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5 Easy Jewish Camp Recruitment Tools for the High Holy Days 1. Place flyers on the “Info Table” or on seats at family services. a. Make copies the “One Happy Camper” flyer b. Create a simple flyer “10 Jewish Camps for [insert congregation name]”. List the camps with websites c. “Ask Me About Jewish Camp” – include parent ambassadors with email, congregational professionals with email, along with camp affiliation(s) 2. Remarks from the Bimah. Some possibilities: a. President: “You can make a difference in many ways including providing dollars for Jewish Summer Camp scholarships.” b. President: “Along with the multitude of ways in which your dollars positively impact the lives of our congregation’s youth through congregational programs, your dollars also help provide our children with the summers of their lives at extraordinary Jewish Summer Camps.” c. Anyone: “Each summer children from our congregation spend the summer in safe, fun, friend-filled environments at incredible Jewish Summer Camps. You help/can help send them for the summer of their lives…” 3. Newsletter/Blog Post about camp and how camp is related to Sukkot a. Follow a Sukkot or Simchat Torah theme: nature, change of environment, the fun of community, celebration, and adventure, renewal, etc. b. Repost or provide a link to your camp(s)’s blog posts related to the holidays. 4. Encourage “Camp Kids” to talk about camp opportunities at the following times: a. Youth Group Settings b. Educational Settings c. In appropriate formal or informal educational environments 5. Talk about Jewish Summer Camp as part of the cycle of learning, Jewish Life or congregational life as part of Consecration. a. Begin to lay the groundwork with your youngest children, their parents, and their grandparents. b. Possible phrasing: “Along your journey with [insert congregation name] you will participate in our educational program, graduate from kindergarten, spend summers at Jewish summer camp, take part in bar or bat mitzvah, join with the teen community for Confirmation and our Social Justice trip, graduate, and celebrate the rest of the milestones of your life’s journey.”