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Mad May sticker sale

Have we been addled by the autumn air? Have we gone bonkers in Bendigo? Yes, we have!!

During the merry month of May, all our sticker packs are half price, including our Bundle of Stickers and Kids’ Bundle of Stickers. Make no mistake, we’re telling you to stick it! Parents, teachers, counsellors and trainers: nab this moment to top up your sticker reserves and prepare to celebrate the mid-year achievements of your children, friends and colleagues!

Bundle of Stickers

Bundle of Stickers for Kids

Wonderful You Stickers

Strengths in Teams Stickers

Wonderful You stickers can be used for all the traditional behavioural awards much loved by parents and teachers, such as ‘being neat’ or ‘finishing first’. However, they can also be used to celebrate difference, individuality and quirkiness. For example, what about the bravest haircut? The most unusual hobby? The tiniest drawing or the wobbliest jelly?!

They’re big, bold and beautiful, and they feature a zany troupe of circus characters ... who just might bear a resemblance to people you know! These stickers have two important messages: we all contribute strengths to our teams and we all gain strengths from our teams. Use these stickers to notice, identify, mobilise and celebrate the strengths of your group, team or organisation. Stick them on the staff fridge, pop them on equipment—and pick stickers to honour the special contribution every person makes.

CAT NO: 4050 AU$16.95 NOW AU$8.48 The Bears Stickers You’ve seen them on our parcels and they’re beloved by people everywhere. They’re The Bear stickers and they are perfect for letting everyone know how you’re feeling. Forget word-based surveys and scales of 1 to 10; make evaluation fun by inviting clients or students to show what they think with a sticker. You might have to bear with some very honest responses...

CAT NO: 2350 AU$16.95 NOW AU$8.48

CAT NO: 0250 AU$9.90 NOW AU$4.95

Celebrate the Magic of


To coincide with our Mad May Sticker Sale, we’re inviting SOON readers to send in their sticker stories for chance to win any one of our card sets valued at $49.50!!* To enter, simply tell us in 100-200 words how you’ve used Innovative Resources’ stickers. Have stickers caused a stir in your workplace or prompted that ‘Ah ha!’ moment? Have they made reticent students riotous ...or vice versa? Email your entry to with the subject heading ‘SOON Giveaway’. Be quick! Entries close Tuesday 4 June, and the winner will be announced in the next issue of SOON. *Possible card sets include Strength Cards, Funky Fish Feelings, Symbols, Angels, Choosing Strengths, Age of Adventure and more.

Sticker sale/Soon giveaway SOON 57  

Sticker article SOON 57

Sticker sale/Soon giveaway SOON 57  

Sticker article SOON 57