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Congratulations on your purchase of the Synergy N5 radio controlled helicopter kit. The Synergy N5 was designed and developed by Matt Botos in conjunction with a global network of partners. The design of the Synergy N5 emerged from many years of experience in the hobby including design, research & development, and last but not least as a world class pilot who truly enjoys this wonderful hobby. This radio controlled helicopter is NOT A TOY. It is a sophisticated piece of equipment and was designed and intended for hobby use only. If not properly assembled, maintained or operated, it is capable of causing property damage and bodily harm to both the operator and/or spectators. Synergy Helicopters Inc., its affiliates and its authorized distributors assume no liability for damage that could occur from the assembly or use/misuse of this product. If you are new to the hobby we strongly recommend seeking the help and advice from an experienced modeler. Operation an model helicopter requires a high degree of diligence and skill. If you are new to the hobby, it is best to seek help and guidance from experienced radio controlled helicopter pilots. This will both greatly speed up the learning process and make it much safer for you. For those pilots who will be operating their Synergy N5 in the United States, we strongly recommend joining the AMA. The AMA is a non-profit organization that provides services to the model aircraft pilots. As an AMA member, you will receive a monthly magazine entitled Model Aviation and most importantly a liability insurance plan to cover against possible accident or injury. All AMA charter aircraft clubs require individuals to hold a current AMA sporting license prior to operation of their models For further information, you can contact the AMA at Academy if Model Aeronautics 5151 East Memorial Drive Muncie, IN 47302 (317) 287-1256

Fuel Tank Assembly

Bag #1 610-330 Fuel Tank

Trim fuel tubing to 60mm or desired length

110-333 Fuel Clunk Tubing

Complete Fuel Tank 110-332 Fuel Clunk 106-810 Fuel Tank Stopper Grommet 110-331 Fuel Tank Stopper


Landing Gear Assembly

Bag #2 610-320 Landing Gear Strut x2

610-321 Skid Tube x2 610-322 Skid Tube Lock x4 Screw Skid Tube Lock Down on to flybar then secure within Skid Tube

101-308 M3x8 Button Head x4

Complete Landing Gear A2

Engine Clutch Assembly

Bag #3A 108-110 8x12x12 One Way Clutch (Factory Installed)

*Fan Hub install note 1. Slide Fan Hub on to crank shaft then lightly tighten down engine nut so that there is no end play in crank.(engine washer must be used!) 2. Tighten down pinch bolts 3. Insert crank locking tool (not included) and finish tightening engine nut

M4x8 Socket Head x2

101-306 M3x6 Button Head x4

610-160 Clutch

Engine Nut(not included) See Note*

100-312 M3x12 Socket Head 610-171 Cooling Fan 100-252 M2 Nylock Nut

100-312 M3x12 Socket Head

610-1172 Fan Hub

Engine Washer(not included)

107-104 2mm Pivot Ball Long

50 Sized Engine(not included)


Clutch Bell & Start Shaft Assembly

Bag #4

100-466 M4x6 Set Screw 106-955 Hex Adapter 106-326 26mm Hex Standoff x2

108-615 6x15x5 Radial Bearing

610-120 20T Pinion Gear Factory Installed

110-155 Clutch Bearing Block

108-105 10x19x5 Radial Bearing x2 108-614 6x12x4 Radial Bearing Factory Installed

610-157 Clutch Bell Install governor magnet before assembly

110-158 Clutch Lining Factory Installed 610-162 Start Shaft


Servo Tray Module Assembly Bag #4A

Servo Screw(included with servo) 100-212 M2x12 Socket Head x12 106-326 26mm Hex Stand off

610-210 Servo Tray Module

100-251 M2 Nut x6

Pivot Ball Mount Distance

For optimal performance pivot balls should be mounted between 13.5mm and 14.5mm from the center of the servo.


Digital Servo(not included)

106-115 Servo Hold Down


Servo Horn

107-104 2mm Pivot Ball Long x6


Radio Tray Assembly Bag #4B Tail Servo Pivot Ball SpacingPlace pivot ball 16.5mm away from center of servo.


