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What is a mobile app?  Mobile app is an application that can run on smart

mobile phones and tablets.

 Some of the well-known examples include:  AccuWeather app  Angry birds app  Evernote app

Advantages of mobile app  Instant information  Quick decisions  Processing on the go

Characteristics of enterprise mobile app  Backend integration  Access to enterprise information  Collaboration  Security

What can be done with enterprise mobile apps?  Communication & collaboration  Information and data sharing  Capture data on the go  Retrieve data from backend

Benefits of enterprise mobile apps  Reduce costs involved in stationery  Reduce communication costs  Automate complex business processes  Increase productivity

Examples of day-to-day usage  Couriers: Dispatch, pickup & sign  Automotive garage: Scan VIN, customer information,

work orders  Insurance: Form filling, print reports & quotes  Travel: brochures on destinations, ticket reservation

Types of enterprise mobile applications ď‚— Real-time mobile applications ď‚— Synchronized mobile apps

When to go for real time applications  Data are very dynamic  Data on backend available 24/7  Continuous network connectivity

When to use synchronized applications  Work offline  User interface  Store data locally

Design considerations for mobile apps  Problems to be solved  Process simplification  Process automation  Backend integration  Mobile security  Connecting mobile users

MEAP considerations  Architecture  Telecommunications  Devices  System integration

Popular mobile operating systems  Android  iOS  HTML5

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All about enterprise mobile apps  

With a big boom in smart phone industry it has become mandatory to have mobile applications to suit your smart phones. At Innomobileapps App...

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