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YouTube: How to Become A Lead-Generating Star Attraction YouTube is the third most visited place on the Internet – shouldn’t you be there? By Muhammad Yasin


strong social media strategy is imperative for an insurance business to survive in this digital age. Creating and implementing a social media strategy takes time and continued effort, but always pays off if correctly executed. Yet many insurance businesses – even those with established social media strat48

egies – overlook YouTube as a means of attracting potential customers. Some insurance businesses may be intimidated by the thought of creating video, and others may believe that YouTube serves as a congregation of music videos and amateur videographers. Yet YouTube is the third most-visited website on the Internet, ranking only behind Google and Facebook. There are a variety of means to leverage Internet video to attract new customers to your brand who are searching for insurance.

InsuranceNewsNet Magazine » December 2012

The First Steps

If YouTube has never been a part of your social media plan before, start at the very beginning, which means buying a good HD video camera. You can shoot with an HD video camera on a smart phone, but having a dedicated video camera for shoots will make the creation of multiple videos much more efficient than continuously shooting and uploading from a phone. I have tried the shoot-by-phone method in the past and, although the costs may

December 2012  

2013 Outlook

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