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2012 and The Inca Prophecies


RETREATS for Body and Soul

You are GOD







RELEASING BLOCKS by Swami Dayananda




THE SHIFT by Linda Clair



THE AGE OF AWAKENING Q & A with Eckhart Tolle

WHAT IS THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND? by Leaona Hamood & Michael Oster





WHO’S IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE? by Persephone Maywald






YOU ARE GOD A Conversation with Dr Wayne Dyer

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ART AS THERAPY by Glenda Needs


RETREAT YOURSELF Retreats and Holidays for the Body & Soul



THETA HEALING by Christa Metzer






















INSIDE OUT by Debbi Kemp










YOUR EYES NEVER LIE by Lynne Singlewood











Why are you reading this paper? Curiosity ... entertainment ... habit ... or is it love that’s drawing you in? In truth, Love calls to each and every one of us at every turn, wastes nothing and uses everything. The time is upon us. Are we open and available to Love’s flow or are we still waiting behind excuses... Not yet ready... not aware enough... too many other things to do. None of it is real. Love is calling... are we listening? I came across an Oasis song recently that tore my heart out... For me, the gut wrenching plea from Noel and Liam is the call for each and every one of us to move into a position of full and complete responsibility and acceptance... the words of the song breathe life into me as I hear the pain of the world moaning: Who kicks a hole in the sky So the heavens would cry over me...? Who stole the soul from the sun In a world come undone at the seams...? This agonising heart-felt plea invites the Beloved back in. And yet, lover’s plea and the Beloved’s response are one and the same: Let there be love... Let there be love... The chorus is both a prayer and an affirmation... an asking and an accepting in the very same breath... “Let there be love”. I love the way that what we all seek is already, always before us... wherever we are, here it is. Rumi says it so eloquently: Lovers share a sacred decree to seek out the Beloved. They roll head over heels, rushing towards the Beautiful One Like a torrent of water. In truth everything and everyone is a shadow of the Beloved and our seeking is His seeking and our words are His words ...

It’s this immediate. What we so desperately seek is already here, always already here... simply awaiting our acceptance. Rumi continues: We search for Him here and there, while looking right at Him. Sitting by his side, we ask, O Beloved, where is the Beloved? In realising that all we are to do is to open up and allow for the Eternal Vastness to be both our constant companion and our expression, we will “see” what isn’t normally seen... we will “know” what isn’t normally known... And the moment is upon us... all we need do now is stop... open... look... listen... and allow... Simply allow and here it is, in all its radiant magnificence. If you too feel Love’s pull to deepen... honour it. Remember, it’s not simply for yourself that this is happening, you are being called to do it for one and all... open up and be Love’s instrument. If ever there was a time... it’s now. Let there be love... Leo Drioli & Enza Vita

You can visit Leo Drioli’ lo gDrioli’ss online bblo log Eter nal Vastness: Eternal

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Issue 28 • SA




You are GOD

ALBERTO VILLOLDO 2012 and The Inca Prophecies

RETREATS for Body and Soul

ISSUE 28 (SA Edition•Jul-Sept 2010)

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Mind & HEART


DEEPENING STAGES OF MEDITATION AND NEUROSCIENCE We have found in the Lifeflow Learn to Meditate course that the participants become fascinated by what is happening as they go deeper into meditation. Therefore we spend time in the course exploring the deeper states which are often called transpersonal states, alternate states of consciousness or trance states. They are often made to sound strange, but we experience them quite naturally when we are completely absorbed in something. This is why people love watching a film, reading a book, playing sport, listening to music, working, walking, swimming or surfing and experiencing those magic times when they “zone out” and completely lose track of time. You might have had the experience at these times of feeling almost as though you are not there, and that what you are doing is doing itself. This means that you have spontaneously entered a state of meditation. It can be quite light, where you are still thinking, or very deep, where your thinking has stopped altogether. Testing dee per sta deeper stagg es The deepening stages have been an integral part of the meditation tradition for thousands of years. Experienced meditators can recognise them clearly. However, even though there have been many studies exploring brainwaves in meditation, noone has previously discovered if the tests of neuroscience actually tally with the different stages meditators have been describing. So a couple of years ago, Flinders University and Lifeflow Meditation joined forces to explore what actually happens in the brain as a meditator goes through the deepening stages. Exper ts in the fields of medicine, neuroscience, psychology and engineering were brought in to monitor the tests. Fifteen Lifeflow students went into the neuroscience department at the University one at a time to be seated in a specially prepared room and wired up to an EEG machine for a whole morning. While they went through the different stages their brain waves were measured. Even to

the most sceptical, the results were clear cut. Relaxation and meditation The first thing the scientists wanted to find out was to see if there was any difference between just resting in a relaxed state and meditating. So the experiment started with each meditator closing their eyes and relaxing. And then, after a short break, they went into meditation. To the surprise of everyone it was very clear that there was a distinct difference between the two states. Not only did this show how meditation was clearly different from simply relaxing, it also showed how the mind was alert while meditating and how meditation increased the ability to concentrate. Four deepening stages What made this experiment so different from the many previous studies in meditation was that all the meditators were doing the same meditations, and, at the same time, each meditator could use the meditations to shift from one state to another. We measured four distinct states because these are the ones outlined in detail in the tradition. When you are trained in them, you notice the changes in the stages as you go deeper into meditation because they each have quite a distinct feeling. The first stage When people first star t to meditate they often describe it as being incredibly deeply relaxed, almost as though they are falling asleep. And this is exactly what the experiment showed. It showed how the meditators went through exactly the same process as falling asleep, but stopped right at the point before actually falling asleep. They could hold this point right between being awake and asleep. The scientists were very familiar with this process because of the work they had done in the sleep laboratory at the University. But, of course, the difference was that in the sleep laboratory, people did fall asleep. At the first stage, even though you are in a meditation state, you are still


RELEASING BLOCKS thinking. But your thinking is not the highly aroused, demanding process we are normally used to – it is smooth, does not dominate your mind, and you have clear gaps between thoughts. With your normal thinking, the predominant brainwave is beta, which looks exactly how it feels –moving in quick, short pulses. Once you go into meditation your brain goes into alpha brainwaves which are smooth and slower-moving. As you go to sleep your brain goes into a delta wave pattern, so if this is dominant it is the indicator of having fallen sleep. When the meditators went into the first stage it showed that the delta waves which were clearly apparent when they were simply relaxing decreased markedly, and the alpha waves increased. Theta brainwaves also showed up and people can have their best ideas in this state. The second stage In the second stage you actually stop thinking, and so this showed up clearly in the results with no more beta waves. Even the smooth alpha waves star ted to decrease. Theta waves were also present, and these are often associated with a free flow of images. our th T he thir thirdd and ffour stages Here all brainwave activity decreased markedly at each stage with the fourth stage showing the brain in a very quiet, still state. This is the deepest state possible and while all the stages are very blissful to experience, the hallmark of this stage is the gentle bliss of deep peace. Dr. Graham Williams has thirty years’ experience in teaching meditation, is the Director of The Lifeflow Meditation Centre and an adjunct lecturer at Flinders University. His first book Insight and Love is in its third edition and his book Life in Balance was released in 2008. It is available online, in bookshops in Adelaide and throughout Australia. The Lifeflow Centre provides regular meditation courses in their city studio and retreats in a relaxing hills setting. P 8353 0000 W

The great sages say there always is a clear pathway to our Inner Self. The only blocks to directly experiencing this divine connection are the ones we place there ourselves. What are these blocks? How do you experience them? Where do they come from? And how can you dissolve them? At the most physical level, blocks appear as tension. This can be the everyday discomfort of tight shoulders or pain in the back or neck. They can also be more blatant, as when you have received bad news and feel like you’ve been kicked in the stomach. Or when you have a lump in the throat or hurt in the heart. Emotionally a block may manifest through too much talking. Any time you hear yourself or someone else tell the same story over and over, you are experiencing an emotional block. The sullen withdrawal of depression also is an expression of a block. Most usual is when you simply don’t want to face something. What are the patterns? See if you can identify for yourself or another person an approach that seems to consistently arise. These may be statements, such as, I need to understand, or I need someone else to make me feel better, or I can’t bear this feeling. Some people want to hit something, divert their attention, or run out and do something to get their minds off the block. Others go into avoidance or get friends to agree with them. Usually it’s not until we hit a crisis or can finally admit we’ve had enough that we’re ready to look more closely. Are you ready to drop your own blocks? What Causes Blocks? It’s simple. Blocks are caused by thinking. At the most profound level, thinking itself diverts your attention away from focusing on your higher consciousness. Many meditation techniques help you refocus your mind inward on your own inner light. These may include mantra, the practice of silence, opening the space between thought, chanting, music or releasing the mind into pure awareness. On a more mundane level, blocks may be a reaction to a person, an event or circumstance. Or they may

just arise through impressions, memory or fantasy. Whenever you recognise you have a block, ask yourself what you have been thinking. It’s helpful to identify specifically what you have been telling yourself whether you feel you’ve been right or wrong. Here’s a contemplation that might help you uncover and dissolve an issue. 1. Recognize the block: If you already know where your tension or unease is located, focus your awareness there. Or bring in the idea of relationships, such as family, friends, children, par tners or colleagues. What comes up? When you have no blocks you feel expanded, clear and comfortable. Any tension or discomfort signals a block. Notice your energy. Do you have a lot of energy or do you feel depleted? Notice where you hold this tension in your body. Ask yourself: What is this block made of? 2. Identify the underlying feeling: Notice your mood. Is this feeling frustration, irritation or impatience? Is this feeling sadness, disappointment, or depression? Is this feeling worry, anxiety or doubt? Is this a familiar feeling? Try these statements quietly to yourself: I feel angry. I feel sad. I feel afraid. Watch your inner response to these statements. 3. Look dee per deeper per:: Ask yourself: When did this tension occur? Weeks or years ago? Yesterday or a few days ago? Today? What time, when. Who was I with? What was the issue? What caused the tension? Did I say something to create this tension? Did I do something to create this tension? Did someone hur t my feelings? Did someone get angry with me? 4. Accept: As best you can, try to embrace the insights you just received. Absorb the feeling and information with gentleness. These are my feelings, which are caused by my thoughts. This is my own feeling caused by attitude. This block is my reaction to something. This block is a conversation I need to have. 5. Release the energy: Investigate what you need to do to release the block. Ask yourself ques-

tions like: Who do I need to speak to? Who do I need to forgive? Who do I need to apologise to? Who do I need to accept? What do I need to do? What do I need to say? Do I need to give up something? Do I need to give my blessing to something? 6. Let Go: If nothing arises, you may not have as deep feelings about the issue as you thought. Or you may need to be more honest with yourself. Perhaps you will need to repeat the inquiry or similar questions; after all, it’s possibly taken years for the blocks to form. When you do release a block, you may feel more aligned or at ease. Tears may appear or you might feel a whoosh of energy. Tension dissolves and the mind opens to the light of your own inner Consciousness. Swami Dayananda is the Director of the Adelaide Shiva Yoga Meditation Centre at 79 Military Road, Semaphore. The Centre conducts courses and sessions in yoga, meditation, self-inquiry and the philosophies of yoga and spirituality. Join us for Satsang Saturdays at 7.30! The next retreat at our new Lokananda Conscious Living Retreat Centre near Eudunda will be October 1-4. For more information, contact 8242 4929 or



THE SHIFT Q: There seems to be many definitions on terms like enlightenment, self realisation, liberation, awakening and so on depending on various schools of thought and beliefs. Can you please tell me in yyour our vie w, wwha ha view hatt is enlightenment? What is an awakening, what is self realisation and what is liberation? Linda Clair: Enlightenment is the realisation that ‘I’ am not the body, i.e. the freedom from fear of death (of the body). I would say that an awakening is the realisation that ‘I’ am not the mind and it can be quite profound, but it is still an experience and there is still an ‘I’ or mind in control – you just realise that it is in control. With full realisation, the mind subsides and there is no experience anymore – it’s actually the end of seeking experience and the end of the concept of time. It’s the end of all concepts. Q: Can you please tell me about your awakening, enlightenment and how this shift occurred, what it felt like in the bod ha ppened to bodyy, wwha hatt ha happened your mind? Linda Clair : I can’t remember my awakening very clearly now – many memories have faded. It happened on the fifth day of a 10 day meditation retreat, and I remember a huge letting go of the mind, but at the same time sensing that the mind was still there to some degree. It never regained its former strength, but it was really the beginning of the end. There was deep gratitude and relief, but also a knowledge that a lot more work was required. I suppose the main thing I remember is a deep enthusiasm and determination to be completely free of the mind and the realisation that it was possible for me. My teacher Peter Jones had prepared me very well for it, and this is extremely important, as the ego can get carried away with

something like this happening. There is a great temptation to delude oneself at this point and say there’s nothing more to do . . . but there was a lot more. This happened in 1997 and for the next 7 years I practised intensively. My whole life became my practice. I had a partner, two children and a part-time job but everything revolved around becoming more and more conscious. I suppose I became obsessed with it. I started doing retreats with a Japanese Zen Master who was living in Australia (Hogen Yamahata) and relished the discipline of the Zen practice. When someone told me about a monastery in Japan called Bukkokuji that took Western students, I knew I had to go. Hogen-san had spent 10 years there with his master, Harada Tangen Roshi, who was the abbot. I arrived there in February 2004 and spent 6 weeks there. It was so hard and so intense – all I wanted to do for a while was to go home, but I knew I couldn’t leave. It was a place of extremes – extreme harshness, extreme kindness, extreme practice, extreme compassion. I didn’t realise it at the time, but it was the beginning of the final stage of enlightenment. Being there was the final straw. When I returned to Australia, I felt deeply detached and peaceful. I did a few more retreats with Hogen-san and then in January, 2005, during a 10 day retreat, it happened. For the first few days of the retreat, I took it ‘easy’, not extending myself, just sitting during the allotted times. Then

one morning Hogen-san was going around correcting people’s postures and when he adjusted me I let out a strange sound that was quite loud. I felt suddenly embarrassed, very self conscious and emotional about the noise that I’d made and there was this deep surge of energy within me. Something in me shouted (not out loud) ‘this is enough- I can’t take this anymore!’ and I saw that there was still a deep fear of sitting through pain – even after everything I’d gone through. From that moment on, I decided to sit through every break during the retreat, which meant that I’d be sitting for up to about three hours at a time. Initially, when the bell would sound, my body would start pulsing violently and it felt like my heart was going to explode. Then the sensations would gradually subside and I would start breathing normally again. This happened every time the bell sounded, but after a few days, it star ted to become less extreme. Then one day – I can’t remember which day of the retreat it was - everything stopped. There was no pain, no bliss, no time – just the body containing this intense energy. It felt like everything that I had thought was real became an illusion, and everything I thought was unreal became real. It felt a bit like a fairy tale coming true . . . a strange feeling. There was deep, deep peace and contentment. I didn’t feel like jumping up and down with joy - it was very gentle and ordinary - it felt like something had finally clicked into place. Linda Clair is a non-sectarian teacher, and is also the author of the book ‘What do you Want?’ She teaches mainly at the Simple Meditation Centre in Crafers West in the Adelaide Hills. For more information, please phone David on 8339 7848 or visit

Seven Days in December Talks #2 with Linda Clair

Recorded on a 7 day meditation retreat at Crafers West SA in December 2009, Linda Clair encourages the participants to give it all they have in their practice, reminding them that every moment is precious. Each talk, delivered in her direct and inimitable way, is both an encouragement and a challenge to make the most of every breath. If you’re interested in a frank, no holds barred approach to meditation practice, this CD offers a depth and clarity not easily matched. For details phone David on 8339 7848 or visit www .simplemedita www.simplemedita

Meditation Use the energy of

realization to look into the depths of your own being - beyond the mind. • Tuesdays at 7pm • Saturdays at 2pm • Regular Retreats or phone David on 0437 817 167


The Age of Awakening ○


Eckhart Tolle, Spiritual Teacher and Author was born in Germany and educated at the Universities of London and Cambridge. At the age of twenty-nine a profound inner transformation radically changed the course of his life. The next few years were devoted to understanding, integrating and deepening that transformation, which marked the beginning of an intense inward journey. Later, he began to work in London with individuals and small groups as a counselor and spiritual teacher. Since 1995 he has lived in Vancouver, Canada. Eckhart Tolle is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Power of Now (translated into 33 languages) and the highly acclaimed follow-up A New Earth, which are widely regarded as two of the most influential spiritual books of our time. Eckhart’s profound yet simple teachings have already helped countless people throughout the world find inner peace and greater fulfillment in their lives. At the core of the teachings lies the transformation of consciousness, a spiritual awakening that he sees as the next step in human evolution. An essential aspect of this awakening consists in transcending our ego-based state of consciousness. This is a prerequisite not only for personal happiness but also for the ending of violent conflict endemic on our planet. Q: Are you hopeful about an awakening of consciousness? A: Things are both getting better and getting worse. The madness is accelerating but an acceleration of the new consciousness is also coming in. However, this latter development is less apparent when you listen to the media. The media still mostly reflects what is happening in the sphere of the old consciousness. Q: Do you believe that humanity is ready for this transformation? A: Yes. I see signs that it is already happening. For the first time there is a large scale awakening on our planet. Why now? Because if there is no change in human consciousness now, we will destroy ourselves and perhaps the planet. The insanity of the collective egoic mind, amplified by science and technology, is rapidly taking our species to the brink of disaster. Evolve or die: that is our only choice now. My estimate is that at this time about ten percent of people are already awakening. This is probably enough of a critical mass to bring about a new earth. So the transformation of consciousness is truly happening even though they won’t be reporting it on tonight’s news. Is it happening fast enough? I am hopeful about humanity’s future, much more so now than when I wrote The Power of Now. In fact that is why I wrote that book. I really wasn’t sure that humanity was going to survive. Now I feel differently. I see many reasons to be hopeful. Q: Although ultimately nobody can do it for you, a teacher is no doubt helpful - some would say essential - during the process of awakening. What is your message to all those awakening beings who rely on you for guidance? A: Don’t rely on me. Whoever and whatever you rely on .A: externally will let you down sooner or later. All forms dissolve, change, die, leave you. Many people feel they are being drawn to me, the

“form” of Eckhart, but they are wrong. They confuse form with essence. When people come to a talk, an intensive, or a retreat, they don’t come to be with me, although this is how it may look on the surface. They come to be with themselves, or rather, to be themselves more fully. Something shines through the form of Eckhart, and it is one with


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the essence of who you are. The peace, stillness, joy or intense aliveness you feel in the presence of the spiritual teacher emanates from the one Source within yourself, inseparable from who you are at the deepest level. The teacher cannot give it to you. He or she reveals to you what is already there, within yourself. The teaching is continuously available to you through the books, tapes, videos. For those who are ready to awaken, they are just as powerful as the physical presence of the teacher. But beware of excessive attachment to these things and the constant need for more, which is not a true need but a mind-created one. One needs to see when the point has been reached where that which is helpful, that which puts you in touch with the truth of who you are, has served its purpose. Buddha had the beautiful analogy of the “raft crossing the river” - once you have crossed the river, you don’t carry the raft around with you. As long as you need the raft, the teaching is there. Through the books, tapes, videos, the teaching is there in its full power, and that teaching, if you allow it, will put you in touch with the only living teacher there is: your own innermost being. But the egoic mind keeps saying: I need, I want, I must have. The mind’s need for more is a way of avoiding and truly being with the teaching. Which is here now. Q: Does the fact that this awakening is occurring convey a sense of hope for the world? A: Yes. The question is, does the old consciousness need to carry on until it actually brings about its own

downfall through chaos and collapse? Or is the new consciousness arising that can gradually replace the old consciousness without excessive destructiveness? I don’t know the answer to that. We’ll have to wait and see. All we can do is take responsibility for our own lives. Q: If awakening or living a life in an awakened state does not change the natural or der of things order things,, duality duality,, the tension between the opposites, what does living a life in the awakened state do? Does it affect the world, or only one’s subjective experience of the world? A: When you live in surrender, something comes through you into the world of duality that is not of this world. Q: Does that actually change the outer world? A: Internal and external are ultimately one. When you no longer perceive the world as hostile, there is no more fear, and when there is no more fear, you think, speak and act differently. Love and compassion arise, and they affect the world. Even if you find yourself in a conflict situation, there is an outflow of peace into the polarities. So then, something does change. There are some teachers or teachings that say, nothing changes. That is not the case. Something very important does change. That which is beyond form shines through the form, the eternal shines through the form into this world of form.


Love of the


WHO’S IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE? Most of us believe that we need to take charge of our lives. This belief runs so deep that we don’t even see it as a belief, but more as an essential, unquestioned foundation of our existence. We see it both as a reality and a necessity, and it usually does not occur to us that a meaningful life could be different. We do this because we have lost our sense of the inherent, intelligent dynamism of the Universe, and of being one with that dynamism. Instead, we experience ourselves as separate beings who have to take charge of our own separate lives. Taking Char Chargg e of our Destiny Because we’ve lost touch with that universal dynamism, we have no choice but to take control of our destiny. Our souls feel the need for direction, and if it seems that it’s not coming from anyplace else, we step into the role ourselves. We take control of ourselves and our lives in every possible way – including our actions, our emotions, our past and our future. When it comes to our actions, we use our will and our determination to make ourselves do what seems to be needed. This is especially true when we just don’t feel like doing whatever that is. We wake up to an alarm and force ourselves out of bed, whether or not we’ve had enough sleep. We

micromanage our jobs when we’d rather be taking it easy. We come home tired but make ourselves cook a good meal. We listen sympathetically to our partner, even if the sympathy’s forced. We often fall into bed exhausted from the effort of pushing ourselves through the day. We also use will to control our emotions. We’re afraid that if we get angry, we might do some serious damage, so we carefully control our anger. We’re afraid that if we start crying we might never stop, so we stifle the sobs inside us. When we feel lonely, we push it away by making ourselves busy. When we feel anxious, we tell ourselves not to be silly. Fearing the conflict of asser ting our needs, we keep ourselves small in relationships. We don’t just control our present, but our past and our future too. When we feel grief or anger about an event in the past, we suppress the feelings by telling ourselves to just move on and put it all behind us. We make plans and goals for the future, then push ourselves to achieve them regardless of how we feel. So why are we so deeply invested in all these ways of taking charge of ourselves? Why do we continually control our actions, our emotions, our past and our future and pretty much every moment of life?

