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Issue 57

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A card set for talking about life’s big questions read more

MAD MAY STICKER SALE Have we been addled by the autumn air? Have we gone bonkers in Bendigo? Yes, we have!! During the merry month of May, all our sticker packs are half price.

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Signposts: exploring everyday spirituality is a set of 48 cards for building rich conversations about values, hopes, dreams, connectedness, purpose and meaning. These cards do not come from any particular religious tradition. They can be used by people of any faith or no particular faith at all. Counsellors, facilitators, social workers, educators: Want some great ideas for using this card set for reflection, journalling, planning, storytelling and conversation-building? Then read on!

It’s the END OF FINANCIAL YEAR budget fritterfest! Yes, we’re almost at that time again when departmental budgets expire. Plan now to spend those remaining dollars wisely. Wherever you work, Innovative Resources’ publications represent a quality, end-of-budget investment for your organisation. From our value packs to our mini card sets, there’s something for every program’s budget leftovers. Follow the link for some stocking-filler suggestions!

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SOON Giveaway To coincide with our Mad May Sticker Sale, we’re inviting SOON readers to send in their sticker stories for chance to win any one of our card sets valued at $49.50!!

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