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Towards a circular Economy‌

Current Linear System Stress factors System challenge


• Raw materials mining • Value chain production & consumption • Waste generation • Declined availability raw materials • Decreased margins and value creation • Ecological disasters • Preserve stable and prosperous society • Prevent ecological degradation • Economic challenge • Unprecedented growth world population • Average global life standard is doubled • Approaching ecological tipping points

System change

Selling services in stead of products

Circular Economy

20% about products

80% about process/ organisation

New Buisness models Visible Chemical purchasing costs: 1€

Hidden Management costs: 3€ Purchasing Transportation Warehousing Production Maintenance EHS Data management

Ecological costs, social costs, …

Circular Economy: Success factors Look for your partners in the industrial ecosystem

Tailor made business cases

Development and production: locally where possible, global where needed

Exchange of multiple values: social, ecological, economical, informational

From products to services

Design circularly

Innovate collectively

Eco-Fashion show - Sustainable Textile by Dutch Spirit - Circular Economy  
Eco-Fashion show - Sustainable Textile by Dutch Spirit - Circular Economy  

Plenary Session