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Innovative~solutions Pvt. Ltd. Summer Internship Program 2012 Summer Internship Program 'SIP-2012' is a career oriented training which gives the students a platform on which the concepts of Robotics, VLSI and Embedded System can be learned. It gives you complete knowledge of programming of various microcontrollers, FPGA, CPLD and use of it in Embedded System, VLSI design applications. The course content is well designed by the experts of the Embedded, VLSI domain. We wish to present this industry oriented training to the students by this they will be able to design and develop any kind of application in the Embedded, Robotics, VLSI domain. The course outline is as follows: Course Outline: Embedded System Design and Robotics Microcontroller Programming and Architecture. Embedded C Programming Interfacing of different peripherals to the Microcontroller Wide range of Working Projects Including Embedded and Robotics Why this Summer Internship? This summer internship is very useful to the students who want to create an intelligent robot or electronic machine running by your own instruction. Our main focus is to deliver the practical knowledge of embedded and robotics design in depth. Participants of the training will get hands on experience of designing and programming the microcontroller based system design. Embedded System and Robotics is everywhere in the electronics industries so have a wide career opportunity for the students. Embedded System is best learned by applying it in robotics design and automation. The ATmega series of microcontroller is widely used by the industry experts in their embedded application for the best result. A participant will learn the embedded C programming which is the root language for microcontroller programming and robotics design. Wide variety of sensors and interfacing module make design alive. SIP-2012 benefits: Industry oriented course content gives you strength of implementing and developing your own idea. The training contains a parallel study of theory and practical. Full access of the embedded lab and robotics lab for the complete development of the students and their projects. Students will get complete study material and datasheet regarding their projects. Certification by Embeddedforu Technologies.

Innovative~solutions Pvt. Ltd. Summer Internship Program 2012 Embedded and Robotic Kit: A PCB of development board and programmer of ATmega. A CD containing all the Embedded A System development tools. Datasheet of different components. AVR Burn –O- Mat Tool for programming the ATmega Series of microcontroller SIP-2012 Certification All the Trainee/Participants will be certified by Innovative-solution. All the participants will be evaluated by a Test and Grades will be awarded as per the performance of the Participants.

Training Details Embedded System Design: An Introduction Introduction to micro controller is the first step to know about embedded systems. What is a micro controller? What’s inside it? What makes it an embedded system? What are the different families of microcontroller, its derivatives and its applications in industrial projects? Why ATmega is the most widely used micro controller family? Introduction to Microcontrollers and AVR Architecture This session includes introduction to the AVR series of micro controller, especially ATMega8, which we will be using in our program. Introduction to ATMega16 features viz. I/O Ports Data Registers Interrupts Timer/Counter External/Internal clocks ADC (Analog to Digital Conversion using ATMega8) Introduction to Embedded C Programming Embedded C-Programming for Microcontroller Introduction to C, Flow control statements, functions Data Types, operators and expressions Program structures and debugging Program Burning and Execution

Innovative~solutions Pvt. Ltd. Summer Internship Program 2012 Interfacing of peripherals to Microcontroller (ATmega 8/16) Actuators Geared DC Motor Stepper Motor Motor Driver Relays Solid State Drivers Integrated Circuit drivers Interfacing of various kind of Display devices Displays LED LCD Interfacing various human interface devices with the microcontroller Input Devices Switches Interfacing and Study of Sensors to enable microcontroller to acquire environmental data Sensors Color Sensors Light Sensors Sound Sensors Touch Sensors Project Building and implementation of ideas Designing Development Programming and customizing Debugging 14 built in Robotics Applications Line Following Robot Sound Operated Robots Keypad Operated Robots Edge Avoider Robot Light Searching Robot Wall Follower Robot Obstacle avoider Robot Intelligent Line Follower 4-Legged Robot Six Legged Spider Robot RF Module Based Robot Wireless Robots (GSM Controlled Robots) Swarm Robots

Innovative~solutions Pvt. Ltd. Summer Internship Program 2012 Heat Sensing Robot Self Balancing Robot Stair Climbing Robot Robotics ARM SPY Robot And other robots Registration Procedure Any Participant seeking Internship under 'Summer Internship Program-2012' must follow the following steps. : STEP 1: Download the registration form from the website: STEP 2: Send the filled registration form to the Innovative~solutions at the following mail address STEP 3: We will send you an acknowledgement mail containing availability of seat, joining date and time etc. STEP 4: Your seats will be temporarily reserved but for confirmation of the seat deposit the training fee to the Innovative~solutions office. STEP 6: After the deposition of the fee student will get joining letter. We are offering four modules in summer training:  Module-I (Robotics, Embedded System)  Module-II (Advanced Robotics, Advanced Embedded System) For detail course content visit For any queries feel free to visit us at E-Mail : - Web : - Mobile : - +91 87409 58432 Reach us at: -

Innovative~solutions Pvt. Ltd. Sukhi Parivar Apartment Near Pioneer Hospital Station Road Sikar – 332001 (Raj.)

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