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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

By Marianne Williamson, from her book: A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles Cover Art Designed by Judy Anderson



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Making Difference Transforming Lives – Opportunity International Australia

Home Style Transforming Homes – 5 Feng Shui Tips

Mind Body Spirit Empowering Change – Good Grief Stress Relief

Holistic Health Health & Wellbeing – Building Balance

Practical Parenting Parenting & Families – 28 Tips for New Mums

Love, Sex and Intimacy The Naked Truth – Female Bodies are Sexual Pleasure Machines

Gifts That Give Twice Indulge Your Senses – KU SHU SHU Silk Lingerie

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FROM THE HEART Editor’s Letter

Introducing Innersense It is with much joy that I welcome you to the launch edition of Innersense, our new online lifestyle magazine dedicated to Inspired Living. Innersense is a passion project dedicated to make a difference. Our vision is to improve lives and lifestyles, by bringing more fun, love, celebration and magic moments into the world. Our mission is to create a M.A.D. (making a difference) community of people who are positively transforming themselves, their families, their homes, their businesses, their communities and the planet. We will feature quality information, products, services & experiences that are life enhancing. We will also invite you to participate in M.A.D. projects with us, because together we can change the world for the better. This issue, in light of International Women’s Day on the 8th March was dedicated to Celebrating Women and this month we are asking you to help us raise $1000 for Opportunity International, which will enable 5 women to free themselves and their families from poverty. We hope you enjoy the magazine and we look forward to your feedback.

With love and best wishes,

Kyla Shelley P.S. To be pa rt of our M.A .D community y ou can: • Like us on


• Sign up for future copies of our free magazin e • Help us rais e $1000 for Opportunity International this month



Regular Contributors

Kyla Shelley is a marketer, business analyst and creative project manager. Kyla has a degree in commerce majoring in marketing and her passion is positive transformation in business, at home and in life. Kyla is the founder of Innersense International and she’s committed to making a difference, developing passionate people and innovative businesses. She loves all things inspiring including her family & friends, travel, animals and nature.

Judy Anderson is an international lingerie designer and corsetiere. Judy worked with prestigious brands including Berlei Australia, Gossard UK, Courtauld’s Lingerie and Jockey USA before launching her own label KU SHU SHU. She is passionate about fashion, design and all things exquisite including handcrafts, travel, entertaining, art, wildflowers, vintage jewellery books and antique markets.

Jamie Wilcox is a holistic health consultant and wellbeing therapist. She is passionate about providing inspiration and education to people to help improve their quality of life. Holistic health takes into consideration physical health, emotional wellbeing, psychological wellness and lifestyle choices. With a very broad base of knowledge, Jaime’s expertise extends to all matters health, life and wellbeing.

Philip Pryor is a single dad, family and parent coach, leadership trainer, media commentator and Founder of the Great Parents Institute. Philip has two wonderful girls and a Masters in Psychology. He has worked as the Assistant Director of a residential therapeutic high school for disturbed adolescents and young adults. He was also a child psychotherapist and family therapist prior to starting his own consultancy.

Jacqueline Hellyer is one of Australia’s foremost media sexperts, author, sex therapist and workshop leader. Her knowledge and experience, from the scientific to the Tantric, is as broad as it gets and she shares it in an incredibly open and inspiring way. She enables people to become fully in touch with their sexuality and to use this powerful energy to create extraordinary lives for themselves.


Making A Difference Transforming Lives

Can we eradicate extreme poverty? Working with Opportunity International Australia, we believe we can. Innersense has chosen to partner with Opportunity International Australia on an ongoing basis to help them transform lives & that is why they are also the focus of our M.A.D. (Make a Difference) project for March. Why do we need Opportunity International Australia? • Nearly half the world - 2.7 billion people live in poverty, struggling to survive on less than US$2 a day - unable to afford clean water, proper shelter, sanitation, clothing, transport, medical attention and schooling. • Every 3.6 seconds, someone in the world dies from starvation. The majority are children under five years old. • Over 70% of the world’s poor are women and girls. It’s likely that many of you have already heard of Opportunity International Australia. For those of you unfamiliar with them they are a non-profit organisation that uses a business approach to solve the problem of poverty. They currently focus their work in three countries – India, Indonesia and the Philippines, serving more than 2.7 million people with micro-finance and community development programs.


What do they do? Opportunity gives people a hand up, rather than a hand out, providing people living in poverty with a small loan (micro-finance) to help them start or grow their own small business. This enables them to earn a regular income so they no longer have to struggle to afford food, clean water, proper shelter or an education for their children.

