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Educational Resource Providers (ERP) Guide for

The Coalition of Innovating Congregations 2012-2013

August 21, 2012 Dear LOMED, LOMED Chadash, and Express Innovation Congregations: As a member of the Coalition of Innovating Congregations, you are eligible to apply for an additional grant to work with an Educational Resource Provider (ERP). We are delighted that there are eleven ERPs for you to connect with in the coming year, including four new ERPs. Select the one(s) that will best enable your teachers to experience and provide learning that is anchored in caring and purposeful relationships, is content rich and accessible; inspires questioning and challenging, and is responsive to learner inquiry. The ERP should have direct impact on the growth of your high impact model of Jewish learning. The eleven ERPS are: Avoda Arts Creatures Teach Torah Ellen Alt: Building Jewish Community Through Art Explora-Torah Facing History & Ourselves Hazon Jewish Lens Jewish Meditation Center of Brooklyn Moving Traditions Storahtelling Teva Learning Alliance In this catalogue, you will find detailed descriptions of each of the ERPs. Please read through each menu and carefully consider which of the options will best work in your model and with your priority goal.

Grant in Dollars: Double the Dollars You Spend The ERP grant is a 2:1 matching grant. If your congregation contributes $1,250, The Jewish Education Project will contribute $2,500 for a total of $3,250. If your congregation contributes $500, The Jewish Education Project will contribute $1,000 for a total of $1,500. Your congregation may contribute more than $1,250 toward the fees of the ERP, but The Jewish Education Project grant contribution is limited to $2,500. Please note that funds are limited, and this grant is competitive. Connecting with the ERP Upon receiving the acceptance letter for the matching grant, it is the responsibility of the congregation to contact the ERP. It is recommended to reach out tot the selected ERP during the application process in order to create mutually agreed upon outcomes together. The result of your conversation with the ERP will produce a tentative Action Plan that includes:  KDBB outcomes for learners (teachers, parents, and/or children) (for LOMED and LOMED Chadash congregations ONLY)  Pre-planning, learning experiences and Post-learning reflection Grant Readers want to ensure the work of the ERP enables your staff to being 21st Century Design Principles to life. Before beginning to work together, the congregation and ERP should agree on cost of services. The ERP will bill the congregation and The Jewish Education Project for the appropriate amounts. This grant opportunity is a unique possibility to work with one or more of eleven premier Jewish Educational Resource Providers. If you have any questions about this grant opportunity, please contact Shaina Wasserman at or (646) 472‐5347 or your consultant. Grant applications are due by October 15, 2012. The application can be found in back of this catalogue. Please email the application to Stacey Frank at The Jewish Education Project ATTN: Stacey Frank 520 Eighth Avenue, 15th Floor New York, NY 10018 Sincerely,

Cyd B. Weissman Director, Innovation in Congregational Learning









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Tapping into the multiple ways that people learn and communicate, Avoda Arts integrates film, photography, visual art and creative writing across the Jewish curriculum. Founded in 1999, Avoda Arts has grown into a nationally recognized source for educational consulting services, professional development opportunities and arts-based curriculum materials. Building on our work with LOMED congregations over the past three years, Avoda Arts is delighted to continue offering innovative professional learning programs for teachers and school administrators. Our program content aligns with the LOMED framework, and is based on a philosophy and practice of teaching known as arts integration. Avoda Arts is offering several LOMED opportunities, which are described below.

Menu of Opportunities 

Widening the Learning Circle: Integrating the Arts into the Jewish Classroom

Are you looking for creative, meaningful ways to help learners participate more actively, have a voice in the classroom, and feel part of the learning community? Come tap the potential of the arts for Jewish learning, self-expression and engagement. Experience how the arts embody whole-person learning and develop strategies for integrating the arts into your own teaching practice. Through a mix of hands-on practice, lively discussion and personal reflection, we explore how the arts allow us to express both our individual identity and our connections to the broader Jewish community. An arts-infused curriculum holds countless possibilities for learners – join us for a creative, substantive workshop! Audience: Administrators, family educators and teachers of all grade levels Length: Half-day or full-day Price: $1,600 half-day; $3,000 full-day 

Media Matters: Using Film to Spark Complex Conversations

When used productively in a classroom setting, short films can focus students, trigger an emotional response and provide a catalyst for thoughtful consideration and discussion of an issue or situation. Film is an immediate and a shared experience: everyone sees it together and almost everyone has an opinion, analysis or interpretation. In this workshop, we will watch several short films from the U.S., Canada and Israel. Post-viewing discussion and hands-on activities provides educators with a set of tools to guide important classroom conversations about Jewish life, values, rituals and tradition. Audience: Administrators, adult educators and teachers of grades 5 and up Length: Half-day or full-day Price: $1,600 half-day; $3,000 full-day