Distrusting our Dynamism It seems that we simply don’t trust that we could spontaneously unfold exactly as needed. We don’t trust that the right responses to life will appear. We are out of touch with the intelligent dynamism of the universe, which is also the intelligent dynamism of our own inner being. We do not know that our Being actually includes a true will, as distinct from the everyday will we use to control our lives. Feeling the lack of that true creative unfolding within us, we fill the void however we can. And yet, there are signs that we miss the true will we have lost. We find that we long to be fully ourselves, without effort or pressure. We long for spontaneity and relaxation. We long for the inner ease that just knows how to be and what to do. We long for a sense of right action. But true will cannot appear in the same place as our usual willful control. And it is impossible to force ourselves to give up that usual control. What’s needed is not to force anything, but rather to acknowledge, explore and understand all the ways that we try to control ourselves. Because control is so fundamental to the ego, this is one of the greatest challenges in living a spiritual life. However, as we slowly come to understand the willful par ts of ourselves, they do start to soften and make way for true will to appear. And as our need for control diminishes, we are able to surrender more and more to the intelligent dynamism that always lives within us. We are the Moved, not the Mover True will gives us the knowledge

that we are the moved, not the mover. There is a sense of curiosity and wonder at the dynamism that arises within us, and the flow of our body, emotions and soul becomes light, easy, relaxed, spontaneous, responsive and intelligent. There is attunement and harmony within us, with those around us, and with the totality of the universe. We feel ourselves as an expression of the larger will of the universe, one that is totally benevolent and optimizing for us and all that exists. This gives us a ground and a confidence that things will flow as they should. It gives us a sense of solidity in ourselves and our actions. It allows us to be exactly where we are, with no need to change or control anything. We discover that true will and our will are actually one and the same, and that paradoxically, in surrendering our will, we have found our will. As A.H.Almaas teaches, (see Diamond Heart Book 2, p.114) we find that ‘Will is actually effortless, complete spontaneity, complete letting go. It is surrender. (You) think that to surrender is to let go of your will. This is not true. To surrender is to have your will completely … ’ Persephone Maywald has been a student of the Diamond Approach to self realization since 1986, and is a Teacher in Training in this spiritual path. She is currently offering Low-fee Individual Sessions for those interested in experiencing the Diamond Approach. She also offers Study Groups on the writings of A.H.Almaas, founder of this path, and is a transpersonal psychologist. Contact her at 0435 014 821 or For more information see

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Cathartic Style Breathwork The future of therapy ○

BY JAAN JERABEK The majority of psychotherapists, psychologists and counsellors will agree that the real foundation of mental and emotional wellness and healing is the ‘feeling of our emotions’. Letting ourselves get in touch with ‘Emotional Level Memory’ is what results in genuinely deep and permanent change. I wish to expand on ‘Emotional Level Memory’. Mental level memory recall is nothing new or special. Hypnotherapy and other effective psychotherapeutic ‘regression’ techniques are very capable of facilitating a person to remember long forgotten about or ‘repressed’ events. Cathartic Style of Breathwork enables people to readily access the ‘emotional level memory’, the emotional aspect of these past incidents reliably. The actual deeply buried, traumatically emotional aspect of an experience that may not ever be accessed through other means. Emotions from as early as the womb, birth and infancy, let alone childhood periods. It is the feeling of these emotions , not analysing mental level memories, that results in deep healing and permanent change relatively quickly. A session of Cathartic Style Breathwork consists of 60 minutes or more, up to 2 & ½ hours in some advanced versions (when enough preparation and after session supervision is available, such as on long residentials), of connected breathing, through the mouth and is done at a medium to semi fast rate and there is a focus on breathing ‘energetically’ on the inhale. This style of breathwork, when faciltated by an experienced professional who will use specific techniques to support the process, results in a temporary ‘defence structure displacement’ and results in the accessing of your deeply buried emotional pain that sits behind your unconscious defence system. In your average session some people release anger and rage, which are some of the main foundations of relationship issues and self sabotage. For anger is a very powerful energy that can only do one of two things, either it goes outwards, is expressed and leaves the system. Alternatively it is turned inwards, becoming self directed anger and rage which is the true cause of self sabotage of


one’s life. I am not talking about reactive anger we experience whilst driving or with our partner for example, I am talking about the real reason we carry anger, which present-day situations and people trigger off in us. Just because a person is comfortable to express their anger at home does not mean they are healing the real cause of their anger. It usually means the total opposite, as we are never really angry about what we consciously think that we are angry about! It is usually an earlier childhood or school period disempowerment getting ‘re-triggered ’ that is an adult’s genuine cause of anger. At times the anger is a ‘cover up’ of deep hurt/ grief. Some people on the other hand have their anger buried so deeply that they do not experience it as the ‘raw emotional energy’ of anger. These people will be so out of touch with their emotions that they will experience only the ‘mental level symptoms’ of anger which are having critical thoughts of others and themselves, making people and themselves wrong or judging harshly and fantasies of arguments with people who they feel wronged by or who they have not communicated their truth to. Some people will not even be aware of that level and will simply experience the very end result of holding onto anger which is lack of energy, personal power, motivation and inspiration to do things. This is because buried anger is such a massive amount of our life-force trapped, they have very little energy left with which to ‘truly live’. Some people release built up grief. Which is one of the main foundations of Depression and all ‘Self Worth’ issues we suffer from. People do not realize that the grief they hold in, are not even aware that they are holding onto, is the early life ‘heart wounding’ that is at the foundation of ‘Self Worth’ orientated issues. Issues with abundance, feeling joy and happiness within oneself, letting in supportive and nurturing relationships, feeling good about oneself and so forth. These are all grief/ ‘heart wounding’ orientated issues at the end of the day. To heal self worth issues most people need to heal their ‘heart wounding’ issues, and the main way to do this is to

let them selves grieve. Some people will have their grief buried so deeply they will only be aware of the ‘surface level symptoms’ of grief. Lack of energy, tiredness, insomnia and hypersomnia, sinus issues, alcohol and ‘depressant drug’ addictions such as tranquilizers and marijuana, feeling generally ‘negative’ and pessimistic about life and money issues – for a heart closed off by grief to receiving the abundance currency of love, is a heart closed off to receiving other abundance currencies such as money. Some people experience intense fear and terror which is one of the real foundations of anxiety. All of the anxiety symptoms we suffer from are a result of the ‘fight or flight’ response being kicked in. Hyper vigilance, sweating, on edge feelings, heart palpitations, lack of restful sleep and so forth, are all reactions that our primal defence system has kicked in because it ‘senses danger or something that is a threat/unpleasant’ around the corner. It is fear of our emotions themselves and the fear itself that triggers this ‘fight or flight’ response. Deal with the fear and fear of emotions and the mechanism rests. No more anxiety symptoms. No need for medication or long term therapy. Just a need to let ourselves in on our deeper emotions. The thing we try to avoid like the plague, and as a result try and find a ‘simple overnight’ solution or blame our anxiety (or depression) on some ‘mysterious’ unknown cause and choose a lifestyle of medication, avoidance and mental ‘illness’. Understandeable though this is, as most people are not aware of fear when they are feeling it. For most of us know how to feel and express sadness... tears, sobs, snottiness etc. Most of us know how to feel and express anger... scream, grunt, punch and kick etc. But what about fear? How is that felt & expressed? Unless people feel a real adrenaline pumping surge of fear or sheer terror, people find it hard to feel fear that is present. Many people do not realize though that they are feeling fear, just like anger and sadness, 24/7. There are tell tale signs though. Feeling cold and needing to rug up constantly... fear. Constantly needing to know in advance what is going to happen... fear. Constant thinking and analysing...fear. Contraction of the body hence a closing off of energy/ heart... fear. Driveness towards alcohol...fear. Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms...fear. Constantly alert mind and hypervigilance....fear...Digestive disorders...fear. Many are the symptoms. This is why many view Cathartic Breathwork as the therapy of the future. People gain access to these trapped emotions from the first session onwards. I see Cathartic Style Breathwork as the single greatest discovery in consciousness work since the distinction was made between the conscious and the unconscious motivating layers of the mind. Try it. Jaan Jerabek isan authority on emotional health & Breathwork. He is the founder of Transformative Education International and ‘The Depression Solution’. He Directs one of the Southern Hemispheres largest and most successful Cathartic style Breathwork training organizations. To Contact TEI & The Depression Solution call 1300 500 881 or visit: or

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LOVE IS THE CURE Love is the cure, for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain until your eyes constantly exhale love as effortlessly as your body yields its scent. RUMI I know that the only real thing that brings peace to me and resolves EVERY problem and conflict and pain is my willingness to love, my willingness to Choose Love in the face of what is not. The clue that two recent instances of nonsensical, irrational and unjust treatment towards me had something to do with me, was that they triggered so much anger and bewilderment at how anyone could do what they were doing! I was so ropeable and my anger was so explosive that it woke me up! Because it was so awful to feel so angry, I just got the message to apply what I know. First of all, I took responsibility that it had everything to do with me. I applied all of what I know and teach about the Mirror Principle and named the thing I perceived that these two different persons were doing and immediately where I had done something similar that was obviously still judged and unforgiven in me and by me. Then I started saying to myself, ‘I am willing to forgive this person/this situation and my self and I release it all to the Higher Self.’ Every time I found myself tempted back into all the blame and anger, I practised choosing the truth and choosing love instead by just saying ‘Love only, only Love.’ Within about an hour with both, I was walking around realising I was no longer in any pain, and not being triggered into my mind going around and around with what I would say to them (as we do~!). Instead I was totally at peace.

In both cases, there was nowhere else for me to go except to choose to love what was the most unlovable and antagonising situations. Sitting in the waiting room of one of them, when I opened A Course in Miracles, it gave me the wise reminder: ‘Beware of the temptation to perceive yourself unjustly treated.’1 Instead, as Rumi counsels us ~ Love is the cure. By its very nature our world is one where suffering is part of it and yet the suffering is perfect from the larger perspective, as this suffering forces us to look for the Truth - that Love is the cure. Love is what is real and when we choose this consistently we experience Love as being real and bringing us peace. Added to this, from one of these experiences in particular, I realised with a deep profoundity, after I had asked the Higher Self to interpret for me what I could not with any sense, what was happening with this person to make them act in the way they were ~ that every single person I am angry with is a person with whom I have a past life connection and that I am being given the opportunity to heal with this person and so complete our karma together. That forgiveness of perceived injustices, hurt and pain at another’s nonsensical, irrational behaviour frees both me and them from an old contract. A Course in Miracles refers to this with “A Miracle can offer nothing less to him that it has given to you. So does your healing show your mind is healed and has forgiven what he did not do.” “...How just are miracles...your healing saves him pain as well as you and you are healed because you wished him well.” 22 From A Course in Miracles, chapter 27. The Healing of the Dream. Subtitle ~ The Fear of Healing. With both instances in the past few

The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread. ~Mother Teresa

Julie Way

Dip.T. B.Ed.

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weeks I have reached this place of being so grateful towards both for playing the part of teaching me the truth. These days I often wake up and remember that, whilst I am the middle of being upset or angry about something, that there is a palpable reason to thank this person for what is happening that looks and feels so unjust and awful. The sooner I open to that truth, rather than staying feeling justified in my anger, then it more quickly comes to me. The Higher Power which is Love needs only your tiniest bit of willingness on your part, to love and trust from Its perspective in order to give it to you completely. A Course in Miracles path is that when we constantly practise choosing to focus on what is real by our willingness to forgive what is not real then, with our accumulated practise of this, there comes a point where a leap is made into what we then experience as Grace. Grace is the divine assistance and power given to us in spiritual rebirth when there is an accumulated amount of willingness to forgive and love. That is when we will experience life in such a way that ‘…your eyes constantly exhale love as effortlessly as your body yields its scent.’ This what we would call heaven on earth, enlightenment and transcendence. JULIE WAY© 2010

Julie Way is an Adelaide Rebirther/ Breath Therapist/Certified LifeLine Practitioner and Personal/Spiritual Development Consultant as well as the author of the book Personal Mastery She has recently published an inspirational booklet Thoughts for a Miraculous Life as a herald to her third book The Miraculous Life© (work in progress) in which she expands on the above subject. Julie presents regular lectures in Adelaide on a Friday evening. (See advertisement this issue.) She can be contacted P. 08-84439162 or See (Footnotes) 1 Chapter 26 ~ The Transition. Subtitle ~ The end of injustice

Art as Therapy ○

BY GLENDA NEEDS I recently attended a conference in Sydney and saw the Gyuto Monks of Tibet create a beautiful sand mandala over two days. This art is all about the moment. The creation lasts for as long as it takes to make it and then this beautiful ar t work is ‘deconstructed’ using a ritualistic process where the vividly coloured sand is usually poured into a river. As I watched the monks intently working on this project, I was amazed at their tenacity. How many of us would spend two full days bending

over minute detail only to have it destroyed as soon as it is complete? As a society however, we are highly focussed on product, on things; especially on things we can keep. These monks maintained the value in the process, not just for themselves in the creation, but for those that witnessed the process. I, for one, have taken some ‘thing’ away. It is a lesson, a vivid memory and the capacity to share this. As an art therapist I often need to remind my clients and my students to

value the moment. The value in the therapy is not in the product, but in the making of the product. Thus the art work does not have to be of lasting artistic value, I do not expect to be thinking ‘wow’ about what I see, but perhaps so, about the process I witness. When a person creates an art piece in therapy, it is not with the intention of exhibiting the work. The perspective and accuracy of the realist representation is not important. The goal is for the client to create an art work that resonates with their lived experience. The act of creating art around a personal issue, causes the client in therapy to dwell with the issue for extended periods of time. This time is preferably not cluttered with words but with a quiet and gentle internal reckoning of events. When a problem is discussed in talk therapy, it occurs in a reasonably ordered and linear fashion, with some words and phrases left behind, as others seem to hold most promise and so are further explored. Art enables the teller of the story to go back and forth, add a minor detail, correct a slightly less satisfactory mark to include and retain the big picture. It is an organic process, growing, adjusting according to the thoughts, understanding and intent of the client. The client can also stand back, see the whole pic-

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InnerSelf ture and then step in again to make adjustments that better resonates with their experience. Without any other engagement with the therapist, many clients find this process gives them insight, allows them a method for extended reflection and frees them from the standard verbal phrases they, and others have used for similar experiences. It gives them an oppor tunity to identify their unique experience and feelings. An art therapist would support a client through this initial process and then apply one or many of a vast variety of tools to work with the art, consistently focusing on the images rather than the spoken (or written) word. Many pieces of ar t may be generated in one session, perhaps none of them anything that I can recognise, and almost certainly none of them something I would hang on my wall! At the end of the session some or perhaps all of this art will go into the recycling bin, the client deciding that the value has been had, that the product itself is not valuable. The process has done its work. An ar t therapist does not, of course, work without words, but merely places the emphasis upon the art marking. The closing process for many sessions is in developing new words that reflect the new awareness created through the art. Humans use words as the primary means of communication, and outside of the consulting studio, clients will use these words to communicate their new understandings to family and friends. These words also act as shor t reinforcers for maintaining new beliefs or behaviours, when the option to pull out some paints and watercolour paper whilst serving a customer or cooking dinner for the children, is

usually not an option! The beautiful sand mandala created last week is gone, but the lessons in witnessing this process remain with me. The experience reminded me that even if a client spends two days creating a single art work, they can still throw it away at the end and perhaps retain considerable value from the process. And, just as I have done here, the words that the client combines to describe the

experience can provide a means to share it. If you would like to know more about becoming an art therapist (mid year intakes now open in SA) contact the Ikon Institute – providing Diploma’s in Art Therapy, Transpersonal Counselling and Counselling in SA, WA and Qld. Please visit, contact Simon Paul on 08 8350 9753 or e-mail .

CO-FREEMASONR Y CO-FREEMASONRY Men and women, are you interested in Freemasonry? If so, you can join a Masonic Order for men women. FOR INFORMA TION INFORMATION TION,, Phone mobile – 0437 777 551 Email: WEBSITES International: Australian:


Devotional Non-Duality In most eastern traditions, there are generally two distinct paths to enlightenment. 1. Devotional (or Bhakti) and 2. Non-duality (Advaita). Ramesh Balsekar in his book, “Who Cares” wrote that regardless of whichever path you start on, eventually the two paths will merge. Through devotion to God, the TRUTH of what YOU truly are will be revealed and through investigation of mind for truth, the ultimate reality of DIVINITY will reveal itself as YOU. Dr David Hawkins coined the term, Devotional Non-Duality to describe this combined path to enlightenment in his sixth book of the same title. The pathway to Enlightenment via Non-Duality (Radical Truth) is challenging for most humans because it requires the surrender of all beliefs – thoughts, feelings, urges, desires, dreams, goals and plans. Only then does the Ultimate Reality reveal itself as the sought-after ‘I’ of Divinity. Most people find it difficult to surrender anything that they value, and human beings value their beliefs most of all. People defend their beliefs to the death – they go to wars to preserve their beliefs or to impose their beliefs on others. They disown their children, their siblings and parents when their beliefs are not met. If you wish to surrender your be-

liefs easily, you first need to debunk them. A belief is only a thought that you think is true. When upon investigation you can see that it is not really true after all, the belief is debunked – you no longer believe it. So the easiest way to surrender all beliefs is to debunk them all. In order to debunk beliefs, you will need to learn how to expand the context within which you investigate your beliefs, to the whole of life and across 6.7 billion people on the planet. The good news is that the belief system is predicated on three core beliefs about What YOU are, How life actually works and Judgement of good/bad and right/wrong. When these erroneous core beliefs have been debunked, the whole belief system collapses on itself. At this point, it is most beneficial for the mind to have the single lodestone of “Surrender all to GOD without exception” (Devotion) and remain diligently expanded in awareness in every single moment. To remain in an expanded state of awareness, all goals and plans must be surrendered to God. Any delusion that you want to achieve a particular outcome will cause you to narrow your focus and cause delays in your journey to enlightenment. Very few in the world are lucky enough to be born with the burning

7 NON DUALITY desire for Enlightenment. Others discover this burning desire later in life, usually through extra-ordinary circumstances. If you happen to be one of these and are looking for a direct path – a short-cut if you like, the Devotional Non-Duality pathway provides the key. The Zone Core program provides the methodology for taking you from where you are to the point of complete surrender (the path of NonDuality). Then, the Pathway to Enlightenment monthly webinars provides a support group on your Devotional journey to Enlightenment. As Dr David Hawkins says, “ Straight and narrow is the path…Waste no time! Gloria in Excelsis Deo!” The good news is that the program is priced flexibly. If you cannot afford the investment just pay whatever you can afford. The Zonehigh Foundation will provide you with a full-scholarship if you cannot afford even the small minimum amount required. Because it is a video based distance learning program facilitated at our website, it does not matter where you live. You can access the program as long as you have an internet connection or a friend who has one. Michelle Stanton, (08) 8356 4160. Creator of the Zone Core Program online. Author of “The Timeless World – Debunk Your Fears and Discover Heaven on Earth” and “Selling in the Zone – Stress-free Success in Sales” available at Quantum Bookshop in North Adelaide and Dymocks in Rundle Mall. To find out more about the Zone Core program, go to

8 GROWTH Feelings of Sadness and Grief are NOT signs of a Mental Illness! ○


brain only handles one thing at a time. This means you either get the happy chemicals, or the stress ones. Production of the happy ones shuts down the stress chemicals. The third thing is, the effects of laughter last the whole day long! You might think that when laughter ends, so does its effect. However science now shows the benefits of laughter remain in our blood stream overnight, and into the next day! These are just three of the seven secrets of successful de-stressing with laughter. I have five simple strategies to implement these directly. But I believe we need to go beyond the head and heart to the hips! That is, incorporate our bodily health into our power-uppassion regime. By aligning all three, we release our inner Ener-genie!

BY BRONWYN BARTER What is it about us, that gives us permission to assume that because we are sad or grieving that we are mentally unwell? We live in a society that sees the expression of sadness as a weakness. The overwhelm of emotion of either sadness or even exquisite beauty that produces tears to well up in our eyes, is often described as ‘losing it’! Losing what? Losing your mind, no, losing control, no, just releasing tension. It doesn’t mean that you are having a ‘nervous breakdown’ it means that you are having a ‘nervous breakout!’ You need it! It’s human nature to release the welling up of strong feelings and express them as emotion. Feelings of being happy, mad, sad, and glad, are all natural human responses. Drugs are often prescribed for people who are experiencing sadness. The naming of sadness as depression gives the person who is sad an idea that they are unwell. They are not sick. Sadness is the natural human feeling that lets us become aware that something needs to change or indeed has already changed and is not to our liking! Life’s like that sometimes. Grief is the emotion of experiencing a loss. It can be the loss of a relationship, loss of a career, the death and loss of a loved one. Grief can also be experienced when the children leave home, or an argument occurs resulting in the loss of friends. I know of some young mums who experience grief when the youngest child goes to school after they have spent many years raising young ones. Grief is not depression. It is not a medical condition. In some cultures when there is a death of a loved one, special people are gathered to the grieving family’s home to wail and cry and moan to

promote those who are in grief to express that grief openly and loudly and for as long as it takes to fully express their sadness and grief. Time and generosity is given to the grieving family as a mark of respect. It works! In our society, we swallow chemicals so that we can continue to work and behave as if nothing has happened to us. The idea that anti-depressant drugs that suppress sadness and grief make you happy is in fact, false. What the drugs do is suppress the emotions of the sufferer and prohibit them from the ability to grow through a life experience. Sadness and grief are not helped by the drugs…the drugs simply mask the potential to feel, heal and learn from the experience. The drugs that stop the tears don’t stop the feelings, they control the outward display of emotion including the ability to feel and express happiness. It is now common in our society to believe that if people are having lots of fun and laughing openly and loudly that they must be on some mood altering potion or herb!! “What are you on?” they will ask, as if happiness is only available with the aid of mood enhancers. The truth, is that people on anti-depressants find it very difficult to have a good old fashioned belly laugh …that IS sad. Clients who come to me for Rebirthing and are on drugs of antidepressant nature, are very aware of the intense feelings of their sadness and upset and can become frustrated. They can see and feel clearly that they have been living behind a concealing cur tain of chemicals. They have in fact changed nothing of the catalyst of their pain and have also suppressed their happiness to boot! With the careful management and guidance from their medical

practitioner and an experienced therapist they can gradually retrieve their true feelings. As a child I read these valuable words “Laughter and Tears are Nature’s Safety Valves”. Those words were written on a newspaper cutting in my great uncle’s shed and stuck onto the door of his tool cupboard. Due to the many years that it had been there, the paper cutting had turned yellow and sort of brittle in texture, like old newspapers do, and yet its message has stuck in my mind for all of my life. As I recall the images of uncle’s shed, I can still smell the deep rich scent of wood shavings and a damp earth floor that was covered with a platform of slats to let the shavings and sawdust fall through. But most of all I remember that sign on the tool cupboard door, it has stood me in good stead in my life whilst growing up and as a Rebirthing practitioner. I have always known it was normal to laugh and cry using the natural ‘safety valves’ that we were given at birth and I encourage my clients to do the same. It’s the suppression of our natural instincts that causes the problems. The emotional release experienced by laughter and tears stops us from getting sick, creating many endorphins, the healing hormones, in our bodies. Laughter and tears are not signs of mental illness. I figure that if we were given the ability to laugh out loud when we are happy and cry when we are sad there’s a purpose for it. Let them be there…it’s okay, you’re human.

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Power Your Passion with Laughter! ○

BY DAVID CRONIN I believe that caring for the planet begins with caring for yourself. This is what we do best. “Passions are the elements of life” – A. Pope Everybody has a purpose, a passion in life. It’s what you love doing, or desire to do. But are you too tired and rundown to pursue your passion? It is easy to lose sight of our values, our base - and our passion - in a world where perception and appearances are everything. We know how humour and laughter connect us with others. These are our ‘Laughlines’, our web of support. Like a safety net, we need to maintain these threads regularly. And it also works with ourselves, internally. Humour and laughter provide direct access to our inner selves. They reach inside instantly. Here we find solid ground on which we can stand firm. Humour and laughter have a vital role in making our happiness happen. Laughter is the fuel to power your passion! How? Laughter burns off the tension and eases the pain, both physical and mental. It is a common myth that we laugh because we are happy. We don’t. Laughter and comedy have their source in drama, conflict and pain. That is, we laugh when we see the funny side of something serious. Like yin and yang, these two sides are not exclusive, simply complementary. They provide not only balance but wholeness. Today science and the media combine to convince us that ‘seriousness’ is normal. It takes a different perspective, a SHIFT in your point of

view to see how we can inject humour into every moment of life. Yes, even at work. Adaptability and flexibility are the two key requirements for survival in the 21st century. The use of humour techniques enables creativity, fuelling innovation, which in turn provides solutions. It is up to us to decide whether s#*t happens, or SHIFT HAPPENS! The difference is the ‘F’ wordFun. Humour allows us to look at the serious and gain perspective on it. To deal with it, and draw a line. Realize, Resolve, Release. By sharing laughter, we foster openness and consideration of others. This leads to empathy and understanding across cultural, religious, political and racial divides. How to get regular laughter into your life? Laughter Yoga is a wonderful way. This uses fun breathing exercises of laughter to stimulate the body’s response. You will have heard about the raft of chemicals released when you laugh. The endorphins, dopamine, etc. are a real chemical cocktail, and you can trigger their release simply using the physical mechanism of laughter. Hard to believe. Isn’t it? The primitive part of the brain doesn’t know the difference between real and fake laughter. So the first thing to realise is that you are in control. You hold the key to your attitude. Laughter stops the stress. Secondly, at this simple level the

‘Knowing is not enough We must apply. Willing is not enough. We must do.’ - Goethe Of course humour can hurt and harm. And when used as such, it is rightly viewed with suspicion. But humour and laughter have the power to heal. Another myth about laughter is that it excites us. While stimulating circulation, laughter actually calms, lowering blood pressure! This is because we breathe deeper, oxygenating the blood, so our bodies heal faster. Laughter Yoga is the ideal way to breathe ourselves back to health. It’s a “Mini Meditation”, because we don’t think while laughing! Studies show that chronic pain sufferers are able to reduce their medication by over half while doing weekly laughter sessions. Inner peace and health is the path to helping others, and laughter groups use pure laughter, without jokes, purely for inner health reasons. This is the ultimate ‘quick-fix!’ When our connections with other people are based on fun, not fear, we take firm steps towards living in love. The laugh lines we need to nourish are already there, transmitting the magic moments we all live for. David Cronin is a speaker, entertainer, writer and facilitator. For over 20 years 1000’s of people have benefitted from his expertise through his outrageous presentations & seminars, plays and workshops. For more information phone 8338 3256 0415 676 709.



