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Innovative Manufacturing Group Quarterly Newsletter

Message from the President of Innovative Manufacturing Over the past years, the Innovative family of distributors has grown to service the major shipping centres of the world. This includes supplying distributors in 36 countries with extensive stock at our Master Distributors for Europe and Asia, Antwerp Trading Corporation in Belgium and Kinley Marketing Inc. in Singapore (both featured in the accompanying article). It is gratifying to see the close cooperation by members of this extensive group who have come to know each other at the many marine trade shows that we attend annually. In keeping with our name, Innovative has a consistent program for development of new products with the corresponding testing and industry classification approvals. In this direction, I am excited to announce the new type approvals from Lloyd’s for Nospray

President of Innovative Manufacturing, Craig Anderson

Managing Director of the Innovative Group, Clark Anderson

Shields, the only type approved standard size and custom SOLAS protective shields for fuel lines and Exowrap, an easily applied high temperature insulated blanket (see accompanying articles). I am also very happy to announce that we will be increasing our management strength with the appointment of my brother, Clark Anderson, as Managing Director of the Innovative Group. Clark is a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years experience in management consulting and has great enthusiasm for his new position. I will move to the Chairman position. Patricio and I look forward to introducing Clark to you in the near future, starting with the IMPA show. – Craig Anderson, President

The “Innovative Family” Patricio Gonzalez, Managing Director

Upcoming Trade shows Visit us at the following exhibitions IMPA– London, England Sept 2011 Inmex– Mumbai, India Oct 2011 Kormarine– Busan, Korea Nov 2011 Marinetec– Shanghai , China Dec 2011

1 Posidonia exhibition in Greece- Mr. Christian Eberhardt - Antwerp Trading Company. European Distribution Center, President, Innovative Manufacturing Craig Anderson 2 Meet the buyer event in Hong Kong - Mr. Patricio Gonzalez, Managing Director Innovativive Manufacturing 3 The OSEA International Conference IN SINGAPORE – Mr. Samuel Han 4 Meet the buyer event in Monte Carlo (L-R) India Distributor – Mr. Ali Petrawal – Principle -Aeromarine . Jean-François BUBEL Senior Sales Manager -Ingersoll Rand, Mr. Christian Eberhardt - Antwerp Trading Company. European Distribution Center, Mr. Michael Han, Mr. - KM Kinley . South East Asia Distribution Center 5 Marinetec exhibition in Shanghai China 2009, Korean Distributor, Mr. Choi and - Mr. Patricio Gonzalez, Managing Director Innovative Manufacturing 6 Dubai Agent Mr. Mustafa Zaveri, Managing Director - SAIFEE and - Mr. Patricio Gonzalez, Managing Director Innovative







This section will be featuring our worldwide family

Unsung Heroes Joe Campbell

European Distribution Centre

Mr. Christian Eberhardt - Antwerp Trading Company. European Distribution Center

Joe Campbell has been with Innovative Manufacturing for over 10 years and is our master craftsman for our very specialized and popular PetroWrap line of products.

"I take a great deal of pride in the making of Petrowrap. With my skilled team I know our product is going all over the world, stopping dangerous corrosion and providing many years of maintenance-free operation of hydraulics, pipes and equipment. This is very rewarding." Joe Campbell

Joe Campbell

From left to right: Ut Tran, Joe Campbell, Le Tan and Dung Quoc Vo

South East Asia Distribution Center

Norshipping May 2011 (L-R)Mr. Michael Han, Mr. Alan Han, Mr. Samuel Han - KM Kinley .

NoSpray Shields NoSpray® Shields are designed to contain the spray of hazardous liquids in vessel engine rooms, a cause of dangerous fires and loss of life and property. NoSpray® Shields are manufactured in multiple layers from a silicone rubber applied on a silica fibre fabric, specially formulated to withstand high temperatures and pressures, and an aluminum foil lining, which creates a corrosion resistant barrier for long lasting protection. NoSpray® Shields are available in various widths which can be cut to size for use on flanges, valves, fittings, or any irregular shaped surface which can leak hazardous liquids. NoSpray® Shields encapsulate the protected surface and are easily installed using our drawstring system. Removable, reusable and extremely durable, NoSpray® Shields provide a consistent, clean look in vessel engine rooms.




100mm (4”)

5m (16.5’)


150mm (6”)

5m (16.5’)


300mm (12”)

5m (16.5’)


Exowrap Insulation System gets LLoyd’s type approval Innovative Manufacturing is excited to announce this great news of our Lloyd’s type approval for ExoWrap…plus all of the benefits and cost-saving efficiencies of the ExoWrap Insulation System…

ExoWrap Insulation System Pipe (1-2 meters)


Sealing tape applied

Blanket (Aluminum Backing)

Introduction ExoWrap, the “one step” insulation system, is the quick and easy way to insulate high temperature surfaces in vessel engine rooms. ExoWrap is a revolutionary system made from biosoluble vitreous silicate fibre which is reinforced with an outer jacket of heat sealed aluminum foil. ExoWrap is rated to 1000 Degrees C. and is suitable for all engine room thermal applications. In tape or blanket format, ExoWrap is applied in one step and eliminates the need for bulky, old fashioned, and time consuming layered insulation. ExoWrap can be easily removed and reinstalled by using the ExoWrap “Silhesive” Tape.


MEETS SOLAS REGULATION II – 2/15.2.10 which states that “A surface with temperatures above 220 Deg. C. which may be impinged as a result of a fuel system failure shall be properly insulated.” MEETS IMO RESOLUTION MSC.61(67) adoption of the international code for application of fire test procedures

ExoWrap Tape For use on bent or flanged pipes in areas where maintenance is not a consideration and/or space is limited. ExoWrap Tape has a pressure-sensitive adhesive on the inner side for ease of installation. SIZES 50mm (2”) x 3mm (1/8”) Thick x 7.7 Mtrs (25’) Long 100mm (4”) x 12mm (1/2”) Thick x 3.3 Mtrs (10’) Long

ExoWrap Blankets For use on straight pipes, valves, exhaust equipment, turbochargers, angled and uneven surfaces, or anywhere that insulation is required. ExoWrap Blankets are secured with ExoWrap “Silhesive” tape for ease of maintenance. Managing Director

SIZES 300mm (12”) x 25mm (1”) Thick x 7.7 Mtrs (25’) Long 600mm (24”) x 25mm (1”) Thick x 7.7 Mtrs (25’) Long

ExoWrap Silhesive Tape is supplied with ExoWrap Blankets.

Then we came across ExoWrap – a product that was so userfriendly and easy to apply on any size and type of manifold or bends with the application...

We were always having trouble renewing the lagging on the exhaust manifold and steam lines after any maintenance work when the crew used to complain about difficulty in handling ordinary glass wool or other insulation material that also required special procedures and precautions. We were having issues with the Port State Control inspections when the surveyors used to point out old and torn laggings on the exhaust manifold etc. Then we came across ExoWrap – a product that was so user-friendly and easy to apply on any size and type of manifold or bends with the application so easy that any novice can also do. In a matter of few weeks, we could manage to change the entire laggings on our ships that were old and torn or oil soaked using ship’s crew. The Owners went onboard for inspection and they were very happy to see the changed outlook of the engine room…

Vinay Gupta Technical Manager Fleet Management Ltd Hong Kong

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Innovative Manufacturing Quarterly Issue 2, 2011  

Over the past years, the Innovative family ofdistributors has grown to service the majorshipping centres of the world.