Terms of reference #Coinnovem contest, innovative ideas for urban development

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Translation with mere informative purposes from the official terms of reference as published in the Barcelona province official journal (BOPB): https://bop.diba.cat/scripts/ftpisa.aspx?fnew?bop2017&04/022017007378.pdf&1


1. OBJECT AND PURPOSE 1.1. The contest of innovative ideas #Coinnovem Sabadell aims to identify, recognize and retain innovative talent in the field of urban development. At the same time, with this contest, the City Council of Sabadell aims to detect and collect a valuable set of innovative urban ideas potentially applicable to the city. 1.2. The purpose of the competition is to promote innovation and civic, associative and business creativity, rewarding the best innovative ideas for the urban development of Sabadell and helping to solve certain urban challenges in the following two categories: • Category 1 (Innovative ideas for urban development): Innovative ideas for urban development that have not yet been transposed into products, processes or methodologies developed as a prototype or implemented in a real environment. • Category 2 (Ideas already transposed into products, processes or methodologies): Innovative ideas for urban development transposed -by the same candidature or one of its members- into products, processes or methodologies already developed as a prototype or implemented in a real environment. This implementation must have been initiated a maximum of 2 years before the date of the call for applications (candidates in which the start of the implementation has not taken place before that moment will not be accepted). If the idea has already been effectively transposed into a product, process or methodology, it will be necessary to present it in category 2, and its presentation in category 1 is not possible. 1.3. These prizes are organised as an open competition, and are subject to the conditions listed below.


2.1. For the purpose of this contest, an "innovative idea" is the one whose implementation in a real environment would lead to the emergence of a product (good or service), process or methodology, new or improved and with an obvious positive added value. In order to evaluate the novelty or improvement, the idea will be contrasted with the existing one at the European level: the idea will be considered not innovative when it does not contribute to a novelty or improvement with respect to the already existing and frequent reality in this geographic frame of reference, irrespective of whether it would mean a novelty or improvement in the case of being implemented in Sabadell. Applications that refer to novelties or improvements already implemented in the city of Sabadell will also be ruled out. In order to assess the obvious positive added value, the jury will consider the level of precision, the real application potential, and the benefit and positive impact that would represent in the city of Sabadell. Thus, they would not meet the requirement of "added value", the innovations or specific improvements or referring to mere intentions or objectives, programmatic lines, mere description of problems or general thematic areas, ambiguous or with very limited scope and impact. Neither will meet this requirement the ideas regarding novelties or improvements that, if applied to Sabadell, would have a negative effect, although they may have a positive added value if applied to other cities. 2.2. Innovative ideas may refer to regulatory changes, implementation of technology, changes in management procedures, organizational changes, change of functions, and any other type of proposal which, in case of being implemented, would lead to novelties or improvements for the urban development in Sabadell with an obvious positive added value. 2.3. The proposals presented must be related to one of the urban challenges that are defined in the following point, and be applicable to the city of Sabadell. 2.4. The urban challenges that must be addressed by the innovative ideas are those listed below. As examples, each challenge contains some possible related topics, but they do not conform a closed list: • Sustainable and smart mobility: Shared mobility, accessibility, new technologies for mobility, intermodality, smart transport systems, new technologies for vehicle propulsion, coexistence of motorised vehicles and pedestrians, limitations on the circulation of polluting vehicles, promotion of the bicycle, etc. • Participation and co-creation of public policies with citizens: new technologies for citizen participation, citizen volunteering in the provision of public services, collaborative urbanism, digital channels of participation, uses of social networks of public interest, Creation of local communities of learning, exploitation of collective intelligence, reuse of local open data, etc. • Circular and collaborative economy: food waste, goods/services exchange, selfmanufacture, participatory financing, industrial symbiosis, innovative use of available spaces, management and prevention of waste, promotion of proximity exchanges, waste water recovery, etc. • E-administration and digital government: big data, open data, procedures or municipal communications through the mobile phone, personalisation of the services or information offered by the City Council, citizen helpdesk, digital panels on the public spaces, data protection and cybersecurity, geographic information systems, 3D modeling of the city or public buildings, telecommunications networks, sensorisation, etc.

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• Renewable energies and energy efficiency: promoting the implementation of photovoltaic / thermal solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, the fight against energy precariousness, energy rehabilitation of buildings, etc. • Digital divide: Training in digital skills, intergenerational knowledge exchange, improvement of online connectivity in risk groups, etc. 2.5. If in doubt, the Sabadell City Council will have the final decision regarding the acceptance or not of the submitted proposal.

3. PARTICIPANTS 3.1. Individuals, non-profit entities and companies that are listed below may participate in the contest: • Individuals on a personal basis or in teams of up to 5 people, all of them over 14 years-old. The same physical person may only be part of one candidature. • Legal persons, legally constituted prior to the date of publication of the call for this contest. 3.2. The participants must be up-to-date in the fulfillment of the fiscal obligations with the City Council of Sabadell, the Government of Catalonia and the Spanish administration, as well as of their obligations with the Social Security; and do not incur in any of the circumstances that impede to obtain the status of beneficiary of subsidies, in accordance with article 13 of the Spanish Law 38/2003, of subsidies.

