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Innovation Quarter This project is made possible by a contribution from the European fund for regional development of the European Union

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InnovationQuarter Capital


Lifecycle financing: investing in all stages


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InnovationQuarter finances innovative companies in all stages of organisational maturity, helps international businesses establish in the Rotterdam The Hague metropolitan region and organises collaboration between forward-thinking entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and government. These activities contribute to an economically strong region.


InnovationQuarter as an investor InnovationQuarter invests in promising companies from three different funds: IQCapital, UNIIQ and

ENERGIIQ. In collaboration with partners, we build ecosystems where entrepreneurs and investors meet and innovative enterprises are provided access to capital. Our team has many years’ experience in venture capital, private equity and leveraged finance and has access to a wide

international network of private, public and informal investors.


Lifecycle financing: investing in all stages

Cummulatieve cash flow

We are a proactive and engaged investor in innovative companies in the Province of Zuid-Holland, in all phases of organisational maturity, from proofof-concept to MBO-/acquisition financing

IQ / Capital


Development phases:

Research and development

Prototype / Proof-of-concept

Pilot / Demonstration

Commercialisation & Production




Proven & Competitive / Series A

Internationalisation / Growth / Buy & Build






epytogoL QIINU

Share capital

Guaranteed loan

Subordinated loan

Convertible loan


€ 300.000 Vendor lease






IQ / Capital


€ 4,3 mln. € 250.000

€ 5 mln. € 100.000 10.08.2017 ENERGIIQ Logotype

Investment range Financing instruments

IQ / Capital Companies need capital to grow. From the IQCapital fund, we make investments with a long-term focus in startups, scale-ups and mature SMEs. These companies are characterised by a driven management and a clear growth strategy. We combine societal relevance with financial returns.


IQ / Capital

An IQCapital investment offers: •

A professional, experienced team

Flexible financing instruments up to €5 million

An extensive network of investors to maximise co-

Understanding of the capital market

financing and follow-up financing

Organisation of sector-specific international trade missions

Close collaboration in-house in the area of international

Organisation of sector-specific and crossover events

growth and innovation •

Long-term financial support


IQ / Capital

IQCapital investments are made in companies working in following industries: Circular

In companies with a strong and committed management team

In companies with a solid business plan and scalable business model

In companies that create social impact in the region

Maritime and harbour

Preferably in partnership with reputable private co-investors


Always as a minority shareholder

Energy High Tech Systems & Materials Horticulture

Life Sciences & Health Cybersecurity ICT 10

Proof-of-concept fund UNIIQ helps entrepreneurs in the Rotterdam The Hague metropolitan region reduce the time to market for their unique innovation. UNIIQ offers academic spin-offs, startups and existing SMEs that develop disruptive innovations the seed capital to realise their plans and bridge the riskiest phase from concept to promising business. The UNIIQ fund was established by Erasmus MC, TU Delft, Leiden University and InnovationQuarter and is made possible by the European Union, the Province of Zuid-Holland and the municipalities of Rotterdam, The Hague and Leiden.


A UNIIQ investment offers: •

Up to €300,000 in venture capital in the proof-of-

An interest rate of 8% (4% payable and 4% accrued)

concept phase

Support with financial and strategic issues from an

Made available in 3 stages on attaining specific goals

Financing in the form of a convertible loan which can: •

either be repaid after 3 years for a period of 3 years

or be converted on the valuation of a follow-up

experienced team •

A network of investors and financiers for potential followup financing

investor, minus 25% 12

UNIIQ investments Are made in companies if: •

The invested capital is used for the technological and

market validation of an innovation

The company holds the relevant intellectual property rights

There is a strong and ambitious team

The company is located in the Province of Zuid-Holland

A period of at least 12 months is financed, after which

The initiators themselves take an entrepreneurial risk

it is feasible to attract follow-up funding (or cash-flow

(no project financing) or if it concerns innovations that

positive growth)

will be spun off from existing companies

The innovation offers unique competitive advantages

that form the basis for sustainable growth opportunities

The applicant falls within the scope of the EU criteria for SMEs




Entrepreneurs play a key role in the transition to clean, sustainable energy. ENERGIIQ, the energy innovation fund of the Province of Zuid-Holland, offers a wide range of financing instruments with which we create the right conditions to maximise growth opportunities for innovative enterprises.

ENERGIIQ is owned by the Province of Zuid-Holland. 14



An ENERGIIQ investment offers: •

A maximum of €4,300,000 in risk-bearing capital

Tailor-made instruments and conditions

Access to an extensive network of reputable co-investors and knowledge partners

A proactive financial partner with extensive investment experience

Professional, institutionalised decision-making




ENERGIIQ investments Are made in companies if: •

The capital will be used for the commercialisation of proven energy innovations

50% of total investment needs are covered by reputable, private co-investors

There is a convincing and detailed business plan and strong management

The enterprise holds the relevant intellectual property rights

The envisaged, substantiated CO2 reduction has an impact in the Province of Zuid-Holland or the company is located in the Province of Zuid-Holland


Portfolio / IQCapital

Solar Monkey

Ncardia is a supplier of human assay systems based on self-grown heart muscle cells from human stem cells.