 Pen To Paper: Exploring Identity Through Poetry And Creative Writing

Some people believe that creative writing is essential to their learning practice because it brings moments of I nsight and transformation to their journey. During this workshop, we explore the many ways that creating writing and classroom publishing can cultivate emotional depth and meaningful learning. With a mix of hands-on activities and group discussion, we experience firsthand how poetry and creative writing breathe new life into Jewish living and learning – from history and ethics to the work of social justice. Audience: Administrators, family educators and teachers of grades 3 and up Length: Half-day or full-day Price: $1,600 half-day; $3,000 full-day  Artist’s Studio Visit

A visit to an artist’s studio is a great way for participants to experience Jewish learning beyond the classroom walls, and even beyond the traditional venues of Jewish museums and Holocaust centers. Join us for a most creative experience, as participants learn first-hand from seasoned, New York-based teaching artists who are committed to fusing Jewish and artistic practices around themes of ritual, creation and the Jewish people. Audience: Teachers, students or congregants Length: 2 hours Price: $900  Year-long Consultation with Avoda Arts

Partner with Avoda Arts and build a year-long, arts-rich learning environment that brings authenticity, depth and meaning to the students, teachers and families in your congregation. We offer flexible, custom-designed placements that work at many scales – maybe it’s an expert consultant working with several grades on curriculum enhancement, or perhaps you want to focus on a particular teaching strategy such as film, photography or performance. Guided by your congregation’s educational vision and priority goals, the Avoda consultant will offer curriculum consultation and professional learning experiences. The full-year partnership includes planning and reflection meetings to set goals for the program and assess both faculty and learner outcomes. Audience: Administrators, family educators and teachers of all grade levels Length: Current academic year Price: $5,000 - $7,000 Note: Smaller-scale consultations and targeted coaching sessions can be arranged. Contact us to learn more about these services.

Avoda Arts 917.558.9017


Creatures Teach Torah is built on the idea that self-expression and collaboration are a crucial part of the Jewish study experience. Using unique methods of storytelling, puppets, everyday objects, and lots of imagination, people of any age can engage in meaningful and creative study. For video and more information: Contact: Ora Fruchter at

SERVICES Tabletop Torah While the cast of a Tabletop Torah object theatre show can fit in a suitcase, within minutes they will fill a room with discovery, discussion and excitement about the Torah portion. Cast members of the story of the exodus might include a sponge, a glass of water and a bottle of dish soap. Which one is Moses? Which is Pharaoh? Why do you think that is? With objects stepping in to play the parts of the characters in the story, students and families are charged with the task of discovering why that object has been chosen to play the part. As they consider what Moses could possibly have to do with a sponge, participants can access the idea that the Torah is theirs to interpret. Goals:

 To engage students of any age in developing age-appropriate interpretations and connections when

exploring Torah stories.  Empower teachers to use object theatre in the classroom to encourage students to interpret Torah in a meaningful way.  Encourage mutual learning, incorporating student voices as an integral part of the lesson. Who is it for: Great for families, PreK-12th grade, college students, educators All fees include a planning consultation and follow-up conversation Tabletop Torah Performance A 45 minute Tabletop Torah performance and discussion that can be integrated into your Torah service, enliven a family program or enhance a Torah study unit. The show is tailored to your program and will bring to the table new and fun ways to be involved in Torah study. $500 Packages available for additional showings


Tabletop Torah Demo and Workshop After watching a Tabletop Torah demo, participants will learn the tools to create engaging and personal Torah study experiences using everyday objects. Number of participants: Up to 25 Length: 2-3 hour workshop Student Workshop: Starting at $325 Educator Workshop: Starting at $450 Packages available if you would like to bring us in for multiple workshops. Shorter workshops available to fit your schedule Tabletop Torah Residency A multiple day residency in which students, educators or families can learn the tools to develop Tabletop Torah, concluding in the creation and presentation of a Tabletop Torah show. This could be a wonderful option for upcoming bar/bat mitzvah students, educators, retreats or any class working on a special unit. Contact for pricing Puppet Shows The Creatures will hop, fly, and catapult into your program, assembly or class with an interactive, musical puppet show for holidays or any time of year! We are always developing new shows, so get in touch with us if you would like a show that is tailored specifically to your program. Length: 45 minutes Who is it For: Options are available for various age groups. (Common groupings are Pre-K-3rd grade and 3rd-6th grade) Puppet Show: $500 Packages available for additional showings Mah BaSak? Videos Mah BaSak? is a video series created by Ora Fruchter and Toby Singer that supports educators and families in making the learning experience fun and relatable through video, featuring original songs and puppets. Commission a Video We create videos that teach Hebrew words, Jewish values, or anything at all. Watch the free videos on our website to get some ideas. Contact for pricing info PRICING NOTES Prices do not include materials and transportation. Some prices vary based on length and type of workshop.

