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2. Butyric Acid and Propionic Acid as alternatives for a better intestinal health

Poultry farming globalization gave occasion to important changes in broiler production. Consumer trends, striving for the need to have access to safer food with fewer risks to the human health, demand the gradual withdrawal of antibiotics, which increases the flocks’ exposure to infectious agents. Evaluating potential alternatives to antibiotics is therefore badly needed in order to try and find effective options able to stabilize the normal intestinal flora, reduce bacterial infection challenges in the digestive tract and improve the vitality of enterocites and villi.

According to Pryde et al. Butyrate (butyric acid), which is a by-product of microbial fermentation, is important to the normal development of epithelial cells, entailing a better vitality of enterocites and villi. Paul van der Wielen et al. (2000) state the possibility to realize that in early stages of broilers’ life Enterobacteriaceae, Enterococci and Lactobacilli form the most important bacterial group in the caecum. Bacteroides spp and Eubacterium spp appear and stabilize after the second week of life. It is important however to point out that, right from the first day, anaerobic bacteria (primarily Clostridium spp) concentrate in large scale in birds’ caecum. This statement is of particular interest as during broilers’ life cycle these bacteria remain in higher quantity in the caecum, even after the natural decline of aerobes.

Amid the various alternatives available today, organic acids are worth being considered. Organic acids still act in different ways, depending on their concentration, chemical structure, whether they are present in pure form, acid or salt, associated (various acids mixed), encapsulated or not, making their use more or less efficient if they are not included in the feed in the right way. 24

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Novyrate – Optimal solution that supports Gut Integrity


Novyrate – Optimal solution that supports Gut Integrity