Barge Master is a leading company in the field of motion compensation systems for the offshore industry.


Fibercore is a leading specialist in bridges, lock gates and other heavily loaded constructions made of fiber-reinforced plastic (composite).


Munisense is market leader in online and real-time monitoring of environmental parameters, such as noise, water and indoor climate.


Milgro is an independent solution provider in the field of waste and raw materials management based on the principles of circular economy.


Onegini offers companies a software solution for sharing sensitive information via smartphone apps.


RRC builds service robots which autonomously perform tasks and anticipate circumstances in the care and security sectors


Solar Monkey offers solar panel installers the best software to design a system and calculate the energy output accurately and subsequently guarantee this output to its customers



Portfolio / IQCapital Airborne develops and manufactures composite solutions in the aerospace, defence and maritime industries.


Toxys specialises in a new generation of innovative toxicity screening.


RiskID provides risk management software.


Tradecloud is an online platform that allows manufacturing companies and technical wholesalers to integrate their purchasing and sales processes with customers and suppliers.


Xinaps develops smart tools for BIM applications like Revit, which simplify 8/2016 and optimise the design process for architects. Parkbee makes business car parks accessible to the wider public and thus provides affordable, convenient parking at prime locations.


MOCS provides engineering and consultancy services to the maritime, offshore and civil industry and introduces new products


Cybersprint enables firms to secure their online reputation by identifying companies’ websites and apps with the aim of preventing hacking and phishing.



Portfolio / IQCapital Oxy-low specialises in alternative, biological pest-control methods and quality preservation of food and non-food commodities by means of low oxygen treatment.


IRM systems provides specialist services and engineering for the entire lifecycle of onshore and offshore pipeline systems


VarmX is developing a new therapeutic protein to stop acute bleeding in patients, such as those with thrombosis, who use factor Xa inhibitors (oral anticoagulants).


Quantib develops software that makes analysing MRI images faster, more 11/2017 efficient and cheaper. The software also enables new forms of analysis.


McNetiq markets the patented and award-winning Controlock technology. This magnetic application is the safest, most cost-efficient, durable and flexible temporary steel connection available without the use of welding.


Tiledmedia, a spin-off of TNO, delivers a significant increase in the quality of virtual reality services and a reduction in the bandwidth required for streaming VR content.


MIMETAS B.V. provides organ-on-a-chip technology through which human tissues are replicated in physiologically relevant models. The predictive value of this technology is far greater than that of existing methods..



Portfolio / IQCapital IMSystems is introducing Archimedes Drive, a new technology standard for speed reducers with the potential to revolutionise the robotics industry.


Momo Medical produces a smart patient monitor system to help prevent 10/2018 decubitus. The system measures the movement of the patient and informs the nurse on appropriate interventions. Dawn Aerospace develops a reusable vehicle for orbital access


LeQuest aims to improve the quality of care by empowering healthcare 2/2019 professionals to use medical technology with confidence and competence. The service solution trains and certifies healthcare professionals for the use of medical technology through customized, online e-trainings. Delft Advanced Biofuels develops revolutionary bioreactor for fermentation. The in-situ product separation during the fermentation process is highly efficient.


Doculayer offers enterprises a software solution that processes and manages unstructured information and uncovers its hidden value, using AI-powered technologies.


ORTEC is one of the largest B2B suppliers of mathematical optimisationsoftware and analytical solutions in the world. ORTEC Health provides clinical decision support and integrated capacity-management.



Portfolio / IQCapital fund-in-fund shareholdings


BioGeneration Capital Fund III is the third fund of BioGeneration Ventures. The fund focuses on companies in the life sciences and health sector.


Rotterdam Port Fund aims for a portfolio of 10 to 15 companies. The fund invests in port-related businesses with a focus on companies in the Netherlands and Belgium.


HPE Growth Capital invests in firms with scalable technology in the growth phase. HPE invests in tech companies focused on high-tech hardware, new materials and software and internet


Connected Capital invests in innovative, fast-growing companies that operate in markets being disrupted by far-reaching digitalisation and which are led by exceptional management teams


FORWARD.one is a venture capital firm designed to address the unique needs of early-stage startups at the intersection of hardware and software.


Dutch Security Techfund invests in early stage companies and scale 6/2019 ups, active in Cybersecurity and IoT Security solutions in close cooperation with the Hague Security Delta and business partner KPN Ventures.