Contact us If you want us to come to your program, we want to be there. Let us know what you are looking for and we will work with you to create a Creatures Teach Torah experience tailored to your needs.

ELLEN ALT: BUILDING JEWISH COMMUNITY THROUGH ART How will the creative process engage your congregation? As artistic director, I bring the artist studio experience to your community, making it possible for anyone and everyone to participate. Together, we plan a project that will have the greatest impact through imagining, creating and celebrating. Everyone gets involved and it looks good in the end.

What Space will you infuse with wonder?  Entry to the building  Hallways and bulletin boards  Youth Lounge  Classrooms

Park Avenue Synagogue, K-8 Congregational School mural, 2012

What events will you celebrate with creative abandon?    

End of the year ceremonies Life cycle events Trips to Israel Holidays

Congregation-wide collage map, in preparation for Israel trip, Park Avenue Synagogue, 2004

Parochet created by Solomon Schechter of Manhattan 8th grade, presented to Romanian congregation, 2008


Which constituents do you want to strengthen in cooperation and commitment?    

Families Teens Adult Groups Kids

Consultation and Collaboration An initial consultation includes outlining the project, identifying your goals, determining the length and scope of the project and establishing our partnership. All of my work is collaborative – together we will strengthen your Jewish community while creating something lasting and beautiful for your sacred space.

Family Programming, Park Avenue Synagogue, 2012

Tree of Learning, “moving up” ceremony (Tekes Siyum), Park Avenue Synagogue, 2011

All projects include:  Consultation / project planning  Professional Development, so that your educators, clergy, congregational

leaders can be partners  Facilitation / Art Direction Projects take from a few days to a few months depending on your needs (minimum of 3 days).     

One-time consultation / project-planning fee: $500 Short-term projects (3-5 days total): $1500 per day Mid range projects (6-14 days total): $1250 per day Long range projects (more than 15 days): $1000 per day Prices include time and travel, but do not include materials. / / 917-714-2280



The world is rapidly transforming and so are we. Traditional educational systems are breaking down leaving fertile ground for us to plant new seeds. This year we offer our methodologies in easy-to-access formats and co-create with you to generate new ways to live and grow as a community. Explora-Torah (Elizabeth Yaari and Peter Pitzele) bring you events where participants explore the Torah through creative arts: Bibliodrama, Silk Painting, Shadow Theater, Mask Making, Inter-Plays, Chanting, Drumming and Guided imagery. Our new seedlings are: 1. Online Explora-Torah Training. Start anytime and learn at your own pace in your own home. Available to clergy, lay leaders, educators and individuals who are interested in energizing the creativity of their groups. Click here for details. Assistance in establishing a new paradigm of synagogue management. We help you discover the essential gifts and skills of your community and guide you in the creation of self governing circles around the hub of the sanctuary. 3. Occupy Torah! Invite family and friends of 7th graders to an event to interpret the Torah Portion creatively. Use this experience as a basis of the dvar Torah on the day the student becomes a bar/bat mitzvah. Please contact us for more information and pricing for annual and part-time programming. Elizabeth Yaari: (631) 935 2212 cell 16 Gaines Place, Huntington, NY 11743


Facing History and Ourselves 14 East 4th St, 3rd Floor, Suite 3003 New York, NY 10012 (212) 992-7380

For 35 years, in Facing History and Ourselves classrooms worldwide, middle and high school students have learned about individual and group decision-making in history and how it informs their lives. Adolescents struggle with questions about obedience, loyalty, fairness, difference and acceptance. By exploring the Holocaust and other historical cases, students ask why some people conform to group norms when those norms sanction wrongdoing (from classroom bullying to genocide), while others speak out. Facing History offers a framework and a strong moral vocabulary for how young people can make a positive difference. Using Facing History’s framework, resources, and interactive teaching strategies coupled with specialized materials developed for Jewish educational settings, Facing History’s Jewish Education Program helps young people understand how their Jewish values can help guide them to lead lives that honor the principles of tikkun olam. Students recognize how a common history and shared values connect Jews around the globe.

Menu of Opportunities  Introductory Seminar The seminar gives attendees a modeled version of a potential class for B’nai Mitzvah years and beyond. After attending, teachers/schools gain access to Facing History’s extensive video library and on-line resources along with one-on-one support from Facing History staff post-seminar. Price: $700 registration per participant (scholarships available).

