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Prescribing Soluna Prescribing Soluna A New Paradigm in Medicine and Health


• Prescribing Soluna • Dosages • Combining Soluna

Prescribing Soluna Taking Soluna is quick, simple and very rewarding

1. In Water Soluna is easiest when taken in a small to medium amount of water. Although one can place drops directly into the mouth, some find the taste bitter and alcohol content a bit strong. * For children, place water in warm water for 30 seconds until alcohol evaporates - this has no affect on the effectiveness of the remedies.

The exact amount of water is not important, rather emphasis should be on taking the recommended dosage on a daily basis.

2. Directly into Mouth place the drops directly into the mouth. The drops do not need to go under the tongue as other medicines may require.

Prescribing Soluna Do Not Combine Remedies all at Once The Soluna remedies contain complex mixtures of ingredients and energetic qualities that are kept at their maximum potencies when taken separately. Placing numerous remedies into one glass of water may have some effect on these energetic potencies. For this reason, we recommend taking the Soluna remedies separately.

Remedies Can Be Taken 10 Seconds Apart The time between dosage of each remedy can be very minimal though. Because the information each remedy provides passes the blood-brain barrier in a matter of seconds (approximately 8 seconds)*, Soluna remedies may be taken back to back within a matter of 10 seconds or so without any loss in effectiveness. * In a publication from the British Homeopathic Journal, an Indian professor of biophysics (R.R. Sharma) hypothesized that homeopathic medicines are able to cross the blood-brain barrier and thus deliver therapeutic effects in a deeper manner.

Dosages The following dosages are based on over 40 years of research, 90+ years of clinical experience, and have been found safe and truly effective: For Adults Take as recommended on each bottle or as prescribed by practitioner For Children up to 6 years old 2-3 x daily, 1 drop for every year of age For Children above 6 years old and up to the age of Puberty 2-3 x dailys, maximum of 8 drops: with completion of puberty, change to the recommended adult dosage

For Newborns and Infants 3 x daily, 1 drop onto the nipple

Combining Soluna Alone  Effective when prescribed individually for their specified indications.  e.g. – Driving a fast car the speed limit

Combined  Very effective  Synergistic  Optimal therapeutic results  Truly holistic – body, mind & spirit  e.g. – Driving a fast car quickly on a race course To learn more about common combinations and protocols, please view the eLearn PowerPoint – “Combining Soluna” or order the Soluna Complete Therapy Guide

Continue Learning • Soluna Certification Training Course available throughout the United States please check for upcoming dates online under Education – Certification Course

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