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New Venture Competition Finale April 17, 2020

Tonight’s Agenda Friday, April 17, 2020 | 6:30-7:45pm EST 6:35-6:45pm: Welcome & Awards Learn about Innovate@BU, our staff, and the New Venture Competition. Plus, we’ll announce this year’s recipients of the Henry Morgan Award for an outstanding Innovate@BU community member and Innovate@BU Students of the Year Award!

The big moment is finally here... All year, Boston University entrepreneurs have been preparing for this moment! Tonight, the annual New Venture Competition, BU’s biggest pitch competition, will come to a close as we announce the winning teams who will take home $6,000-$18,000. In this lookbook, learn more about the competition, meet the finalists, and find out how you can get in touch with them.


6:45-7:30pm: 60-second Pitches & Winner Announcements The 12 finalists will each give a 60-second pitch about their tech or social impact venture followed by an Audience Choice Vote for each track! The Audience Choice winners will receive an extra cash prize. After all teams have pitched, we will announce the top three cash prize winners of each track! • 1st place: $18,000 • 2nd place: $8,000 • 3rd place: $6,000 *Please note: The finalists have presented longer closed-room pitches to judges earlier in the day.

7:30-7:45pm: Thank you! Before we wrap-up this year’s finale, we’ll let you know what’s coming up at Innovate@BU and how you can get in touch with the finalists!

How the Competition Works

Meet the Finale Judges

The annual New Venture Competition (NVC) is a three-round pitch competition that gives early-stage BU entrepreneurs a chance to win up to $18,000 and transform their ideas into something real!


WHO The competition is open to BU student-led (undergrad or grad) or recent alumni (graduated within one year) ventures in the seed, start-up, or early growth stages. WHAT With two tracks for Tech Ideas and Social Impact Ideas, the competition is appropriate for ventures of any kind including tech, consumer, creative, or social impact. HOW The competition is made up of three rounds that ultimately awards $6,000-$18,000 to the top six teams (three from each track).

Round 1: 100

Round 1 - Pitch & Pizza: Over the course of six pitch nights, 100 students present 60-second pitches without slides. Both judges and audience voting help decide which teams will move to Round 2.

Round 2: 22 teams

Round 2 - Semi-finals: 22 teams present 10-minute pitches to industry judges. Teams must present their problem, value creation, competition, go-to-market strategy, financials, and team.

Round 3: 12 teams

Finale: 6 winners

Round 3 - Finals: 12 teams present 10-minute pitches to industry judges. Teams must present the progress they’ve made with a Lean Canvas and share how the prize money will help them launch. Finale: Judges choose six winners (three from each track) to win cash prizes: 1st) $18,000, 2nd) $8,000, and 3rd) $6,000. The audience will also vote for two teams to win an extra cash prize.

Nirav Dagli Founder & CEO, Spinnaker Analytics Christina Fisher Executive Director, MA & Northeast, TechNet Bill Hewitt President & Chief Executive Officer, Aternity Rob Kornblum Founder, StartLaunchGrow.com Dan Vidaña Director, District Hall Acting Director, Roxbury Innovation Center SOCIAL IMPACT TRACK JUDGES Eliza Berg Learning Community Officer, MIT Solve Beverly Brown Director of Development–Industry, Boston University School of Public Health Chris Gilrein Director of Business Development, Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Justin Kang Vice President of Economic Growth, Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Li Liang Managing Director, BUild Lab IDG Capital Student Innovation Center, Boston University Innovate@BU



BeagleNet BeagleNet is a network of sensing devices designed to get the data we need about urban environments into your hands. With our proprietary Mobile Environmental Sensing Platform (MESP) units deployed on top of public transportation and ride-sharing vehicles, collecting real-time data on environmental characteristics such as air quality, road conditions, and crowd density has never been easier. Team members: Pavel Gromov (BU ENG’22), Peter Siegel (BU ENG’22), Dylan Derose (BU ENG’22), Jordan Nichols (BU CAS’22) Contact: pavelg@bu.edu Instagram: @thebeaglenet Website: thebeaglenet.com



CleanSeat Clean Seat has designed a retrofittable toilet seat that can be used to cheaply and effectively prevent common toilet messes. It ensures that you will never have to use a dirty public toilet seat again. Team members: Kevin Tang (BU QST’22), Tai Kang, (BU ENG’20) Contact: Kevin Tang, krtang@bu.edu, 630-460-0953