 On-site and Free Workshops After or before participation in a seminar, on-site workshops can be arranged at your location. These can be customized to the needs of the school. There are also free workshops during the year around the NYC area. Price: $1300 - $2600 (for on-site workshops, half day – full day)

 Other Benefits & Resources Participation in these opportunities offers continuous support from a Facing History Program Associate and access to Facing History’s Educator Resources, Online Campus, and Lending Library. Learn More: www.FacingHistory.Org/ProfessionalDevelopment or contact the Jewish Education Program at 617-232-1595 or the New York office at 212-992-7380. Facing History and Ourselves Helping Classrooms and Communities Worldwide Link the Past to Moral Choices Today 14 East 4th St, 3rd Floor, Suite 3003 New York, NY 10012 (212) 992-7380 Jewish Education Program 617-232-1595 www.FacingHistory.Org/ProfessionalDevelopment 12

Hazon: Jews, Food, & Contemporary Life In synagogues across the county, learners are busy sprouting seeds, grinding wheat berries into whole wheat flour, cooking dinner for their families, planting gardens and learning how Jewish tradition both informs and inspires their food choices. Hazon, America’s largest Jewish environmental organization has developed many Jewish Food Education resources, curricula, and activities to help educators and individuals address contemporary food issues through a Jewish lens. Hazon resources are extensively used by elementary through high school students, families, and adult learners and include: Min Ha’Aretz : An interdisciplinary classroom-based curriculum about food and Jewish tradition which promotes awareness of contemporary food issues that are infused with Jewish values and traditions, designed for grade late elementary/ early middle school students. Food for Thought: Hazon’s sourcebook on Jews, food, and contemporary life and includes traditional Jewish texts, in Hebrew and English, and a range of contemporary Jewish and non-Jewish texts, for use with high school students. Setting the Table, a cooking class for parents of young children, kitchen facilities required. Home for Dinner, a series of family education programs geared towards bringing the families of late elementary/ early middle school students together around the dinner table. Gan Nashim, a camp-based curriculum focused on body image and healthy eating for adolescent girls, and for more, visit

Be a part of the Jewish Food Education community by experiencing… An Introduction to Jews, food, and contemporary life - 2 hour staff development program -$1,150 This program will allow your teachers to take the powerful experience of connecting Jewish tradition and the food we eat during Jewish holidays and every day into their learning environments. Teachers will gain hands-on experience with selected Hazon curricula and leave with new resources, ideas, and understandings about how to incorporate these materials into their own learning environments. In addition, the staff is invited to join JFEN in order to access monthly training calls, our electronic resource database, and to join our educator listserv. Cooking & Learning – 2 hour family program -$2,000 (does not include cost for food or kitchen equipment – access to a kitchen is strongly recommended but not prohibitive) This program will allow your families to participate in the powerful experience of preparing and eating a meal together, supporting parents and their children, parents and parents, and parents and the synagogue staff in connecting in new ways and experiencing learning together. A post-program follow up session with the staff will provide an opportunity for staff to reflect on how this program is an example of whole person learning and will enable the staff to run the program themselves in future years. JFEN Training at the Hazon Food Conference – 4 day conference at Isabella Freedman- $450 + travel Your staff will connect with and learn from educators who are bringing food and farming into synagogues across the country. The small group setting allows for ample time to hear about new curricula, explore creative programming designed for children, youth, and adults, and consider how best to adapt the resources for your learners. Here is what one participant said, “I've been using the wonderful Min Ha-Aretz curriculum since September, and having the chance at the conference to meet with the creators of the curriculum (along with a group of other outstanding educators) will truly enhance what I am able to share with my 7th and 8th graders. The passion, energy, and creativity that flowed through the conference was incredibly inspiring.” Marcia M. Scholar-in-Residence – Learning with Nigel Savage - $750 - $2,000+ (depending on travel and length of visit) Nigel Savage, the founder and Executive Director of Hazon, has spoken extensively about the new Jewish Food Movement. Your staff and community will learn together with Nigel from Food for Thought. Nigel has spoken on Local Values, Global Reality: New Jewish Insights into How and What We Eat and Jewish Food Ethics in the World. Hazon means vision, and our mission is to create healthier and more sustainable communities in the Jewish world and beyond.


OVERVIEW Today’s media saturated culture is challenging the way that participants learn and create meaning. The Jewish Lens (TJL) is meeting this challenge in Jewish education by shifting a traditional frontal model to one that is experiential and holistic in its approach. Using the photographs of Zion Ozeri as a springboard, participants examine values and ideas embedded in our tradition and teachings and then express their interpretations of them through their own photography and personal midrash. TJL innovative methodology is closely aligned with the LOMED whole person learning framework and is based on three fundamental principles, namely that Jewish education should 1) be experiential, 2) have an emotional and social basis, and 3) empower the learner. Through The Jewish Lens:  Students will come away with critical and creative thinking skills as well as a portfolio of work that can be used in pursuit of college, internships and/or jobs.  Educators will hone visual literacy skills and add new strategies to their teaching tool box about how to engage students in a more dynamic way.  Family members, learning together, will explore, express and share values that strengthen their sense of self and in relation to feeling part of a collective or kehillah/community.