BELIEF SYSTEMS Many of our beliefs come from our parents and of course the world has changed. Bruce Lipton, a brilliant biologist who taught biology to medical students has proven, along with other leading edge scientists, the processes by which cells receive information. The implications radically change our understanding of life. It shows that genes and DNA do not control our biology; that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts. Our bodies can be changed as we retrain our thinking. So, now we know we are NOT our genes and that they are merely at the effect of the environment in which they grew, what does that mean? I wonder if it means that women who have mastectomies, just in case they get cancer…might choose to think differently? If we had a wonderful childhood where we were adored and cherished, we feel that in the cells of our body. But if we didn’t (and not many did), then sometimes no matter how much work we do on ourselves, our bottom line thoughts remain the same. Thus our life remains much the same. The people’s faces (lovers, bosses etc) may change but the essence of the story is the same! Unless we actually can bridge the gap between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, we keep going round in circles. Recreating the same dramas over and over or being the “victim”. Our parents did the best job they knew how to do with the tools they had available to them and we don’t know what we don’t know! How do we bridge that gap? Well there are many ways to decode our belief systems: One of my ways has been to be a lifelong learner. I suggest learning as much as you can about what is new out there in the areas of health and consciousness. Discover the amazing realizations

that scientists are making. Unfortunately many of our beliefs centre around “doing it hard”…and that is now proven to be totally inaccurate. You can change in an instant if you want to, regardless of whether that is a health issue that someone says is ‘incurable’ (meaning only able to cured from the inside)... to a situation that seems impossible. In our seminars, I show real DVDs of cancer disappearing in minutes using Qigong, or miracles happening through changing thinking. You would be amazed how many people, even though they have seen it with their own eyes, still can’t allow themselves to believe it! Conditioning goes very deep! Decoding that conditioning is like unraveling the past to find the gemstone of the truth of who you are without all the layers you have wrapped yourself in. Most of these layers evolved in the womb or early childhood and can be rewritten because after all, it is your movie. So, what messages did you receive about your body? About your sexuality? About money? About relationships? What are your opinions about rich people? What does the thought of having it all really conjure up in your mind, your body and your spirit? Regardless of how much we say we want it to be different, in reality, if we really truly did… then it would be! That is why working on yourself is a Number One Priority. I hear people say: “But I thought I had dealt with that”. My response is that we are layer upon layer upon layer and our job is to peel off those layers and expose the heart at the bottom of all the layers and heal it so that we can love again … Unconditionally, without fear and without judgement because if we come from the space of love we can absolutely heal the world. I have travelled the world for many years and sat at the feet of many “teachers” and all of them admit to still working on them-

selves and that is how it is! If we were completely “healed” whatever that means, we would have no need to be on the planet. There are very few Mother Teresa’s or Dalai Lama’s walking around. (David Hawkins says there are six or seven people who have attained the level of God consciousness!) The difference is as the layers peel off they have less “charge” around them so they are not so painful to remove. It is simply a matter of doing the work on ourselves and not expecting our world to change until we do. For some reason we feel “less than” when something comes up and we feel we should be beyond that ... Get over yourself! Don’t take it so personally, take it spiritually and simply deal with the issues as they come up through whatever means you choose. I love The LifeLine Technique (www.infiniteloveandgratitude), Rebirthing, EFT, Cranial Sacral work, Massage. Each has a place and while LifeLine for me is now the simplest way of bridging that gap in my consciousness that causes the “issue”, I do whatever it takes to shift it fast. For the next few years I believe changes are at foot, so be excited about them, not scared. Realise that you are a Lightworker or you wouldn’t be reading this paper. Commit to healing yourself and changing your beliefs on a daily (or minute to minute) basis … understand you are the architect of your own life … change your beliefs, let go of what no longer serves you, bridge the gap between your conscious and subconscious, allow the real you to shine forth and watch the miracles occur. Know your life matters and you do make a difference so you may as well do with ease and grace. Enjoy the ride! Diane McCann facilitates The Goddess Within seminar for women and together with her husband Robert, facilitates Man’s Inner Journey for men and Tantra for c o u p l e s . www.beyondtheordinar They can be reached on or by phone on 08 82481281


A Time to RRec ec laim Your Wholeness eclaim

Would your life have been different if you had known you were loved, accepted and respected... just for being you? Goddess is a journey into your Self as you honour, heal & forgive your past, empower your present & celebrate your future. If yyou ou ha ed yyour our self: havv e eevv er ask asked Who am I really pleasing? What holds me back? Am I getting and/or doing what I really want? If yyou ou ha ela tionships or with yyour our self or ... uggg led with rrela elationships or... havv e eevv er str ug if you simply ‘know’ there is more; then this weekend could be for you. Diane McCann, facilitator of this international seminar since 1987, is well known for her ability to inspire people & she uses empowerment, humour & skill to bring out the full potential in the people she works with. She did her first workshop when she was 13 and has held the vision of world peace since then. Goddess was created to give people more choices to live their lives consciously, creating harmony and peace within their own lives, their family and thus the world. FOR MORE INFORMA TION INFORMATION TION,, CONT CONTAA CT CT:: SA - Tel 08 8248 1281 • E: VIC –Tel 03 9509 8101 • E:

www .g od dess www.g .god





Honouring The Muse or Inner Creative Spirit The Muse phenomenon has been recognized for thousands of years and it has a variety of interpretations on what it is and the impact it has upon creative inspiration. Creative people including artists, dancers, writers or musicians, have often claimed that much of their inspiration and extraordinary gifts come from The Muse. For example, in Greek mythology, creativity was not thought to have come from the individual but rather from The Muses who were viewed as goddesses or spirits. In this particular mythology, the classic perception of The Muse, include nine goddesses, who were thought to embody the arts and “inspire creation with their graces”. However, in Roman mythology the source of one’s creativity was thought to come from the ‘genius’, and the Greek equivalent of this was known as the ‘daimon’. It is these attending guardian spirits that were believed to possess special knowledge and power and would assist and ensure, that each person stays in alignment with their divine plan through the inner guidance from their ‘daimon-genius’. Carl Jung suggested that the source of our creativity was the ‘collective unconscious’, while some religions perceive it to be God or the Holy Spirit. The source of our creativity and how we communicate with it, appears to be debatable, and thus cannot be precisely defined. Here I have chosen to call it the inner creative spirit, which I see as the source of intelligence, inspiration and wisdom of creativity itself. During the early stages of developing and exploring belly dance, I remember feeling a sense of being driven by a motivating force that I could not understand. I remember saying (as a joke at the time) that I could feel a dancing spirit within me, where an uncontrollable drive would take over and I would obsessively think, live and breath dance. This inner creative energy as inspiring as it was, would often leave me feeling depleted, as I had not learnt to temper this creative spirit within. More recently I have endeavoured to practice being more mindful in general. Thus I have found that I am better

able to utilize the energy of the inner creative spirit when I can sense its presence. It now feels like a buzzing energy of excitement, creative aliveness, restlessness and motivation that moves me. The inspiration often flashes through as spontaneous feelings, visions and ideas (many of which never actualize!). Author Matt Corbin experiences communication with his ‘daimon-muse’ as guidance from the unconscious where “it feels like an involuntary and external influence on consciousness, even though it’s clearly arising from an inner instead of an outer source”. The unconscious often communicates with us through emotions, images and feelings, so it is therefore important to be in tune with our varied feelings as they arise. Writer James Bonnet agrees, when he mentions that “feelings are at the threshold between the conscious and the unconscious worlds, and while playing with your creative ideas, the positive and negative intuitive feelings you are experiencing are important messages from your inner creative self”. To assist in opening yourself up to the inspiration gained from this inner creative spirit , I have found it is channeled best when I am completely in the moment. Through being in the now, we become aware that we are more than our thoughts and that true ‘genius’ does not come from the ego and a false sense of the self. Hence, by trying to produce creative work through thinking, planning and excessively focusing on the final outcome, we can create blocks in the flow of our inner creative spirit connection. Author Rudyard Kipling suggests that, “when your Daimon (Muse) is in charge, do not try to think consciously. Drift, wait, and obey.” Eckhart Tolle further adds that by “surrendering to this energy of creative force one is to remain present. The thinking mind dissects, analyses, judges while the experience of inner stillness that is presence aligns with the greater intelligence”. Eckhart also mentions that when you give up struggling to find answers with the “limited thinking mind, that is when a greater intelligence can operate through you”.

Accepting and surrendering to the process, also seems to play a vital role in allowing one’s creative process to flourish. Through accepting the process for what it is, we allow space and non-resistance. We can also accept the ‘perceived’ inconsistency of creative productivity by recognizing our own creative cycles and the various stages of the creative process (in which there are four main stages as distinguished by Joseph Wallas in1926). For example, the ‘incubation period’ is the second stage where one may feel blocked, but in actual fact is a necessary time for our unconscious to do its work and then communicate the ideas to our conscious mind at a later time. The circumstances in which the communication from the inner creative spirit is delivered can also impact the ability to work with the guidance and intuition messages. An ar tist may have an inner knowing of the circumstances and timing for which this guidance may be encouraged and integrated. By honoring these intuitive feelings, we may be in a better position to receive answers and inspiration. To further highlight this, for me, the space I dance and choreograph in needs to be clear, I need to be alone, the temperature just right and I am to wear simple costuming which reveals the lines of the body clearly. This is an ideal, however I am a mother to a small child and achieving this isn’t always easy! Musician Nick Cave expressed his deep honour and respect for his muse when he refused an MTV award, stating, “I am in competition with no one … my relationship with my muse is a delicate one at the best of times and I feel that it is my duty to protect her from influences that may offend her fragile nature. She comes to me with the gift of song and in return I treat her with the respect I feel she deserves in this case this means not subjecting her to the indignities of judgment



What is the Sub-conscious Mind?

and competition”. In today’s scientific minded society many may find it difficult to rationalize the source of creativity. However it does seem that the idea of the “Muse-Daimon-Inner creative spirit” resonates as truth to countless people, as intuition often overrides scientific evidence. Embracing this inner creative spirit seems to be a personal experience that requires a deep inner awareness of your own creative process. Through practicing mindfulness, using the right techniques and being open and ready for inspiration to arise from the unconscious in all of its guises, especially our feelings, our creative expression can become far more enriched and nourishing. A sure way to know what your inner creative spirit is guiding you to do, is to follow what obsesses you and feels right on a deep level. When an idea presents itself to the conscious mind and there is a strong impulse to act n- this is the time to get to work! By honoring this inner creative spirit, you will be gifted with the ultimate creative partner that will supply you with the answers and inspiration at the perfect time and in the perfect way. Acushla Mkrtschjan is director of Sacred Tribe Dance Studios and founding member of Ekatâ Fusion Arts. Acushla offers tuition, workshops, and performances along with her dancers, at events throughout South Australia. Acushla runs regular classes in the Eastern suburbs from Beginner to Advanced levels and also specialises in performance training. For a timetable of classes & events phone Acushla on 0410 298 801 or visit

While our conscious mind is the rational, decision-making par t of our mind, there are also many things that we do subconsciously – things we are not consciously aware of. The subconscious is the part that is in control of all that is subconsciously initiated, whether it is mental, emotional or physical. Although no one has ever seen one (the same applies to the conscious mind for that matter), we know it is the part of us that automatically feels and responds, without us consciously making it happen. It has an imprinted memory or impression of every feeling from when we first begin to feel – even in the womb, before we learn to speak. The subconscious is that more intuitive, creative part of us that holds the key to all of our life experiences.

It controls all our emotional feelings, our creative imagination, and our ability to meditate and dream. It allows us to walk down the street, dance, or drive a car safely, while our conscious mind is thinking about something else entirely. It is a part of our ‘inner self’ that is in charge of our automatic responses, our ability to heal, and our ability to experience love, happiness, fear, depression etc. When a person is unable to change unwanted feelings feelings, responses or behaviours through conscious effort or will power, it is usually an indication of subconscious conflicts. While they remain, they can, and often do, lead to unwanted symptoms. Consciously, we are usually only aware of the symptoms, not the inner conflicts.

Life & Business SUCCESS with MIRIAM HENKE

Get Yourself Motivated Our subconscious mind is neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ – it simply IS. It takes care of us and protects us and gives us the ability to be ‘human’. That means being sad or unhealthy as well as happy and healthy. More impor tantly, with the appropriate help, it also has the ability to make changes to many everyday emotional and physical problems.

With permission and endorsed by I.C.S.T.R. (QLD) –

My name is Leaona Hamood, a former aerobics instructor of ten years, I have over 20 years experience in the Health and Fitness Industry and have always had a passion for a healthy mind and body. I am a qualified Private Subconscious-mind Healing (P.S.H.) therapist and studied under the founder and Principal of the International Centre for Subconscious-mind Training and Research (Qld).My aim in life has always been to help people emotionally and physically. I am available 7 days a week and most evenings and can be contacted for enquiries or appointments on 0419037830. My name is Michael Oster. I am a qualified Private Subconscious-mind Healing (P.S.H.) therapist and also a Registered Nurse of 20 years standing. My qualifications in PSH have come from studying directly under the founder and Principal of the International Centre for Subconscious-mind Training and Research (Qld). For the last ten years I have been working with people around behaviour change, particularly in the addictions area. I have a passion to see positive change and growth in people. If you feel like you’re ready for change, I can be contacted for enquiries or appointments on 0411174110.

Ever struggled getting motivated? Of course you have! We all do from time to time. In fact, it’s natural for people to swing from motivated to unmotivated states, sometimes several times a day! There are many factors that can affect our levels of motivation and thus our productive output. Our emotional and physical states, energy levels, stress, self-beliefs and social support all play a part in how motivated we feel at any given point. On a deeper level, our values, upbringing and personality also greatly impact our motivation at any given point. So what does it mean to be motivated? In a general sense, it means having the drive to take action and maintain this until a goal is achieved. It’s also associated with the investment of effor t, which can be why getting motivated can prove a challenge for most of us. Yes, we human beings can be lazy at times. But take heart; it may be due to an innate instinct to conserve energy and take the path of least resistance. Does this mean we’re off the hook with getting going? Of course not! It just explains why we struggle from time to time with being motivated. Finding out what gets us motivated is a key learning journey throughout life. When we’re children, our parents motivated us through promises of rewards (like an icecream), or with the fear of punishment (i.e. time out). You’d think as we get older our motivators would have become more sophisticated, right? But in truth the simple rewardor-punishment model appears to last a lifetime. Consider it in a business context for example. Employers learn what rewards motivate their staff, and create programs like bonus schemes, pay-for-performance, or team social activities. Similarly, employers also enforce policies that clearly outline and provide punishments for poor productivity and quality. And why do they do this? Because when used well and in a balanced way, it can help businesses get the best out of their people, maintain morale and increase profitability. Now this is all well and good in a business context, but what about you in your own life today? What have you found has worked in the past to motivate you? Think about it for a moment. Was it an eventual reward? A sense of satisfaction? Recognition? Whatever it was, ask yourself why that outcome meant enough to you to push you into action and achieve your goal? Here’s a story about one of my clients, Sarah, who was desperate to lose weight. She had tried many different diets, exercise, and therapies to lose weight. Whilst each time she made some changes in the short-term, she wasn’t able to sustain them long-term and then reverted back to her old habits. The only additional thing she gained, along with all the weight back, was a sense of guilt and failure. Can you

relate to Sarah’s experience? Through her coaching program, Sarah shifted her focus from needing to be slim to make others happy, to having the love and respect for herself to create a healthy and fit body, her motivation levels dramatically increased and she found it easy to maintain her new lifestyle habits of healthy eating and exercising regularly. There is no magical button to being motivated. But the great thing about tuning into yourself, focusing on a goal and sparking motivation is that it creates momentum. I believe strongly in taking small steps forward, rather than setting big goals with high expectations and setting unrealistic time-frames. This is a formula for disappointment, and instead I encourage my clients to create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attractive, Realistic, Time-framed) goals. The key to goal achievement is breaking down the goal into small, simple steps. Small achievements, those steps forward, all add up and even if you’re moving slowly, at least you’re moving! I encourage you to write them down on an action plan, and tick them off as you achieve them. The powerful ‘tick’ is a strong symbol of achievement and success, and is not to be underestimated. Ticking actions off your plan will continue to motivate you! Visualisation is also a powerful tool. In Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), there is a set of tools that use the power of recalled memory to produce a state within the body. To give you a chance to experience this simple yet powerful tool, can you remember a time when you felt a really strong positive state? Like being really excited, empowered, joyful or loved? Good, now as you think of that time, imagine being back into your own body, see what you saw, hear what you heard and remember feeling those strong positive feelings. Once you’ve tried this, check in with yourself. How do you feel? Feel good? Now consider the potential: what other states can you induce in yourself using this technique? Happiness? Confident? Motivated? Absolutely! Miriam Henke is the director of Revelation Training & Coaching, and a specialist in personal breakthroughs. She coaches using NLP, Time Line Therapy™, psychology, guided visualisation and life coaching techniques. Miriam also runs local NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Trainings. For more information, contact or 0403374694.


SINGLE in the suburbs with JANE DONOVAN

Do You Believe You’ll Find Love? Many single people come to me with a sense of hopelessness. They have tried to meet new people desiring to find someone special in their life and yet they are not managing to achieve this. When I ask them why it has been so difficult for them to meet someone, they tell me it is hopeless out there. The excuses range and often are, All the good ones are taken. Or, I only meet people who are too old, too young, too fat, too thin, not clever enough, not rich enough, not successful enough, not masculine enough, not feminie enough, not smart enough, not divine enough etc. They believe that they are not ever going to meet someone and are almost ready to give up. These people have placed themselves into a vibrational alignment with just that, never meeting someone suitable. If this is you, then it is crucial to your success in meeting

someone wor thy of you that you start to believe this is possible. There are plenty of wonderful single people out there who are worthy enough or smart enough, or funny enough or rich enough or attractive enough or divine enough. These people are out there. So how do you find them? Let’s start with, what is it you are giving your attention to? If you are focusing on the ‘what is not worthy’ out there, then this is exactly the experience you will obtain. You will continue to meet those you consider not worthy of you. What you give your focus to grows, every time. If you change your focus to that which you desire, then you will start to change your vibrational point of attraction. It is then that the universe will change the results you are achieving. So how do you do this? By changing your focus. Star t by becoming aware of what it is you are giving your focus to. Are you focusing always on the nega-

tive? Are you missing the good in everyone that is there to be received? Are you ignoring the overweight person with a heart of gold who could make a wonderful friend and introduce you to other people with hearts of gold? Or the quieter person who really has divine inner confidence and self worth who when given the chance could easily become someone special? Or the compassionate person who isn’t interested in grand-standing yet could be ticking every box in your must be list? If you start to focus on the good in people, you start to feel the vibrational alignment of being drawn to the good in others. As you do this, you will start to attract into your life more of what it is you desire. As you start to meet more lovely people, even though you have yet to meet ‘the one’ you will slowly feel your vibration change from being hopeless to being hopeful. Once you feel this energetic shift in your body, you will become aware that you are starting to attract into your life those types of people you want to meet. They have been there all the time however you have not been focusing on them, you have also not been in vibrational alignment with them. You didn’t believe. By shifting your focus to be that

FREE INTRODUCTION TO REBIRTHING The Australian Academy of Rebirthing/Breathwork invites you to a FREE one day workshop:

Regal Park Motor Inn, 44 Barton Tce East, North Adelaide Thursday 19th August 2010, 7pm to 10pm Bookings Essential - RSVP 14 August 2010

Contact Bronwyn Barter (08) 8260 2086 or visit


which you want to see, your vibrational alignment with the universe shifts which enables more of the good stuff in. You will find as you gather momentum in your sense of hope that you become at one with your belief now that you can meet a suitable partner. When your thoughts, your words and your emotions are all in alignment truly believing you are worthy of this wonderful person into your life, it shall happen. As you send out your requests to the universe to send this wonderful person to you, start to feel an excitement within you that tells you clearly that you will be receiving this in your life. As you start to feel the true essence of this person in your life, you are right in the moment of manifesting this person to appear. As you do this it is crucial that you are being proactive in your social life so that you can be in a place to receive. By being socially pro-active you are placing yourself further in the belief that you can obtain this person into your life. Possibilities are everywhere once you give your focus to helping you believe it is possible. Watch for negative thought patterns that could sabotage your success here. When someone tells you there aren’t enough men in this world or that all the good girls are taken, simply smile knowing they are simply not seeing what is really there to be seen. Stay focused in your positive vibration to ensure you don’t sabotage your request and alignment with manifesting this person into your life. Yours in love Jane Donovan Jane Donovan is a director of Adelaide’s leading social club for business and professional singles, Social 8 and singles coach. Visit for more information or to contact Jane

Initiate Tours Every “Initiate” experience is as individual as it is a defining adventure of self-discovery Initiate Tours will take you to places you think as yet exist only in the imagination. We all walk and talk but most of the time we are somnambulists.

Change catalysm

Corporate lawyer turned Change Catalyst , Helen offers personalized excursions to outback Australia with a twist. Helen invites you to join her on a magical journey of self-discovery on sacred Indigenous land. Helen uses her 15 years of corporate experience coupled with her knowledge of the 5000 year old Indian Ayurvedic ‘science of health and wellbeing’ on her voyages imparting her knowledge and teachings to empower you to initiate the changes needed for the life you deserve.

Our journeys

Initiate Tours have been specifically

designed to accommodate a myriad of genres for progression in spirituality and wisdom for all dharmas and every personality type. Become one with the land and the Self. Learn of ancient Aboriginal dreamtime Tjukurpa (history, knowledge, religion, morality and law) that has successfully guided indigenous

Bronwyn Barter - Rebirther & Rebirther Trainer Rebirthing is a safe, simple breathing technique that gives you the opportunity to observe and then change patterns and thoughts formed in the past that may be having a negative affect on your life now. With the benefits of hindsight the way forward becomes clear and the lessons and experiences from the past can be acknowledged and left behind. Bronwyn’s approach to Rebirthing is gentle and empowering. Call for private daytime or evening Rebirhting sessions. Bronwyn is also a Rebirther trainer and has been training Rebirthers for many years in Adelaide & Melbourne.

T he ne xt RRee bir ther tr aining “Chang es” be gins October 2010 next training “Changes” begins The Rebirther training “Changes” is a part-time course consisting of nine modules and extends over nine months. “Changes” is a Certificate IV in Health Rebirthing / Breathwork Therapy training.

For fr ee inf or ma tion and enr olment br oc hur es or ffor or pri tions free infor mation enrolment broc ochur hures privv a te consulta consultations onwyn on (08) 8260 2086 or visit www .r aining austr Bronwyn www.r .ree bir ther tr training ainingaustr call Br


life for over 60,000 years.