How can we help? The average loan size, to transform the life of an individual and their family is $200 97% of all loans are paid back in full & these funds are then re-used to help another family 94% of all loan recipients are women Watch Ana’s video to see the impact that $91 had on her life.

Transform A Woman’s Life Today International Women’s Day is held annually on the 8th March, to give a voice to the women of the world. The day aims to empower, educate and inspire both men and women to take action and make a difference in the life of women in need. This year the UN Women Australia’s theme is Women’s Economic Empowerment. Did you know that women around the world perform 66% of the world’s work, produce 50% of the world’s food but earn only 10% of the income and own 1% of the property? Source: United Nations, UN Women

Join our M.A.D. (Make A Difference) project for March For March 2012 inspired by International Women’s Day and the incredible work done by Opportunity, we want to raise at least $1000, which initially equates to 5 women starting or building their own businesses, transforming their lives, the lives of their families and their communities.

Donate today to help change the lives of 5 women and their families forever.

Donate today to help us raise $1000 to help change the lives of 5 women and their families forever.


Home Style

Transforming Homes

Five Must-Do Feng Shui tips for your Home Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy on creating balanced environments and harmonious energies. In this article I will share with you some of my top tips that will make your home inviting, balanced and relaxing. That is what most of my customers want and what I imagine you want in your home too. You may be surprised at just how much difference you can make by applying these simple principles. Make your entrance welcoming The entrance of your home represents opportunities coming into your life and is a reflection of your ability to create wealth while living in this home. Keep your entrance light, welcoming, free of clutter and easy to find from the street. Place a picture or representation of what you want to attract into your life opposite your front door, so that it’s the first thing you see coming home. Create a positive flow of energy (Qi) A flow of positive energy (Qi) in your home will help you create a balanced, peaceful and happy environment. Qi should move around in a slow, meandering and steady flow. This is best created by placing beautiful objects and furniture in your home


in a position that invites energy to linger. I find it helps to look at Qi as if it were a child. What would most entice a child to move from one place to another whilst exploring and discovering your home? Think interesting furniture, colours, textures, light...

Set up your bedroom for great sleep Your bedroom is your haven where you can relax and recuperate. Keep it free from clutter and leave any “busy work” outside your bedroom door. This means no book shelves, no work desks, no computers etc. Never, ever charge your mobile phone on your night stand or use your phone as your alarm clock. Make sure your bed head is up against a solid wall and that you can see the bedroom door clearly when lying in bed. Avoid mirrors in the bedroom as they disturb your sleep.

Steer clear of clutter Clutter weighs on your mind and creates stagnant energy where it is accumulated. In my opinion it kills the spirit of your home. There is no place you can put clutter without it affecting you! We are all energetically connected to everything we own. Clutter is like constantly dragging your past around with you, so let it go. A great rule of thumb is a yearly Spring clean. Go over everything you own and really look at it. Ask yourself: do I love it? do I use it? do I need it? If the answer is no, get rid of it.

Avoid EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields) All electrical appliances create EMFs, as long as they are plugged into the wall. Modern studies have linked a variety of diseases with to spending time in EMFs, such as childhood leukaemia, other cancers (including brain tumours), clinical depression, suicide, miscarriages and Alzheimer’s disease. The best way to avoid EMFs is distance. Keep at least two meters away from your TV, never watch the food being heated in the microwave and avoid electrical appliances in your bedroom altogether. That’s it! If you follow these five steps you are on your way to a healthy, balanced and happy home that feels good! Enjoy the process and good luck! Sara Allard

SPECIAL OFFER TO INNERSENSE READERS Balance your home & get what you want out of life! • Create a space you love to live in • Enhance your financial opportunities • Avoid modern day health hazards Get your fully personalised report on how to transform your home with Feng Shui for only $298*. Email me now on

to book in for a consultation and quote “Innersense” in the subject line. *exclusive to Innersense readers, total market value $498.

For any questions around Feng Shui you can find Sara via her website or call her directly on 0414 498 126.

Sara Allard is passionate about helping people create beautiful home environments that promotes health, wealth and wonderful relationships. She uses various Space Clearing techniques and Feng Shui principles to guide her clients through how they can have a home that is the best for them, a home that looks and feels beautiful and is full of positive energy. Sara has studied the impact of chemicals in our modern day life and has gained a vast knowledge of alternative natural solutions. She holds a Certificate IV in Feng Shui from the most comprehensive course offered in Australia today and she has helped numerous clients transform their homes into havens. Sara operates her business “FeelGood Feng Shui” out of Manly and conducts in-person Feng Shui and Space Clearing consultations in the Sydney area. She is also available for online consultations anywhere in the world.


