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Innovatech Unveils Its High Grade Polishing System Innovatech, the world leaders in surface preparation techniques, recently unveiled their latest innovation, I-Shine, which seems to be the ultimate in concrete floor polishing technology. When it comes to presenting state-of-theart concrete floor grinder and related technologies, the company has developed a special niche in the industry. Over the years, they are constantly providing new and more advanced mechanisms to cover large surface areas within a minimum timeframe. Innovatech believes that I-Shine is all set to revolutionize the concrete polishing techniques in the coming times. It brings simple maneuvering, high tooling quality, economy, and speed, everything that users hope for in their grinding and polishing machines. These come with top notch pads containing a matrix made from resin Diamond. Now it becomes possible for users to go for efficient polishing or grinding jobs without worrying about related quality. Most of the available diamonds used as a tile scraper, grinder, or polisher tend to glaze over when it comes to hard concrete surfaces. With I-Shine, this no longer remains a limitation. The diamonds related to this device are present on buffing-type, high strength pads. In order to keep the diamonds in place the developers have used a special kind of glue that allows fast speed and high temperatures without coming undone. Compared to the traditional methods that use phenolic resins, I-Shine pads signify three times faster mechanisms. Also, there are no more lippage burn marks related to plastic resins common with the traditional varieties. I-Shine no doubt, gives operators a superior and specialized option for dealing with polishing concrete floors that was not present before. This latest technological innovation comes with both wet and dry grinding options based on the requirements of specific environments. Such floor grinders no doubt ups its possibilities for various industries and Innovatech clients are quite jubilant regarding this specialty addition. For more information about the company or to browse through the various floor removal, grinding and concrete polishing products that they offer, please visit the website

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Contact Information :: Innovatech Address: 832 80th St. SW., Everett, Washington, United States, 98203 Phone: 800-267-6682 Fax: 425-402-8547 Email: Website:

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