Modalities and activities offered

Initiate Tours include a guided Ayurvedic consultation for every voyager. No prior knowledge or understanding required. Each Initiate Tours explorer group can choose from a variety of differing modalities, tools and activities to make your journey unique and individually tailored for your needs. The oppor tunities are boundless. Take home tools specifically crafted for your needs will enable continued growth in life long after your outback experience

The experience

There’s something on every grain of red, magnetic, majestic outback ear th for everyone. In the vast, scorched, ochre stained landscape of central Australia, a morphology of feeling permeated Helen’s soul “Waking at 4am to cheat the blistering sun, the smell of the previous evenings burnt embers sends the pulse of life coursing through my veins. Rising from my swag, I dust off the red-stained earth from my boots. Body synapses fire waves of exhilarating nervousness and excitement in anticipation of the days climb. The stillness is thick as fog in the air....... Unfamiliar effervescent sounds and smells impress themselves upon me imparting the centuries aged wisdom

InnerSelf generated by the indigenous caretakers of the land. As I gaze across the vast pastel stained expanse before me, I catch my breath being drawn in and slowly out of my chest and sense the dry dustiness stroking the tip of my nose. Standing on tip-toes, hand to brow staring up at the mountainous rock that is the days mission, a consciousness of feeling intoxicates me with its sticky hue. The damp morning air particles gently stroke my skin in this arid place of abundance… I feel as a euphoric child, sense the tender embrace of mother, I am daughter..sister. It would be no longer possible to ever return to the nothingness again”

The wisdom

The wisdom that we can learn from ancient cultures is as infinitely magnetic and spiritual as it is stimulating, symphonic and rewarding “I wanted to do something with my life that gave me pleasure and absolute fulfillment as well as giving something back. Initiate Tours is my labour of love”. Close to Helen’s heart is her involvement and exchanges with indigenous Aboriginal people which she combines with Initiate Tours expeditions in an innovative way. An exchange of wisdom has a power that can only be experienced not talked about Are you ready to make the change? Be the change and it will be so Contact Initiate Tours P: + 61 2 96655718 F: +61 2 96655718 E: W:


Digestive Issues? Fatigue? Poor immunity? Allergies? Sugar Cravings? It could be a “Bug Imbalance” in your gut! Our gastrointestinal tract is host to millions of bacteria and other organisms and optimal balance in these “bugs” is essential for our good health! Unfortunately modern life, including bad food, stress and the use of antibiotics and other drugs can lead to “dysbiosis” or an overgrowth of noxious organisms including yeast, bacteria and parasites. Yeast, or candida, although par t of the normal flora of our gastrointestinal tract, is problematic when it grows in excess – causing what is commonly known as “thrush”. Most women have at least a few episodes of vaginal candidiasis or “thrush” due to excess estrogen but what most people DON’T realise is that candida overgrowth and/or bacterial imbalance is a common cause of digestive problems such as reflux, bloat, wind and bowel problems including diarrhea and constipation. Additional associated problems may include food allergies and sensitivities, sugar and carbohydrate cravings, fatigue, acne, eczema, fungal infections of the skin, poor immunity including a tendency to colds and flus, poor concentration and inflammatory disorders. If you suffer any of the above problems it is worth considering a “bug clearance and re-balance” program! I generally recommend start-

ing with candida treatment as overgrowth of this organism is so common! Particularly if you have one or more of the “cardinal physical signs” which are a sore white coated tongue, an itchy anus or a tendency to “thrush” – either vaginally if a woman or in men around the groin area. Strong cravings for sweets, carbs, yeasty breads, beer or wine are also very suggestive. There are a range of natural medicines help to clear yeasts from the system including specialised probiotics and herbal anti-fungals. I recommend that a complete “gut support” program be implemented during yeast treatment to maximise results and avoid any untoward symptoms – this includes additional gut anti-inflammatories, prebiotics to support the probiotics and specific fibre formulas to enhance the process. It is essential that an “anti-candida” diet be strictly followed – this involves eliminating “yeasty” and sweet foods. Yeasty foods include a lot of breads, Vegemite or Promite, beer, wine and cheese. I recommend sweet foods be avoided like the plague including too much high GI fruit. In general I recommend avoiding foods associated with intolerance or allergy including dairy and wheat. Once candida is cleared I generally test for noxious bacteria or parasites

in the gut as these are not necessarily cleared during the yeast treatment. There are several test methods available including sending stool samples for lab analysis, and “in clinic tests” including live blood analysis, and the urinary indicans test. If noxious bacteria or parasites are suspected there are a range of very effective herbal medicines that can be utilised. Treatment often takes 4-6 weeks and retesting is advised at the completion. Again, I recommend this treatment be part of a complete gut support program to maximise optimal outcomes and avoid untoward side effects. If you have had stool analysis in the past which was “normal” it is quite possible you have an overgrowth of bugs considered to be “normal flora” as many so called “normal flora” are also called “opportunistic pathogens” - these are still capable of causing bowel inflammation if in excess. Bowel inflammation whether from candida, bacteria or parasites sets us up for a variety of potentially serious health issues via a mechanism known as “leaky gut”. “Leaky gut” refers to an inflammatory reaction at the level of the mucosa that leads to gaps between “tight junctions” of the cells that constitute the gut barrier. This allows leakage of potential pathogens and allergens into the blood-stream – setting up immune reactions at the level of the gut, liver and systemically. Systemic effects are the result of immune hyper-reactivity in the GALT – or Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue which represents approximately 6080% of our total immune tissue. Activation of the GALT by larger than normal food particles getting into the

bloodstream can lead to food allergies and intolerances. Inhaled allergies may also come into play as the “threshold” for tolerance is lowered by food intolerance or allergy. The outcome can be rashes, eczema, asthma and a tendency to colds and flu. In my experience immune disorders including cancer, auto-immune conditions and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome nearly always have a strong gut component. A leaky gut and dysbiosis can also have direct nervous system effects as there is a whole nervous system surrounding the gut called the “enteric nervous system”. In addition to controlling digestive processes, it makes peptides and neuro-chemicals that communicate directly with our central nervous system. It is not uncommon to find fatigue, poor concentration and mood disorders respond to treatment of dysbiosis, gut inflammation and “leaky gut” – perhaps through a correction of the “enteric nervous system” function. Belle is an experienced naturopath, medical herbalist, nutritionist, counsellor and registered nurse. She specialises in women’s health, hormone health and cancer support and has been a registered health professional since 1986. Her women’s health qualifications and experience include obstetrics, gynaecology, reproductive endocrinology and infertility. She is also a Master’s prepared counsellor & the consultant naturopath for Cancer Care Centre in Unley. For more information visit: or contact Belle on (08) 8379 0220 or 0432 995 470. Belle practices from St Georges, South Australia.



Pain: Relieve or Correct? Lower back aches, shoulder pain and neck strain are common symptoms that people frequently seek relief from. Conventional wisdom is to relax the muscles in order to reduce or eliminate pain. Muscle relaxants are undoubtedly the most common yet most dangerous way to relax muscles. They come with a host of side effects including damage to the nervous system and weakening of the body’s own protective brace of muscles. For this reason massage and acupressure are often seen as a great natural alternative. Treating the cause, not just the symptoms There is no denying that massage is great for short term relief and is a wonderful way to promote relaxation, reduce stress and increase circulation. However if you find yourself frequently hitting the telephone book for a massage or similar treatment in pain, its now time to start looking at the cause – and put an end to the pain cycle. A common cause of muscular pain that is frequently overlooked is the spine and muscles being out of alignment. Our modern lifestyles of chairs, computers and driving means that we are seeing more and more frequently and at younger and younger ages significant spinal misalignments. The spine may become mis-

aligned through accidents and with time, through postural and lifestyle stressors. In response muscles and ligaments commonly go into spasm in order to stabilise the spine, preventing it from going even further out of alignment and protecting the nerves from fur ther compression. These spasms are generally accompanied by pain or stiffness and often referred pain such as sciatica. Therefore, an approach that purely focuses on relaxing muscles may actually lead to fur ther destabilisation of the spine and place greater pressure on the nerves. The relief is generally short lived and the primary problem of the spinal misalignment goes uncorrected or is worsened. Combining massage and corrective chiropractic This is not to say that massage should be avoided, but rather should be combined with a corrective approach to chiropractic that focuses on returning the spine to its correct alignment. Corrective chiropractic stimulates the nervous system where there is an interference resulting in the body correcting the spine’s alignment. Often people believe that massage should occur with an adjustment. Although this can be a pleasant experience for the client it will not produce the best long-term results for spinal correction. This is because

the neurological adaptations that occur in an adjustment are completely different from those of massage. A chiropractic adjustment stimulates the nerves to train misaligned vertebrae to move back towards the proper alignment. With time and repetition, most spinal misalignment patterns such as sway back, forward head posture, scoliosis and hunch back can be corrected. On the other hand, massage stimulates the nerves to relax muscles, promote better circulation and lymphatic drainage and stimulate soft tissue repair. All of these are very healthy and beneficial; however massage does not promote correction of misaligned vertebrae. When done in combination, during the same session, the neurological adaptations of chiropractic spinal corrections are ‘cancelled out’ in favour of relaxing the muscles. This is par tly because adjustments don’t take very long to do, while massage takes considerably more time. Therefore if opting for a combined approach, try to have adjustments and massages on different days, or at least several hours apart. This allows the body to benefit from both, without one compromising the other. A superior combination A superior combination to hold adjustments longer and to achieve correction quicker is to combine corrective chiropractic with posture enhancing exercise. This is because chiropractic care is passive – that is someone else does the corrections for you - whereas with exercise you are consciously engaging muscles and moving the body yourself. Pilates is a highly recommended form of exercise to combine with

13 HOLISTIC HEALTH corrective chiropractic. Pilates focuses on mastering control of the postural muscles, and very importantly muscles that are not frequently engaged during the course of modern daily living. It is very important to train those muscles so that they can properly support the spine. The approach taken at Health Align is to combine corrective chiropractic with Pilates based exercises as part of the correction plan. Once a new client has had their spine assessed, a corrective plan is recommended. Exercises are generally given within a week or two of starting the correction plan. Health Align also has consulting massage therapists who work independently of the chiropractic plan. Dr Rob Hutchings has a Bachelor of Kinesiology and Doctorate in Chiropractic. He practices at the conveniently located, Health Align on Glen Osmond Rd alongside Pilates Instructors, nutritionists, massage therapists and personal development coach. You can find out more about the services offered by Health Align at or phone 8338 2221.



with Naturopath & Iridologist LYNNE SINGLEWOOD

Your Eyes Never Lie

Remember you are unique, and your eyes por tray your story, they tell us about your genetic background, indicate some of your personality traits, your nutritional status, and much more. One of the most common disorders I see in my clinic today are digestive problems. Have you ever heard of the saying “you are what you eat,” how true. Digestive problems can be seen very clearly in the iris (the coloured section of the eye), for example: if your body’s not absorbing nutrients very well, this is often due to insufficient production of hydrochloric acid by the stomach (a major component of gastric juice), which is very common today. Stress has been found to inhibit the production of hydrochloric acid along with mineral insufficiency. Minerals such as zinc, chlorine and even sodium take part in making hydrochloric acid

in the stomach. A lack of hydrochloric acid can cause the foods you are eating to ferment, and you may experience bloating or gas, does this sound familiar? Sometimes this fermentation distends the stomach to the point where the valve at the bottom of the gullet can’t hold the pressure and eventually the stomach content pushes up into the lower gullet causing reflux (a burning sensation). These individuals often have bad breath as well. All of this and much more can be seen in the iris. The iris tells me the whole story, it opens the window so to speak and shows me how to help you and how to get right to the root of the problem. I also look at the Sclera, the white portion of your eyes, by looking at the veins, colours and patterns seen in this part of the eye it generally confirms what I have already seen in the iris and sometime shows me even more. Often when you have digestive problems I will also do other tests such as look at your urine to verify certain markers or I may look at your blood cells which can indicate the nutritional status of your blood, digestive health, allergic reactions, any inflammatory process, your hydration levels and more. As I’ve been talking to you about digestion I wanted to mention a little bit about food selection. Did you know that every living creation on this planet has a vital force (an energy), even the food we eat needs to have some vital force or energy within it, to keep us nourished. If you think about the fruit and vegetables you consume each day, ask yourself “How fresh are they?” Do you eat organic vegies, grow them yourself, get them from the market or from a lovely fresh fruit and vegetable shop or maybe you get them in the supermarket. Something to consider is, by the time the vegetables are picked and packaged, then sent to where they have to go and put out on the shelves, they don’t have much, if any, vital force or energy left. Also a lot of the soils the vegies are grown in are nutritionally depleted, so take the

Experience the Gymnasium for the Body, Mind and Spirit

14 HOLISTIC HEALTH time and make sure you look for really fresh produce to keep your family healthy, it’s important. If you can’t find really fresh produce you may find you need a few supplements to help replenish the body. In my last column I spoke about Celloid mineral therapy and how markings and colourings seen in the iris, tongue, nails and face can communicate a need within the body for extra nourishment from these beautiful gentle minerals. Minerals are like the building blocks of our foundation, and often due to our busy lifestyles, inadequate diets, food sources and especially during periods of growth, we need extra supplementation to keep us nourished and healthy. Take care of your body, it’s the only one you’ve got, nurture your body, nourish it, exercise regularly, and make sure you rest and replenish when your body is tired. V er tig o Lastly I’d like to tell you all a story about something that happened to me over the last few months and maybe it will help someone. Last November I was sitting with a new client and all of a sudden I felt a bit dizzy, within about ten minutes I couldn’t even see my own hand, the world was spinning like a top. I started vomiting and this went on for the next eight hours. Within the first three months I had five attacks, the last one lasted for three days, spinning and sucking on ice chips. The reason I’m telling you this is be-


cause through this experience, I have learnt a lot about vertigo, and found some great ways to help. My vertigo was caused by a virus, which in turn caused the vestibular nerve in my inner ear to become inflamed, this can take some time to repair so you have to teach your sensory system to learn to compensate for the damage. Firstly I have found acupuncture really helps, also I have found a homeopathic remedy specifically for vertigo and nausea. I found a lovely lady who is a physiotherapist and she taught me some exercises to help the sensory system to adapt and lastly I have made up a herbal formulation to help repair the nerves and to reduce the inflammation, along with supporting the immune system (we don’t want to set it off again with a cold or another virus) and lastly supporting the ner vous system because it’s been so stressful. So if you are suffering from vertigo and you need some help I can definitely steer you in the right direction. Lynne Singlewood is a teacher of natural medicine at Endeavouor College, she teaches iridology and oriental diagnosis. Lynne is a dynamic naturopathic practitioner who has a passion to help the community with their health and well being. Her deep love of iridology and herbal medicine is infectious, visit her at the NEW Findon Clinic (Integrated Medicine). Ph: 0421618792 or email Web site:



Slow the Ageing Process & Achieve your Perfect Weight Do you struggle to lose weight? Experience roller-coaster mood swings? Suffer debilitating PMS symptoms? Have constipation and/ or diarrhoea? Bad breath? Substance addictions? Allergies? Fatigue? Headaches? Depression? Haemorrhoids? High blood pressure? Irritable bowel? Acne? Fibroids? Fear upon waking? The list goes on and on. These are some common, every day symptoms that western society seems to have accepted as the norm; the expected conditions that come with living and ageing. Well, I say “no!” Ageing is a choice we make, either consciously or unconsciously. Might sound brutal or too simplistic, but it’s true. Over the past 25 or so years I have suffered every one of the uncomfortable symptoms listed above, plus a few more. I have been prescribed, and taken, all manner of drugs to alleviate the various symptoms. I took antibiotics for acne from 13 years old. These conditions have been the thieves of my life. But no doctor, therapist or specialist has ever put it all together for me, addressing the symptoms, rather than the

causes. No one has ever recognised or explained the connections and interactions between diet, lifestyle, stress, hormones, chemicals, exercise, beliefs, choices, expectations and actions. All of my adult life I have been determined to make sense of the chaos raging inside of my body. The disturbing monthly reminders, the depressive episodes, the lethargic incapacities and battles with my own weight have driven me to study, read, ask, explore and experiment. My wild desperation for relief has fuelled me from one course and book to the next; my fluctuating sense of despair and hope has kept dragging me, kicking, screaming and crying, to the next therapy, spiritual remedy, specialist and teacher. I have looked deeply and widely at myself and my options. There have been few stones left unturned. But this thing called ‘life’ is a journey, not a destination – and I continue to learn and refine. Somehow, from all of this, and from a deep and compelling desire to be the best athlete and person that I could be, I have managed to develop a

eyes even portray various personality traits.

Herbal medicine is a very effective but gentle method to support and nurture the body when our bodies need a little assistance to regain optimal health. The formulation made specifically for you and your body.

I will work with you to develop a dietary and lifestyle plan to improve your health. Not only will you feel the difference, but with Hemaview™ you may see changes in your blood as your treatment progresses.

Live Blood Analysis is an observation of live blood, which involves viewing of a freshly taken blood sample under a microscope. A tiny prick is made on the finger and a droplet of blood is added to a sterile slide.

Iridology is a fabulous non-invasive, painless and economical tool to aid the practitioner to evaluate areas of the body that need to be nurtured so the individual may have a better quality of life. The

Lynne Singlewood

Naturopath - Iridologist Mobile: 0421 618 792 • Email: Location: Woodville, SA, 5011

healthy lifestyle, loving relationships, a successful career and a more peaceful and powerful balance within my body and within the world. What I realise now is that I have become the therapist I was looking for all of my life. I guess if I’d found this person earlier on I would have missed the healing journey I had to make. No one else could do it for me; it’s been an inside job all along. I’ve just returned from walking my dog in the lush green Adelaide parklands. While walking I met a couple with whom I had quite a deep conversation. Inside 30 minutes we touched on much of the stuff that is written about above. It happens to me all of the time. Things people don’t normally talk about, least of all with total strangers, is the norm for me; somehow people just open up, and let it all out when I talk about depression, suicide, haemorrhoids, the dark-gritty stuff... Every time this happens I know my journey has been a gift that I have to keep giving back. It seems that we all suffer from similar physical and spiritual maladies and yearnings: to be slim, to be fit, to be happy, to be connected, to be loved, to be healthy, and to be in balance. I don’t believe in compartmentalising and fast-tracking healing. It’s fraught with danger, despair and rebound. To be well takes time, it takes a creative, organic and holistic approach which incorporates diet, lifestyle, exercise, social connec-

tion, soul work, patience, guidance and forgiveness. On the physical level to achieve weight loss and slow the ageing process I have needed to: - Reduce and eliminate sugar, gluten, dairy, processed foods, stimulants (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, caffeine) - adopt a predominantly raw, organic, rainbow diet (80% raw is highly achievable) full of a variety of fruits and vegetables (all the colours of the rainbow) - incorporate small portions of biodynamic meats and lots of smaller fish (tuna and larger fish are full of heavy metals such as mercury) - Exercise daily for a minimum of one hour – running, yoga, swimming, cycling, paddling, weights, walking, dancing (in private, by myself!) - Drink approximately 3 litres of quality water per day Additionally I have found vitality, appetite-suppression and exceptionally high levels of vitamins, minerals and trace elements by introducing raw super foods daily, these include: - goji berries, macca powder, cacao, chia seeds, bee pollen, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, manuka honey and seaweed On the emotional level, I have needed to: - explore psychotherapy , hypnotherapy, re-birthing, personal development, coaching - practice meditation and breath work - sing, pray, laugh, forgive myself and others - journal, paint, mosaic, read,

listen to music, drum - be completely honest in all my affairs (even when it would be easier not to – think about it!) - establish and work toward clear goals - with the support of my beloved friends, and dog (Pepper) Health, vitality and wellbeing (ageing and weight loss) are a matter of choice, not a matter of chance. How many of the things listed above can you, and will you, put into your’s your choice. After 25 years of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual exhaustion and confusion I have begun to find places of comfort, peace, fulfilment and balance. But as the ring I wear on my right hand tells me ’it is better to travel well than to arrive’, so I’ll keep travelling, growing and praying for God’s grace in my life. And above all I’ll continue to take responsibility for my wellbeing and to make the choices that make the difference. Amanda Allen is a former State, National and World Champion Triathlete. She is a Personal Trainer, delivering Corporate Training, Lifestyle Coaching, Triathlon and Adventure Training, Seminars and Group Training. She has studied Wholistic Psychology, Yoga, Event Management, and has a Bachelor of Management. Contact Amanda on 0400 262 116 or visit:


Is Healthy Eating or Weight Loss your Goal? ○


Dorian Marsland-Smith is a qualified Life Coach, Private Subconscious-mind Healing Therapist (PSH), and MetaPractitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Neurosemantics. She specialises in assisting individuals to overcome negative body image and emotional eating so they can achieve their natural weight without dieting. For more information visit, call 0448 881 268.


The greatest wealth is health ~Virgil

The multi-million dollar diet industry doesn’t seem to be losing much revenue despite increasing public awareness that dieting is a futile activity for most. The evidence regarding dieting success shows us that up to 98% of diets fail. Dieters put on two-thirds of their lost weight within the first year, and most regain all of the weight, plus more, within five years. Not a good track record, is it? There are two key reasons for this. The first reason is diets are designed for rapid weight-loss and therefore don’t lead to on-going change in eating and activity habits. The second is they don’t address the real causes of most over-eating – emotional triggers. More recently a third reason is emerging as a result of increasing research into our growing problems with obesity in the developed world. Our bodies have a weight set-point which is governed by genetics and the way our unique body uses fat. This approach shows how dieting, after an initial period of weight loss, actually slows or stops further loss by kick-starting the body’s fat storage mechanisms. When we diet, the body thinks a famine is coming and therefore stores fat so we can survive. The more often we diet, the more the body tries to keep us alive by slowing our metabolism and storing and retaining fat. It also uses our psychology in the form of emotions to trigger cravings because it’s trying to protect us from starvation and death. When we respond frequently to these emotional triggers we generate deeply ingrained emotional eating habits which are very hard to break. Despite knowing the terrible failure rate of diets, many of us still fall for the illusion that we can get quick results that last. When faced with the choice of going on a diet to get some weight off quickly vs retraining our eating and activity habits for the long haul, how many of us go for the quick fix? Amazing how we can delude ourselves into thinking this time it will be different. All this despite years of evidence from our personal history with dieting that this has never been the case. And worse still, we mostly never even get to the finish line with our diet because the emotional triggers kick in and before long it’s “game over!” So is weight loss the goal we should really be setting for ourselves? It seems we have the formula around the wrong way. We mistakenly believe that if we can just lose this excess weight quickly, our eating habits will somehow come into line in order to keep the weight off. But think about it – what have you learnt from your recent diet (or any diet in fact) about a way of eating you can maintain for the rest of your life? And what do you do at the end of a diet? The very nature of a diet is that it’s designed to be a short-term solution. The trouble for many of us is that the problem has become a long-term one – we’ve been on the diet roller-coaster for many years, with more to show for it than when we started! The right formula for weight loss then is to develop healthy eating and activity habits you enjoy and can comfortably sustain. These healthy habits will start to feel more and more “normal” as you build them into everyday life. Healthy eating also means being flexible and factoring in food for comfort and pleasure. Over time healthy eating patterns become automatic in the way other habits have. And the pleasing result of providing good nutrition so the body is nourished and satisfied? It stops freaking out and thinking it has to store fat. It begins to trust us and then feels safe to release fat stores, allowing our weight to drop to a healthy level without the need to diet. But what about those emotional triggers which have become ingrained habits, seemingly out of our control? The good news is there are ways to unhook the subconscious drivers of emotional eating to help you build new habits more easily and comfortably. By working at the level of mind where our automatic responses and habits are stored it becomes easier to become a healthy eater. Stop the internal battle and see a subconscious-mind practitioner (someone trained in NLP, PSH or hypnotherapy) so you can make the changes you want. You’ll be amazed at how soon you can become a normal eater when the subconscious emotional drivers are released.

Understanding Body Imbalances At the Natural Way we understand that weight management is much more complex than simply correcting the diet. We know that it’s more likely to be linked with correcting body imbalances - and our program can help with this! That’s why for over 30 years we’ve helped thousands of people achieve and maintain their weight and health goals. Many years of research and expert advice from naturopaths, nutritionists and natural therapists resulted in our exclusive natural herbal, vitamin and mineral formulations which, when combined with our huge range of eating plans and one-on-one support, make for a unique, individually tailored program that will give you all the tools needed to manage your weight for life! Simply tell us what you want to achieve, and our professional consultants will make a recommendation and explain why - it’s that easy. We know how important it is for you to: • know this is not just ‘another fad diet’ • use your own fresh ‘family’ food • be assured there are no expensive blood tests, packaged foods, meal replacements, strenuous exercises, appetite suppressants, or need to weigh and measure food • see evidence that it works • feel that you’re taken seriously and listened to • not break the bank! With personalised support from our trained consultant and guidance on the right food choices, together with our herbal, vitamin and mineral supplements, The Natural Way believes your body has the ability to rebalance and heal itself. Our family of clients (all ages, all walks of life) has honoured us with the opportunity to change their lives. Most say that their self-esteem, self-confidence and energy levels have soared. You can be one of them too and regain the self-confidence that you deserve by starting today. The first step is to simply dial our number. Call Marianna - Hyde Park 8357 8865 or Teresa Stirling 8339 3130 or 1300 SLIMMER (7546637).

