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APS 320 Masterclave

Automated Culture Media Preparation

Technical specifications APS 320

Options: AESMN0058: Sample shaker for pour plate application AESMN0054: Second pump kit AESMN0055 : Biplate option (needs AESMN0054) AESMN1026A: 2 line inkjet printer AESMN0059: Printer fitting kit AESFA91240/C : Printer starting kit AESMN0051: Ticket printer AESPM0026: Foot switch Please contact us to check options compatibility

Capacity: 320 plates / carousel filling: about 750 plates/hour Pump: Accuracy: +/- 0,25 ml / plate <20 ml Automatic calibration W x T x H: 61 x 57 x 95 cm / 45 kg 24" x 23" x 38" / 100 lbs 110-240 V – 50/60 Hz AESAP1070: Automated Pourer Stacker APS 320 for 90-100 mm plates AESAP1077: Automated Pourer Stacker APS 320 for 55-60 mm plates

Masterclave 09

Media preparation capacity 1 to 9 liters Autoclave or water bath volume: 12 liters Temperature: 25 – 125 °C (sterilization) (25-80°C distribution or water bath) Temperature control accuracy better than 1°C Heating power 3000 W W x T x H: 50 x 59 x 44 cm / 60 kg 20" x 23" x 17" / 133 lbs 230 ± 10 V - 50/60 Hz AESAP1080: Automatic Preparator Masterclave 09

Options: AESAT2000: Ticket printer for total traceability AESAP0619: Rapid connectors (2 pcs) AESAT096: Trolley

The most adapted solutions for broth or agar dispensing Automatic agar dispensing in tubes or flasks Combining our high-precision peristaltic dispenser PM05 with a XY 500 distribution module can automatically fill up to 500 tubes per cycle. The PM05 can also be used alone for semi-automatic filling. An optional printer is available for total traceability.

Productivity, Profitability, Safety, Traceability Automated sample preparation

Dilumat®3 the reference amongst gravimetric diluters

Connect our gravimetric diluter Dilumat to a Masterclave and profit from up to 9, 28 or 60 liters fresh-quality diluent. Avoid changing diluent bottles or pouches. Ideal for sample dilution in Pepton water, 1⁄2-Fraser, TSB... ®

Dilumat®4 the fully automated gravimetric diluter

Automatic Petri dish labeling LABELMASTER® reliable labeling Automatic labeling of bar code & analytical parameters lets you save about 3 hours per day to label 1,000 plates/day. Preparation of plates stacks for each sample: all needed plates for each sample are automatically sorted out.

An invaluable service from the experts in microbiology GMP: Good practices in culture Media Preparation

Worldwide service

Training sessions are regularly organized in our facilities. Ask for the program. These sessions can be proposed worldwide upon request.

Preventive maintenance, repair service, validation or calibration are available worldwide directly from us or from our authorized distributing partners. Dedicated maintenance contracts available. the culture media preparation site HEADQUARTERS • FRANCE AES Chemunex Rue Maryse Bastié • Ker Lann CS 17219 • F-35172 Bruz Cedex Tel.: + 33 (0) 2 23 50 12 12 Fax: + 33 (0) 2 23 50 12 00

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GERMANY AES Laboratoire GmbH Wilhelmstraße 49 D-74918 Angelbachtal Tel.: + 49 (0) 7265 917 912 Fax: + 49 (0) 7265 917 915

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ISO 9001 v: 2000

As a specialist of the culture media manufacturing, AES Chemunex helps you in your daily media preparation. The “good manufacturing practices” manual is an invaluable guide for using, cleaning or maintenance tasks and describes all Quality Assurance aspects of culture media preparation and testing. It contains all Quality Assurance documents and forms needed for a perfect production under Quality Assurance.

Your Laboratory deserves the best performance! APS 320


Automated Dispenser for Petri Dishes • This true walk-away system provides efficient hands-free plate preparation.

After 25 years of continuous improvements, the APS 320 system represents today probably the most developed, reliable and easy-to-use system to automatically dispense from 50 to 7500 plates per day! Particular attention has been paid to enhance productivity and to keep cleaning tasks to a minimum. Ergonomic design and automatic alarm management provides convenience and safety. Carousel capacity 320 plates. Speed up to 750 plates per hour. Built-in plate cooling device.

Rapid cleaning! no tool required to disassemble

40 programs with multi-lingual alphanumeric display

Optional shaker for automated pour-plate application

Available for ø 90-100 mm or ø 55-60 mm Petri dishes

Easily accessible for efficient cleaning

The versatile APS 320 can also fill flasks or tubes manually

Built-in plate cooling device

A second pump is available, ideal for fresh blood addition (blood agar)

Compact sized

Bi-plate preparation kit available

2-line Inkjet printer (option)

c 57


61 cm

Masterclave 09 ®

Automated Culture Media Preparator • The fifth AES Laboratoire preparator generation. • Sterility, Fertility, Reproducibility, Safety. State-of-the-art technology lets you automatically and rapidly prepare 1 to 9 liters of the highest-quality culture media New large magnetic stirrer (patented) provides excellent medium homogenization during sterilization and distribution. Accurate core temperature monitoring guarantees highest-quality agar or broth even for large-prepared volumes. New robust and lift-assisted safety cover has automatic closing above 80°C and maintenance free magnetic sensor. Polycarbonate transparent window.

Masterclave® 528 Capacity 5 to 28 liters

Large Capacity Media Preparators Easy-opening and easy-closing lid Ideal for broth or agar Graphic user Interface Mobile Validation package available

Masterclave 60 ®

Capacity 10 to 60 liters

Experience can not be copied


Patented large magnetic stirrer

Lightweight inner vessel

40 programs for standard or complex media with multilangual display

Optional transport trolley

New liftassisted safety cover

Easy-opening and easy-closing lid. Long-life gasket.

Can be used as a sophisticated 12 l - autoclave or water bath.

Optional printer for total traceability. Real-time edition of temperature curve (in opposite to thermal printer, print outs can be stored for years). Compatible with Labguard 2 radio-operated temperature central monitoring system.

AES Laboratoire is the only equipment manufacturer that also produces ready-to-use culture media. AES Laboratoire Media Preparation equipment has been used for more than 25 years by major industrial, clinical and contract laboratories, where robustness, reliability, safety and productivity are essential. More than 4,000 AES Laboratoire preparators and dispensers are in operation worldwide, ask us for a reference near you!


Masterclave ® Automated Culture Media Preparation