MENU OF SERVICES Core Program Plus Enliven learning by using photography as an up-to-date way to gain a meaningful interpretation of our traditions and teachings. The program culminates in a student photography exhibition, bringing together participants, educators and the community to celebrate the students’ visual and verbal expressions of what being Jewish means to them. The program includes: TJL Curriculum – Third Edition with 46 high quality photographs and a CD-ROM, a planning consultation to assess specific needs and interests, an on-location teacher training workshop (up to 3 educators/ staff for 2 ½ hours), a mid-point check-in phone call and a final debriefing call to discuss essential learning and recommendations for the following year. Educators and students will be invited to join TJL’s private social networking site, which not only serves as a venue for the entire class to exchange students’ photographs and comments, but also for educators to connect with other TJL educators and for students to connect with other TJL students. Audience: Educators for students 5th – 12th Grade Price: $1800

Curriculum Customization

Do you already own TJL’s Curriculum – 3rd Edition and want to use it in an innovative way to advance your global curricular goals? Consider using TJL methodology to enhance your Israel programming, social service program, Torah study, environmental study, or other subject areas. Let TJL staff help guide your planning process to design and implement a thematically integrated program. This program includes: Professional development session and 3, one-hour customization sessions. Audience: Educators for students in 5th – 12th Grades Price: $1500-$2000 (depending on length of professional development) 14

 Photography Expedition Workshops Using NYC as the backdrop, participants will deepen their understanding about the history, traditions and values of Jewish communities rooted in NYC. Participants will learn how to read a photograph and then apply those skills to doing their own camera work during an on-site photo shoot on the Lower East Side, Brighton Beach or other location of choice. This program includes: the expedition workshop, 1 - 2 workshop sessions with a planning consultancy, an orientation for staff/trip leaders, written guidelines about how to carry through lessons learned to build towards a PowerPoint of participants’ work for future use in the school/synagogue. Audience: Families or teens Price: $1500 - $2600 based on the length of workshop (full or half day) and the number of participants

 Professional Development Let TJL staff work with you to design a professional development experience that addresses your congregation’s educational vision and goals. Drawing on the LOMED framework and TJL methodology of exploring photography with text, participants will engage in a series of hands-on activities, have ample time for personal reflection and group discussions to help integrate learning. Materials fee not included. Audience: Educators and other staff serving Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School, Adults Price: $1000 for half day (3-hrs), $2000 for full day (for up to 12 participants), another fee for more than 12 participants.

 Israel Exchange Building on 5 years of success, TJL will replicate its Global Jewish Connections Living Bridge project with your school/congregation to create a programmatic bridge between your school and your “twin” in Israel. The partnership will deepen participants’ understanding of the values that stretch beyond geography, culture and language. The initiative includes ongoing consultations, meetings with the community of practitioners, site visits and participation in an educators’ seminar (in NY or Israel) to help foster real world learning and strengthen relationships between all participants. Audience: Educators serving 5th – 7th Grade (with their students and families) Price: TBD – based on program components

The Jewish Lens (TJL) offers experiential Jewish educational programming, engaging youth and young adults in the exploration of Jewish values, identity and tradition while discovering the diversity and unity of Klal Yisrael- Jewish Peoplehood. TJL’s innovative approach couples the emotional impact of photography with more traditional text-based learning, empowering participants to both strengthen their link to Judaism and then express it through their own photographs and commentary.

The Jewish Lens Exploring Identity … Discovering Peoplehood 


The Jewish Meditation Center (JMC) specializes in the integration of Jewish meditation, learning, spiritual practice and community building through programming that speaks to participants of all ages and backgrounds who are searching for a connection to Judaism that feels authentic and meaningful. Our innovative programs, all incorporating learning and practicing Jewish meditation, are based on the idea that truly sustainable tikkun olam (repairing the world) happens from the inside out. Since 2009, JMC has not only engaged thousands of participants, we also have received notable recognition and support, including the Joshua Venture Group Fellowship for social entrepreneurs worth over $100,000, residency in Bikkurim: an incubator for new Jewish ideas and we were named, for the second year in a row, by Slingshot 11’-’12 as one of the 50 most innovating nonprofits in North America! And, JMC’s Executive Director, Alison Laichter, was selected as one of the Jewish Week’s 36 Under 36: Visionaries for a New Era. We are excited to offer programs for LOMED congregations that will enrich and inspire staff, congregants, kids, and adults with meaningful Jewish learning, meditation, spiritual practice and community building. Check out all of the opportunities below!

