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NOVYRATE® Esterified Butyrins EB The increasing animal genetic potential puts a significant stress on the animals’ digestive Scope Esterified butyrins are combined molecules Key features andandbenefits of Mono-esters system, often leading to a suboptimal digestive process nutrient absorption. The negative impact of sub-optimal feed utilization has a significant impact on the economical viability of the composed out of a glycerol structure and butyrate and Di-Tri esters farm. Mono-butyrin is an important dietary component that can help balance and stimulate a molecules. The final result of the esterification healthy intestinal microflora. Different esters forms have different activity and is a combination of mono-, diand tributyrins Complementary feed. A synergetic combination of Esterified Butyrins, with immediate activity in Description the early part of the intestinal tract, and a prolonged towardspH the hindgut. benefits. Esters effect are NOT dependent (like organic which act as a source of butyrate molecules Esterified butyric acid, flavouracids). compounds, carrierisand anti-caking. There value in combining. in the intestinal tract. Based on the molecules Components Physical appearance origin, it isPhysical easy to&understand that these “fat-type” Technical : Free flowing powder. Mono-esters : white Di-Tri esters Colour structures Specifications can only be digested in the presence Odour : characterisitic • pH stable (+ passes the • pH stable ( + passes the of the digestive enzyme lipase. By definition, this pH (10%) : 5,8 - 6,8 stomach & crop) & crop) stomach guarantees full stomach bypass properties at the Specific gravity • Small molecule: 0,602 - 0,702 kg/l• Bigger molecule level of the stomach while being activated after (no bacterial uptake) (+ easy uptake :byMax bacteria Moisture (KF) 3,5 % pancreatic lipase has been added. • 2 or 3 side chains leading to internal Colour change or variation does not affect performance.

(hydrolysis by endogenous

hydrolysis and effective

lipase)0,25 - 1 kg/T, anti-bacterial activity) 0.75 - 2 kg/T, Pigs (+ 25 kg): 0,25 - 0,75 kg/T, Sows: 1-2 kg/T, Broilers: During theApplication esterification process, it is ofPiglets: utmost & Dosage Layers / Breeders: 0,5 - 0,75 kg/T, 0,5 only - 1 kg/T • High supply of butyrate (+) • 1 Turkeys: side chain (+ escape importance that the reaction is controlled carefully from Standard 25 kg export worthy bags in anendogenous outer carton onlipase) wooden fumigated pallets. Other net in order toPackaging guarantee the desired stability of (1kg*, the 5 kg*, 10 kg*, 25• kg*, weights 750-1000kg, on demand. *Unit packs are packed in Uptake in the bulk) bloodstream an outer carton up to max. 25 kg.(+ action within the whole product. A correct catalyst, the right esterification 2 years when stored in a cool, well ventilated and dry environment out of direct sunlight in metabolism) speed andShelf the Life final purification step need expertise unopened packing. • Relative low supply of and deep Item chemical knowledge, resulting in a high 10257 Reference butyrate concentrated, pure and clear product with a high • Water soluble The information in this data sheet is to the best of our knowledge true and accurate. All instructions, recommendations and suggestions are made under stability inreserve. timeSince andtheduring conditions ofpelleting use are beyondprocess, our control, the manufacturer disclaims all liability for loss or damage suffered from the use of these data, suggestions or recommendations. guaranteed without the typical smell of butyric NOVYRATE® EB is acid.

Free-flowing With NO smell Non-corrosive (no ADR) Heat stable NOVYRATE® EB combines butyrate supply (quantity) and strong antibacterial activities (quality)

Antibacterial power (in vitro)Acids vs. Mono-Esters

S. Typhimurium

E. Coli

Butyric acid



Mono-esterified butyrins



MIC concentrations for Mono-butyrin (Innovad 2012)

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Novyrate – Optimal solution that supports Gut Integrity


Novyrate – Optimal solution that supports Gut Integrity