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2015-2016 Academy Year in Review DISCLAIMER: Engaging in innovation & entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland may cause unbridled enthusiasm and passion for bringing ideas to life, which may or may not lead to the formation of cool new products, services and/or systems. While such side effects may occur, more likely risks include an affinity for solving problems and feeling empowered to change the status quo. Most students report feeling an increase in creative confidence, a tendency to brainstorm at all hours, and an urge to always have a Post-it pad on hand. This annual report is created and compiled by the Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Data provided in this report is for internal use only. Data is based on course enrollment numbers from Testudo for courses specifically related to innovation and/or entrepreneurship. The I&E course list is reviewed and updated each semester.

Photo & Artwork Credit: Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Adrienne Baer Brooke Smith Erica Estrada-Liou John Consoli The Diamondback

AIE 2015-2016 Year in Review  

Year in Review (a.k.a. Annual Report) for the Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Academic Year 2015-2016