302 Unley Rd, Hyde Park Phone 8357 8865 Suite 5, 101 Mt Barker Rd, Stirling Phone 8339 3130 1300 754 6637 (1300 SLIMMER)

over Your isco Disc Hidden Treasur e easure Join me for a fun filled journey and discover the treasure within you, through a series of thought provoking exercises

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Celestial Awakenings

1 ML Increased sensitivity can make some feel

1 2 MB Be practical but not stubborn about what

1 MC Information can come from any source, so

9 10 MD Be prepared to nurture what is important. 11 12 ] New Moon DM enters E Solar Eclipse The New Moon highlights a period where emotions will be heightened as long-term worries, which may include illness, come to a head. Matters may seem to become worse before they clear and there is a successful outcome. Humble thanksgiving is called for.

13 14 MF This is not the time for criticism instead be prepared to sacrifice time or effort.

15 16 MG Be prepared to voice your opinion even if it is not the accepted one.

17 18 ‡ 1st Quarter Moon E The optimism of the last week continues and plans made now may have to be tempered soon. Make sure there is flexibility as delays and frustrations heralded will dampen both enthusiasm and hope. 19 MH There may be emotional overreactions to seemingly ordinary situations.

20 21 MI The focus changes and a broader perspective is called for.

22 23 Sun enters LeoMJ Proud, generous and creative are the hallmarks of Leo. Take control of matters in order to get the results you want.

Open your heart to the essence of wellbeing

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24 25 26 MK… Full Moon K The Full Moon brings to light frustrations and delays to plans. This may be caused by communication breakdowns including simple misunderstandings. For some there may be deceit and disappointment. Be objective and deal with what you can and be patient with the rest.

27 28 ML Hunches and intuition have a role to play. 29 30 31 MA Take action to clear up what has been left undone.

These are generic interpretations for each of the zodiac signs. For a more personal interpretation, astrological consultations are available by appointment on

you want. 3 ƒ 3rd Quarter Moon B The frustrations of this time centre around the need for change while maintaining the status quo. Force will not solve the impasse although for some it may be tempting and this may result in accidents. The best action is to take one step at a time with a practical view to solving small dilemmas rather than trying to engineer a solution for the whole situation.

4 5 MC Keep your ear to the ground as news travels fast.

6 7 MD Increased sensitivity makes you protective.

8 9 ME Take pride in successes and accept wellearned acknowledgement. 10 ] New Moon E The new cycle starts and although some of last month’s frustrations may still be evident, there is an increased sense of optimism especially to expand horizons. There may be some opportunities which call for quick action but more importantly do not give up on plans made previously. 11 MF There is value in getting details right.

12 13 MG Interaction with others is important but do not surrender your opinion simply to keep the peace.

14 15 MH Be upfront in all your dealings. 16 17 ‡ 1st Quarter Moon HM enters I The first test of plans is at hand so do not be discouraged if there are delays or setbacks. Keep emotions in check as tensions will be high so deal with what is at hand rather than what might be. The effects of decisions made now will be seen in the long term so changes will have significant effects.

18 19 MJ Take control of the situation and be prepared to accept responsibility.

20 21 22 MK Think outside the square and you may be surprised by the results.

23 Sun enters Virgo Patience, practicality and organisation are the hallmarks of Virgo 24 ML Be prepared to back your intuition. 25 … Full Moon L You may be surprised by the results of intuitive actions which are visible now. There is also heightened sensitivity to what is around and for some there will be the temptation to either ignore or turn away from these feelings.

26 27 MA Challenges which come up are best met by action.

28 29 30 MB Be practical about what can be done and work things through systematically.


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do not dismiss possibilities. 2 ƒ 3rd Quarter Moon C The first results of efforts may be visible now however there are still many obstacles. Enjoy the immediate achievements, keep expectations realistic and deal with challenges as they occur, rather than trying to anticipate them. 3 MD Manipulating a situation to advantage may not have the outcomes you want.

4 5 ME Take pride in achievements but ensure there is substance to them.

6 7 MF Take the time to attend to details, as this will improve what you can offer. 8 ] New Moon F The New Moon highlights doing the right thing especially where responsibilities and obligations are concerned, regardless of obstacles. The delays will continue so patience is required when making plans for the next few weeks. 9 MG Consensus can achieve much but make sure that everyone does their part.

10 11 MH Be upfront with all your dealings and avoid

By Cinzia Vuat

ACCESS YOUR FUTURE TODAY. Your important questions answered accurately and quickly. Readings may be taped so Cinzia’s gentle guidance lasts. SATISFACTION ASSURED OR NO FEE CHARGED.


underhanded or secretive actions.

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12 13 MI Enthusiasm and inspiration will help spur

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things along.

14 15 ‡ 1st Quarter Moon I Plans made recently start produce the first results and there is optimism. However keep feet firmly on the ground and keep expectations realistic as there is a danger that overoptimism may work against successful outcomes. 16 MJ Take control of matters at hand but avoid being autocratic.

17 18 MK Be prepared to take some risks and you


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may be surprised by the outcome.

19 20 21 ML Back your intuition, as it may prove to important.

22 23 Sun enters GMA… Full Moon A Equality, objectivity and interaction are Libran characteristics. The Full Moon highlights the optimism that has been the hallmark of this period. It is also a good time to be active and meet the challenges of living up to expectations and making the most of opportunities.

24 25 26 MB Take note of practicalities before attempting anything.

27 28 MC A good time to emphasise communication. 29 30 MD An emotional connection to something or someone influences things.


A Life Coach Inspires, Directs & Believes in you to achieve your dreams!

• Achieve a specific goal • Find direction & purpose • Gain clarity and more...


A Aries - fire B Taurus – earth C Gemini – air D Cancer – water E Leo – fire F Virgo - earth

G Libra – air H Scorpio - water I Sagitarius - fire J Capricorn – earth K Aquarius – air L Pisces - water

3 x 1 hour Life Coaching Sessions for $75 0418 894 001 • Svetlana

LUNAR PHASES AND PERSONALITY TYPES Lunar phases occur as a result of the relationship between the Sun and the Moon. This cyclic relationship produces the lunar cycle and everyone is born at a particular point in this cycle. A birth can be labelled as a “first quarter” “full moon” or “balsamic” . The lunar phase a person is born in refers to the relationship between the person’s Sun (the sense of self) with their Moon (their emotional expression and security). Therefore, the lunar phase that a person is born in can reflect how that person deals with life - the nature of the energy and their attitude to life and how they deal with it. The lunation cycle is a visible symbol of our place in the larger cycle of life. Without a calendar, we cannot accurately pinpoint our day of birth, however, we can

A book to k ee p b y y our bedside kee eep by your The Perfect Gift for every Soul...

“If a book had a soul, then this book would be brimming with Spirit. Leo has a unique way of conveying deep truths using simple, yet beautiful language. His words follow a direct route from the mind to the heart, and can touch anyone, no matter where they are on the spiritual path.” $19.95 includes p&p -Denise Linn, international lecturer, healer and writer Available from good bookstores Leo Drioli is Co-Editor of Inner self or direct from InnerSelf

and past editor of Golden Age Magazine

Ph: 0414 295 629 • Appointments & Gift Shop


dealt with in a timely manner.

Cr ystal Light Crystal Healing and Wellness

All healings assisted by angels, goddesses and ascended masters


7 8 MC Ensure that news or information received is

Phone 8326 2777

Sound, Colour & Crystal Healing • Chakra & Aura Balancing • Reiki & Isis Healing • Spiritual Guidance • Past Life Release • Shaman Healing


things along quickly and wrap up what is nearly completed. A feeling of optimism is in the air but be careful that you do not count chickens before they are hatched. Therefore, resist the temptation to be hasty or impulsive and focus on the goal. 6 MB A practical approach will be the best option.

Shop 9, 19-23 Beach Rd, Christies Beach

Phone (08) 8388 9733

Allow the love and light of God to shine Within

MOON CALENDAR 4 5 ƒ 3rd Quarter Moon A There is an urge to move

Organic Food • Vitamins & Supplements Natural Beauty Products • Essential Oils CAFE & HEALTH FOODS

2 night minimum stays, we have a great mid-week special inc platter of local produce, very reasonable rates.

Angelic Divine Universal Healing




Get away from the world for a while. . .

Shop 2/155 Old South Rd, Old Reynella For bookings and enquiries call Suzanne 0414 932 252

2 3 MA Take the initiative with the challenges

Health Foods & Cafe

- Macclesfield -

Wholistic Wellness Centre Life Coaching • Massage • Workshops Psychic Readings • Meditation Groups • Reiki Tea & Coffee Lounge Meditation CD’s, Books, Tarot Cards, Gifts etc.


Best of Health

Mirrabooka Bed & Breakfast

Ph 1800 451 317

easily discern our “Moon” birthday simply by looking at the phase of the Moon. Every month, each and every one of us resonates to that aspect of the Sun-Moon relationship that is imprinted in our psyches. This describes the basic capacity of the person to relate to life generally. In order to find the lunation phase you are born under, you can consult an almanac for the year and find out what the Moon phase nearest to when you were born. Dane Rudhyar, a famous astrologer developed the theory of phases and used it to develop the eight lunation types of personality which we will be discussed in a series of short articles over the coming issues. A NEW MOON occurs when the Moon is less than

45 degrees ahead of the Sun. For a period of three and a half days every month, there is a New Moon and all births during this period will have a New Moon in their chart. Mari Garcia is a professional consulting astrologer. She is co- principal of ASTRO MUNDI, which offers astrological education for the beginner and the professional. Mari is a Council Member of the Astrological Guild of Educators International and is a founding member of the Forum of Professional Astrologers. For information telephone 8563 9182 or 0421 326 001 or email:

Sacred Destinations EGYPT • JAPAN • HAWAII • BALI • PERU INDIA • TURKEY • CENTRAL AMERICA Fully Escorted • Meditations • Ceremonies Quan Yin Reiki Training • Vortex Gridding

Carmel’s spiritual adventures are tailored for you to experience transformation through ceremonies, meditations, teachings, in a safe, nur turing, and supportive environment.


Ancient Mystic Healing and channelling

Experience the ancient mystical energies channelled by Steve thru your various energy bodies. A feeling of confidence, peace, self empowerment and oneness with the self are yours. Receive guidance about relationships, career and your life’s calling thru channelled conscousness’s that are ancient and vast. Creating shifts rapidly and bringing you joy, clarity, fun and gentle yet reassuring self powerment. Contact Steve on 0432 935 439 for more information

SPACES ARE LIMITED! Carmel Glenane - B.A. Dip. Ed Author • Teacher • Healer Contact (07) 5536 7399 • •



Retreat Yourself Retreats and Holidays for the Body and Soul Retreats offer a chance to enjoy some peace and quiet and time to reflect in beautiful surroundings with like-minded people

Refresh yourself with a Lifeflow retreat

Lifeflow meditation retreat practice gives you time to rest, to restore your energies and the opportunity to let go of deadlines and busyness. You can learn to nurture yourself, restore a sense of balance and well-being, and open up to nature. Our retreat centre, Tara Hills, is set amongst the rolling hills, native gum trees and an abundance of bird life in the serenity and beauty of Native Valley (near Nairne in the Adelaide Hills). Purpose-built meditation buildings offer individual rooms and communal halls. Nourishment for the mind is accompanied by freshly prepared food

for the body. Tara Hills is only 40 minutes from Adelaide and regular retreats are run there, from weekend retreats to tenday retreats. Retreat themes include Balancing Life, The Joy of Being, Dreams – Myth and Reality, The Dark Night of the Soul, Health and Wellbeing and many more. Find out more at or call us on (08) 8353 0000.

Simple Meditation Retreats in Crafers West

We aim to provide a peaceful, supportive environment in which people

at all levels of meditation experience, from beginners to very experienced long-term meditators can take a break, relax and open up to the inner life, which is so often ignored as we live our busy everyday lives. Upcoming Retreat dates July 24/25 - Weekend Retreat August 21-24 - 4 day Retreat September 18/19 -Weekend Retreat October 16-19 4 - 1 day Retreat November 13/14 - Weekend Retreat December 4-10 7 - 1 day Retreat

For more information, please phone David on 8339 7848 or visit

Authenticity Spa Resort Winter Wellness Program

Enjoy time away from your everyday; cosseted in the warmth of Authenticity manor in Port Elliot, in the care of Authenticity’s ‘Wellness Team’. During the winter months as we stay inside more, experience less sunshine hours & feel cold, the rainy days can make us feel tired, sad, run down & unfit. Get away from the everyday to Authenticity Spa Resort for the Winter Wellness program. Increase wellbeing & fitness as well as boosting your immunity with this mid week program; available every Monday to Thursday from 7 th June 2010 through to 26th August 2010. Treatment features of the Winter Wellness program are; · Vitality, Longevity & Anti-Ageing Test · Tailored Immune Supplement · Myofascial Release Massage · Hopi Indian Ear Candling or Foot Reflexology treatment · Daily Group Fitness Sessions Winter Wellness is a 4 day/3 night program starting on Monday and finishing on Thursday every week during the Winter 2010 season. A special tariff of $1050 You can extend your stay to any length of time by adding more nights if you choose to, of Authenticity’s classic Rest & Rejuvenation Package. Everybody deserves some time away this winter at Authenticity. Phone: 8554 2088 Email: Web:

Mirrabooka Bed & Breakfast Macclesfield

Get away from the world for a while. . . Mirrabooka Bed & Breakfast is a place to get away from the world for a while, relax and rejuvenate your energies. We have no TV, instead we have a spa bath on the balcony over looking the Angus River, big mossy rocks, beautiful walks and private picnic spots. For more information visit

Women Retreats

I offer two different weekend retreats for women. Learn more about yourself feel nurtured, enjoy stimulating company. At the first you will experience four different styles of meditation. Or you might prefer the second in which you experience a series of four meditations on the Tree of Life. Retreats begin around the evening meal on Friday evening, Finishing after lunch on Sunday. The three bedroom comfortable home in a serene country setting near Gawler has all modern conveniences, comfortable beds sleeping two to a room, heating and cooling. All delicious meals are included as are folders and handouts for the weekend.

To discover more please phone Pame on 08 8242 1783/0419 038434 or email:

A Weekend Retreat for Women Experience 4 different forms of meditation 30th July - 1st August, 2010

Tired of Feeling Tired ? You can change all that with Bioresonance Therapy The BICOM Bioresonance therapy is a gentle computer controlled oscillation therapy stimulating the selfhealing powers and in most of the cases leading to a recovery. The human body emits different electromagnetic oscillations: cells, tissue and organs have each their specific oscillations. These single oscillations are in mutual correlation and influence each other. Together they form the patient’s entire oscillation spectrum, the individual oscillation pattern. An important way cells communicate is through electromagnetic frequencies. Cell researcher Bruce Lipton, PhD. reports that cells are 100 times more sensitive to electromagnetic information (signals) than to chemical information. You can very well imagine that the oscillations of a healthy person have a different structure than those of a sick person. In the oscillation pattern of a sick person the oscillations of foreign substances stored in the body such as amalgam, bacteria, viruses,

allergens, mycosis etc. disturb the normal oscillation pattern. These disturbing electromagnetic oscillations are received and transferred to the BICOM device via electrodes placed on certain parts of the body. In the device these oscillations are changed and then returned to the patient’s body in the form of healing therapy oscillations. The body is never exposed to any kind of current.The BICOM Bioresonance therapy considerably strengthens your own defence and self-healing powers. Bicom Bioresonance therapy is effective for over 400 different illnesses including • Allergies • Weight loss • Viral & Bacterial Infections• Want to Quit Smoking • Chronic Fatigue & Other Chronic Conditions • Radiation • Candida & Parasites • Extra Energy & General Wellbeing. JULIE De CESARE: Dip BRT, MABPA Bio Resonance Therapist. 12a Konando Terrace, Edwardstown. S.A. Phone: 0416 101 325 • (08) 8370 3271

A ustr alerba Herb & Hone ustralerba Honeyy Compounds ffor or Colds and FFlu lu

Australerba Herb and Honey Compounds are a combination of pure unrefined bee’s honey and spagyrically prepared extracts from selected herbs species from different parts of the world. Made from Elder Flowers, Yarrow, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Turmeric, Ginger, Pepper Varieties and pure unrefined honey.. Herbs and honey have been combined as tonics and therapeutic formulae since antiquity. they are nature’s gift readily available to mankind and come from the same source, the generous plant kingdom. Honey is the processed nectar of flowers, a wonderfully balanced energizer and suitable carrier of principles obtained from herbs through our special extraction methods. They are highly concentrated, syrup like consistency and pleasant to taste. They can be taken from a teaspoon, or mixed with milk, water, fruit juice etc. Enquiries phone Australerba on 8346 0631 Visit

• Situated in pleasant surroundings on the Gawler River • Comfortable accommodation and all meals included • Small groups only • Further retreats available later in the year

With Sa & Claudio - 7 – 13 October 2010 Inclusive

Phone Pame Price 8242 1783 or 0419 038 434

Would you like to be free of the weight of the past? Would you like to live fearlessly? And courageously envision and create the future that you want? The Munay Ki are the Nine Rites of the Inca shamans of the high Andes of Peru that will place you firmly and securely on the path of Life Mastery. Contact Julie at Journeys of the Spirit 0427 766 716 • •

InnerSelf Mt Barker Gymnasium - Experience a Gym like no other!

Christies Beach Best of Health Health Foods and Cafe Kerry at Best of Health offers “a quality experience” at Christies Beach. wide range of organic products including bulk grains, bulk cleaning products, meat, yummy pies and bread, coffee, tea, skin care and much more. Come in for all your health food needs and enjoy a nice veg-out over a cuppa. Kerry prides herself in her caring service providing follow up, research and recipes. Best of Health. Shop 9, 19-23 Beach Rd, Christies Beach. Phone 8326 2777.

Mark Mahanets’ Mt Barker Gymnasium offers a conscious integrated approach to working out that embraces a full body, mind and spirit approach to fitness. “The body is the result of our mind and spirit,” Mark explains. “Whatever is in our mind and the spirit, manifests in our body.” Working with this holistic approach he offers every newcomer a clear and focused plan from the outset “In an assessment, I’m able to work out a gym program, not just an exercise or muscle building program but a plan to purify the Soul, purify the blood… thus bring fitness and health to the whole being, including the body.” Mark’s spiritual outlook stemming from his deep study of many traditions including Judaism and Raja Yoga allows him to access the bigger picture, incorporating his higher knowledge and values in all he does. “Everybody’s spiritual in some way,” he says. “Body mind and spirit is not about something otherworldly… it’s about you having a good body, a great mind and the spirit to complement it – a determined spirit is beautiful to watch.”

If you’re looking for an holistic approach to body fitness, Mt Barker Gym prides itself in helping people achieve their personal goals in health, fitness and total wellbeing. “We are passionate about providing the best personalised Gym programs for each individual.” For more info phone Mark Mahanet on 8391 1422. or visit Mt Barker Gym, 62-64 Wellington Rd, Mt Barker.

UMAC-CORE Marine Phytoplankton Advanced Marine Nutrition - Umac-Core Marine Phytoplankton is a rare, wild-harvested blend that can only be found in the pristine waters off Canada’s west coast. This remarkable phytoplankton is unrivalled by any other form of food, plant, grain, algae or herb and is found exclusively in Umac-Core. Distributed Exclusively by: Healthworx Direct (03) 8786 3833





ARC 2010 National Reiki Conference 8th -10th October “The world is currently facing a series of crises that suggest a new paradigm for operating in the world is needed. In healthcare this will mean moving from an illness model that focuses on a medical industry that deals with pain and established diseases to a wellness model that embraces joy and fulfillment from life and deals with lifestyle and preventive measures. It has been said that “the currency of wellness is connection’and this can be applied to our connection between ourselves and our community and environment as well as connection between practitioners and patients and between practitioners from different disciplines” - Professor Marc Cohen, Keynote Speaker at ARC 2010 National Reiki Conference We as Reiki practitioners know that Reiki brings about a sense of wellness and wellbeing. The main aim of the conference is to promote the integration of Reiki

as a Complementary Therapy into Mainstream Health Care and Community Settings. This conference brings together a variety of eminent speakers each with their own field of speciality, yet all have a common theme: putting the patient first, be that patient human or animal. Speakers confirmed to date: Professor Marc Cohen MBBS (Hons), PhD (TCM), PhD (Elec Eng), BMed Sci (Hons), FAMAC, FICAE Professor Marc Cohen is a registered general practitioner with degrees in western medicine, physiology and psychological medicine and PhDs in Chinese medicine and biomedical engineering. He is currently Foundation Professor of Complementary Medicine at RMIT University where he performs research and leads the worlds first online Master of Wellness Program. He is exper t Advisor to the Complementary Medicines Evaluation Committee (CMEC), and

a member of the National Institute of Complementary Medicine (NICM) Consultative Committee. Anna S Petterson PhD Anna was appointed Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the SolarisCare Foundation; in October 2008, Anna is also a Medical Art Psychotherapist. Currently Anna is building the research profile at SolarisCare and is actively engaged in national and international collaborative research projects. This research focuses on the use of complementary therapies addressing issues of grief and loss and psycho-oncology, especially the trauma associated with a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness. A number of publications are currently being prepared. Efterpi Soropos – Founder & Creator of Human Rooms. Efter pi is a lighting designer, educator and researcher. In the past, Efterpi has designed lighting for productions around Australia, and has created critically acclaimed installations. Recently, Efterpi has been researching the use of immersive artistic environments in palliative care. In 2007 Efterpi completed a Masters in Community Cultural Development, at the Victorian College of the Ar ts, Melbourne University, theorising about the environments people are in hospitals and at end of life and how art can effectively alleviate suffering. Molly Carlile RN, FRCNA, CA FAICD MAIPC,, MA MACA AICD,, AFCHSE, MAIPC Molly has extensive senior management and executive experience in both rural and

metropolitan health services. She has a clinical and leadership background in palliative care nursing, counselling and education. Molly is the manager of the largest metropolitan palliative care consortium in Victoria and sits on a number of Victorian Department of Health advisory committees in addition to representing the sector in numerous policy and strategic development initiatives. Her book Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide, has been strongly endorsed by Drs. Andrew Weil, Mehmet Oz, Christiane Northrup, and others. Ingrid D’Andrea: Ingrid is the founder and principal instructor of the Australian Academy of Reiki in WA. She is also the founder of Innovative Perspectives, a coaching, consulting, mentoring and training business, specialising in educating organisations on effective communication and human behaviour in order to integrate a multi-generational workforce. Ingrid is also highly skilled in neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis with education in business and psychotherapy and she is actively committed to the evolution and implementation of Reiki as a selfcare model within the medical healthcare industry, with a focus on the integration of Reiki for the well being of carers. Maria Lacey is a Reiki Master Teacher, wor kshop presenter, Meditation Facilitator and qualified Counsellor. She is the author of two Guided Meditation CDs and has created such practical programs as Women Nur turing Women and a Men’s Workshop developing skills to destress. Reiki, her chosen path, is her passion, and she feels truly privileged to work full time in this field. Maria uses her skills to mentor, teach, and to empower others on their personal journeys, and she is continually inspired by their courage and tenacity. Sarah Messina is a Reiki Practitioner and professional animal communicator & healer. Her services are sought by pet owners and animal rescue groups worldwide. Animal Reiki healing is a natural pet care treatment for animals, it is commonly used to treat older and sick pets. Sarah uses her ability to talk to the animals in combination with her background in professional counselling, reiki healing and other therapies. She is passionate about working holistically with the animals. For more info xxxxxx

David Parker, leading Breathworker & Life Coach & Trainer will be in Adelaide and presenting ‘Come out of the Coma’ acodependency workshop and a a one day intensive workshop on Codependency plus a workshop on ‘Expand your Market’ for practitioners of any modality. David Parker has over 20 years experience as a Life Coach,Trainer & Breathworker leading Residentials, Seminars and Workshops in the UK, South America, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Estonia, Spain and Goa in India. In 2003 he presented his work at the Global Inspiration Conference in Queensland and is returning again to share his work on Codependency, Addictions & Healthier Relationships for all sexualities. His experience of recovering from active addiction himself and its codependent core reality has influenced all his global trainings, but as you will see, David’s path has been to counsel those on the outside from the beginning. Born in 1947, his real adventure began in October 1982 when he had his last lash of alcohol & mood-altering drugs, and has remained clean, sober & nicotine free ever since, setting him aside from other trainers in terms of addiction recovery, pragmatism and approach. He was told he had 6 months to live if he carried on drinking, after a few months he stopped, but discovered that cirrhosis of the liver diagnosed was not caused through excessive alcohol but via selfinfecting chronic active hepatitis B virus undetected for over a decade and was incurable. Soon after he was placed on the first human interferon drug trial in the UK costing many millions, his only hope for survival. 10 people took the trial, 9 died and David survived but the trial failed to halt liver failure. It was then that he set out to find alternative routes to healing including The Gerson Diet used at the Bristol Cancer Centre, a pioneering clinic in 1982, reading the first edition of You Can Heal Your Life, the Louise Hay classic in 1984 and in 1987 on a visit to Sydney saw a TV programme on Rebirthing Breathwork that really did change his life. On returning to London he found a Rebirther in 1988 and on his 5th session of Breathwork his liver function suddenly returned to normal, it took another 8 years of breathwork to sero-convert fully the virus in 1996, using only spiritual breathwork. Doctors said it was impossible, David knew it wasn’t. He has been well ever since. This rare wealth of experience of him sero-converting chronic disease

using breathwork, working with those affected by HIV/AIDS since 1984, those affected by Hepatitis C since 1989, assisting those in hospices to complete their lives peacefully using breathwork, and moving forward in Codependency Recovery that mirrors the Internet age, plus his own journey of recovering from alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, codependency and personal bankruptcy in 1984, gives an edge to his training that steps aside from the new age model. He lives in London’s fashionable Camden Town, home to street dealing, live music, community care, 24/7 mayhem and the likes of Amy Winehouse, and writes a blog called The Swarmite REHAB on London lifestyles, codependency & urban addictions. This is his market, his vibrancy and love of reality. In millennium year 2000, London’s weekly Time Out Magazine called him “Clubland’s Therapist” as his client list - as now - included DJ’s, promoters, music, media & fashion tribes. His global groupwork however, attracts a more general mix of traffic, with common relationship issues, fear of change and compulsive behaviours as themes that warrant solution and maintained recovery. The term Co-dependent is used by Treatment Centres to describe the partner, friend, lover or family member of an addict, alcoholic or gambler who have lost themselves

David Parker

Workshops in Adelaide Since 1984 David’s path has been to counsel those on the outside. His experience of recovering from active addiction and it’s codependent core reality has influenced all his global trainings. DAVID PARKER has over 20 years experience with group-work as a Breathworker, Life Coach & Trainer, leading Residentials, Seminars and Workshops all over the world. He will be conducting talks and workshops in Adelaide on: EXP AND YOUR MARKET ... Tuesday the 14th of Sept 7pm –10 - for practitioners of any modality EXPAND MARKET... COME OUT OF THE COMA... Thursday the 16th of Sept. 7-10pm. A ONE DDAAY INTENSIVE WORKSHOP OF “COME OUT OF THE COMA ”... Saturday the 18th of Sept COMA”... Everyone with any interest in co-dependence and addiction and all that these issues encompass are welcome to attend.Venues and costs to be announced. Bookings are essential,please book early.

