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The Festival of Creative Learning... aims to inspire, support and celebrate creative and innovative learning at the University of Edinburgh (UoE). It is supported by the Institute for Academic Development (IAD). Staff and students are invited to explore their learning experience in a new way through collaborative events and activities across the academic year and over a curated week from 20-24 February 2017. The Festival was created during the summer of 2016, evolving out of the fiveyear run of Innovative Learning Week (ILW). You can read more about this transition on our website.

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Aims Help staff and students navigate the University support network to best design, deliver and learn from new ideas Inspire, support and celebrate creative learning at the UoE Support the UoE community to develop creative learning practices and link into related institutional and strategic learning and teaching priorities Support a pipeline of innovation at the UoE Provide a platform to explore and experiment with different ways of learning and incorporate them into the wider University experience Effectively design and deliver innovative events that generate and communicate new ideas Foster meaningful and interesting collaborations and communities to enhance the learning experience Celebrate good practice already taking place and enhance its impact Explore the definition of innovation and creativity and how they can be further supported and embedded into the learning experience

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Values Openness - an open mindset and curiosity about innovation Collaboration - creating meaningful connections between different parts of the University Creativity - being open to taking risks and implementing creative tools within the University Experimentation - building and prototyping ideas in a supportive environment Experiential Learning - gaining new skills and broadening your mindset within different contexts Celebratory - celebrating the University community and how it brings amazing research, teaching and learning together Prototyping - an opportunity to prototype ideas in a low-risk and safe environment

Holistic support - supporting the cycle of innovation through encouragement and providing opportunity through self-directed support Wider impact - using our resources,

knowledge and communities to make a difference to our local and global community

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For all up-to-date event information visit...

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Please check the calendar for times, locations and details of how to register. Events during the Festival week will be taking place across the University campuses, both indoors and outdoors. There are also some events that involve travelling out of the city.

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On the following pages are a selection of events that reflect our values and have caught the attention of the Festival Team. We have grouped these events into the following themes: Bridging Events of a collaborative nature that draw on and encourage participation from a diverse range of disciplines

Exploring Events that encourage you to consider new ways of thinking about yourself, others and the environment

Developing Events that build on existing ideas, often in an interactive format

Creating Events that help you discover your creative side and make something new, including opportunities to play

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Bridging Engineering Art / Art of Engineering An event aimed at bridging the gap between engineering and art students using interdisciplinary challenges and thought-provoking questions about ‘the other field’. School of Engineering

Designing for You, Technology, Your Courses, and the Future A collaborative design workshop to highlight the needs of students in the digital age, and design how courses of the future might look and feel. Information Services

“The Birds and the Bees” Board Game It is 2020 and animals face mass extinction… will your species survive? Battle the odds to find your soulmate. In this competitive board game, people act as endangered animals overcoming the effects of humanity on the environment to find love and replenish the species. School of Biomedical Sciences

Learning Language Through Theatre This workshop, led by Theatre Sans Accents, enables participants to explore the use of drama games and exercises to improve linguistic skills and gain confidence using French or English beyond the classroom. School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

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Act Physical Can theatre-making inform sport and sport enhance theatre? Curious to find out? Join us to create a short performance piece about sport and exercise in today’s society. No previous experience of sport, exercise or drama required – just some opinions about being active. School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures

Edinburgh Internet of Things (IoT) Hack The Edinburgh IoT Hack is open to students and staff wanting to innovate and build new applications and services using Internet-of-Things technology. School of Informatics

SAFARI Artist Michael Barr has been researching a puma that lived at the University’s Old College in 1827. Following a maskmaking workshop, SAFARI will see a herd of academics and students manifest their research to become both observers and the observed. Edinburgh College of Art

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Creating Building Drawing This workshop will look into the notion of the ‘space of representation’ and the ways drawing in art and architecture are informed by techniques of fabrication. Edinburgh College of Art

Mathematical Bake-off Join the School of Mathematics Mathematical Bake-off to create your own mathematical cake and compete with cutting edge researchers in the field. School of Mathematics

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iGEM Sandpit iGEM: International Genetically Engineered Machine. Have you ever wondered how to make a glow in the dark plant? Or how to make yoghurt that flavours itself? Anyone can make these things and we will introduce you to the science behind them. You will explore how engineering biology can address real societal challenges and inspire you to take part in the biggest science competition in the world. School of Biological Sciences


