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Quick note for Windows 8 User Before install Unicon board & POP-XT drivers (also Arduino Leonardo) Users need to follow run Windows 8 in "Disable driver signature enforcement" procedure (once only).

Please save all opened works and close all applications.. Computer must be restart! 1. First step.. Hold down "Windows Key" and "R" for open dialog, type command for Option BOOT.. shutdown /r /o /f /t 0

2. Next.. On "Choose an option" click "Troubleshoot"

3. On Troubleshoot, Click "Advanced options"

4. On Advanced options, Click "Startup Settings"

5. and Summary detail, Click "Restart"

6. after restart, Option BOOT Menu will shown like this. Hit key "7" or "F7" to Run Windows 8 in "Disable driver signature enforcement" mode..

Now you can install Applications and Driver to system.. Enjoy..