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PART 1 of an exclusive 3 part series

How to Talk To Anybody About Anything The first of a three-article series focuses on engaging prospects in conversation. By Bryce Sanders


ow! I would really like to meet that person but I don’t know what to say!” From time to time, we see people we would like to befriend, connect with or just meet. Some are easy. It gets difficult when there’s a wealth gap or when our motives seem obvious – such as when the supermodel walks into the singles bar. This three-article series will examine seven scenarios. The first will focus on starting the conversation. The second on how to keep the conversation going and finally, how do you wrap up and lay the groundwork for seeing them again?



of a 3 Part Series

Seven Scenarios

has fallen from a great height. You’ve been out of touch. Many visual clues signal they are having a very difficult time. You want to help.

[ 1 ] The Big Fish – These corporate executives know they are wealthy and powerful. People who talk with them usually want something because The Big Fish are, of course, great prospects.

[ 4] The College Roommate – You attend your reunion. Across the room you see a former classmate. You were once great friends but haven’t spoken in decades. Didn’t they invent that social networking website?

It’s easy to start conversations with the guy at the next desk. How about these scenarios:

[ 2] The Stunner – You’re single and you’re having a drink when an extremely attractive person sits down at the next table. Heads turn. “They’re way out of my league” flashes through your head. But when will this opportunity ever happen again? You’ve got to try. [ 3] The Casualty – The economy has been rough. You recognize a person who

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[ 5] The Service Provider – You get your hair cut and grass mowed. The same person has been doing it for years but you’ve never really gotten to know them. [ 6] The Sideline Parent – Your children play school sports. You attend every game and see other parents regularly.

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