Exits / IQCapital Authasas develops software to deliver strong authentication with a focus 2015 on security, usability and manageability. IQMessenger has developed a message and alerting hub for healthcare applications.



Portfolio / UNIIQ Wolk Company is the inventor of WOLK, an airbag belt to prevent hip fractures.


Sense Glove ensures the most natural interaction in VR and AR. Sense Glove allows users to touch, feel and manipulate a virtual object as if it were real.


VarmX is developing a new therapeutic protein to stop acute bleeding in 8/2016 patients, such as those with thrombosis, who use factor Xa inhibitors (oral anticoagulants).. SemioticLabs ​predicts when and why electric motors and rotating equipment will fail. Semiotic Labs’ customers use the solutions to schedule maintenance before breakdowns occur.


Andrupos is developing a system that allows the authenticity of value documents to be verified by tracing them back to their source (printer).


Hardt Global Mobility is committed to the concept of a ‘global village’ and is developing a new transport system that is as fast as an airplane and as easy as the train, for a fraction of the cost.


Fibriant focuses on the development and production of recombinant 12/2016 fibrinogen, a protein found in blood which plays an important role in blood clotting, tissue repair and enhancing natural defences against infections. LongBloom has developed a patented process to preserve flowers in a cleaner and long-lasting way (for at least 6 months)



Portfolio / UNIIQ Condi Food develops non-destructive inspection technologies for food based on hyperspectral imaging.


Sensius is working on new cancer treatments based on thermotherapy to improve treatment options for patients with head and neck cancer


Mayht develops revolutionary speaker technology that allows loudspeakers to be produced far more compactly, powerfully and costeffectively than conventional speakers.


VIBES.technology bridges the gap between simulation and measuring of sound and vibration in high-tech engineering environments in order to identify and eliminate unwanted vibration early in the design process.


Hercules is working on a drug that will enable the body to reduce the growth and spread of various forms of cancer more effectively.


Amylon Therapeutics is developing a drug candidate targeting Katwijk’s Disease, formally called Hereditary Cerebral Hemorrhage with Amyloidosis, Dutch Type (HCHWA-D).


IMSystems is introducing Archimedes Drive, a new technology standard for speed reducers with the potential to revolutionise the robotics industry.


LeydenJar Technologies B.V. is developing a new anode material to significantly increase the energy density of Li-on batteries (up to 50%).


Numeric Biotech is developing a medicine to kill senescent cells in the human body. These cells have been linked to a large number of agerelated diseases and various forms of cancer.



For more details about the UNIIQ portfolio, see www.uniiq.nl

Portfolio / UNIIQ Concord is developing a mobile birth trolley to provide care for premature 1/2018 babies, that allows the umbilical cord to remain intact. This reduces complications and increases survival. Oceans of Energy develops and delivers floating systems that generate clean energy at offshore locations.


Manometric develops a complete workflow, including a 3D-scanner, to produce perfectly fitting 3D printed hand-wrist braces. This brings personalized braces within reach for all arthritis patients.


Clockworks develops deep learning image recognition software to accurately read gas, water, and electricity meters from a picture taken with a mobile phone.


Qlayers develops hard- and software to coat industrial surfaces fully automated, making the coating more homogeneous and the coating process more efficient, safer, and more sustainable.


MyLife Technologies develops patches consisting of nanoporous microneedles allowing medication to be administered in a painless and easy manner.


Tracefy is developing a track-and-trace solution for e-bikes to provide fleetowners, bike brands, and consumers with valuable insights.


SeraNovo is developing a method to improve the oral bioavailability for poorly soluble drug molecules.


Gearbox is developing a grading robot that combines vision technology with AI to evaluate the quality of passing fruit and vegetables, and to automatically sort them accordingly.



For more details about the UNIIQ portfolio, see www.uniiq.nl


Innecs Power Systems offers industrial and other clients solutions for 4/2018 efficient energy conversion. These solutions increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. EXASUN is a Dutch developer and manufacturer of high-quality solar panels for building-integrated applications.


SET Fund III invests in European ventures with scalable solutions that are contributing to the transition of demand, supply and distribution in energy.


Platform-as-a-Service provider We4Sea develops ‘digital twins’ of ships in 1/2019 order to monitor and optimize fuel consumption of a ship or fleet.


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Fund manager ENERGIIQ +31 6 837 03 663

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Jr. Investment Manager UNIIQ +31 6 558 17 430

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Profile for InnovationQuarter

InnovationQuarter Capital brochure - English  

In this publication you will find information about InnovationQuarter Capital and the funds from which we invest in innovative companies in...

InnovationQuarter Capital brochure - English  

In this publication you will find information about InnovationQuarter Capital and the funds from which we invest in innovative companies in...