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Dornbusch David President Cleantuesday

Cleantuesday Since 2008 Cleantuesday aims to support the development of Cleantech •3rd Cleantech Network worldwide after Cleantech Group and Cleantech Open (USA) •Unique Cleantech Network worldwide based in France and Europe •Leader for Open Innovation in Cleantech in France •Active in 8 key countries worldwide and 10 cities in France, more than 15000 contacts worldwide •More than 100 events worldwide, more than 350 companies pitching , more than 6000 Key Actors in the world Cleantech participating live or on live streaming

Cleantuesday : world network

M o n t r é a l

B r u x e lle s C a s a b la n c a

T e lA v iv

P é k in /S h a n g h a i H o n g -K o n g

The 7 key values of Cleantuesday Cleantech Community •Open Innovation •Business •Internet - ICT •International •Open Brand

Business and Open innovation in Cleantech

Start-ups and SME's

Clients Investment Buy Innovation platform

Larges Corps

Investment Techno Survey Visibility


Territorial Attractivity


Public relationships Territorial Strategy

Clients Territorial Attractivity SERVICES PROVIDERS

States/local authorit. 5

Cleantech and Open Innovation Community/ Open Innovation has emerged in recent years as the key of what could become a model for development of french and certainly european cleantech around the 4 actors of the ÂŤ magic square Âť :

Large groups Investment funds Start-ups and SME's Local Authorities

Cleantech and Internet - ICT Internet and ICT are the « twin sisters » of Cleantech that must always observe (and copy) this sector : • Internet and ICT are culturally opened to Open Innovation and community, • Presence and business intelligence on Internet and ICT is a pre requisite. NO START-UP HAVE NO COMPETITOR WORLDWIDE

Cleantech and International No start-up or Cleantech innovator must stay local, regional or national : Problematics are wordwide Markets are worlwide Competition is worldwide


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Dornbusch David President Cleantuesday

Clean Tuesday (FR)  

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