Mind Body Spirit Empowering Change

Good Grief Stress Relief People do Stress Relief and Grief Therapy very differently, so as a coach, it can be dealt with in many ways. One of the reasons I started to think about Good Grief Stress Relief is when I studied the body as a Physical Fitness instructor. When we are stressed the body begins to build up cortical steroids, which can create lots of ongoing problems for the person. Imagine then, when a large section of a country is plummeted into a stress or grief situation by a catastrophic event? We have seen it many times in the last few years. We have seen earthquakes displace 10 million people in China. We saw Japan almost wipe out their east coast with a tsunami. We saw hundreds die in New Orleans USA, Victorian fires here in Australia, catastrophic events in Haiti, Samoa, Iran, Afghanistan, Africa, and New Zealand. How does a whole country cope??? A few years back I had six people die in a matter of six months plus my mum and my little puppy dog. I wondered how people get through so much grief, or do some of us just keep going and pretend we have “blocked it out”. I was walking up to the tennis courts for my morning workout as I did every day about a week after my little dog died and I asked the universe. “Why take


her and my mum from me”? I was given a very clear message on that morning that changed my life. The message was “Your dog is in heaven on your mum’s lap”. I then of course started to argue with the universe....”why didn’t you tell me mum needed her????” On the way home I can’t begin to tell you the relief I felt that my mum and dog were together in heaven. I started to recall the whole life I had with my dog and I was laughing and crying all the way home. I sat down at the computer and wrote for three hours about when my dog was born and all the fun we had together while she grew from a puppy into a mature dog. I realised that when you think about the great times you had with your pet or the person that passes away your grief seems to subside. On that day I wrote my first book “Good Grief, What a Wonderful Life I had” That book has now been translated

into three different languages and 10,000 copies have been sent all over the world to assist people to get through catastrophic events. My Mum and my little dog live on through the book healing people all over the world. As a coach I understand that separation, loss or grief therapy is used when a person feels unresolved about the loss of their pet or person or a separation from their pet or person when they feel they did not get a chance to say everything they wanted to say. This is common when some parents feel that a child may be too young to go to a person’s or pet’s funeral. Quite often the child feels that they didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. What may happen, is that when the next person or pet dies in the family or in their circle of friends, they may cry uncontrollably as they remember all the deaths at the same time. Also, when you are

at a funeral, it provides us with a sociably acceptable place for tears so we may feel it’s time to let them all go at the one time.

love, our respect, and our ability to honour the person’s or pet’s memory.

Grief and Separation Therapy is not designed for people who have recently lost someone, as grief is important, as is expressing your emotions. This therapy is for those people who hang on to grief. There are four main reasons why a person may want to do that according to Pip McKay from Evolve Now Mind Institute. 1. They may feel that if they loved the person or pet, then they need to continue to grieve for them. They may feel they have betrayed them if they stop. In their mind GRIEF = LOVE.

It’s important to note that Grief does not = Love. Grief = Pain. When we feel pain at a memory of a loved one, it interferes with our ability to remember the person or pet with love and celebrate their life or time with us. Pip McKay goes on to say that when we cannot speak about the pet or person because we may cry, that this type of grief interferes with our

LOVE = LOVE RESPECT = RESPECT 2. If you had died and you loved a pet or people who were still alive, wouldn’t you want them to get on with their life and be happy? It is the same for the person or pet that has passed away. They want you to be happy. Not getting on with your life may not be respecting their wishes. You will always have the great memories to remind you of the time you shared. 3. If the person feels there are things left unsaid or unresolved then we can create an opportunity through our Grief Therapy Coaching to allow the person to say those things and “empty out” so that they can move on. The subconscious mind knows no difference between what is real and what is imagined, so you can imagine you have the person or pet right in front of you and you can say all the things you wanted to say so you can move on.

4. If you feel that the person or pet has gone to a better place and are in fact now happier because of spiritual beliefs, then you may see that the grief is for yourself and not for the person or pet, thus making it a little easier to let it go and for you to heal. I think it’s important to understand that everyone of us is unique and the way we deal with grief or separation is also unique. For many years I looked after International students and so I have spoken with people who chose to come out to Australia and leave all their family behind. How they all coped was very different. The stages they went through varied immensely. Grief or separation is unique and if you feel you require some assistance to get through some grief or separation please email me on The ‘Good Grief What a Wonderful Life’ book is on sale now.