Digital Mini Servo Only(not included) 100-212 M2x12 Socket Head x4

Servo Horn Servo Horn Screw

107-104 2mm Pivot Ball Long

610-211 Radio Tray

Servo Horn Screw

100-251 M2 Nut

100-212 M2x12 Socket Head x4 106-115 Servo Hold Down x2

107-104 2mm Pivot Ball Long

106-326 26mm Hex Stand off x4

Throttle Servo Pivot Ball Spacing Place pivot ball at 13.5mm away from the center of the servo. 610-211 Radio Tray

100-251 M2 Nut

Tail Servo



Switch Screws Heavy Duty Switch


Right Frame Support Installation 120-122 Anti-Rotation Guide 610-223 3x26 Threaded Spacer

Flange oriented on outside of frame 108-484 4x8x3 Flange Bearing Do not over tighten in plastic 101-308 M3x8 Button Head

Bag #5

610-310 Main Frame

610-312 Frame Connector Block 110-420 Front Canopy Mount

100-376 M3x16 Set Screw

610-316 Motor Center Block 610-422 Canopy Stand Off 100-308 M3x8 Socket Head

100-310 M3x10 Scoket Head

610-313 Arc Brace x4

100-306 M3x6 Socket Head 110-226 Tail Bell Crank Block 100-306 M3x6 Socket Head


100-312 M3x12 Socket Head

Bearing Block Assembly & Installation Bag #5 610-142 Bearing Block

106-326 26mm Hex Stand Off 10x19x6 Top Radial Bearing Block Assembly 8x19x6 Radial Bearing Block Assembly

108-106 10x19x6 Radial Bearing 108-819 8x19x6 Radial Bearing

610-142 Bearing Block

100-308 M3x8 Socket Head


Servo Tray & Radio Tray Installation

Bag #5

100-308 M3x8 Socket Head

**Do not fully tighten screws**


Clutch & Belt Idler Installation

Bag #6

108-384 3x8x4 Radial Bearing 610-318 Belt Tension Idler 109-352 3x5x2 Brass Spacer 100-320 M3x20 Socket Head

108-384 3x8x4 Radial Bearing


101-306 M3x6 Button Head

610-319 Idler Brace

Idler Assembly

100-310 M3x10 Socket Head 610-317 Idler Mount 106-930 M3 Step Washer 106-952 Governor Sensor Mount

Install governor sensor at this time. Clutch Bell Assembly


Left Frame Side Assembly Step #1 Bag #7

108-484 4x8x3 Flanged Bearing Install Bearing Flange to outside of frame

610-317 Idler Mount Block

610-310 Main Frame

101-306 M3x6 Button Head

100-310 M3x10 Socket Head

100-310 M3x10 Socket Head 610-323 Landing Gear Mount Block


Left Frame Assembly Step #2

Do not over tighten in plastic 101-308 M3x8 Button Head

Bag #7

Do not tighten bolts completely until next step.

100-308 M3x8 Socket Head

100-376 M3x16 Set Screw 610-422 Canopy Stand Off

100-354 M3 Washer 100-306 M3x6 Socket Head

100-308 M3x8 Socket Head

100-320 M3x20 Socket Head Idler Assembly

100-306 M3x6 Socket Head

100-310 M3x10 Socket Head

610-323 Landing Gear Mount Block 100-310 M3x10 Socket Head

100-306 M3x6 Socket Head 100-306 M3x6 Socket Head 610-323 Landing Gear Mount Block


Frame Alignment

With all bolts slightly loose, place frameset on a flat surface. Be sure that side frames are 90 degrees to the flat surface. Once you have achieved the correct frame alignment you may finish tightening frame bolts.


(Front view) A13

Landing Gear & Fuel Tank Installation Bag #7

106-807 Tank Edge Grommet

Fuel Tank Assembly

Landing Gear Assembly

100-316 M3x16 Socket Head


Engine Installation

Bag #5

606-305 Motor Spacer

50 Sized Motor

M3x12 Socket Head

610-316 Motor Mount


Fan Shroud Installation Bag #8 610-224 3x6x26 Threaded Frame Spacer

100-312 M3x12 Socket Head 610-342 Fan Shroud Right

100-312 M3X12 Socket Head

100-210 M2x10 Socket Head Do not over tighten!