F or inf or ma tion and bookings contact Br onwyn Bar ter on infor mation Bronwyn 08 8260 2086 • 0408 853364 • br T his wwor or kshop is sponsor ed bbyy T he A ustr alian Academ sponsored Academyy of RRee bir thing/Br thing/Brea eathw thwor ea thw or k SA (inc)



KALEIDOSCOPE • BODY MIND SPIRIT NEWS & VIEWS and their identity in the task of caring for, or trying to fix the addicted person. Many of the books on Codependency during the 80’s & 90’s focus on this model but he says we have moved on in understanding and solution. David’s seminar COME OUT OF THE COMA - is linked to CODEPENDENCY, the compulsion to be in control or to be controlled, the habit of unbalanced caring, the attachment of fear and a hidden agenda of conditional love. Everyone drifts into this unconscious coma once in a while. Some people wear it as a badge of procrastination while others hide past hurts & shames by busying themselves, immersed in denial. Many become motivated by fear and struggle, only coming alive by drama and scarcity. David specialises in working with those adults affected as children by alcohol, depression, drug use and emotional withhold in the family of origin but as he has discovered everyone has an addiction somewhere even if its lack of self esteem. David Parker, leading Breathworker & Life Coach & Trainer will be in Adelaide and presenting a workshop (Thursdays 16th September) and a one day intensive (Saturday the 18th of Sept) on ‘Come out of the Coma’. Everyone with any interest in co-dependence and addiction and all that these issues encompass are welcome to attend. He will also present a workshop on ‘Expand your Market’ (Tuesday 14th September) for practitioners of any modality. You can read his blogs here: • Breathwork & Relationship Seminars for the Internet Age. • The Swarmite REHAB/London Lifestyles, Codependency & Urban Addictions - • LGBT Rehab - rehab-with-the-swarmite For information and bookings please contact Bronwyn Barter on (08) 8260 2086 0408 853 364 or This workshop is sponsored by The Australian Academy of Rebirthing/ Breathwork SA (inc).

Free DVD of the Meditation on Twin Hearts

There are many forms of meditation each with their own benefit. According to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, the founder of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, the quickest way to achieve inner peace, spiritual connection and Divine Purpose is by activating both the hear t and crown chakras and blessing the world. The heart chakra (clairvoyantly seen as a 12 petalled golden lotus) is the centre of human love; the crown chakra is a thousand petalled lotus of many colours with an inner tier of 12 golden petals. It has been called the “Heart in the Head”. This is the centre of Divine Love. By meditating and activating both chakras regularly, the energies of the Higher Soul blend with the energies of the incarnated Soul and we become conscious, living extensions of the spiritual world. How do we do this? The method revealed by GMCKS is through the “Meditation on Twin Hearts”. This meditation not only instills a sense of peace and brings about healing but can have a profound effect on the entire world.

For an information pack on Pranic Healing which includes a FREE DVD with the Meditation on Twin Hearts. Contact Daniel at A Life Abundant 587 Magill Rd, Magill. 8333 3144.

Indigo-an Oasis of Tranquility in Today’s World

Indigo was born from the successful partnership between Psychic Medium Alison Correll and Massage Therapist David Prior. Situated on Unley Road, Indigo is an oasis of tranquility in today’s world. Readings, healings, workshops and courses, Yoga, Pilates, massage, jewellery, unique gifts plus much

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more!! Indigo – Follow your Bliss!

223 Unley Rd, Malvern. Phone 08 83570051 for more information.

FINDING YOU Life Coaching & Counselling

I am about helping you find the true you, by working with a range of personal development practices to help you move forward in life in a positive way. I will support and guide you to take the journey of personal growth. If you are serious about seeking to change call Svetlana on 0418 894 001 or

Online Seminars Offered by Counselling Psychologist using EFT

Find Your Personal Power: Learn how to clear emotional blockages and limiting beliefs. Stop the self sabotage and live the life you really desire. Find your happiness! This is life changing.


Jane Deans Naturopathy Healing with Mother Earth

I have completed an ADASH in Naturopathy and Botanical Medicine and have furthered my skills and healing abilities with post graduate training and courses. When there are health imbalances you have to address and heal the spiritual, energetic, emotional, mental and physical self. My practise is dedicated to helping people feel better within themselves and on all levels. This enables them to move forward with their health and lives. Modalities practised include: Naturopathy, Iridology, spiritual Healing, Massage, homeopathy, Biomesotherapy, Nutrition, scar unblocking and much more. Phone 0421 821 760 or visit 13696

Christa Metzer

A Natural Therapist for 18 years, Christa is an accredited Naturopath, Bio-resonance Therapist (Bicom) and a practitioner of ThetaHealingTM. She assists people in finding the cause of their condition so that it can be “dis-created”. She also is a Certified Instructor of ThetaHealingTM and runs classes regularly. Contact details: phone Christa at Brighton Health Matters on 8377 3716

Is your Bank Stealing from You?

I am fighting back by showing Proud Home Owners how to reduce the amount of money that they hand over to their bank. Because it is your money, NOT the Banks! • Analysis of your existing Home Loan & other debts • Information on Consolidations (Can save you thousands) • Unbiased Professional Service First 50 people to call will also get a FREE Personal Property Profile on Your Home (Valued at $49.95) MY GUARANTEE If I can’t save you money on your standard variable home loan I’ll give $100 Cash! Phone (08) 8464 0880, email or visiit website (Click on Contact Us)


Will be at the Entertainment Centr Centree on Sunday 4 th of July. Come for the day & enjoy this New Vibrant Event. Have a reading from one of the many Clairvoyants, Mediums, Tarot & Palm Readers. Consult with one of the Natural Healers or browse the Stalls for a unique gift. For Visitor Information & Exhibitor Enquiries: Phone 8395 3322 or 0404 352 049

• Worship Services • Workshops • Satsang • Discussions The reason for spiritual enlightenment is not to esca pe lif ut to lear n ho w escape lifee , bbut how to lilivv e it ric hl richl hlyy, to enjo enjoyy it. Harold Klemp, The Language of Soul


The Art of Spiritual Oneness

Having founded the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre in 1999 my journey since that time has been one of immense growth and joy. It was in 2000 that I became aware that I had many guides that worked with me but in particular I was shown that I also had an Indigenous initiated tribal that I was channeling. He came and shared the secrets of healing the ‘old’ way with me and showing me that once I was ‘the keeper of the secrets’, and now I was to share that knowledge with anyone that would come seeking me. This was profound for me and led to many more journeys than I have time to discuss here so perhaps for another time. In 2006 my guidance came to me very strongly telling me that I must from this time on teach my Energetic Healers Course in Central Australia at Uluru, and it must be done in ten days! No longer as I had been doing, over four months! I was skeptical that this could be done but as usual the guidance was correct and it is Divine, now many have experienced the life changing effect of my teachings in line with the love and support of the powerful heart energy of the rock. I love the way ‘Spirit’ works guiding us one step at a time always leading you toward your divine purpose often without us really being aware. This was what was happening to me, the next step was the day someone walked into my shop and said you need to be taking groups to Egypt! I know very well when I am being presented with something that

comes from Spirit, so in 2008 I took my first group to Egypt. From beginning to end the journeys have been spiritually enlightening for us all from seeing the orbs around us to meditating in the Kings Chamber and spending magical nights in the Sahara Desert with the ‘real’ people of Egypt. It was all Divine! Then last year I began dreaming of flying over Machu Picchu, I knew the next journey for myself and others was to be Peru! So in early May, I along with three others, journeyed to Peru to see what it has to offer my clients for next year and to discover what Peru had to show me. I was not disappointed! I went with three questions on my mind, asking for clarity on each and asking to be shown the way. Very clearly before I left Peru I had the answers to each of my questions. Peru is a beautiful country green and lush, a country of rushing water ways, surrounded by snow capped mountains. Lorraine is a Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master. She t e a c h e s meditation classes, Spiritual Development and a four module healers course and facilitates the life changing 11 day Uluru Healers Retreat. She developed the very popular inner child workshop and is the author of “Practical Guide to Healing the Inner Child” and had 2 self help CD’s and the “Living and Dying Consciously” DVD.

HU - T he Ar t of Spiritual Oneness WORKSHOP & COMMUNITY HU

Awakening to Spirit • Community HU



Right now it is possible to rapidly transcend the human condition and move into profound states of expanded awareness. If you are interested in experiencing these high states of spiritual freedom, HU, a holy word, offers you a direct approach to achieving these sacred states. What is remarkable from a human perspective is that a rapid expansion of divine consciousness or state of enlightenment can be achieved through the singing or chanting of a single sacred syllable over a relatively short time period. This sacred syllable HU is unique in that no religion or spiritual belief system can lay claim to it. It belongs to no one and everyone can use it to enhance their spiritual life regardless of their religion or spiritual path. HU is a sacred, spiritually charged word, hidden from the masses for centuries. Now due to rapid changes in planetary conditions during this present era, it has been released back into the world again for all to use on their journey to balance, inner peace, and spiritual enlightenment.

HU - T he Ar t of Spiritual Oneness Wor kshop Saturday July 24th 2010 - $5 donation (1-4 pm followed by refreshments), Burnside Town Hall, Space 3, cnr Portrush & Greenhill Rds

Comm unity HU - All W elcome Community Every 3rd Sunday of the month - FREE (11am to 11.30 am followed by refreshments) Payneham Community Centre, 374 Payneham Rd., Payneham

For inf or ma tion aabout bout Ec kankar in Adelaide contact Nig el on 8388 8891 or LeeAnne on 0424 474 464 infor mation Eckankar Nigel F r ee PDF books-and-inf or m a tion pac k et a v aila wnload bbyy ffollo ollo wing the link www .ec kankar .or g/F ailabb le as a do download ollowing .eckankar kankar.or .org/F g/Frr eeBook/



ThetaHealingTM - History Repeats Itself ○


BY CHRISTA METZER A few weeks ago the theme was about history repeating itself. In my private consults with people this came up as the recurring theme during the week. At the end of the week’s work, the words coming from the actor’s mouth on the TV program I was watching struck me, “History repeats itself”. Ok, ok, I get it. The repeating patterns of behaviour in our lives, our family’s lives, our friends’ lives, the life of a community, a country and of the world. The repeating patterns of power struggles between nations, between communities, between work colleagues, between friends and families and between different aspects of ourselves. We keep doing the same things over and over and over again like a broken record. Why, we ask ourselves, why does this keep happening, why do we start something with the best of intentions and never get to complete it, why can we never keep on time, why does something always get in the way to prevent us from achieving what we set out to achieve, why is nobody listening to us, why can we have all these great ideas but never get anything done? Why, why, why? It is because we have a subconscious that differs from what our conscious mind wants. If the conscious mind represents 12% then the subconscious represents 88% and you can see that we have 12% of our mind trying to overcome the differences in the 88% of our mind. We are not usually aware of what we are carrying in our subconscious mind as we have been spending a lifetime

burying or suppressing all that we don’t want to think or feel, or that which we are told we should not think or feel. In ThetaHealing TM we recognise four levels on which we carry beliefs – core, genetic, history and soul. Core level beliefs are programs, beliefs or traumas that have been taken on in this lifetime, usually as young children. As an example if you were told repeatedly by a parent that you are good for nothing or that you’ll never amount to anything, then you may accept this as true and take it on as a core level belief and never be good for anything or never amount to anything. As you grow up your conscious mind (12%) may determine that this is nonsense but your subconscious (88%) may still hang onto this belief and so every time you consciously make plans to get ahead in life your subconscious holds you back from actually achieving anything worthwhile. Conversely, if you have parents who suppor ted and encouraged you in your endeavours then you would believe that what you do is worthwhile and are able to achieve what it is that you would like to achieve …unless you are carrying the negative belief on one or more of the other levels. Genetic level beliefs are those beliefs that you have inherited from your parents who either created those beliefs on their core level or inherited them from their parents. The psychological effects of trauma and abuse may also be inherited and often people may believe that that they carry past life trauma when this may actu-


Accelerated Growth in The Year 2010 ally be inherited. History level beliefs may be inherited beliefs from further than seven generations back, past lives, cultural beliefs, or from the collective human consciousness. Soul level beliefs are beliefs that are held very deeply, in your very heart. If you believe in your heart that the world is full of tragedy then you are carrying great sorrow. In ThetaHealingTM we look for the beliefs that hold you back and simply change them or release them so that you can break the cycle of history repeating itself. ThetaHealing TM is a modality that is rapidly gaining worldwide recognition for the ease in which it can be learnt, by anyone wanting to learn, as well as for the results it produces. Christa Metzer has been a Natural Therapist for 18 years, and is an a c c r e d i t e d Naturopath, Bioresonance Therapist (Bicom) and a practitioner of ThetaHealingTM. She assists people in finding the cause of their condition so that it can be “dis-created”. She also is a Certified Instructor of ThetaHealing TM and runs classes regularly. Phone Christa at Brighton Health Matters on 8377 3716

Over the past twelve months there has been a noticeable “worldwide acceleration” of esoteric information available to be accessed, absorbed and assimilated into the daily reality of the masses. We are being showered as never before (in this current cycle of historic time) with the ability to source good quality, mind expanding, paradigm and illusion busting knowledge that only up until ten years ago was restricted to the very few. I liken it to the gap between truth and falsehood diminishing at rapid rate. Everywhere we turn we are seeing deceit being uncovered and lids being lifted on lies that have been perpetuated for hundreds of years. Governments going into bankruptcy, celebrities being ousted for years of cheating on partners, cruel mass manufacturing methods in countries like China and India being revealed, all outpourings of something even more intense going on under the surface of our known perception. Life in the omnniverse moves in cycles, like concentric rings in a pond, patterns repeat and repeat and repeat. We on Earth are now again at a point in the cycle of repetition where spiritual technology is rising to the surface of our consciousness and affecting every aspect of our lives. Mind power, crystal resonance, the harmonics of sound, light and time, multiple layers within dimensions, time warps, earth grids, tectonic plates, intergalactic soul travel, reincarnation, past lives, dimensional travel, star gates, earth changes, wireless technology are all becoming common terms that are easily accessible on any computer system…ESP is moving mainstream. And we can’t get enough new information, fast enough. Consciousness is accelerating and with it we are being forced to wake up from

our spiritual slumber on mass and become aware beings able to make choices with integrity and from a basis of personal truth. I read recently that it took some 38 years for radio to engage 50,000,000 users worldwide whereas it has only taken Facebook 9 months to engage 100,000,000 users. It speaks volumes that as information has become free on the world wide web (courtesy of the spiritual technology of crystal quartz programming) our soul truth has awoken and become empowered and with this mass awakening, personal integrity is required in equal measure. The more aware we become the more responsible we must also become. This requires constant direct communication with your heart when asking to know the truth about a situation or piece of information that has come to you. The answers will all be found within your heart chamber as it contains the greatest concentration of your soul essence whilst you live in your human body. To access communication with your soul, it is as simple as placing your left hand on your heart and your right hand over your left, breathing in and asking “Is this true, speak to me now”. Listen intently, as your answers will come as words or feelings on the out breath. We are constantly “intuitively hearing” the truth to all of our questions from the hear t but we can refuse to give the answers and feelings we are receiving any credence as it can be easier to rely on others to do this for us. Yet, part of the life test we are all under is to see what we will “personally create” with the heart information given to us. Will we let it increase the capacity of soul truth our hearts can generate (thus increasing the energy of love around the planet) or will we continue to hand our power over to others? As we move further and further

into 2010 and particularly around the winter solstice point of June 20/ 21 and spring equinox of September 21/22 we will be feeling great unrest, and why? Because we are supposed to be making critical personal choices to shorten the gap between what is truth for us and what is lies. Did you know that within the gap between truth and untruth exists the dimension of time? You will notice that as you begin to act on your personal heart truth (your soul truth) more and more, time literally shrinks for you. There is no longer a great urgency or rush to complete tasks because you will be in the direct pulse of life AND living in your truth every day. So for the next FIVE months in 2010 we can expect an acceleration in: -leaving relationships that do not honour you - leaving low paid jobs that do not empower you - standing up to those who ridicule you - sinking into your heart everyday to get to know your soul - questioning everything that you do not understand - speaking up from your heart - honouring the Earth by putting your feet into the soil everyday - expanding your knowledge of spiritual science and natural healing - practising self-love and acceptance so you can mirror this to others around you - following your heart into an area of life that brings you great challenge, purpose and joy. We are now in an exalted position to become aware stewards of our soul and directly partake in the unfolding of truth on planet Earth and throughout the limitless universe. Elizabeth Peru of Deltawaves Sacred Sound & Colour Transformations is an International Soul Teacher, Soul Wellness Expert, Spirit Channel and Sound & Colour Healer. Based in Adelaide, Australia with a global outreach she is well known for her bi-weekly Global Energy Report The Tip-Off and global healing services. P: 0422 002 917 E:

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The INCA PROPHECIES of Hope and Revelation ○

BY ALBERTO VILLOLDO Etched in the collective memories of the Inca shamans are twelve prophecies and revelations that detail the coming of the end of time and the arising of a new human species. They predict a time of great upheavals in the hear ts of men, and ensuing chaos in the world, leading to the dawn of a golden era. These prophecies have been closely guarded by a group of Incas that escaped to 17,000 foot high mountain peaks to avoid the iron fist of the church and the conquest. They have had no contact - not even with other Indians - for nearly five hundred years. They have been the keepers of a secret about our destiny and future evolution that has been handed down from shaman master to student for a thousand generations. This secret has been kept by the poorest Indians in the America’s, medicine men and women who live on the frozen potatoes and tiny corn that grows above the tree-line. Yet they are the noblest and most exalted peoples of the Andes, keepers of ancient traditions and timeless ritual objects sacred to their people even today. The secret they have been keeping follows from a mastery of invisibility and of time. These last Incas, 600 of them in all, have lived invisible to progress, church, and state for half a millennia. They understand that time not only flies like an arrow, but that it also turns, like a wheel. The later, known as sacred time, was non-linear, non-causal. In sacred time one could influence the past and summon destiny from the future. For five hundred years these Incas waited, keeping their knowledge of a time to come secret, even from themselves, recognizing that until the moment was right it was not the secret that was important, but how they held and served it, for it took great skill to not allow their knowledge of what was to come to spoil their actions or their intent. The Q’ero, as these last Incas are known, believe that they have been the keepers of a set of keys that will unlock doors important to our collective destinies. They believe the time is now. In June of 1995 they began the last of a cycle of ceremonies done once every 500 years. They now read the prophecies for the last time. Speaking to the Medicine peoples of the Andes, to the Hopi in the Southwest, and to large public gatherings in North America and Europe. They will bring a golden staff into Nor th America and one to Europe and bury it in power places known to them. And they will turn the keys and open the gateways that they have been charged with since the beginning of time that we may begin to emerge into the ‘fifth sun’. And then they will return to their mountain tops, their mission complete, and according to their legends, return to the stars. The Incas have never had a written tradition, and their prophecies

are not etched in stone or papyrus they are preserved in the collective memories of their people, and in the sacred mountain of the Ausangate. While every Inca shaman has access to the entire body of the prophecy, it requires a council of twelve to read them precisely. Legend has it that each time the prophecy is read in its entirety, destiny is nudged, influenced in the act of reading it. The prophecy has not been read in its entirety in 500 years. What we have are the revelations handed down in the oral tradition over the last half millennium since the last reading. Tradition has it that this will be the last reading. It will take place during the winter solstice June 21 at the Snow Star, the high-temple at Mt. Ausangate. The prophecies tell of the end of time. Not the end of history - they speak about the beginning of a millennium of peace, of an era of gold the end of ordinary time. They speak of the return of Pachacuti, the great Inca who built Machu Picchu and other Inca cities in the clouds. Pachacuti is the one who made time stand still - Pacha means earth or time; Cuti means to step beyond. The prophecies announce the end of causal, ordinary time, where we live in the grip of ‘karma’ , of psychological trauma from our childhood, of the nightmare of our violent past and of history. They tell of stepping into sacred time, where we define ourselves not in terms of who we have been but of who we are becoming. They speak of evolution taking quantum leaps, of the body never dying, of reshaping ourselves into a new species within our lifetimes. Here are the twelve classical steps to becoming a Luminous Warrior: 1. To shed the past. The way the serpent sheds its skin - all at once, as an act of love and power. Not psychologically, the way we do it in the West, but mythically, calling on heaven and earth to bear witness to an act of courage and love. Shedding the myth of being cast out of the garden. Re-learning to walk with beauty on the Earth. 2. Munay - Selfless love love. Forgiving ourselves and others. Healing our relationship with nature, with our families and with the Great Spirit. 3. Purification. Setting free the hungry ghosts that haunt us from the past. Fire ceremony. These are the three great skills the Luminous Warrior acquires to pass the tests of TUPAY, the age of confrontation and chaos, the first stage of the prophecies. 4. Stepping beyond death. Facing fear. Shedding the death that our culture has planned for us. Stepping beyond fear. 5. Freeing ourselves. From the grip of our genetic and ‘karmic’ lineages, so that our body and our heart are no longer informed by who we have been in the past, but by who we are becoming.