Go Off! Go Off is an online platform designed to re-engineer the way we have conversations online. Our platform entails a website and a chrome extension designed to enhance user experience, allowing users to engage in conversations on a local and global scale. Team Members: Glo Robinson (BU CGS’20, COM’22), Danielle Padilla (BU COM’21), Sabeer Narula (BU CGS’21, CAS’23), Ben Maher (BU ENG’21), Emma Nelson (BU COM’22), Jali Griesbach (BU COM & CAS’22) Stephanie Lieu (BU CAS’22), Kailey Truczinskas (BU COM’21) Contact: Glo Robinson, grobins@bu.edu; Danielle Padilla, dcpadill@bu.edu; Sabeer Narula, sn23@bu.edu 6


Holdette Holdette makes professional workwear with real pockets for women entering the workforce. Team members: Sarah Greisdorf (BU CAS’20), Harper Wayne (BU COM’22), Shea Robinson (BU COM’20), Jenni Todd (BU COM’20), Rachaithaa Shetty (Northeastern), Maryam Gilanshah (George Washington University), Cameryn Blake (University of Cincinnati) Contact: sarah@holdette.com Instagram: @holdette Website: holdette.com



Parkaze Parkaze is an online shared economy marketplace where users can host and rent privately owned parking spots. Team members: Amal Radhakrishnan (BU MET’19), Oindrilla Chatterjee (BU MET’19), Ashwin Pillai (BU MET’19) Contact: hello@parkaze.com Instagram: @weareparkaze Website: parkaze.com



VYVID XR VYVID XR is developing a virtual reality platform to improve patient care, enhance the ability of surgeons, and expand access to virtual surgeries in the most effective and engaging way. Team members: Nina Keshavarzi, (BU QST’20), Farhan Khodaee (MIT), Mia Guo (Harvard) Contact: nina@vyvidxr.com Website: vyvidxr.com



Every Hand is a Hero Every Hand is a Hero is a nonprofit aimed at combating sex trafficking. We hope to create trainings that educate about every aspect of trafficking networks. Team members: Erin Sheehan (BU SSW’20) Madeleine Pouw (BU SPH’20) Contact: everyhandisahero@gmail.com Instagram: @everyhandisahero



Patient First A digital medical record platform that connects physicians, patients, and pharmacies. Team members: Fayzan Shaukat (BU QST’22), Fiza Shaukat (BU ENG’17), Farooq Shaukat (University of Toronto), Asad Ahmed (University of Toronto), Cody Patnaude (Framingham State University), Nicole Corbin (BU) Contact: ffshauka@bu.edu



Phillinda Phillinda is an accessibility tool where users can fill out forms in their native language and translate them back to English. Team members: Austin Negron (BU ENG’21), Alberto DeJesus (BU CAS’21), Kritvi Kulnari (BU QST’21), Ande Chen (BU ENG’22), Kaleb Dawit (BU CAS’21) Contact: Austin Negron, negrona@bu.edu, 484-664-8852



Surge Employment Solutions Surge Employment Solutions sources, trains, and places formerly incarcerated people in high-demand, highly-skilled trade positions. Team members: Sarika Ram (BU CAS ‘21), Brooke Wages (MIT Sloan/Harvard Kennedy School) Contact: sarikar@bu.edu



The Mindful Applicant We’re building a SaaS platform for high schools to teach social-emotional skills through college and career prep. Team members: Sara duPont (BU QST’19) Contact: sdupont@bu.edu Instagram: @mindfulapplicant Facebook: @mindfulapplicant Website: mindfulapplicant.com



Urban Refuge Urban Refuge was founded in 2016 as part of an incubator class at Boston University. This app is designed for migrant and refugee populations who call large global cities home, and for the organizations that provide aid resources for them. Team members: Marietta La Barbera (BU Pardee’20), Tima Dasouki (BU Pardee’22), Albie Tresura (BU CAS, & QST’19), Niranjan Ravichandra (SUNY Bufallo), Raina Kadavil (BU Pardee’19), Yasmine Atallah (BU Pardee & COM’19), Ada Mesci (BU CAS’22), Nada Shalash(BU Pardee’20), Jessica Baron (BU Pardee’19) Contact: timadas@bu.edu, mlab@bu.edu, coo@urbanrefuge.org Instagram: @urbanrefuge Website: urbanrefuge.org 15

Innovate@BU envisions a world where all BU Terriers are equipped with innovation skills and an entrepreneurial mindset, and are prepared to create meaningful impact in their careers and communities. bu.edu/innovate @Innovate_BU

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Boston University New Venture Competition Finale | 2019-2020  

Boston University New Venture Competition Finale | 2019-2020