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DECLARATION On the eve of the Parliamentary Elections in Armenia, Shahen Petrosyan, famous political and public figure, was kidnapped and severe beating. As Petrosyan had informed the society, Gagik Tsarukyan’s bodyguards carried out above mentioned activities (Gagik Tsarukyan was a famous businessman, Government’s follower, member of the Parliament and the President of “Prosperous Armenia” political party). In case of fair and objective investigation, Shahen Petrosyan will recognize and point out them. Regardless the process of investigation, “Armenian Civil Society” Human Rights Defense Association condemns violence disgracing human respect and dignity, which exist in Armenia without any punishment due to political and other reasons. We suppose that Armenian law-enforcement structures, public figures will take determined and appropriate activities to restrain possible inactivity and deviation of the official process, which will bring to concealment of the reality and distortion of facts. “Armenian Civil Society” Human Rights Defense Association joins those people who condemn non-human deeds against Shahen Petrosyan. We are determined to complete our initiative of “Civil Control”, as well as we are going to inform the international society, to disclose all the truth with assistance of the foreign law-enforcement structures, to find and to call to account all the participants of this crime, including their leaders. “Armenian Civil Society” Human Rights Defense Organization Los Angeles, 17 May, 2007

Declaration 17 May 2007