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Combining Soluna Combining Soluna A New Paradigm in Medicine and Health Topics

• Common Combinations for Maximum Effectiveness

Combining Soluna The Soluna remedies may be used individually for system specific treatment or in combination for excellent holistic results. The following combinations are the culmination of decades of research and experience proven both therapeutically effective and safe. * Use as directed on each bottle

Combining Soluna Detoxification & Drainage A naturopathic detoxification and drainage regimen with the Soluna remedies is excellent for eliminating possible causes of diseases, increasing effectiveness of other treatments, and maintaining health and preventing illness.

• Nr. 8 Hepatik (for liver) • Nr. 9 Lymphatik N (for lymphatic system) • Nr. 16 Renalin (for kidneys) What Doctors Are Saying Dr. Jeffrey Morrison, in his book “Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind” states: “I recommend drainage remedies from the brand Soluna…..because they are very gentle and effective for improving detoxification.”

Combining Soluna Strengthening the Immune System A weakened immune system leaves the body open for attack by foreign invaders that can wreak havoc. With today’s poor lifestyle habits and diet, the immune system must be strengthened in order to ensure proper health and prevention of illness.

• Nr. 3 Azinat (for immune stratification)

• Nr. 9 Lymphatik N (for lymphatic system) • Nr. 18 Splenetik (for degenerative processes)

Combining Soluna Depression Depression affects approximately 10% of adults, and a growing number of young people. To combat depression, a holistic approach with the Soluna remedies that addresses the interaction of body, mind and spirit should be prescribed.

• Nr. 4 Cerebretik (for brain function)

• Nr. 2 Aquavit (for fatigue) • Nr. 17 Sanguisol (for circulatory weakness)

Combining Soluna Cardiovascular Conditions Most diseases today are associated with cardiovascular problems. Treatment with Soluna remedies aims to rebalance and strengthen the cardiovascular system while supporting underlying issues such as stress, loss of rhythm and emotional imbalance.

• Nr. 5 Cordiak (for heart function) • Nr. 17 Sanguisol (for circulatory weakness) • Nr. 4 Cerebretik (for brain function / calming)

Combining Soluna Respiratory Illnesses To avoid frequent respiratory infections and prevent conditions of the respiratory tract, it is advisable to prescribe a Soluna treatment that supports and regulates the respiratory system and also strengthens the immune system.

• Nr. 15 Pulmonik N (for respiratory conditions)

• Nr. 3 Azinat (for immune stratification) • Nr. 7 Epidemik (for acute infections with fever)

Combining Soluna Skin Conditions Successful and long-term aid for skin diseases can only be achieved when the causes are addressed, when the body fluids are cleansed, and when toxic elements are eliminated, thereby placing less stress upon the skin.

• Nr. 6 Dyscrasin N (for skin conditions) • Nr. 9 Lymphatik N (for lymphatic system) • Nr. 4 Cerebretik (for brain function – mental stress / anxiety / depression often are associated with skin conditions)

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