6. Awakening the LumiBodyy. nous Bod These are the three great skills the Luminous Warrior acquires to pass the tests of TINQUY, the age of challenge and adversity, the second phase of the prophecies. 7. In visibility Invisibility visibility.. The active practice of non-violence. 8. Mastery of Time. Stepping into and functioning in Sacred Time. Calling on the three great organizing principles in Inca shamanism to bring new order to our Uhu Pacha (inner or lower world), Kay Pacha (middle world of everyday affairs), and Hanach Pacha, (spirit or upper world). 9. Emergence. Actively participating in the transformational processes of the prophecies; manifesting them in our lives. These are the three great skills the Luminous Warrior must master to pass the tests of the TAKE ONKOY, the final stage of the prophecies, and the time of communion and the great gathering of the peoples of the Earth. 10. Summoning our Destinies. The legends say that while everyone has a future, only few have a destiny. A destiny (great or small, but infused with meaning and purpose), must be summoned, invited to stalk us as we stalk it. 11. Transforming our bodies. Consciously evolving, unwinding another strand of the genetic code within our bodies, freeing ourselves from disease and conventional aging. 12. Transcending our mor tality tality.. These are the three gifts the Luminous Warrior receives with the return of Pachacuti, the completion of the prophecies. The prophecies are a window of opportunity that will open for many. Some will choose not to pass through this opening, and according to the legends they will become extinct. In the past only few master medicine peoples were able to cross this threshold. Sorcerers for centuries have attempted to leap through the jaws of death, mostly unsuccessfully, not dying, yet not living. The Inca prophecies speak of a time of emergence available to all. The Hopi and the Maya have similar prophecies about our times. Unlike many other traditions, the Inca elders remember not only the prophecies, but how to read them and help each one of us manifest them in our own lives. They are keepers of ancient processes, of keys that can unlock powerful doorways in the individual and collective destinies of their people, of our people, and the Earth... For more information about Alberto Villoldo’s and The Four Winds in Australia, please contact Chris Hooper Promotions –

Alber to Villoldo ., Alberto illoldo,, Ph.D Ph.D., psychologist and anthropologist has studied the shamanic healing practices of the Amazon and Inca shamans for over 25 years.


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Working with the Goddess Isis and many beautiful Beings of Light. Ancient Egyptian healing techniques for karmic release and soul healing. Vibrational healing using Crystal and Tibetan bowls. Utilizing Divine Will - new energies of consciousness for transformation and healing Teaching - Soul Love and Transforming with Divine Will & Level 1 Isis Lotus Healing BOOK 2 APPOINTMENTS AND RECEIVE 3RD ONE FREE Call Jane Whiting (Reg Nurse) 0431 921 246 • Practising at Seacliff • $80 for 75 min. appt

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2012 - A Time of Change With all the talk of 2012 and the impact thereof I thought it might be a good opportunity to dispel some of the ‘Hollywood’ myths of this. 2012 is a time of change, a reversal if you like of the old way of thinking. Time to start to THINK with our HEARTS and FEEL with our HEADS. A time for working on the internal first so the external just manifests naturally. It’s not about pushing, struggling, striving, climbing up or over. Some believe that we need to push to make things happen. That is a lack of trust, faith and patience. No decision should be made based on fear. A fear of lack, a fear of nothing better on offer or a missed opportunity never to come around again, will only lead us to fur ther confusion and poor choices. It’s just about being present, being aware of our surroundings and taking

responsibility for our own emotions. This internal presence will bring about the change we are all searching for. The silence and the stillness of our peaceful minds will speak loudly and produce the signposts to the next steps of our goals, and they will be peaceful, without the clutter and anxiety of having to ‘DO’ instead of just ‘BE’. If we can implement this into our everyday lives along with TRUST, FAITH and PATIENCE everything we desire can manifest into reality. This is not about inertia or wishful thinking. It’s when we no longer struggle our insight becomes our 20/ 20 vision into our future and our world becomes synchronized. Speaking of synchronized, it has been brought to my attention, more and more of late, that many people are experiencing seeing the figures of 11.11 on their digital readouts of microwaves, mobile phones and car clocks. This is also about those who

are working at synchronizing their lives are witnessing this occurrence more and more frequently. For more information on 11.11 02/1111/ I hope in some small way people can start to make a shift in their way of thinking to implement some of these new strategies because it has never been more impor tant for a change as it is now. The world does need to end but not as the box office would portray, just an end to a societal shift of the world as we now know it. My quote for you today is: Life is like quicksand The more we struggle the faster we sink. Debbi Kemp is a wholistic practitioner, intuitive counsellor and an Angel Whisperer.

EFT – Janet Taps Body Pain Away ‘I’ve had this for years, my neck and shoulders are so painful and tense, and it’s sore right in here,’ Janet prodded her neck. She added, ‘I have to spend a fortune on it.’ Janet had come to me, a Cer tified EFT Life Coach, after discovering that this new tapping technique had dissolved a friend’s back pain. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a self help energy healing method in which a person fingertaps acupuncture points on the body while briefly focussing on a problem. Janet said, ‘I can’t see how tapping on myself could possibly achieve any change, but I’m desperate.’ I showed her how to do the 30second basic EFT tapping procedure. I tapped on myself while she followed my example on her own body. With our words we targetted ‘this neck and shoulders pain.’ After several rounds she was looking shocked. ‘It’s all fine now,’ she said, moving her neck experimentally. ‘I can’t find any pain. What did you do?’ ‘You did it yourself,’ I pointed out. ‘All you did was to balance your meridian energy system, the same sys-

tem that acupuncture works on.’ While physical pain does not always vanish so fast, often it does, through EFT. Such relief can be permanent, but an unresolved emotional situation can trigger the pain again. To reinforce this healing, I asked Janet about her emotional state. Many people use EFT primarily to clear away uncomfortable emotions – anxiety, grief, depression, frustration, etc. It’s not uncommon to find that after they reach emotional peace, some physical ailments fade away. Here we were involved in the reverse. Janet had heard the expression ‘carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders’. She agreed she had often felt like that, juggling full time work, family life as a single Mum, housework, shopping, space for herself. I told her that a new experimental branch of psychosomatic medicine,Meta-Medicine (, suggests that neck and shoulder problems are commonly connected with a sense of injustice. Janet burst into tears. ‘That’s it,’ she said. ‘I’ve felt for years it is so

unfair that I have to struggle with all this, while my ex-husband swans around with his girlfriend. I didn’t do anything wrong. It really gets me down.’ We tapped on the intensity of her resentful reactions, without judging the situation. She realised that she did have a lot of unresolved issues around the breakup of her marriage. Although she had done her best to let go of angry and hur t feelings, she hadn’t been able to — because those feelings were justified. Now, with the help of this energy process, she started to discover what ‘emotional freedom’ means. ‘I can hardly believe it,’ she said. ‘All that stuff is just not important anymore. And my neck and shoulders still feel wonderful.’ ANNIE O’GRADY is a Certified EFT Life Coach. She consults in South Terrace, Adelaide, also does EFT sessions by phone anywhere, plus demonstrations, classes, Certificate trainings. Tel.: 08 8537 0447

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Bali is an enchanting mystical island, a ‘mecca’ for Australians since the 70’s. Why? Bali embraces many aspects of contemporary Australian spirituality. Colourful traditional Hindu Ceremonies create a backdrop for luscious tropical vegetation, hear t-centered Balinese hospitality, glorious volcanic mountains, magnificent surf beaches, all

within a short flight from Australia. Imagine now stepping into a retreat, specifically built as a gateway/ portal for sacred ceremonies. This property was constructed over twenty years ago by a powerful woman, a white magician /alchemist, nestled in lush tropical rainforest alongside Bali’s largest and most Sacred River in Balian. A paradise where alchemy of

Meditate and Realize your Full Spiritual Potential The importance of meditation has never been greater. As we emerge from the dream we did not know we’re having and begin to awaken to who we really are, we are urged to meditate. To seek the information that is locked inside each and every one of us. By learning to meditate we can escape the turmoil happening not only in our own lives but the chaos and constant changes happening on the planet. As we are all connected we cannot help but feel these upheavals which can result in high anxiety and sometimes depression. You are the one to make these changes in your life; you are the one that creates peace and harmony within yourself. By meditating you begin the process of self-healing and self-empowerment. You hold the key to your happiness; you need to meditate to unlock the door to self-awareness and self-love. Take a few minutes each day to just go ‘within’ and re-connect to who you truly are. The more you do this the easier it will get. By joining a meditation group not only does this allow you to set aside

a time each week for yourself, but the combined energy of the group will benefit you more. As you clear and release all negativity you feel yourself getting lighter and lighter, which will enable you to receive the messages you have asked for or are needed at this time. Many of you are asking questions and seeking answers, this is the key. Do not believe what you are reading, do not believe what someone is telling you, find out for yourself. We know who we are, we know why we are here, and we just need to develop the gift we each have, that has been hidden from us to find the answers. Consider it a quest or journey within, find out why we do the things we do, find out why we attract people and situations into our lives. Find out what our lessons are, as we go through them. When we find these things out, we can then start to create change. We can start to realize our full potential and more importantly, we can feel the power of who we are and realize the power we have to make changes and create all the things we want in our lives and clear and release all the things we

don’t want. All of this can be done by just taking the time to meditate… EASY! Give it a try; you may be pleasantly surprised at the results, what have you got to lose! Peace, love and Happiness Kerry Denice KERRY DENICE is a Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Counselor specialising in assisting people through the process of spiritual awakening. Individual Counseling sessions attuned to your needs, Spiritual Readings, Meditation Classes and Discussion Groups are available. Learn to protect yourself against all negativity, develop your psychic ability and find your own answers and ‘FIND YOUR TRUTH’. Phone (08) 8276 3421 or

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Holidays with a Difference ... Bali

swift flowing rivers meet pounding surf beaches These grids on her property are vortexes which align to her other sacred properties around the world, exclusive access to these portals is by invitation only. All this some 2.5 hours from the airport. The energy surrounding you is palpable and real ... this sacred location embraces a frequency of multi dimensional reality, where you are transported into an oasis of breathtaking beauty which allows you to journey to your heart through bathing in jewel encrusted mosaic sriyantra and Kundalini pools, midnight, full-moon meditation ceremonies on the rooftop of a traditional Balinese palace, where intricate jewelled mandalas/mosaic whisper their secrets of immortality and assist your transformation. Layer by layer your stress dissolves into the ethers as gentle yoga awakens those taut muscles, luscious vegetarian cuisine organically grown on the proper ty entices your taste buds allowing for instant detoxification. Crystal Devas, whose twinkling facets wink at you as powerful talismans of jewelry which can be worn as por table shrines, are lovingly manufactured in the sacredness of the land. Power of the stones em-

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InnerSelf brace in a visual kaleidoscope of stunning beauty. Breathe into your heart right now, feel it opening to a sensuous, magickal carpet of sound and experience as tools of light heal your weary spirit. All of life is expressed in this postage stamp oasis of magic as you attune to the divine Immor tal Ones, embracing and caring for your journey of being human, in your Quest for Immortality. This location is one of Bali’s best kept secrets. The cat is out of the bag! Allow yourself to open up and explore the ancient aspects of Bali’s sacred heart. The essence of Bali lies in the mysteries of its divinely feminine energies through traditional culture which embraces ritual, daily yoga, meditation, ceremonies, offerings, creative arts and dance. Bali whispers her secrets when you allow yourself to go to your heart. Bali Tour 2011 De par ts 17th - 24th Mar Depar Marcc h Japan May 2011 Egypt Nov 2011 Carmel Glenane, B.A., Dip. Ed. , internationally published author of “The Immortal Woman”, founder of Atlantis-Rising Mystery School & Healing Center. A channeled writer, spiritual teacher and sought after healer of 17 sacred journeys. Carmel’s spiritual adventures are tailored for you to experience transformation through ceremonies, meditations, teachings, in a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment. Contact 07 55 367 399 carmel.glenane



BY JENNIFER COOMBE Have you heard any of these expressions lately? “What on earth is going on?” ... “Things just aren’t the way they used to be” ... “ Nothing is dependable any more”... “ Has the world gone mad?” Change is in our face and to quote a well-worn cliché, change is the only constant. And it is not just gradual and incremental change but change that suddenly comes out of the blue. For example, the parlous condition of the global financial systems in 2009. Claims and counterclaims that climate change is caused by humankind and an associated lack of love and respect for the planet. The events following 9/11 taking the global community to new levels of fear and mistrust. Religious institutions fighting to maintain credibility after seemingly countless claims of human abuse carried out in the name of and by representatives of various institutions. Something is afoot, something is going on. There is an increasing amount of information available to suggest that we are at a “transition point at the end stage”, a scenario described by John Major Jenkins as a combination of astronomy, mythology and spiritual teachings that encode what he describes as the 2012 prophecy. The Eloheim, through Veronica Torres ( tell us that we are moving from homosapien to homospiritus. There are many references from indigenous peoples including the Mayan and the Hopi indicating that a change

may be in the wind. At this present time, I believe that a primary challenge for humankind is to surrender and let go of control. Control is an illusory state. If we reflect on our own life experiences and try to be objective and honest about them we can see that we can’t control much at all. Yet there seems to be some unwritten law that says if we can control, then “we win.” In my counselling work with individuals, couples and families a common factor for positive change has been when the dominant person gives up trying to control, clears the mind and sets about working from a new paradigm. Control is a fear based consciousness that creates more fear, plainly it doesn’t and cannot work. To meet the changes the planet experiences, we need to move from a fear based consciousness to one that is based on love and that will produce positive energies and outcomes. When we get out of our own way we let the Unknowable enter. So how do we go about this paradigm shift? Well, in my experience it is a matter of personal work and process, about searching the inner and achieving a higher state of consciousness. Reflection, meditation, prayer and self enquiry are all proven processes that help us get in touch with our inner wisdom. We bridge the gap between the self and the Self and become more congruent with Spirit. We become more at ease with ourself and more at ease with our perception of our world. As we move

Homo Sapien to Homo Spiritus? Is your intuition telling you there’s more?

deeper into the 21st century, the human mind cannot comprehend or make sense of everything. We need to clear out those old paradigms and regain our sense of place and balance. To achieve this place of peace we need to go within and to be at one with the Self. I believe that to achieve more consciousness we need to be in constant vigilance of our thoughts. Habitual thinking needs awareness to make changes, and we need to examine tendencies, habits and old repeated patterns. We need to open up to the goodness within and to be kind to ourselves. Self judgements are crippling. Through process, spiritual practice, surrender, acceptance and consciously acknowledging that in all honesty “we know nothing” Grace can enter. Transformation comes through the emotional body, from allowing feelings to emerge, be felt and released. In my mind we need all the help we can get in these challenging times. Mixing with likeminded people, reading uplifting literature and getting suppor t from others when we are blocked, is important. Staying as conscious as we can, working with the energies and not resisting this momentous flow. I would offer the view that despite appearances, all is well. Staying focused on the path, releasing fears as we go, I believe we will evolve into a new world of higher consciousness. It may not be in our lifetime but we can all do our part in this magnificent journey toward Oneness. It is clear that the choices of war, depletion of resources and genocide are not sustainable for another millennium. Something needs to change and that change needs to commence within us in the connection to the true and eternal divine Self. For more information contact Jennifer C o o m b e , CounsellingMarriage, Family & Personal - Crafers, SA Ph 83395740 Email

Messages from the Inca ○

Macchu Picchu is the land of my ancestors. The people from this ancient land have always believed and taught that there are doorways or portals to other dimensions that act as doorsteps leading through the veil. These vor texes of energies are pivotal points of light that are assisting humanity in its awakening. Our cellular memories are calling us home ... to reconnect with the Divinity around us and within us. The Inca’s ancestral lineage worked with the cycles of the sun, moon and stars, using light and metal triangle frames to assist life and humanity to connect with, and receive & transmit ions of this energy vortex set to assist future generations. The time has now come to activate them, as it is time for humanity to promote itself into awareness, taking a quantum leap, calling us to remain true to our awakening and our path in Spirit and in life. To create and connect with the sacredness and wisdom of my Inca tradition I use the ancient rituals such as the Medicine Wheel. This incorporates the use of the Four Directions and the centre, assisting us to connect and discover the gifts and learnings it offers us.

Evelina Rios was born in the mountains of Peru, South America. Her cultural background is strong, guiding her through her personal work as facilitator for personal awareness and healing.

Creating sacred space, I ask permission from the Elders of Gondwanaland, from the Aboriginal culture of Australia, to perform the Medicine Wheel ceremony with the energies of the Inca Tradition. Creating physical sacred space allows us to visually and orally connect with the energies and gifts it carries. Journeying the Medicine Wheel brings us into the Now to show us what is predominant in our present life situations. When we connect with the Four Directions and the centre - the essence of the Inca Tradition - we connect with the ancestral lineage. Pachamama “Ear th Mother” and “The Apus” earth spirits assist us to connect with

Soul Love

8 WEEK COURSE Tues Oct 12th - Nov 30th 7.15 - 9.15pm

Become Your Whole Soul Self $20 off first session PHONE 8339 5745 TODAY


(based on the teachings of Orin by Sanaya Roman)

Jennifer Coombe, RN Diploma of Applied Science, Grad Diploma of Counselling, has varied techniques to gently assist you in your journey towards evolution and consciousness

Working with the Solar Light and many great Beings of Light to deepen your soul connection and awaken your heart centres. Through awakening these centres you can experience the serenity and beauty of your soul, releasing old patterns and beliefs and create wonderful and powerful changes in your life. Through soul linking with others you can dissolve barriers to love, experience forgiveness, compassion and create lasting and positive change. Each week we will participate in 2 guided meditations by Orin, a very wise and gentle Light Being

Investment $195 ($175 if $100 deposit paid 2 weeks prior to course)

At Clarence Park Community Centre • Phone Jane Whiting 0431 921 246



our divinity, showing and offering us how to link to higher realms of realities. As we grow in stillness, focussing our body-mind and listen within, we open to different sensory aspects to experience our sacred self and the sacredness of all life, offering us a higher view of our possibilities for healing and transformation. One of the important tools of my tradition is the offering and acknowledging of the essence of life within us and around us. In the Inca tradition, it is customary to make offerings to the Sun Spirit (and other elements) as living entities, asking for blessings, thus strengthening our connection with the web of life. As we sit around the Medicine Wheel, we give our offerings to the Four Directions, asking for our inner guidance to

journey with us. We begin with the South Totem - the Serpent ... then the West Totem - the Jaguar ... next the North Totem - the Hummingbird ... and then the East Totem - the Condor ... calling all directions back into the centre. At the centre we meet the Tree of Life, which represents the wisdom and strength within us, and the learnings discovered from our journey through the Medicine Wheel. If you feel drawn to journey with my ancestors of the Inca Tradition, or wish to know more, please call me on (08) 8339 8364 or email


LESSONS FROM THE SOUL OF MOTHER MARY MACKILLOP Mmm...I did hesitate to write this article but Mary Mackillop did indicate strongly she would like it written – “to put things into context”. As a psychic medium and channel for the spirit world I find when a powerful spirit wishes to pass on messages it’s very hard to ignore them! As Australia’s first Saint, Mary lived an extraordinary life being born in

Discover the Creative Way of the Inca “The land of my Ancestors is strong and wise. The Ancestors journey with us with unconditional love; wishing us to connect with the creative life force of the divine in all of us.”

Monthly Medicine Wheel Ceremonies Women’s and Mixed Ceremonies Breath Techniques • Art Therapy Meditation • Sacred Ritual • Reiki “Creativity exists in all of us; it’s life itself, bringing us to a place of divine presence and serenity.”

Evelina Rios was born in the mountains of Peru, South America. Her cultural background is strong, guiding her through her personal work as facilitator for personal awareness and healing.

Abdy Electriciteh is internationally acclaimed and he is returning to Australia Abdy has an ancient, indescribable gift, which allows people to attune to the vibration that they need to receive for themselves.

“There is no name for what you receive” - Abdy Abdy has been guided to have two day gatherings in different cities around the World, including a gathering in Japan for 10/10/10.

ADELAIDE Session 2nd September at 7pm-9pm ADELAIDE Gathering 4th-5th September 9am-6pm At THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, 310 South Terrace ADELAIDE, for further information contact Ann 8325 2849 or Alison 8524 5608 Other capital cities: SYDNEY - 14 -15 August • BRISBANE - 21st-22nd August MELBOURNE - 28th-29th August • PERTH - 11th-12th September th

1842 in country Victoria and at a young age establishing a strict religious order for Roman Catholic Sisters with the main focus being on providing education for poor children, then continuing this work even while suffering ill health for many years before dying on 8th August 1909. Her soul energy is very strong and vibrant and it’s easy to understand how she

could be responsible for many healing miracles now. While feeling a connection with Mary and her story it was only on a recent visit to the Anglican Church at Yankalilla to pray and meditate that I connected strongly enough to channel her messages verbally. This little church has been of course known as a place of miracles since 1996 but moreso from the visitations of Mary, Mother of Christ in both energy and some physical forms and it is now recognised as a Marian Shrine. It was of course in Yankalilla that Mary Mackillop established her first country school for poor children in 1867.

wanted to tell me that she had been watching me as a healer and mainly she wanted really to say that she “Wished she knew in her life on earth what she knows now about healing and energy from her vantage point of being in the Higher Realms.” Upon researching her life further I couldn’t easily find evidence of healing miracles occurring then but certainly after her death her body had to be relocated as many people took soil from around her grave believing it to be blessed or having healing powers. Certainly she was regarded as “Holy” while alive and so having some Powers to Heal.

MESSA GES FR OM MAR MESSAGES FROM MARYY AT YA N K A L I L L A In the message from Mary Mackillop in the church she said she

WRITTEN MESSAGES FROM MARY MACKILLOP “Yes I had the power to heal but I did it at my own sufferance and I did

Seeking Psychic Protection? This practical booklet by international lecturer and teacher John Fitzsimons explains how to get (and keep) you, and your home and work environment “clearer”. Send $10.00 (postpaid) to Aspects Pty Ltd, PO Box 5171, Clayton Vic 3168 Australia.

Phone 0431 875 400 • (08) 8339 8364


For details of Australian SEMINARS, MEETINGS and CLASSES on PAST LIVES, HEALING, MEDIUMSHIP, PSYCHIC PROTECTION etc, write to the above address or contact us by email or phone. (See us in person for individual counselling or book purchases on these topics)

WEB: PH: (03) 9562 9707 (also after hours)


become too ill to continue upon this earth in physical form. My Sisters too, some of them by the Power of Prayer and by Touching the Sick did heal them but again like me some did develop severe Rheumatism and die in a sad way. “So in spirit I want to have a different focus – all/most children now go to school. I want to show people about the Power of Prayer to create miracles but also that we are all ‘Holy’ and we can all heal ourselves. A life of pain and poverty is not one that is now necessary but it was my way in my time to avoid the problem of being seen as only seeking payment for my efforts. But how we all suffered – the other Sisters of Joseph and me! “You see my method of healing was to take on the pain and suffering of the sick and the poor – I thought God would then take it from me but the energy of the sick – and indeed the souls of some of the dead – stayed with me. SoIi was often sad (depressed today you say) and sometimes even angry and felt powerless – indeed I died partly paralysed. Today I still see those in the church having no understanding of energy and absorbing the pain and sickness of others. So please look at my life and see me as inspired but do not seek simply to pray to God for De-

liverance and Divine Intervention. He sent you Angels and Saints (like me!) and I want you all to know my energy is available to all who ask for it now, but seek more than me. Study about the Science of Miracle Creation plus call to the Angels and Goddesses and seek to clear your energy field often of others’ anger and pain. Seek to ensure all Souls do truly go to God and The Light – knowing that Heaven doesn’t really exist but beautiful realms await you if you discover the correct path there before your death. “I am now what Elisabeth would call an Ascended Master with great powers to heal and influence life on earth in beautiful ways. “I will not be reborn to this earth plane – I am here in the Light with the Goddesses Mary, Quan Yin and Isis. It is my great joy to offer my soul energy and wisdom to those in need of healing miracles. “Blessed Be from MMM.” ELISABETH JENSEN was voted Australian Psychic of the Year 2010 and teaches spirit communication and healing worldwide. A former Registered Nurse she is passionate about educating people about the need for energy clearing and spirit releasement. For more information please visit

How do we know that the sky is not green and we are all colour-blind? ~Author Unknown


PSYCHICS Abdy ElectriIciteh is returning to Australia

Abdy has an ancient, indescribable gift, which allows people to attune to the vibration that they need to receive for themselves. There is no name for what you receive – Abdy Abdy has been guided to have two day gatherings in different cities around the world, including a gathering in Japan for 10/10/10. Adelaide Session 2nd September at 7pm-9pm Adelaide Gathering 4th-5th September 9am-6pm at Theosophical Society, 310 South Terrace Adelaide For further information contact Ann 8325 2849 or Alison 8524 5608

Yvonne Schwirse

Yvonne Schwirse has been a well known and respected clairvoyant and medium for many years. Her caring, honest nature ensures you always recieve a reliable reading. Many people have said that they felt very connected with Yvonne and she has answerd questions which have given them great peace or direction in their lives. Phone 0409 855 825.