Menu of Opportunities Introduction to Jewish Meditation The JMC’s version of Jewish Meditation 101. Judaism has a very long history of meditation and contemplative practice as a way to cultivate compassion, personal transformation, and connection. This session will cover the basics of Jewish meditation with instruction, short exercises, Q & (maybe) A, and discussion. The workshop is open to people of all levels of experience and backgrounds, and is designed to offer a broad introduction to Jewish meditation, teachings, and contemplative practice. Length: 1 1/2 hours. Audience: Staff & Community Price: $500

Tikkun Olam from the Inside Out

Agents of change must have an understanding of their emotional landscape and a deep sense of interconnection in order to make lasting change, avoid burnout, truly become their best selves, and create a better world. This workshop weaves together the practice of Jewish meditation and social justice. The interactive session will include meditation instruction, practice, and discussion on how contemplative practice can support our work in repairing the world. Open to participants of all levels. This workshop can be geared specifically for different groups, including social justice professionals, synagogue staff and educators, and teens! Length: 2 Hours Audience: Staff & Community Price: $500

A Taste of Jewish Meditation: Shabbat Programming

Bring Jewish meditation to your community with this Shabbat-focused introductory workshop on Jewish Meditation. Participants in this hour-long pre-Kabbalat Shabbat workshop will be led through an introduction to Jewish meditation and contemplative practice leading into a Shabbat service. The program will include experiential learning using Jewish ritual, text, and prayer. This workshop will seek to strengthen connections between mindfulness, Judaism, and meaningful spiritual life at your congregation. The workshop will include meditation instruction, short practice periods, and reflective discussion. Absolutely no meditation experience is necessary. Length: 1 hour Audience: Community Price: $720 16

Getting in the Mood… for Jewish Holidays This program creates an inclusive space to “get in the mood” for upcoming Jewish holidays to make them deeply meaningful. Workshops include an overview of the holiday, guided meditation based on holiday themes, writing meditation, and reflective discussion. Participants will be able to take home materials and resources that can be used at home, at synagogue, at the seder table, etc. An incredible preparation for those who regularly celebrate the holidays, as well as for those who are looking for a way to connect to the Jewish calendar. Available for High Holy Days, Chanukah, Tu B’Shvat, Purim, Passover, Shavuot, and more! Length: 2 hour Audience: Staff & Community Price: $720/workshop, & discounted packages for class series available to LOMED congregations

B’nai Mitzvah Class series—7th/8th graders Teens and ‘tweens studying for their bar or bat mitzvahs are questioning their place in the world, their Jewish practice and identity, and figuring out who they are and what kind of future lives they each want to create. Through the JMC’s B’nai Mitzvah Class Series, students learn relevant and resonant Jewish meditation teachings and practices to engage with Judaism in a meaningful way that can sustain them through adolescence and adulthood. Class series includes Jewish teachings and stories, instruction on Jewish meditation infusing prayer and Torah study, practice time, and meaningful and engaging discussions. This experiential and groundbreaking program offers students the following:

   

Age appropriate and inspiring Jewish mediation teachings and practices An open and inclusive approach to meaningful engagement with Jewish practice Insightful connections between Jewish texts and prayers to their daily lives and concerns Supportive community of peers to explore and deepen their Jewish spiritual lives Length: 6 Class Series, 1 hour/class Audience: 7th & 8th graders Price: $3,000

JMC Training for Staff & Educators

A full-day training and retreat to deepen participants’ personal Jewish meditation practices while cultivating the skills and developing the tools needed to lead meditation in the community. The Training Program includes meditation practice instruction, practical experience in facilitating meditation, understanding and offering kavanot (intentions) based on the weekly Torah portion, and skills to guide open and meaningful group discussion. Length: 2 days Audience: Jewish educators, experienced meditators, Synagogue staff Price: $500/person

Jewish Meditation Consulting We want to share what we have learned from our experience developing Jewish meditation programming and content. With a growing interest in connecting Jewish meditation to organizational, educational, and congregational work, the JMC offers consultation with our Jewish meditation instructors and program developers for an hourly fee. The JMC consultant can help you to develop a program that connects Jewish meditation to a variety of topics and communities. Price: $175/hour


Moving Traditions’ programs for teen girls and boys will engage your youth in the issues that matter most in their lives, give them an ongoing experience of authentic Jewish community, and keep them engaged in the intellectual and spiritual questions at the heart of Jewish life. Great Opportunity for LOMED Congregations!