Lynda Dyer Lynda was one of 58 people from around the world filmed for “The Secret” because she lives her material and cured herself of Lupus. She is a Certified Professional Trainer in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Lynda is also an International Speaker, Author and Transformational Coach. assisted the earthquake victims in China by writing and translating 5,000 copies of her “Good Grief” book and delivering them personally. As a student, she dressed up as a man to travel to England to find her Dad’s family. You will laugh and cry when you hear her amazing stories. She travels the globe as an inspiration to many around the world with her passion and zest for empowering others to “be” more.


Holistic Health Health and Wellbeing

Building Balance ‘Work/life balance’ is a term that I am not overly fond of. This phrase implies that there are only two areas that we need to focus on; work and then whatever is left over. ‘Work/life blend’ is even worse as it implies that it all merges together and there is no delineation. If balance is to be understood, achieved and maintained then we need something a little more detailed to help us find it. We are a busy lot. We juggle, we multi task and it usually takes a calamity of some sort for us to slow down long enough to smell the roses but it doesn’t have to get to that point. Restoring balance to our lives is about ensuring that a range of areas are activated. There is a life tool that I use in holistic health consultations that helps to evaluate life across a broad range of areas. The state of balance in your life will determine how well your body and mind can support you. There are 9 areas that we need to take into consideration within your life: 1. Career 2. Relationship 3. Family 4. Wealth 5. Health & Wellbeing 6. Friends and mentors 7. Fun and creativity 8. Rest and rejuvenation 9. Personal growth and development


Our health and wellbeing sits right smack bang in the middle. The significance of this is crucial! Our health is a result of the rest of our lives. Our health is determined by the level of balance that exists in the rest of our lives. Our health is not something separate or apart from everything else that we do but rather is at the mercy of everything else that we do. These days we are all very busy and our focus is mainly on the first four areas - career, relationship, family and wealth creation. The last four areas - friends, fun, rest and personal growth are the first to succumb to the ‘not enough time syndrome’. Imbalance usually arises from not keeping the last four areas of our life active. These are also the areas that nourish us on a personal level. Without this, it will be difficult

for the physical body to maintain it’s strength and our health will suffer. In order to have good health and wellbeing, we must have some kind of balance within all 8 other areas of our life. It is about the quality not the quantity of time we spend in each area. We are driven, intelligent and focused on making sure everything is in place but sometimes we forget to check in on ourselves because we are too busy being busy. Invest a little bit of time in yourself. Turn the phone off, the TV off, the computer off and just be. Take the time to find out what you like to do these days, pick up a hobby, go to the art gallery, lie in the grass in the morning, read a chapter, catch up with your friend for a cup of tea, smell that rose. Invest a little bit of time in yourself and the returns will be enormous.

















Jamie Wilcox is a holistic health consultant and wellbeing therapist. She is passionate about providing inspiration and education to people to help improve their quality of life. Holistic health takes into consideration physical health, emotional wellbeing, psychological wellness and lifestyle choices. With a very broad base of knowledge, Jaime’s expertise extends to all matters health, life and wellbeing.

SPECIAL OFFER: Innersense readers are offered $25 discount/10% off a 90 min. holistic health consultation and complementary treatment plan. Please quote ‘Innersense’ to receive discount. Bookings can be made via email or 1800 089 770. More details:


Practical Parenting Parenting & Families

28 Tips for New Mums 1. You will fall in love with your baby and feel feelings with an intensity that you can only imagine. 2. Your partner is going to feel lost—find moments to surface from ‘baby world’ to let them know you are still there and still love them. 3. The more you work with your partner to jointly look after your baby—the easier it is 4. Your partner may not do things with your baby the way you do—as long as it is not actively endangering the baby, see how it goes. 5. The superwoman delusion: You are not the only person who can look after your baby—let your partner, friends, even total strangers in the supermarket, help you in whatever way they can. 6. There is no such thing as the perfect mum let alone parent— stop trying to be perfect and relax—your baby will breathe a huge sigh of relief.


7. Crying is designed to trigger all your maternal instincts and concerns like nothing else, but realise that no baby has died from crying. 8. Your baby is going to cry and you are not going to know what to do about it—you muddle through doing what you can and eventually things will calm down. 9. There is heaps of advice out there, usually with lots of ”shoulds” involved, some of it is 10. OK and some of it totally crap— at the end of the day your ‘gut feel’ is usually a better guide than any of it.

