spray pattern that goes from a gentle fan spray to a powerful jet stream, it has an exclusive 2-way shut off and is built to last with a lifetime warranty.

Powder Coated Cast Metal Finial These finials, made of cast metal, are a simple and inexpensive way to protect post tops. They can be powder coated in your choice of 188 colors to fit any décor or barn and are very functional, attractive and cost effective. Attach to your post using epoxy or silicone sealer. These will fit any 4-1/2” O.D. post or column.

Hot and Cold Water Mixer Water mixing valves for hot and cold water are a must for serious equine facilities. This unit, mounted inside a cast box, is recessed into your barn wall so that it doesn’t get bumped, causing a flood or injury. The mixer’s obvious use is to mix hot and cold water into warm water for use with or without our rotating wash wand, but it also has a straight hose connection with an anti-siphon valve. This is a heavyduty, commercial grade fixture. A surface mounted version is also available.

Cold Water Hydrant Our cold water hydrant, recessed into an aluminum box, is a great alternative to a protruding hose bib, which invites damage or injury. The floor-recessed model is perfect for barns who need water outside each stall but don’t want to drag a hose all over the barn. A brass box version is also available (shown).

Cooling Fan This fan is designed to move the maximum amount of air with as little noise and energy consumption as possible. Designed for heavyduty use, this fan can reduce heat stress, control insects, eliminate condensation on walls and ceiling and keep your barn ventilated and fresh. It has a totally enclosed heavy-duty motor and thermally protected, pre-lubricated ball bearings.With a maintenance free motor, patented and safe non-restrictive fan guards, and an aluminum fan blade, it’ll last for years. Comes with a powder coated steel mount.



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