610-343 Fan Shroud Left

107-106 Short Pivot Ball

108-483 4x8x3 Radial Bearing

Bell Crank Assembly Bag #9

X2 Note orientation of boss before assembly of pivot ball to bell crank.

610-222 Outside Elevator Bell Crank

610-221Bell Crank (Aileron & Pitch) 100-364 M3x4 Set Screw

610-228 Bell Crank Spacer

610-225 Bell Crank Shaft

107-106 Short Pivot Ball

100-364 M3x4 Set Screw 610-226 Inside Elevator Bell Crank

Do not fix bell cranks to shaft until the next page where they will fit into the frame.

101-306 M3x6 Button Head


Bell Crank Installation Bag #9

Note Bell Crank alignment hole in frame for ease of correct setup. Make sure there is no lateral movement in elevator bell crank assembly. Pinch inside bell crank to outside bell crank then tighten set screws.

101-306 M3x6 Button Head

Make sure set screws contact flat spots for both inside and outside elevator bell cranks!


Bag #10B

Tail Box Assembly

100-351 M3 Nylock Nut

615-317 Tail Lever Mount

Bag #10A

Step #2 Tail Box Assembly 615-315 9T Tail Pulley 615-312 Tail Output Shaft 106-301 M3 Shim

100-251 M2 Nut

610-224 3x6x26 Spacer

108-373 3x7x3 Radial 115-316 Tail Bell Crank

108-514 5x13x4 Flange Bearing

101-306 M3x6 Button Head x4 109-355 3x5x5 Spacer 108-373 3x7x3 Radial

100-364 M3x4 Set Screw

107-104 2mm Pivot Ball

Tail Bell Crank Assembly 115-110 Main Boom Clamp

100-320 M3x20 Socket Head

615-311 Tail Box Plate

Step #1 - Tail Bell Crank Assembly

100-335 M3x35 Socket Head x5


615-320 Tail Belt

Tail Box Assembly

Bag #10A

Step #3

615-140 Tail Boom

109-357 3x5x7 Brass Spacer 615-316 Belt Tension Idler 100-351 M3 Nylock Nut Do not over tighten belt idler bolt

101-306 M3x6 Button Head

108-384 3x8x4 Radial Bearing 108-514 5x13x4 Flange Bearing 109-357 3x5x7 Brass Spacer

615-135 Vertical Tail Fin


Tail Hub Assembly

108-494 4x9x4 Radial Bearing

Bag #10C

100-308 M3x8 Socket Head 100-354 M3 Washer

615-324 Tail Blade Grip

106-401 4mm Shim 108-495 4x9 Thrust Bearing

108-494 4x9x4 Radial Bearing

107-104 2mm Pivot Ball Use Medium CA to secure 2mm pivot ball 615-323 Tail Rotor Hub


Pitch Slider Assembly

115-322 Tail Pitch Link

Bag #10D

506-920 E-Ring

108-812 8x12x2.5 Radial Bearing

115-319 Tail Bearing Ring

106-813 Tail Slider Lock Ring 1. After installing lock ring be sure that the radial bearings do not have lateral load on them. Adjust lock ring as needed to ensure smooth operation. 2. Secure lock ring with CA or Epoxy

108-812 8x12x2.5 Radial Bearing

615-318 Tail Pitch Slider Bushing

115-321 Pitch Plate

606-921 Tail Pitch Link Pin

107-103 2mm Pivot Ball Short Use Medium CA to secure 2mm pivot ball


Tail Pitch Slider & Tail Rotor Hub Installation Bag #10A

100-364 M3x4 Set Screw


Tail Push Rod & Guides

Bag #10E

Slide Tail Control Guide to approx. 265mm from the front of the boom. 115-114 Tail Control Guide

100-320 M3x20 Socket Head 115-125 H. Fin Clamp Lower 115-130 Horizontal Fin 107-100 Ball Link 107-030 30mm Rod 115-126 H. Fin Clamp Upper

115-115 Guide Bushing

106-965 Tail Push Rod Sleeve 615-111 695mm Carbon Tail Control Rod 107-030 30mm Rod 107-100 Ball Link

Insert 30mm threaded rod approximately 17mm into carbon tube. Use Medium CA to glue threaded rod into carbon rod.