13. There will be mothers out there who appear to have everything under control and have perfect children—it’s a total fabrication! 14. There will be people who will offer advice that is actually thinly veiled criticism—when they have been identified, avoid them like the plague. 15. There are many, many ways to be a great parent and bring up wonderful kids—find yours. 16. Babies are contrary wee things—they can spend two hours screaming the house down and then the next second smile at you beatifically!

11. You will feel helpless and hopeless at times, this too will pass.

17. Motherhood is an amazing rollercoaster, hang on through the lows to get the most amazing highs you have ever had!

12. At times you need to put the needs of your partner (and your relationship) ahead of your baby—even though this feels more painful that cutting off your right arm.

18. Kids like routines and predictability—however they totally reserve the right to bugger them up at their whim.

19. Watch out for growth spurts— they can suddenly appear and throw all your nice routines out the window. 20. Learn the early warning signs of when you baby is tired—you may only get one ‘eye rub’ to let you know—then it looks like they want to party on—don’t be fooled—an overtired baby is a complete pain. 21. Who cares if your house is a mess, as long as you and the baby are fine—nothing else matters.

22. No baby is the same, yours will teach you about the specifics of what they need. 23. Enjoy being a mother—it is the most important, rewarding and challenging thing you will ever do. 24. Don’t be scared of the world and what it might do to your baby—it’s a lot safer now than when you were small and they are more resilient than you think.

26. In terms of fancy toys and designer clothes your baby is not picky, they will throw up on anything. 27. Babies are not that predictable— the notion that we have control over our life as a parent is a wonderful dream—without a hope in hell that it will ever happen. 28. Even if you don’t feel it, your partner still thinks you’re hot!

25. Get involved with mother’s groups play groups etc—they are generally fantastic.

Philip Pryor is a single dad, family and parent coach, leadership trainer, media commentator and Founder of the Great Parents Institute. Philip has two wonderful girls and a Masters in Psychology. He has worked as the Assistant Director of a residential therapeutic high school for disturbed adolescents and young adults. He was also a child psychotherapist and family

therapist prior to starting his own consultancy.


Love, Sex and Intimacy The Naked Truth

Female Bodies are Sexual Pleasure Machines The human body is a sexual pleasure machine, and the female body even more so than the male. That may seem surprising if your concept of someone’s ‘level of sexuality’ is determined by their ‘level of libido’. We’re rather too libido-oriented in this society. The general belief is that sex is a response to feeling horny. Along with that belief comes the implicit assumption that the hornier you feel, the better sex will be. Since women have bought into this model and believe that they should be horny before they have sex, given that women’s sexuality isn’t the ‘gagging-for-it’ type: they tend to give up, they don’t do what it takes to get in the mood, generally thinking that there’s something wrong with them (if they’ve got low self-esteem) or claiming they’re ‘normal’, declaring that ‘women don’t like sex’ and their partner is ‘sex-crazed’ (if they’re more assertive). It’s true that women tend to have libidos like men. However, women’s sexuality is not hormonally driven, it’s contextual. How a woman is feeling and what’s going on for her,


is what determines if she’s open and receptive to sex. Once a women allows herself to get into the mood, and approaches sex in a more female-friendly way (ie not trying to be like a man) - wow, the places she can go! Because when it comes to the response side of sex (as opposed to the desire side) - well, women are far more superior than men!

Women can have orgasms that are more intense, more frequent and last longer than men’s. On top of the standard clitoral orgasm, which is similar in physiology and feel to the male ejaculatory orgasm, women can have orgasms through vaginal stimulation, g-spot (actually the urethral sponge) stimulation, AFE-spot stimulation, cervical stimulation, anal stimulation, nipple stimulation, in fact, from virtually any part of their body,

and even without physical touch (either by being in the presence of a man who’s very present in his masculinity, or by bringing yourself to orgasm through breath and visualisation). Women can have multiple orgasms, wet orgasms (more commonly known by the dreadful male-centric term: female ejaculation), full body orgasms, and can stay in ecstatic states of arousal for very long periods of time. Unfortunately, most people don’t even realise what women’s sexual potential is. After a few decades of wondering why women are so sexually dysfunctional because they don’t function sexually like men, Western scientific research is only now starting to acknowledge that women’s sexuality is different. But it’s still way off realising just how wonderfully different women’s sexuality is. Fortunately some people (like me!) are exploring beyond the boring limits of conventional models of sex in the West, taking on board the wisdom of older sexual traditions, such as the Tantric and Taoist, and doing a lot of personal research: I know all this is possible because I experience it. When women realise it’s possible, they can start to experience it. When women have sexual responses like this, when they go to heaven, they take their man there with them. There is nothing a man likes more than to give his women this level of sexual pleasure. It satisfies him to his very core. It makes him feel like a Real Man. He may not be able to experience the level of feeling that she can, but he can feel fantastic for getting her there.