Colouring the Past Join the Edinburgh Medieval Pigment Project for an afternoon of playing with colour. Using medieval techniques, you will make your own pigments to experiment with dyeing and painting on vellum. Edinburgh College of Art

A Celebration of Expression: the Unveiling of 50GS Celebrate the unveiling of the University’s new literary journal, 50GS. This celebration of prose and poetry will include author talks and readings, the chance to try your hand at creative writing, and the launch of 50GS. School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures

24-Hour Film Competition Ever wanted to create a short film? With this 24-hour film competition you will discover that it’s not hard at all. Bring friends and filming equipment (both optional). Movie Production Society

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Developing Gaming with the Humanities How can games be used for teaching and learning in the Humanities? Play unique teaching games and learn how you can incorporate these tools into your own practice with with Professor Philip Sabin from King’s College, London. School of History, Classics and Archaeology

Start Now! (Startup 101 Improvised) This workshop is for individuals who are interested in starting their own businesses but lack the business or technology skills to do so. Edinburgh Business School

Smarter, Safer Materials How would you design and develop materials for a safer, smarter future? Brainstorm across disciplines and map an exciting journey from first concept to pitching development plans. School of Physics and Astronomy

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The Edinburgh Apprentice The Edinburgh Apprentice is the biggest business competition in the UK. Students from different disciplines will have their skills tested across five different rounds - Selling, Consultancy, Assessmentcentre, Interviews and the Final - as they compete for the Edinburgh Apprentice title and the £1,000 prize money. iCUE



Making Narrative Portraits in Qualitative Research In this workshop you will learn how to transform intricate interview or focus group transcripts into ‘one-page narrative portraits’. This technique will help you to engage with your data – and people’s stories – in a creative, evocative, and useful way. School of Health in Social Science

History of Medicine 2017 Wikipedia Editathon Wikipedia is the fifth most visited website in the world and the first point of information for many people. This event is open to all and is a chance to learn about and celebrate Edinburgh’s role in the History of Medicine by creating Wikipedia articles. Information Services

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Exploring I’m A Perfectionist… Get Me Out Of Here! Are you a perfectionist? Does this cause you problems? If you are a student and perfectionism causes you stress, prevents you enjoying enough free time, or means you procrastinate rather than getting down to work, this fun, interactive, stress-busting workshop is for you. School of Social and Political Science/Chaplaincy

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Introduction to Massage in Schools Programme An Introduction to the Massage in Schools Programme (MISP), an innovative approach to improving children’s health and wellbeing. Learn simple, effective ways to include peer massage activities in the school day to enhance learning and promote self-esteem and positive, nurturing behaviour. Moray House School of Education


Design for Wellbeing Staff and students are invited to explore whether the concept of a ‘model village’ can be updated to provide a framework for community building in two contexts: within the globalised cityscape of Edinburgh, and within a post-conflict living environment for displaced peoples in the South Sudan. Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Mindfulness and Beginner Spanish Language Workshop Improve your concentration and learn some Spanish. This workshop is an opportunity for students to learn the practice of mindfulness as a preamble to learning and also as a resource during learning. Mindfulness helps to focus the mind, relax the body, reduce anxiety and boost confidence. Centre for Open Learning

The Wonderful World of Slime Mould at the ASCUS Lab: The Pet You Never Knew You Wanted! Slime mould, the adorable pet you never knew you wanted. Come to learn more about this fascinating microorganism, from its biology to its applications within art, science and design. Create your own environments for your new pet and take it home with you! ASCUS Lab

MEET EAT DRINK THINK: A Taste of Europe A themed dining event to provide a ‘taste’ of the range of subjects offered at the Centre for Open Learning, focused around the contributions that Europeans have made to British culture and cuisine. Centre for Open Learning/ Edinburgh Food Studio

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The Festival of Creative Learning encourages participants to think about sustainability and consider their environmental impact when planning, delivering, and attending events. Below are some simple suggestions for event organisers.

Promotion Think before you print! Try to come up with creative alternatives to posters and flyers. When printed materials are necessary, think carefully about quantities before production and use recycled paper where possible.

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Community Share your sustainability successes and ideas with other event organisers and your audience. For outside events, consider the impact you may have on the world around you. Tread lightly!


