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Demystifying beta testing of mobile apps Mobile apps have truly brought an incredible change in our day to day lives. While the commoner looks at mobile apps as a boon, mobile app developers view it as an opportunity to exhibit their skills and also generate income. Today, it is possible to find an app for any task. The app stores are literally overflowing with mobile apps in all the categories. Yet the need for mobile apps is on the increase every day. Discovering new areas of utilizing mobile apps and improving the existing processes and simplifying complex tasks are some of the things that mobile apps are capable of doing. Today’s technology has empowered the commoner with enormous powers and a layman without any coding skills can try his hands on mobile app development with the help of online app builders. A little programming knowledge in Java or Objective C or HTML5 can enable a person to earn hundreds and thousands of dollars. Although mobile apps are very easy to develop, it is a bit time consuming and requires stringent testing before being published in the app stores or deployed in the business environment. While the various mobile operators provide SDKs to develop native apps, there are also third party tools such as PhoneGap that aid in building mobile apps. Apps that are developed for specific platforms are native apps and those that are platform independent are cross platform apps. While android app developers use Java, the iOS mobile app developers used Objective C for programming the functionalities. Usually the SDKs have inbuilt testing tools that enable the mobile app developer to test the apps during the different stages of app development. Apart from SDKs, there are tools such as SandBox that are used by qualified app testing personnel in the app development company. This type of testing performed within the developer community is known as alpha testing. The next stage of testing is known as beta testing. Here, a selected group of the target audience is allowed to utilize the app and the usage is closely monitored and their feedbacks carefully analyzed. All of the issues found at this stage are fixed and the app is fine tuned for the final release or deployment. At Innoppl Technologies, we have dedicated mobile app development teams for android and iOS app development. Our in-house testing team performs the app testing using sophisticated tools available in the market. Once our testing personnel are satisfied with the performance of the app, beta testing will begin with a select group of the target audience. Our mobile app developers make it picture perfect before the app is delivered. If you are looking for professional android app developers or iOS app developers, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Demystifying beta testing of mobile apps innoppl  

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