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OUR SERVICES Innovations Unlimited ME Green Division was founded to put forth the region’s abundance of the cleanest permanent source of energy – sunshine!! We offer the most innovative green technologies to power our daily lives without harm to the environment, and we aspire to a day when our entire lifestyle is sustainable. Our complete range of renewable energy solutions, coupled with our reliable expert services, caters to all needs, from small green systems for homes, to sizeable construction projects, and from small stand-alone systems to large-scale power plants. Working through exclusive partnerships, we pull together leading global manufacturers that have been involved in some of the largest sustainable projects worldwide.

SOLAR ENERGY Our portfolio of solar energy solutions includes these products and turnkey services: Photovoltaic Systems Solar Thermal Water Heating Solar Cooling Solar Lighting Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) Our team of highly qualified professionals provides end-to-end services within our green technology portfolio, consisting of: Consulting services including engineering, design and feasibility analysis Renewable energy systems installation and integration Operation and maintenance

WIND ENERGY Our wind energy solutions scale up from individual homes and residential communities to onshore and offshore wind farms. Partnering with global leaders, we combine knowhow and quality to offer top notch, turnkey solutions and services. Our thorough analysis of your specific needs and diligent follow-up ensure that we put forward only the best solutions that meet those needs and perform to the highest efficiency. We offer: Small Vertical & Horizontal Axis Turbines – starting from 300 watts to 50 Kilowatts • Large Scale Turbines – multi-megawatt range

SUSTAINABLE LIGHTING Building on our expertise in renewable energy technologies and in line with our deep-rooted commitment to greening our world, Innovations Unlimited ME offers LED and solar lighting solutions for various applications. Through our partnerships with renowned lighting providers, we offer interior and exterior lighting designs closely adapted to your particular needs and guarantee quality engineering, performance and value in every solution. We propose architectural lighting designs that combine natural and artificial lighting solutions for a balanced outcome, while accounting for productivity, safety, health, and energy savings. Our solutions range from home or office space light optimisation to a complete aesthetic offering for community areas and city appearance.

OUR PARTNERS With our range of prominent partners, we offer renewable energy solutions for various applications with the full warranty of reliable, high quality products. Meet our partners:

SOLAR COOLING PHOTOVOLTAICS KIOTO Photovoltaics is known as one of the most modern producers of photovoltaics in the world with 125 megawatt production capacity p.a. making it the largest in Austria. KIOTO’s head office in Austria features the world’s most contemporary photovoltaic system.

BUILDING INTEGRATED PHOTOVOLTAICS BIPV modules are highly praised by architects for their easy integration with any architectural design in highly customisable dimensions, colours, shapes and applications. Through our partnership with Ertex-solar, which has over 60 years of glass construction experience, we deliver unique BIPV solutions that combine aesthetics with solar energy generation.

SOLID has successfully completed over 250 reference installations in the last two decades, making it, one of the leading companies in the field of large-scale solar thermal installations. Today, the main application of solar cooling is the air conditioning of buildings. In warm countries like the Middle East, approximately 70% of all electricity is used for air conditioning; the potential of the technology is endless in this region.

SOLAR LIGHTS Austria-based EcoliGhts offers uncomplicated and eco-friendly high-quality solar lighting systems for all requirements. Solutions range from individually acquired solar lamps to complete lighting solutions for roads, footpaths, bicycle lanes, parks, parking lots, waterfronts, sports arenas, camping facilities, playgrounds, residential areas, alleyways of private houses, and gardens. Solar lights are a very convenient solution in places where a conventional electricity supply is not available.


SOLAR THERMAL WATER HEATING Sonnenkraft is one of Europe’s leading developers of solar solutions, using collectors of GREENoneTEC, the world‘s largest manufacturer of flat plate collectors. Through this valuable partnership we offer a wide range of water-heating solutions that optimise the advantages of solar energy.

Our partner Lighting Design Austria, which has delivered over 300 projects worldwide, hosts a creative team of engineers with over 30 years of experience in natural and artificial lighting design. Reduced energy costs and simple maintenance are an important area of focus when designing lighting projects through LDA. Using their own lighting laboratory to develop cutting-edge solutions, LDA focuses on reducing energy costs and simple maintenance in their designs.

WIND ENERGY With over 30 years of accumulated experience, Aeolos has installed wind turbines in over 60 countries and regions, ranging from individual homes and residential communities, to larger scale wind farms.


Innovations Unlimited ME was recognised as First Runner Up in the Qatar Today Green Awards 2010 for the implementation of solar streetlights to reduce CO2 emissions at RasGas, one of Qatar’s largest energy companies. These awards recognise and promote voluntary green contributions across a broad spectrum of activities from individual to collective efforts.

RASGAS Solar Street lights Commissioned: 2009

FALCON TOWER Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) facade

KAHRAMAA AWARENESS PARK Photovoltaic system Solar thermal water heating – Wind turbines



Photovoltaic and solar thermal water heating systems

Photovoltaic system

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