Female sexual response is extraordinary. It takes a while to get there, but like all good things, it takes time. The more time and attention you pay to something, generally the better the outcome.

Throw away the limiting beliefs, expand your possibilities to so much more - open yourself up to your glorious potential!

Invitation to the Luscious Woman Weekend To express your real sexual self, you need inner confidence. The Luscious Woman weekend is all about becoming better informed, more confident and sexually empowered – from the inside out. The Luscious Woman weekend is presented by Jacqueline Hellyer, one of Australia’s leading media sexperts, published author and professional sex therapist. She’s devoted her life to exploring and teaching the energetic aspects of sex, combining modern science with ancient Taoist and Tantric practices. Her knowledge is as broad as it gets, and she shares it in an incredibly open and inspiring way. Held in a luscious location, this workshop is classy, practical and fun. There’s no nudity or sex - that’s the homework! Find out why women are raving about this workshop: indulge in a weekend of womanly gorgeousness and unleash the true sexual you! Day One is all about YOU as a woman. Over a day of fun, fascinating and practical activities you’ll learn to: • • • • • • •

understand the history of female sexuality, and why we’re so darn confused! appreciate how your body is designed for exquisite sexual pleasure turn off your brain and get present in your body live in a state of heightened sensual awareness use Tantric breath and energy techniques tune into your eroticism, and allow for soulful surrender.

On Day Two you’ll take your empowered sexuality into partnered activity. We’ll up the energy and learn: • • • • • •

All about male sexuality How to become multi-orgasmic The keys to true sexual connection How to add spice to your sex life To access and express your true sexual self. The path to awesome transcendant sex.

Maximum 16 participants Find out why women are raving about this workshop. Whatever your level of sexual confidence, whatever your age, whatever your sexual inclination - this workshop is a must! There’s no nudity and all food, drinks, champagne and chocolates are provided!

The Dome, Surry Hills

March 24-25th 2012 • Cost $A597 per person Bookings at


Gifts That Give Twice Indulge Your Senses

KU SHU SHU produce an exclusive range of luxurious silk luxury. These styles showcase stunning, vintage inspired, Australian designed, limited edition prints.

Spring Rose Sleep Set Dusky shades of pink and rouge in this print reflect the romantic vintage post cards that inspired the design. This stunning silk camisole is matched with silk knickers and a spectacular silk lingerie gift bag. Set Sizing S, M, L Set Price $199.90


Camellia Rose Chemise & Kimono The vintage inspired Camellia Rose is printed with soft shades of silver throughout the petals on a dramatic black background. Luxurious stretch-woven silk construction and superb silhouettes ensure comfort and a sensuous, stylish fit. Chemise Sizing S, M, L Chemise Price $209.95 Kimono Sizing One Size Kimono Price $249.95 Set Price: $459.90

Mention Innersense when you buy from KU SHU SHU in March 2012 and they will donate 10% of your purchase price to Opportunity International Australia.


Community News Upcoming Events

International Women’s Day 8th March Opportunity International Australia is inviting people right across Australia to host an ‘Opportunity Swap’ clothes swap in honour of United Nations International Women’s Day on 8 March 2012. Bring your friends together for a clothes swap anytime during the month of March to recycle your wardrobe AND empower women in desperate need by raising much-needed funds for women and their families living in poverty in developing countries. To get involved visit:

World Water Day 22nd March International World Water Day is held annually on 22 March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. There are 7 billion people to feed on the planet today and another 2 billion are expected to join by 2050. Statistics say that each of us drinks from 2 to 4 litres of water every day, however most of the water we ‘drink’ is embedded in the food we eat: producing 1 kilo of beef for example consumes 15,000 litres of water while 1 kilo of wheat ’drinks up’ 1,500 litres. To get more information visit:

Earth Hour 31st March 8.30pm Hundreds of millions of people, businesses and governments around the world unite each year to support the largest environmental event in history – Earth Hour. More than 5,200 cities and towns in 135 countries worldwide switched off their lights for Earth Hour 2011 alone, sending a powerful message for action on climate change To register your support visit:


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