   

All five years of the Rosh Hodesh: It’s a Girl Thing! curriculum. Professional development: Moving Traditions’ two-day training for your group leaders. On-site Moving Traditions’ training on Jewish teens and gender for your entire staff. Opportunity to partner on Shevet Achim: The Brotherhood program for teen boys

“The Moving Traditions training got at the root issues underneath bullying, homophobia, sexual aggression, and body image and trained us to address the gender development of our teens.” - Participant in Moving Traditions training, summer 2011 Cost for LOMED partners: $2,500 In the last decade, Moving Traditions has trained over a thousand educators and has touched the lives of over 10,000 teens. If you are interested in working with us to bring a proven model of Jewish learning that focuses on the core issues in teens’ lives to your community, please contact: Nicole Nevarez ( Not ready to launch a group? We are also offering customized workshops for LOMED Congregations-- $500-$1500, depending on the scope. Moving Traditions will customize workshops for your congregation (teen programs, programs for parents of teens, and professional development for educators), such as:  Building Strength and Resiliency in Jewish Teens  Teaching Girls to Lead: Ongoing Challenges and Successful Strategies  Today I am a Man: How Comedy, Debate, Competition and a Dose of Ancient Wisdom Can Shape a New Paradigm for Teen Boys  A Look at Teen Pop Culture: Understanding the Media that they Consume and Why it Matters


WHAT WE DO: THE MAVEN METHOD™ Storahtelling is an educational innovator, a training institute, and a network of of educators, artists, and performers who invigorate Jewish identity through modern stagecraft and the art of storytelling. Storahtelling makes ancient stories and traditions accessible to new generations, advances Judaic literacy and restores relevance to modern Jewish life. Storahtelling’s groundbreaking adaptation of the Torah Service created an exciting arena for multi-generational learning, to meet participants where they are, and to present a new approach to Jewish learning that activates one’s heart, mind and behavior in the world. This work is built from Storahtelling’s innovative methodology, combining classical Jewish educational approaches, translation, and modern stagecraft, to revitalize this ancient ceremony and transform it into an exciting, participatory and compelling educational event. In 10 years, over 2,500 Storahtelling programs have engaged and excited over 500,000 people in synagogues, schools, summer camps, theaters, museums, churches, public venues, online domains. The “Maven,” an all but forgotten Jewish professional, functioned for over 1,500 years as local orator, storyteller and translator who helped audiences understand and relate to the reading of Torah. Storahtelling has redefined and restored the Maven’s role to meet modern needs and structural formats, as a key provider of access to Judaic literacy.

STORAH-OFFERINGS FOR LOMED 2012-2013 60-90 Minute Maven Workshops: $750 Meet the Maven An interactive study session on the ancient art of Torah translation and its contemporary relevance, using Judaic and literary theory and commentary. This workshop is suitable for adults, educators and older students.

Backstage with Storahtelling An on-your-feet interactive workshop designed to inspire participants to experiment with Torah translation and to increase comprehension and relevancy of Judaism's ancient texts using theatre exercises and translation techniques. This workshop and can be tailored for adults, educators or students. Maximum 30 participants

Finding Your Bulls-eye An introduction to one of the key steps in Storahtelling’s Maven Methodology – FOCUS. Finding Your Bullseye teaches tools for taking any story (we will work with ancient Torah texts) and find the core message or value you want learners to engage with – and how to help them find their own bulls-eyes for themselves – using multiple perspectives, whole person learning and ultimately a newfound accessibility around ancient texts.


EDUCATOR’S ½ day seminar: PRICE: $1500* (Actual Time: 3-4 hours) Inspire and empower your community to experiment further with creative Torah translation. Go backstage and between the lines with Storahtelling professionals, as participants get on their feet and experiment with their own Storahtelling-inspired dramatization of selected Torah passages. This workshop is ideal for lay leaders, educators and life-long learners, as well as those interested in pursuing more formal training with Storahtelling. *Cost for 1 trainer per group of 30 max. Groups over 30 will require a 2nd trainer at a cost of $1800

WHAT DO YOU WALK AWAY WITH?  Your team of educators and educational leaders will walk away with new ways of teaching, concrete workshop/activity ideas, a better understanding of the total Maven Method picture and time/space to be able to adapt and create your own ways of using the methods and practices of Storahtelling Maven in your work.  You also may consider a next step for your congregation in moving towards identifying leaders in your communities who would want to become full-fledged Mavens.


The Teva Learning Alliance exists to transform Jewish education through experiential learning that fosters ecological sustainability. We specialize in education that allows learners to construct meaning through inquiry and awareness. Learning with Teva is enlivened by contact with the natural world and informed by three thousand years of dialogue on the relationships between God, creation, and humanity. Building on our past work with LOMED congregations, Teva is excited to continue offering innovative professional development opportunities for teachers and powerful learning experiences for congregants. All Teva LOMED workshops are primarily constructed around the congregation’s long-term goals for learner outcomes. To achieve these goals, Teva workshops operate in these main content areas:  Chaggim & Shabbat: Integrate earth-inspired celebration throughout the Jewish year  Tefila & Spirituality: Inspire prayer, radical amazement, and spirited living for learners of all ages  Tzedek u’Mishpat: Invite meaningful conversation and action around justice issues and

Torah ethics

 Let the Earth Teach You Torah: Utilize your local forests, gardens, and even lawns as

outdoor classrooms  Havurah Yerukah / Greening Your Community: Work on a specific environmental issue

Teva creates inquiry-based cross-generational learning for all ages and streams of Judaism, with a particular specialty in B’nai Mitzvah, Family, High School and Early Childhood education.

