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Soluna Detoxification Toxins in Our System A New Paradigm in Medicine and Health


• What does toxicity mean? • Where do toxins come from? • Toxicity at a cellular level

Toxins One of the most important functions of the body is the elimination of toxins What does toxicity mean?

Tox-in: pertaining to, due to, or of the nature of, a poison. Poi-son: any substance which, when ingested, inhaled or absorbed, or when applied to, injected into, or developed within the body, in relatively small amounts, by its chemical action, may cause disturbance of function or damage to structure.

In this presentation, we define:

Biotoxins – toxins produced by living cells or organisms Toxicants – toxin substances not produced by living organisms

Toxins Where does toxicity come from?


Self poisoning resulting from the absorption of waste products of metabolism, decomposed intestinal matter or other toxins produced within the body

• Endogenous Toxins • Uric Acid in Gout • Homocystein in Cardiovascular Disease • Polyglutamine Neuropathies • Reactive Oxygen Species, Hypohalites • Reactive Nitrogen Species • Dopamine-Derived Neurotoxins

• Many More

Toxins Where does toxicity come from?

HETERO-INTOXICATION • Exogenous Toxins • Heavy Metals • Petrochemical Products • All Chemicals and Solvents

• Chlorine, Fluorine (Tap Water) • Dietary Toxins • Infectious Toxins (Parasites)

• Drugs • Car Fumes and Industrial Fumes (Smog) • Tobacco

Toxins Where does toxicity come from?

21st Century – additional challenge from invisible enemy Affects our vortex energy fields and disrupts the flow of energy and proper information

ELECTRO-MAGNETIC POLLUTION •Computers and Television • Fuse Boxes and High Voltage Wires

• Cellular Phones • Personal Electronic Items (iPod) • Geopathic Stress These are all forms of toxicity to the body

Toxins Toxicity at a Cellular Level All cells in a biological system must synthesize molecules and expel waste (poisons) - Cell membrane (built from layer of phospholipids) creates specific pores with a size of 1.4 angstroms in diameter – the radius of an ionic molecule of water - Specific intracellular organelles (peroxisomes), prevalent in liver and kidneys, play a crucial role in clearing of toxins

Soluna for Detoxification 3 Main Remedies Show Great Results for Eliminating Toxicity

Nr. 8 Hepatik Liver Detox

Nr. 9 Lymphatik N Lymphatic Detox

Nr. 16 Renalin Kidney Detox

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