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Capitol Redux HGA Architects and Engineers led the Minnesota State Capitol Restoration, returning the building to Cass Gilbert’s 1905 vision while updating it with 21st-century systems

A failing roof, a leaking dome, and major damage to decorative paint and more than 50 hand-painted murals throughout the interior. Major cracks in the plaster ceilings and walls. Skylights covered with ductwork. Antiquated mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems added onto over the years. A crumbling marble exterior with water-damaged plazas and buckling stairways. By 2013, after a decade of proposals to repair and protect the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul—constructed in 1905 and designed by architect Cass Gilbert in a Neo-Italian Renaissance style—the Minnesota State Capitol Restoration Project was underway. The $309-million restoration, renovation and repair initiative, led by HGA Architects and Engineers, Minneapolis, began just in time, as the Capitol had reached a critical deterioration point.


Innovative Design Quarterly 317  
Innovative Design Quarterly 317