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BUSINESS SERVICES AND PROGRAMS ABOUT US InnovatorsBox® is a creative education firm that catalyzes sustainable change at the level where it matters the most: your mindset. We believe that everyone is innately creative and that creativity has the power to solve every organization’s challenges, no matter the industry. Whether you’re addressing company culture, professional development, or any other organizational challenge, our customizable approach targets your specific pain point through creativity. Our educational programs, products, and interactive exercises help develop and grow professionals’ creative mindsets to catalyze both personal and organizational change.

The real genius of InnovatorsBox is that they help you realize your own potential. For account staff at a public affairs agency, it’s easy to see creativity as “someone else’s job.” But when Monica spoke at our company’s spring training, she helped us see that there was space for creativity in every part of our work.” Alexandra Dickinson Director & Chief of Staff — Beekeeper Group

WHO WE WORK WITH Creativity is not restricted to a particular industry. From support staff to senior leadership, we work with the professionals and teams who are the driving forces behind the organization’s success. Some of our past clients include: Facebook, Booz Allen Hamilton, IBM, John Hopkins University, George Washington University, and Future Leaders and Young Entrepreneurs (FLYE). We empower companies through creativity to create new solutions to existing challenges, including:

Critical Transitions

Culture Development


Creativity helps you thrive during challenging business transitions.

A creative culture is inclusive, innovative, and fosters personal and professional growth.

Creative professionals are better communicators and engaged employees.


Internal Communication

Creative leaders work with each employee’s unique skill set, drive innovation, and foster greater company growth.

Creativity encourages a more collaborative and effective communication style.

WHAT WE DO A company’s challenges aren’t formulaic; neither is our approach. We work with you to determine the best possible combination of services for you and your organization. Our services include:






WHY IT WORKS The benefits of InnovatorsBox® are not limited to a specific personal or organizational challenge because we target the root of every problem—the habits and mindsets of people. In order to see fundamental changes at your organization, people need the opportunity to change the way they think through creativity. As individuals incorporate creative thinking into their everyday lives, they’ll be equipped to solve your organizational challenges now and any that may arise in the future.

The creative workshop Monica provided my IBM team enlightened our understanding and ability to be creative in the workplace. The workshop was a reminder as well as a practice of how we as individuals and as a team can be imaginative and innovative in many different aspects of life. Needless to say, we all felt like better employees and better people after the workshop ended. Highly recommend!”

Start transforming your organization through the power of creativity.

Amanda Gossman Consultant — IBM


Monica H. Kang Founder & CEO (202) 256-0303 INNOVATORSBOX.COM

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