Menu of Opportunities  Targeted Teva Workshop

Plan a powerful half-day learning event for your teachers or congregants around an area of professional growth and content meaningful to your community. This workshop will include consultation to help craft an experience that is uniquely suited to your congregation’s goals, and post-event reflection and assessment. Looking for some ideas? Consider a leadership workshop with your teens and a debrief with your teachers on Teva's approach to working with teens? Maybe a session which fosters spiritual growth through Teva's time-tested methodologies for building awareness, connection, or meaningful, nature-inspired tefilah – perhaps something that brings together teachers, families with young children, and clergy? Or a session on creating whole-person lesson plans? Contact us to discuss which targeted workshop is perfect for your learning goals this year. Price: $1800, includes Teva travel costs


 Teva Educators in Residence

Invite two Teva educators into your congregation for a weekend (or equivalent) of in-depth learning. Imagine two days which bring to life your congregation’s priority goal across the spectrum of your community - your teachers, families, teens, clergy, and even your building committee! Imagine two days of Shabbat or holiday celebration that creates meaningful relationships, deep connections to Torah, and fosters discovery and inquiry. The Teva Educators in Residence model is also ideal for jump-starting a community greening initiative or garden, as the culmination to several days of learning. We can also spend the first day working with your teachers and clergy to craft something that they facilitate on the second day, with our educators as support staff. Price: $3600, includes Teva travel cost. Home hospitality would be needed for two Teva educators.  Year-long Teva Consultation with Three One-day Intensives

Let a senior Teva educator help you to integrate whole-body, inquiry-based, Jewish education into your curriculum year-round, and have Teva join you for three exciting intensives of your choosing. These one-day intensives can happen at your synagogue or, for no additional cost, you can retreat to one of Teva’s beautiful partner sites, Henry Kaufman Campgrounds (Long Island, NY), Surprise Lake Camp (Cold Spring, NY), or a local park of your choosing. This model allows you to establish a long-term relationship with Teva, build momentum, and spark vibrant moments of celebration and reflection. Price: $5000, includes Teva travel costs and site costs (no meals)  Teva Seminar on Jewish Environmental Education

The Teva Seminar on Jewish Environmental Education is an innovative professional development opportunity for those interested in Jewish education, experiential education, sustainability, camping, gardening, taking action to develop congregation-wide environmental ethics or just plain having fun. Choose a track of learning from five full days of jam-packed coursework to create a professional development opportunity just right for you and your teachers. You will leave with curriculum resources from all the Teva Seminar sessions and will be included in future networking events. Next year’s Seminar will be June 12-15, 2011 and will be followed by our second ever Shabbaton on June 15-17. For more information, visit Price: $600/ person for basic housing (full five days, including Shabbaton)

If workshops have high numbers of participants, Teva may require the addition of extra educators at a rate of only $250/educator. Teva is open to models that combine more than one congregation.

Teva Learning Alliance Engaging Mind, Body & Spirit


GRANT OPPORTUNITY with Educational Resource Providers (ERPs) Please return before October 15, 2012. Limited funds are available. Name of Congregation: Contact Person: 1. If your congregation worked with an Educational Resource provider (ERP) last year, please list the ERP(s) below. If this will be your first time applying to work with an ERP, please skip to question #3.

2. Describe the scope of your work with an ERP last year. What goals did you set? What outcome(s) did you achieve?

3. Please list the ERP(s) you plan to work with this year:

4. In what ways will the ERP serve to expand and intensify your high impact model?      

Strengthen our 21st century model of congregational learning Support powerful learning Support professional learning Strengthen your network to resources and other congregations Achieve our identified outcomes Other:


ACTION PLAN 5. Please elaborate on your desired outcomes for 2012-2013. What impact do you expect the ERP to have on your Model, and/or learners, and/or educators?

6. Please describe the pre and post experience plan including the timeframe for pre (team planning and learning) and post learning (reflection) and experience.

The grant requires the congregation to: 1. Provide learner Outcomes (KDBB) for the group the ERP works with. (for LOMED & LOMED Chadash Congregations ONLY) 2. Sample work resulting from the work with the ERPs.

PLEASE COMPLETE THE ESTIMATED BUDGET Total estimated cost for working with the ERP: Expected LOMED Grant contribution (matching twice the congregation, up to $2,500) Congregation Contribution: Please return this application to: Stacey Frank 646-472-5438 Before October 15, 2012 Limited funds available.


ERP Options Packet  

ERP Options Packet

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