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Strengths to the


A card set for exploring a universe of hidden strengths Strengths are contagious. That’s a seriously good thing! Even though everyone has strengths, sometimes— especially when things are tough—it can be easy to forget that we have them too. Or we can forget to use our strengths to tackle the problems we are facing.

• Who do you know who does these strengths well?

No matter how many strengths we ourselves have, we can always learn from those around us—our family, our friends, our workmates, our pets and our neighbours. Each and every day, the strengths of others can provide examples that inspire us and help us keep hope alive.

• Is it important to you? Why?

• What might you ‘copy’ from them? Deal a random card to each participant or place them face down and ask participants to choose a card at random: • What role does this strength play in your life? • Are you conscious of using it well? • Are you conscious of using it often? • Would others say it was a key strength of yours?

The 60 full-colour cards (or stickers) in Strengths to the Max invite children, teens, adults, families, organisations and groups to think about their strengths and the strengths of others in different and exciting ways.

• Can you tell a story about a time you used this strength?

Some strengths are easily recognised, but many others can be hidden or disguised—or perhaps not seen as strengths at all. For example, ‘stubborn’, ‘feisty’, ‘dreamy’, ‘noisy’ or ‘angry’ may seem to name traits to be avoided. Yet there are times when each of these may be of vital importance to get us through a sticky situation. And what about a socalled ‘difficult child’? Could there also be strengths hidden beneath the behaviours we find so annoying? How might the situation be helped if the teacher or parent were to recognise and focus on those hidden strengths?

Choose, say, three cards at random:

• Do other strengths underpin these strengths? (What other strengths do you need to keep these three strengths alive in your life?)

Counsellors, teachers, social workers, team builders, supervisors: Want some ideas for using this card set?

Place the cards in a bag or box and use as a lucky dip.

You can spread the cards out on a table or on the floor:

• Invite a person or student in a class to choose a card at random for ‘strength of the day’ or ‘strength of the week’.

• Which cards do you think best describe your strengths? • What would someone who knows you well say were your greatest strengths? (This is often called an ‘audience’ or ‘special person’ question.) • Which of these strengths are you conscious of using recently? • Are there any cards that you have not thought of as strengths before? Why? • Can you think of a situation when these cards describe strengths that would be particularly useful? (e.g. When might being ‘noisy’ be useful?) • What do you think are some other hidden or unexpected strengths that may not be represented in this card set? • Think of a child in your life whose behaviour you sometimes find difficult. Pick a card that shows a strength that may sit behind this behaviour. • Think of a situation that is happening in your life right now. Which cards show strengths that would be most useful to you? • What are some simple things you can do to begin practising these strengths?

• Who do you know who has this strength in abundance? • Who would you say was a champion at using this strength?

• How do these three strengths relate to each other (or connect with each other) in your life? • Would you say one was more important than the others? • Which strength do you think you learned first?

• Use the selected cards for creative writing or journaling. •

Use the cards to create a project in the classroom based on a ‘universe of strengths’. What do the various ‘strengths planets’ and ‘strengths stars’ look like? What kinds of actions do the people on that planet do to show that strength? strenths to the max 60 laminated, full-colour cards, 160mm x 160mm, polypropylene box, 23-page booklet. ISBN: 9 781 920945 510 Booklet author: Russell Deal Illustrator and designer: Mat Jones

Cat No. 3075

Price: $54.50


5 complete sets on A4 backing sheets, total of 260 stickers, each sticker 50mm x 30mm

Cat No. 3076

Price: $16.95

Strengths to the Max Ideas Bank  

A bank of ideas for using our Strengths to the Max cards in practice

Strengths to the Max Ideas Bank  

A bank of ideas for using our Strengths to the Max cards in practice