115-115 Guide Bushing is a tight press fit. We recommend using a soft jaw vise or arbor press for installation.

Approx. 5mm


Tail Boom Installation

Bag #10A

Slide belt and boom through main boom clamps until boom is flush with second boom clamp. Secure M3x35 bolts.

100-351 M3 Nylock Nut x4

115-110 Main Boom Clamp

100-335 M3x35 Socket Head x4


Boom Support Assembly

Bag #11

610-121 Boom Support Spacer x2 610-223 3x26 Spacer

115-119 Boom Support End x4 101-410 M4x10 Button Head x2 100-354 M3 Washer x2 100-330 M3x30 Socket Head x2

Lightly sand carbon rod, use medium CA to secure boom support end. 115-119 Boom Support End

109-345 3x4x5 Brass Spacer


615-117 Carbon Boom Support Rod

Main Gear/Auto Hub Assembly Bag #12A 610-147 Auto Hub Sleeve

610-151 Auto Hub Delrin Shim

101-308 M3x8 Button Head

103-204 M2x4 Type I Cross Recessed

610-170 170T Main Gear

610-151 Auto Hub Delrin Shim

610-143 Main Pulley Flange

610-146 Auto Hub Lock Collar

610-141 Main Belt Pulley 42T Auto Hub (Factory Assembled) 610-149 12x22x3 Auto Hub Bronze Bushing x2 108-109 12x18x16 One Way Auto Hub Bearing HF1216 610-148 Main Gear Auto Hub

Main Belt Pulley Assembly Bag #12B A27

Drive Train Installation

Bag #12C 610-140 Main Shaft

Install main shaft with smalller 8mm end pointing down. 100-261 M2.5x10 Socket Head 610-150 Main Shaft Collar

Main Gear Assembly

Main Pulley Assembly


Twist Belt 1/4 Turn Clockwise.

Drive Train Install Step #2

A29 Bag #12C

Gently push down on main shaft while pressing up on main shaft collar. After tightening main shaft collar ensure there is no vertical play in the main shaft. 100-320A M3x20 Shouldered Socket Head 100-351 M3 Nylock Nut x2

100-325A M3x25 Shouldered Socket Head

Tail Linkage Assembly

Bag #13

107-106 Pivot Ball 100-316 M3x16 Socket Head 108-373 3x7x3 Radial 109-352 3x5x2 Spacer 110-225 Tail Offset Bell Crank 108-373 3x7x3 Radial

107-106 Pivot Ball

107-100 Ball Link

106-301 3mm Shim

110-227 274mm Carbon Support Rod 107-100 Ball Link 107-295 295mm Tail Linkage Rod


If you are using an OS55HZ motor screw the 107-106 Pivot Ball into the top of the Tail Offset Bell Crank. This will allow the Tail Linkage Rod to clear the mid-range carb needle.


Swashplate and Washout Assembly

Bag #14

109-352 3x5x2 Brass Spacer 108-383 3x8x3 Radial Bearing

620-213 Washout Control Arm 108-383 3x8x3 Radial Bearing

100-316 M3x16 Socket Head 107-106 Pivot Ball 106-301 3mm shim 620-210 Washout Hub 106-301 3mm Shim 606-923 Washout Link Pin

107-108 Long Pivot Ball

100-364 M3x4 Set Screw 120-214 Washout Link

506-920 E-Ring

107-108 Long Pivot Ball 100-316 M3x16 Socket Head 100-310 M3x10 Socket Head 109-355 3x5x5 Brass Spacer

107-106 Pivot Ball

108-373 3x7x3 Radial Bearing

100-312 M3x12 Socket Head


107-108 Long Pivot Ball

Rotor Head Assembly Bag #15


107-100 Ball Link

100-308 M3x8 Socket Head

100-365 M3x4 Set Screw

620-123 Flybar

620-115 Head Button

120-121 Flybar Control Arm Stand Off 107-030 30mm Rod

100-364 M3x4 Set Screw 107-100 Ball Link

X2 109-351 3x5x1.6 Brass Spacer

107-106 Pivot Ball

Head Block Sub Assembly - Factory Assembled

620-119 Flybar Control Arm

Bag #15

620-110 Head Block

100-308 M3x8 Socket Head

108-363 3x6x3 Radial Bearing 106-301 3mm Shim

108-363 3x6x3 Bearing 106-301 3mm shim

101-308 M3x8 Button Head 106-363 3x6x2.5 Flange Bearing 108-383 3x8x3 Bearing 620-118 Seesaw

