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GRIP is all about objects. Every part of the (underlying)

GRIP can correlate alarms in order to handle them as

system behaves as an object with its own object-

one incident. Within GRIP, correlation rules can be

specific actions. These object-specific actions interface

set up to ​​ automatically determine which alarms are

with the functions of integrated systems or devices.

related to each other.

Throughout GRIP, when an object is displayed, these object-specific actions can be performed in a uniform way.

INCIDENTHANDLING In an “incidenthandling”, users can handle an incident according to predetermined operating procedures. Depending on the type of incident (classification of an incident) and alarms, standard operating procedures can be made available ​​ in PDF format.

CONSULTANCY AND SYSTEM DESIGN To implement GRIP correctly and fit it in to your organization, Innosec provides consultancy and system design services.

TRAINING For proper use and management of GRIP, training is necessary. Innosec trains different levels of GRIP users, operators, supervisors, application managers as well as technicians who take care of installation and technical design of the system. Innosec provides tailored and custom training courses.



GRIP uses a generic report generator to define

GRIP uses three criteria to assign user rights: (user-)

customised reports, which can be uploaded in

function, workstation and network location. For

GRIP to be made available to users.

example, a user can get elevated rights when logged in from a workstation in a control room environment. When the same user logs in from another workstation or from another location, rights will be restricted.

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GRIP Generic Resource Integration Platform

Get a grip on your ​security systems

WORKING METHOD Innosec continuously innovates and develops. Innosec

SECURITY MANAGEMENT Security management systems have always been closed solutions with specific hard- and software as one combined system. Meanwhile, needs and technological capabilities shifted to open, independent and generic systems. With this in mind, Innosec developed an open security management platform; “GRIP”. GRIP offers generic interfacing and control, independent of the underlying hard- and software systems.

uses an Agile Scrum development process based on a


recurring, iterative and incremental process for product

It is Innosec’s view that a product-independent

development and resource planning of development

security management platform coupled with


powerfull security solutions, leads to greater integration and a more efficient security management. Innosec’s distinction from other

GETTING A GRIP ON SECURITY GRIP uses the intelligence of underlying systems with a uniform presentation and control mode. GRIP

suppliers is best described as: “A healthy dose of creativity and problem-solving mind, open,


generic, intelligent and flexible.”

Generic Resource Integration Platform

integrates intrusion detection, access control, CCTV, fire warning, but also various other systems. Automating execution of procedures and providing extensive management information helps getting a better grip on your security.

AUTOMATIC INCIDENT CLASSIFICATION Incidents can be classified both manually and automatically, based on defined classification rules. When assigning new alarms to an incident, GRIP can automatically decide to elevate the classification to a higher level.

PLATFORM INDEPENDENT GRIP is designed to meet the growing need for integrated management and therefore not dependent on any (vendor-)specific underlying system. In addition, GRIP is being developed fully cross-platform so it can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems.

FREE FORM DOMAIN STRUCTURE Within the screen layout of GRIP the Domain Explorer is the central location for operating GRIP. Within the

UNIFORM OPERATION WITHOUT FUNCTIONALITY LOSS ​GRIP provides the user standard controls​to operate​ various underlying systems. GRIP keeps and uses the unique​func​tonalities of the underlying systems.

domain Explorer any entity structure is possible. For example, entities can occur in multiple structures.

WORKFLOW By defining workflows, (incident-)handlings and standard operating procedures can be automated. Workflows can also start autonomous actions within GRIP or underlying systems.

“A ​great amount o ​ f creativity ​critical thinking, problem solving​, flexible and open- minded ”.

“ GRIP is designed to provide the growing need ​s​for​e ​ asier management and operations ​of security systems””.

Get a GRIP on your security systems  

“GRIP is designed to provide the growing needs for easier management and operations of security systems”.

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