4. PRESENTATION AND CONTENT OF THE APPLICATION 4.1. Each application will only be able to present one innovative urban idea. 4.2. To participate, applicants must complete the form that is attached as Annex 1, which will be available on the municipal website http://www.sabadell.cat/innovaciosbd, and register it at any of the offices of “Sabadell Atenció Ciutadana”, within the the term that is indicated in each call, or electronically at the municipal website in the same term. The form will be accompanied by the following documents: • In the case of natural persons, copies of the national identity documents or passport of each one of them must be attached. • In the case of legal entities, applicants must attach a copy of National identity card/passport of the legal representative, copy of the Deed of constitution/Articles of association of the legal person, registered at the suitable registry office, and a copy of his/her proxy or document attesting his/her capacity to represent the legal person. • Report justifying the challenge or challenges addressed by the idea, duly justified, of a maximum of 10 pages, Arial 11 Font and 1.5 line spacing. 4.3. Any proposal that violates fundamental rights and the principles of equal opportunities and non-discrimination, as well as those that refer to activities that may be unlawful, violent

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or dangerous, or that attack against rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights in any other way, will be excluded.

5. ECONOMIC ENDOWMENT A prize of 2,000 euros in cash is established for each of the categories of the contest, which will be effective by bank transfer.

6. JURY AND ASSESSMENT CRITERIA 6.1. The election of the winning ideas will be done through a jury consisting of a maximum of 7 members: one of which will act as president; another on behalf of the City Council of Sabadell, as secretary; the rest, between private technical professionals, Town Hall staff and university academics, all of them linked to the city and connoisseurs in the field of urban development. 6.2. The appointment of the Jury will be made at the proposal of the Councillor for Information and Communication technologies. 6.3. The evaluation criteria that the jury will take into account to select the winning ideas will be: • Originality, creativity and innovative component • Coverage of a need or contribution to a solution of a real problem • Viability of implementation in the real environment of Sabadell of the innovative urban idea presented • Impact / benefit for the city of Sabadell of the implementation of the idea • Cost-efficiency of the implementation of the innovative urban idea presented • Potential of scalability of the idea implementation into other cities 6.4. The decision of the jury will be unappealable and will be decided by a majority of votes. If, at the moment of issuing the verdict, a tie occurs in the voting, the presidency, in a second ballot, will have a casting vote. 6.5. The person who acts as secretary will extend the record of the verdict, which will contain a reasoned resolution, the result of the voting, as well as the name of the winning candidates. 6.6. The jury reserves the right to interpret regulatory conditions and may replace any gaps in accordance with their own purpose.

7. PROCEDURE OF ASSESSMENT OF CANDIDATURES The procedure for choosing the winning ideas will be carried out in two phases:

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Phase 1. Acceptance of candidatures The jury will carry out an initial assessment to verify whether the submitted application complies with the requirements of the terms of reference. This evaluation will be done once the registration form has been received and will be communicated electronically to the participants in the contest within a maximum period of 10 days, counting from the day after the deadline for submitting applications. Phase 2. Selection of winning candidates With respect to the accepted applications, the jury will carry out the evaluation in accordance with the assessment criteria mentioned in the previous clause of these terms of reference, considering only the information contained in the form presented by each application. A single winning bid will be chosen for each category.

8. RESOLUTION OF THE COMPETITION 8.1. The jury will adopt the proposal of resolution with total independence on the basis of the projects submitted to it. 8.2. The jury's proposal will be raised to the corresponding administrative body for approval. 8.3. The verdict and the delivery of the prizes will take place at an institutional event, the date of which will be indicated at the resolution of the call, and will consist of a credential award and the prize it has chosen. 8.4. Exceptionally, the jury will be able to reward a project that is not adjusted to the areas established in the terms of reference, motivating its resolution and justifying its merits. 8.5. The contest can be declared without winner if, in the opinion of the jury, none of the ideas presented are of sufficient quality. 8.6. The maximum period for resolving and notifying the resolution of the procedure is three months, and is calculated from the deadline for submission of applications. Upon expiration of this period without the legitimate resolution being notified to the interested parties, their Applications are deemed dismissed by administrative silence. The notification of the resolution will be made through the municipal Bulletin Board, in accordance with the provisions of article 45.1.b) of the Spanish Law 39/2015 of Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations. 8.7. The resolution that is dictated will end the administrative channel and against it, it will be possible to lodge, with optional character, an internal administrative appeal (“recurs de reposició”, within a period of one month, or court appeal (“recurs contenciós-administratiu”) in a period of two months, without prejudice to the interposition of any other that is considered appropriate.

9. ACCEPTANCE OF THE TERMS OF REFERENCE The participation in the contest implies full acceptance of these terms of reference.

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The City Council of Sabadell reserves the right to modify the conditions if it is required as a result of a justified and unexpected cause.

10. CONFIDENTIALITY OF DATA AND IMAGE RIGHTS 10.1. Participation in the competition involves the acceptance of the conditions and authorisation for the processing of personal data of the participants and the publication on the web pages of the name and city of the winners. Likewise, and with the purpose of giving visibility to the event, the participants authorise the use of their image in audiovisual media (photographs, videos, etc.) during the events that can be carried out as well as during the delivery of prizes. 10.2. The personal data collected from the users and their representatives for the contest will be incorporated into a file of personal data. These data will be used solely for the management of the contest in the terms and requirements established by the Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data. The personal data will not be communicated to third parties for purposes other than those related in this article. To exercise the rights of access, cancellation, rectification or opposition of the personal data established by the Law, users can communicate by sending an email to innovacio@ajsabadell.cat or by telephone +34937453192.

11. PROPERTY RIGHTS 11.1. It corresponds to participants the ownership and other rights of any type of intellectual property that could be derived in their favor as creators of the innovative idea presented (and the product, process or methodology derived therefrom) . 11.2. The City Council reserves the right to show, without financial compensation, all the ideas presented in an exhibition that will take place in the city of Sabadell, on dates that would be communicated to the interested parties well in advance.

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