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A World of Real Conversations for Real Girls

Ideas for using the cards: Spread the cards on a table and invite girls or women to select and talk about one or more cards using questions such as: • Is there a card that makes you laugh? • Is there a card that makes you feel shy? • Is there a card that makes you squirm? • Can you tell a story from your own experience about one of the cards? • Choose a card from the ‘Body’ suit, and then select one or more of the questions on the card to research and report back to the group. • Choose a quote or an illustration from one of the cards. What does this mean to you? • Randomly select a card. What are society’s views about this subject? What are your parents’/your friends’ views? What are your views? • Pick a card that represents something about your adolescence • Pick 3 cards to tell a story about your mother or the generations of women in your family.



we dif ’re all fere nt


ent s

we’re all alike

Th i ng s

‘I think what’s happening to me is so wonderful, and I don’t just mean the changes taking place on the outside of my body, but also those on the inside.’ Anne Frank

Sometimes I feel scared



always /n

be nice

In my family ...





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Me ec ar

I’m id a afr

puberty • • • • • • •

me too

What are some things that are expected of you as a girl? About what? * Why? * What does it feel like?

What are some things that you expect of others?


For more ideas, view the booklet here

‘Puberty is the process of becoming physically capable of reproduction.’ Jane Bennett

6/11/12 4:12 PM

What changes take place during puberty for girls? Why do we go through puberty? When does puberty begin and finish? What role do hormones play during puberty? What do girls need to know about puberty? What are some good things about being a girl? What will be good about being a woman?

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