Catering Source locally supplied and produced food whenever possible. Provide vegetarian/vegan options and Fairtrade and/or organic tea and coffee. Use tap water rather than bottled water. Try to limit food waste by deciding on quantities beforehand and avoid the use of disposable plates, mugs, cups and cutlery.

Materials If you are using any materials at your event, consider where and how they have been produced. Use local suppliers when possible and try to coordinate deliveries of similar products with other event organisers to a central point, rather than placing orders separately. Avoid handing out anything that will be disposed of immediately after the event and do not mark anything with the date that could be used again in future.

Venue and Transport Provide links to public transport information, walking/cycling routes, and secure bike storage. Turn lights off when not in use, shut any windows you open, check the waste and recycling facilities beforehand and highlight them to your audience. Be prepared to take glass away with you to be recycled.

For further information, the Department of Social Responsibility and Sustainability at the UoE provide fantastic guidance and resources on their webpages and in the Be Sustainable Guide available at...

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Last year, we hosted 263 events run by staff and students from across the University.

These statistics are taken from our ILW 2016 impact report. To read the rest see our website.

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The Festival of Creative Learning has made a commitment to support an ever-expanding variety of inspiring Pop-Up Events throughout the year that reflect our goals of encouraging innovation, collaboration and creative learning. If you are planning an event that aligns with our values and aims (see pages 4 & 5), please email us at: Some ways we may be able to help include: Suggestions for planning your event Toolkits and resources for design, communications, marketing, publicity, planning and more Financial support Provision of materials Festival of Creative Learning branding Festival of Creative Learning website event listing Festival of Creative Learning online, mailing list and social media promotional support

Both staff and students are invited to apply to run events outside the February Festival. We encourage you to make use of our Festival of Creative Learning Event Handbook (available online and in print) which has helpful information about running events.

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Sustainability Jam The third annual Edinburgh Sustainability Jam was arranged earlier this autumn. This 48-hour intensive hackathon (or ‘Jam’) was aimed at bringing together people from all backgrounds to solve social, economic and environmental issues. It is run annually by the Edinburgh University Sustainable Development Association (EUSDA). The Jam was open to all, and attendees participated for a chance to engage with the local and global community and create an innovative solution to a global issue. The event started on Friday 4th November and lasted until Sunday 6th November. It ran alongside dozens of Jams around the world in cities as far-flung as Cairo, Jakarta, Miami and Sao Paulo.

Wikipedia Editing Event Series Over two mornings (21st and 28th September 2016), Chris Harlow (Lecturer, Centre for Reproductive Health) ran a Wikipedia Editathon for undergraduate students. This was a Reproductive Biology Wikipedia assignment. Students were trained to research and create articles for reproductive biology terms which didn’t yet exist on Wikipedia. They had 38 students, 8 tutors and 3-4 other members of staff involved. The outcome was seven new Wikipedia pages, and one major edit of an existing page.

Global Goals Jam The Edinburgh Living Lab is currently participating in a project in Kenya that is looking at how data can help inform the development and expansion of off-grid energy systems. To launch the project, in September 2016 they hosted a Global Goals Jam in Edinburgh that brought together students from across the University to design and prototype interventions to help achieve rapid impact in realising the global goals for sustainable development. The Jam took place simultaneously in different cities around the world and was coordinated by the United Nations Development Programme and MediaLAB Amsterdam. One of our festival team members was mentoring through the weekend, and was part of the feedback panel during the final presentations.

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Future Ideas If you would like to organise a Festival of Creative Learning Pop-Up Event or Festival Event in future, please consult our aims and values (pages 4 & 5) and email us to discuss options.

Contact Us You can get in touch with us by email: or via social media. During the semester we also have open office hours every Thursday from 3-5pm and are based at the Institute for Academic Development, 1 Morgan Lane, EH8 8FP. We also have an online platform (Basecamp) for Event Organisers with lots of useful resources; contact us to request access.

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The publication is available online at It can also be made available in alternative formats on request. All photos and images used in this publication are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without permission. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written permission of the University of Edinburgh. Š The University of Edinburgh 2017 The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body registered in Scotland, with registration number SC005336. @UoE_FCL #FCL17

The Festival of Creative Learning guide 2017  

This is a guide to The Festival of Creative Learning's February week and how you can get involved throughout the year

The Festival of Creative Learning guide 2017  

This is a guide to The Festival of Creative Learning's February week and how you can get involved throughout the year