101-308 M3x8 Button Head

108-383 3x8x3 Bearing 106-363 3x6x2.5 Flange Bearing

606-922 2.5mm Washout Pin


Blade Grip Assembly Bag #16

620-112 Main Blade Grip

108-816 8x16x5 Bearing

Larger ID Loose Fit on Head Axle Apply Thick Grease to Thrust Bearing Smaller ID Tight Fit on Head Axle 106-803 8x1mm Washer 108-816 8x16x5 Bearing


108-817 8x16x5 Thrust Bearing

Rotor Head Assembly Bag #16

107-101 Short Ball Link

107-106 Pivot Ball 120-114 Head Axle

108-373 3x7x3 Bearing

Dampening Options Add amount to Both sides Each Side of Head Loose = 1 Thick Normal = 1Thick, 1 Thin 620-113 Head Axle Sleeve Tight = 1 Thick, 1 Medium

107-012 12mm Rod 107-101 Short Ball Link

606-803 Solid Head Damper

Note: We recommend only using amount of shims needed to take up lateral play in blade grips. Dampers are stiff enough to where they will not need much compression. 107-106 Pivot Ball 620-116 Bell Mixer (Thin) 106-801 8x.5mmWasher (Med.) 106-802 8x.75mmWasher (Thick) 106-803 8x1mm Washer 100-554 M5 Washer

109-356 3x5x6.5 Spacer 108-373 3x7x3 Bearing 100-318 M3x18 Socket Head DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN IN PLASTIC ARM

100-512 M5x12 Socket Head


Rotorhead to Swashplate Assembly Bag #17


107-100 Ball Link


107-078 78mm Control Rod

107-100 Ball Link


Rotorhead Installation

Bag #15 (Shouldered Bolt) Bag #17 (Linkage) 107-100 Ball Link

107-043 43mm Rod

100-320A M3x20 Shouldered Socket Head

X3 Ensure bolt travels through both Head Block as well as the hole in the main shaft. Make sure this bolt is securely tightened as it pinches the head block onto the main shaft.

107-100 Ball Link



M3 Nylock Nut

Elevator Linkage

Bag #17

Approx. 58.50mm

107-100 Ball Link

107-078 78mm Rod

X2 107-100 Ball Link


Aileron Linkage

107-100 Ball Link

Bag #17

7mm 0 1 . rox


107-100 Ball Link

X2 107-126 126mm Rod


Pitch Servo Linkage Bag #17

107-100 Ball Link





107-102 102mm Rod


107-100 Ball Link


Throttle Linkage

Bag #17 107-100 Ball Link

m 5m 8 .


ro pp


107-100 Ball Link


107-102 102mm Rod

Canopy, Blades, and Paddles

Bag #18

100-435 M4x35 Shouldered Bolt Tip - Push in while screwing the paddle on the flybar. Do not over tighten paddle or set screw! The stock plastic paddles are very good for smooth, medium agressive 3D flight. If you want your cyclic faster try a lighter paddle or the inner hole on the flybar carrier.

630-050 Flybar Paddle 100-451 M4 Nylock Nut

100-366 M3x6 Set Screw 110-418 Conopy Gromet

610-400 Fiberglass Canopy

Drill or ream the canopy mounting holes to 7.5mm before inserting grommets. Make certain holes are centered in the pockets. Use Medium CA to secure canopy gromets to canopy.

100-316 M3x16 Socket Head

X4 510-425 Canopy Thumb Screw


Tail Blade Install

Bag #19

630-085 Plastic 85mm Tail Blade Suggested aftermarket tail blade length between 85mm - 92mm. Anything larger is not recommended and may void the warranty.

100-351 M3 Nylock Nut

Tail Blade Spacers

100-316 M3x16 Socket Head


Synergy N5 Manual  

The Synergy N5 is the latest helicopter from designer Matt Botos

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