Jennifer Coombe

Is your intuition telling you there’s more? Jennifer can help you connect and intergrate with your Soul or Higher Self. Using deep relaxation

Ancient Mystic Healing, channelling and clairvoyance

Experience, explore and expand into the ancient ener gies of ear th and be energies beyy ond • Ancient Energies including Atlantean, Mayan, Buddhic, Egyptian, Hindu and more. •Self symbology awakened, illuminated and scribed into your energy bodies to experience a greater vibrant you. •Star Suns, solar light (the energy essence of the sun) and ascended galactic energies transpersed thru your various energy bodies including your light body, star body and celestial body. •Increase your intuitive power, illumination, brilliance, radiance and clarity thru the process of seeding, streaming and radiance. Feel and breathe confidence, serenity and calm into your life. Become a pure radiant being of your energy.

(not hypnosis) and/ or Tarot, channelling, past life work and other varied techniques, Jennifer will gently guide you to access any subconscious blocks including childhood traumas to bring about deep healing and transformation. “Personality and the Soul are merging into a new hybrid species”, Jennifer says, “We are moving from Homo Sapien to Homo Spiritus.” If you’re feeling the intuitive nudge to finally “Become who you really are”, a session with Jennifer can be of immense value. Phone 8339 5745 to book in and receive $20 off your first session.

Rose Smith

In 2000 Rose Smith BA, DRM, ATMS had a dream of Archangel Michael who wrote the name ‘Absolute Soul Secrets’ on her forehead. At the time, she had no idea what this meant, it was a soul secret even to her! However after about 3 months, a series of ‘coincidences’ led Rose to believe it was a new business endeavour she was destined to start. More dreams confirming her new direction led to the international psychic network Absolute Soul Secrets. 10 years later Absolute Soul Secrets is the most reputable and well known psychic network in Australia and New Zealand. Only genuinely gifted psychics are invited to read on this network. So if you want a good reading with a good psychic that doesn’t cost a fortune, call Absolute Soul Secrets today! 24/7 pay by your phone account call 1902 221 596 $2.97 pm (mob more, Callucopia), credit cards 1300 850 196 $2.45 pm, or for a quick message sms “Self” to 1977 4748 $3.50 per msg pair, helpline 1300 850 196.

Cinzia Vuat

As a child, mother of four, Cinzia suffered from selective mutism. Unable to speak, Cinzia’s search for healing began. Today she is a gifted teacher, Reiki Master, Reflexologist and Psychotherapist. Cinzia’s psychic abilities were discovered after a near death experience. Cinzia continues to develop her psychic potential using the knowledge taught in her workshop “Three Magic Words”. Her readings allow accurate access to your future with comprehensive answers to your questions. Mention this editorial and receive a discount rate.

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2010 PSYCHIC OF THE YEAR (SA) ANGELA KIRBY Coming from authenticity, integrity and honour, I draw for you your life’s journey. Where are you heading, what is your path? I will answer your questions and spiritual guidance given from insight and pure love. I have been gifted this lifetime with intuitive knowledge to use in service for you. If you are willing to seek the next step into your own power and really live your life fully, abundantly and with great passion then reach and ask me. I will be there for you to engender your transitions with pleasure and look forward to assisting you.

Mobile: 0417 850 748 • Email:

w w w. f r i z z k i r b y. c o m

MORE THAN JUST A READING! Your questions answered by a Natural Clairvoyant/Vibrational Healer.


Readings • Healings • Past Life • Massage


Linda Brook

For booking call Linda Brook 0414 912 898

$ $- CLAIRVOYANT, JUNE COX SPIRITUAL HEALER AND MEDIUM Clairvoyant, spiritual healer and spiritual medium with a lifetime of experience, also specializing in life force energy healing, removing negative emotional blockages that inhibit spiritual growth. MEDIUMSHIP SKILLS RENOWNED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD June presents beyond and back giving messages from the spirit world, proving life after death. Also available for public demos in SA, interstate and overseas. Expenses plus reasonable fees. A variety of workshops available for the sincere spiritual seekers of Light and Love. Contact June on (08) 8277 0986 (friendly answer phone if not available)



Help your kids make a difference in your family! ○

BY ANTHONY CRAIG As adults and parents have you noticed the changes on the planet at this time. Our financial and economic systems are in chaos. Political systems and leaderships worldwide are being challenged. Climatic shifts are occurring as weather patterns change across the planet. Volcanic ash is spewing forth and the

ground underneath us is shaking, even in Adelaide. Scientists already know that the magnetic poles have been shifting over the past 20 years and the Schumann resonance of the planet is also rising. Our kids have noticed and are continuing to notice these changes on many levels. Are you listening to

them? Have you also noticed that the kids of today are different? The Indigo children some 25 to 30 years ago were the first evidence of this and as each generation comes along the children are often appearing special or gifted in many ways. But are you paying attention to what they are

telling us? Maybe, just maybe, they do know more than we do. As adults, we often forget how much we can learn from our kids. Our role as guardian/ parents/teachers usually aims to guide them towards their optimum potential. We should also remind ourselves that learning is a twoway process. So how can we empower our kids? By listening, observing, witnessing, being present, living in the moment, detaching and just having fun fun. Some other options that you can consider include dietary changes as many kids are now sensitive to more foods and their ingredients, behavioural modifications and assessments which will include us, as parents, also learning different ways to interact, learning alternatives that more suit each individual child, natural therapies, new and broadened activities in sports, music, dance, computers etc, and brain exercises or brain gym. What about something new, something different and also something real! Reconnective Kids! puts healing in the hands of our children. A two hour workshop engages children in a powerful and interactive play-workshop format designed to introduce these intelligent, empowering and transformative new healing frequencies to children aged from 4 14 years. The children can then use the healing frequencies on themselves (if hurt, stressed or anxious, at school or at play), and on family, friends and pets. Accessing this new spectrum or bandwidth of healing that is now available to all of us allows us to bring back balance and

harmony in our lives and other peoples’ lives on all levels including physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. Kids learn faster than adults. Why is this so? They do not have the fears, preconceived ideas or conditioning that we have as adults. They are open to being themselves. They are open to accessing all their gifts and abilities. Go down memory lane . . . What do you remember from your childhood? What gifts, talents and abilities did you have that you don’t use now? Did you learn to conform because you were different? Wouldn’t it be great to encourage your child to maintain, keep or expand on their gifts in a world of heightened awareness and change or shifts in consciousness. Take your kids to the next level. Recognise them for who they are. Join your kids as they accelerate, expand and evolve. They are also here to help the rest of us change and learn. You planted the seed and now you need the nourishment from the kids in order for you to grow. Reconnective Healing brings in Light and Information bringing us back to harmony, balance, peace, joy and love. Would you like to see more of this in your family? How will your family benefit in a reciprocal exchange as we let go of our fears and guilt? You will feel more connected and more in tune with each other, have a greater understanding, accepting each person as an individual and gaining from the strength that these changed relationships bring. Why not experience it for yourself

and for your family? Why make life difficult and more complicated than it need be? The more simple things often have the most far reaching effects. Each member of your family can and will benefit from the experience of Reconnective Healing. Why not empower your children? Through just one ‘age appropriate’ class they can learn the simplicity of Reconnective Healing to use on themselves, their peers and their families. One person or child can touch many lives. Adding to that experience your and your children’s evolution can also be accelerated through The Reconnection which is a multi-dimensional operating system upgrade that allows us to connect back fully to our true selves, our perfect blueprint – the REAL you! Imagine the difference that might happen within your family if you let go of your preconceived ideas and conditioning from the past and are willing to explore the new. For more information visit Anthony Craig is an Associate Instructor, and Certified Reconnective Healing and Reconnection Practitioner and Mentor. Based in Adelaide he travels extensively educating and expanding this work locally and worldwide and is available as a guest speaker. Anthony is also available for appointments ph: 0412 832 664.



In Brief Reviews

A Thought in Time

By Tricia La Bella These gentle, yet probing “thoughts in time” are openings into the beautiful world of the Soul that is always here and now. Tricia offers a page by page collection of clear, loving and direct reminders to stop, look, feel and listen, and in so doing, to awaken to the wonder that each moment holds. Read this book from cover to cover in one sitting and/or drop into a page a day or whenever drawn to deepen and reflect, however you use it “A Thought at a Time” is a great aid. Available from Quantum Bookshop, Melbourne St, Nth Adelaide. Pub: Rhythm of Life Coaching

The Adventures of Charlie & Moon

The Awakening of Humanity

By Benjamin Creme Many are waiting for the moment when the World Teacher, Maitreya reveals himself. This book is a collection of Q & A articles about Maitreya’s emergence, the steps leading to the Day of Declaration and how to prepare for the world-changing events he predicts up ahead. Pub: Share International Phone Tony on 0428 592 209

By Martin Meader OK Harry Potter fans, get ready… this wonderful book by Mar tin Meader (producer and co-writer of the Hollywood movie, Paradise Road) is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Written for his son CharlieMoon as a story to read to him at bed-time, you’ll thrill as you journey through this marvelous tale filled with fun, adventure, action and laughter. Reminiscent of Roald Dahl’s work, this book is a delight for all children and children at heart. If it’s magic you’re seeking – look no further. Pub: Crow Flies Press

we all are. Her words sing in joy the gift that living the Awakened Life brings, offering profound wisdom in the shape of the gentle whispers of a dear friend. A love drenched 300 plus pages that bring it all together for those seeking nothing less than the awakened Presence within. Pub: Heartfelt Publishing

Moon Rites

By Michelle Royce Thisbook takes you on a voyage of discovery, presenting ancient feminine wisdom alongside the stories of modern women. It examines the phases of womanhood and their relationship to the spiritual journey. Author Michelle Royce is committed to reclaiming women’s mysteries. “Moon Rites” offers practical suggestions for ways to reclaim the wisdom of the lunar cycle and to integrate ritual and dream interpretation into our busy lives.There are also health tips including herbs, essential oils and other healing wisdom .

Blank pages allow you to journal your thoughts and feelings over 13 months. Moon Rites leads you to make positive life choices and to unleash inner power, intuitive ability, creative drive and spirituality. Also available are four Moon Rites cards celebrating the phases of the Feminine. Published by Moon Diary Products $26.95 plus $5.50 p&h.

Moon Rites Cards

By Michelle Royce Celebrating the phases of the Feminine Each with a handwritten message inside. Use these cards to celebrate bir thdays, bir things, menarche, mothering, menopause, croning, friendship, sisterhood and all the phases of the Feminine. Phone (02) 6655 2536 and visit

BOOKS TO READ - KNOWLEDGE TO DIGEST The largest private Metaphysical Library in this state with a wide variety of accumulated works: over 6000 books, DVDs, CDs, videos and audiotapes. Run by volunteers, it was started in 1914 and recently renamed Radcliffe Theosophical Library in recognition of the generosity of Constance Radcliffe. OPENING TIMES Mon-Fri 11am - 3pm, Sat 10am -2pm. Initial deposit $30, annual subs $22, cons $11 Radcliffe Theosophical Library • 310 South Tce Adelaide • Ph 8223 1129

Angel Steps – Love You, Miss You

By Lidija Pretreger If you’re looking for a way to comfort a young one about the passing of a dear relative or friend, Angel Steps is a sweet bedtime book offering 5 steps for passing on their love through Archangel Gabrielle. Large print, beautiful colour pictures, perfect gift. Pub: Pick-a-WooWoo

Love’s Alchemy

By Sky Shayne Innes Drawing from the vast pool of the world’s spiritual traditions both East & West, and her own awakened presence, Sky inspires, nudges, clarifies, reveals and guides the reader into that deep limitless ocean of love that

You could be in this space for $231 Phone 1800 451 317

The Bookshop with Soul Power



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Want to find the essence of who you really are... Then MIJ is the journey that will take you along that path to yourself… A Man’s In-

Breathe Australia Conference November 11-14 2010

Breathe Australia Conference November 11-14 2010 Breathwork / Rebirthing – making a difference in Birthing the New Consciousness. This conference will offer the opportunity to identify what is happening in this time of change and provide you with practical ways to birth new realities that make positive outcomes to health, happiness and wellbeing. Gain personal and professional development from inspirational teachers and presenters. Breathwork is a simple, but profound breathing technique. Inviting all breathworkers/rebirthers, teachers, natural therapists, counsellors and interested people to come along and share 4 days of connecting, networking, healing and being inspired. Further information at

Soul Love - based on the Teac hings of Orin) eachings 8 week course Tues Oct 12th - Nov 30th 7.15 - 9.15pm

Working with the Solar Light and many great Beings of Light to deepen your soul connection and awaken your heart centres. Through awakening these centres you can experience the serenity and beauty of your soul, releasing old patterns and beliefs and create wonderful and powerful changes in your life. Through soul linking with others you can dissolve barriers to love, experience forgiveness, compassion and create lasting and positive change. Each week we will participate in two guided meditations by Orin, a very wise and gentle Light Being Investment $225 (20% discount if $100 deposit paid 2 weeks prior to course). At Clarence Park Community Centre. Phone Jane Whiting 0431 921 246

Man’s Inner Journey - An exceptional workshop for men

IF YOU: Know there is more to you than you have accessed... Wish to create deeply satisfying relationships...

ner Journey! Offering a practical blend of information and experience that enables you to develop insights into beliefs, attitudes, influences and patterns of behaviour that impact on the quality of your life outcomes and it provides the tools for the future.

Vaccinate with Laughter - 6 week course July 25th 2-4.30 pm

David Cronin is a Peak Performance Coach and Laughter Therapist – Presentations, Workshops & Courses to shift from stress to satisfaction in minutes! Discover the secrets that unleash laughter to transform your attitude and relationships. David works in Europe, Asia and Australia. Phone 83383256 or 0415676709

Divine Healing Therapy

Crystal, Candle and Gift Shop - Tuesday mornings 10am to 12pm,Thursday nights 5pm to 9pm. All other times by appointment only (Please note trading times can change without notice so please call to confirm). Divine Healing Therapy - By appointment Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. All of my therapy sessions include a channelled healing through gods divine language and a combination of Spiritual Guidance, Atlantean Healing, Reiki & Isis Healing, Past Life Release, Sound, Colour & Crystal Therapy, Shaman Healing, Release of Emotional Blockages, Chakra and Aura Balancing, plus anything else your body and soul needs on the day of your session. 1 hour Chakra, Aura and Light Rejuvenation $80.1 hour Divine Healing $80, 1 hour Sound, Colour & Crystal Therapy $80, long distance phone healing $80, group inner light rejuvenation healing through meditation $30, Singing Bowl Workshops & Goddess and Angel Retreats.

25,000 copies of InnerSelf ar ound SA w is a par tial distrib utor aree aavv aila ailabb le in oovv er 800 outlets ar around SA.. Belo Below distributor utorss locality guide or mor or ma tion on a distrib ution point near yyou ou or to be a distrib utor guide.. FFor moree inf infor orma mation distribution distributor utor,, please phone 8396 6752 Adelaide Glen Osmond Meadows Old Reynella

Cosmic Pages - Major mind, body and spirit bookstore; 338-340 King William St, Adelaide. Phone 8231 9105. New Dimensions Bookshop - Alternative philosophies bookshop sice 1968, 310 South Tce Adelaide. Phone 8223 4877.

Adelaide Hills Natural Health Centre - Quality, Experienced Naturpathic Services. Abergeldie House Holistic Centre, 548 Portrush Rd, Glen Osmond. Phone 8338 2620 Organic to Go. Cafe and Food store. 365a + 363b Glen Osmond Rd, Glen Osmond. Phone 8379 2131.

Aldgate Vital Harmony - Experience the Vital Harmony of the Adelaide Hills. Phone 8370 8557.

Aldinga The Latin Seed-Stockist - Holistic Body Therapies. Bookings & Orders. Phone 8556-5407 Trilogy Hair & Beauty - Ammonia free organic hair colours & products. Horstman Technique; Australian BushFlower Essences. Phone 8557 7989. Shop 2/2 Old Coach Rd., Aldinga.

Glenelg The Organik Store - Certified organic fruit & veg & groceries. 37 Broadway, Glenelg. Phone 8295 7767.

Goodwood The Eternal Spirit - Retail Shop & Healing Centre; 100 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood. Phone 8271 9666.

Greenacres SA Reiki Healing & Teaching Centre - Reiki, metaphysical and crystal shop; 55 Fosters Road, Greenacres. Phone 8266 3276.

Bridgewater Within the Magik - Coffee, gifts, clothing, crystals, books. Shop 4, 411 Mt Barker Rd, Bridgewater SA. Ph 8339 1484

Christies Beach Yoga To Health - Yoga Classes & Workshops. Phone Louise Wiggins on 8386 0571. Best of Health - Health foods. Shop 9, 19-23 Beach Rd, Christies Beach. Phone 8326 2777.

Crafers West Simple Meditation Centre - Linda & David Clair, meditation, counselling. 66 Emmett Rd, Crafers West. Phone 8339 7848.

Gawler Total Wellbeing. Shop 21-22 Gawler Northern Market, Gawler. Gordon Marshall, Remedial Massage Therapist, Sports and Therapeutic Massage.

Magill A Life Abundant - For all your health needs; 587 Magill Road, Magill. Phone 8333 3144.

M Laren Vale c

MotherEarths Ash Tree. Gifts, tools, services, workshops. Phone (08) 8323 8850. 136b Main Rd, McLaren Vale. McLaren Vale Hair and Beauty Studio - organically based hair colours and products. No ammonia or toxic fumes. Keratin straightening complex. Balmain extensions and much more. Phone 8323 0161. 136 Main Rd, McLaren Vale.

B & D Farm Paris Creek P/L Producers of organic bio/dynamic milk, yogurt, quark, butter & c h e e s e s ;; Phone 8388 3339.

Mt Barker Mt Barker Gymnasium. Where fitness happens. 62-64 Wellington Rd.Mt. Barker Ph. 8391 1422

Moonta Bay Soul Radiance – Healings, meditation, workshops. Jenny 0408930991

Norwood AMCAL Pharmacy Norwood Shop 12, 161-169 The Parade. Phone 8332 1085. Healthy Life Norwood - Natural Health food store; Coles Norwood Mall, (164 Rear), The Parade Norwood. Phone 8332 1085.

Noarlunga Earth Magic - Unique Meaningful new-age gifts; Shop 111, Colonades Shopping Centre, Noarlunga. Phone 8382 0811.

North Adelaide Romeo’s Organics - North Adelaide Village. 71-79 O’Connel St, Nth Adelaide. Phone 8361 9150

O'Halloran Hill Sue's Place for Nails & Astrology Charts. Sue Hooley. 5 Paul Court, O'Halloran Hill. Phone 8381 9442.

Celestial Awakenings - Shop 2, 155 Old South Rd, Old Reynella. Phone Suzanne on 0414 932 252

Pt Adelaide The Answer Within. Alternative Health & Lifestyle Studio. 9 Timpson St, Pt Adelaide. Phone 0403 850 619 or 8447 3158.

Pt Elliot Authenticity Health Retreat - Rest, relax, rejuvenate at authenticity; 1432 Waterport Rd, Pt Elliot. Phone 8554 2088

Pt Pirie Beauty for You - Full range of beauty services, therapeutic massage, Bowen Therapy. 23 Alexander St., Pt Pirie. Phone Natalie on 8632 6505.

Semaphore Ocean Organic Therapies - Remedial Massage - Health & Wellbeing therapies. Rebecca Barter. 103a Semaphore Rd, Semaphore. Phone 0419 819 653.

Whyalla Divinely Guided Therapies. Whyalla's healing centre. Workshops, angel miracles, Isis Healing, Bpwen Therapy, Massage, Crystals, Books,cards, candles and more.Shop 10, 22 Farrel St, Whyalla. Phone 0423 873 746. Earth Body Soul - Massage therapy, Craniosacral therapy, Myofasical release, Polarity and Giftware. Susi 0428 576 883. Shop 56, Patterson Street, Whyalla SA.

DISTRIBUTOR LISTING & A-Z RESOURCE GUIDE 20 words for $44 ($1.10 every other word) - Colour photo/logo: $33

$99 PREPAID for 12 Months (For 20 words)


FREE HEALING DAY Saturday 24th July

I am located in Bellevue Heights, SA. Phone for appointments, shop and healing room address 0414 295 629.

20 min sessions Bookings Essential Held at A Life Abundant, 587 Magill Rd, Magill

Busy, Holistic, Natural Health Centre with Retail shop Owner does not need to be a Naturopath or generate sales in the business 5 long term staff Increased turnover by 20%+ from July 09 to December 09 We are still growing strong despite economic downturn

7 Reasons why to buy this business

8333 3144 or email

Operates itself Owner does not need to be actively working in the business Great for investor or investors Room to grow Long term established Loyal database of 6000+ patients Retail business attached (included in price) Sale Price: $350,000 negotiable plus S.A.V (Price includes furnishings and equipment at replacement value of $75,000 Plus) Two weeks onsite support for a smooth transition Further 3 month support and staff mentoring via phone or emails.

w w w. p h s a . co m . a u

Phone 0447 778 745 for further details

Aura before & after Pranic Healing

LEVEL 1 BASIC PRANIC HEALING COURSE Sat 31st July & Sun 1st August Learn invocations, how to scan a person’s energy field, cleanse old energy in the body, energetic hygeine, and discover practical ways to improve all aspects of your life. For bookings or your FREE info pack including DVD with the beautiful Twin Hearts Meditation, phone A Life Abundant on



places to pick up InnerSelf A-Z RESOURCE GUIDESome CLASSIFIEDS Angels Leslie-Anne Menzies – Angel Intuitive. All Angel Healing appointments include ABC of Angels book 0408 083 185

Astrology “Moon Rites” is the perfect companion for your Feminine Spiritual journey. It’s more than a book, it’s a birthright. Phone 02 6655 2536 or email for a free brochure or to order a copy.

Attunement Heal the world! Restore yourself with Life giving Attunements - experience the gentle power of this nontouch energy work; feel more relaxed, focused, centred. Classes available - Riverdell Spiritual Centre, Gawler. Contact Jonathan on 0408 034 584 for an appointment or more information

Bed & Breakfast Mirrabooka Bed & Breakfast is a place to get away from the world for a while, relax and rejuvenate your energies. We have no TV, instead we have a spa bath on the balcony over looking the Angus River, big mossy rocks, beautiful walks and private picnic spots.

Business Opportunities Business and Life Coach Training Global Education and Media Company Full and Ongoing training Support in establishing own business Need 5 mums to work from home to start straight away. Call now 8464 0881 Apply Law of Attraction in Business. Real people in a Real Home Business. Low start up A Home Business That IS Changing the World! Combine Your Passion For Positive Change With A http:// Home Business.

Counselling In the Adelaide Hills, located at Mt Barker. Using a Transpersonal approach - engaging with your true self. For an appointment phone Colin 0419 808 593.

Energy healing Angelic Divine Universal Healing. “Al-

low the love and light of god to shine Within”. Sound, Colour & Crystal Healing • Chakra & Aura Balancing • Reiki & Isis Healing • Spiritual Guidance • Past Life Release • Shaman Healing. All healings assisted by angels, goddesses and ascended masters. Ph: 0414 295 629 • Appointments & Gift Shop

SA Reiki Healing and Teaching Centre. (Est 1990) non-profit assoc. & Metaphysical & Crystal Shop. Great range of crystals, Feng Shui products, Cards, books, music, gifts. Reiki I & II classes and various workshops held regularly. Open to public for Reiki treatment Wed-Fri $10 Conc. 55 Fosters Rd, Greenacres. Phone (08) 8266 3276. Clear your Way to Extreme Happiness! Emotional Freedom • Spiritual Guidance • Energetic Balance Clearing through Sedona Method, EFT & Ho’oponopono. Free Consultation! 1/2 Hour Session. Ph 0400 888 169, Light body, Star Body Activation channelled by Steve. Shift your consciousness quickly and smoothly as you see yourself as a higher and higher being of continual flowing consciousness of love thru the activation of energy bodies that are waiting to establish connection with your personality self (ego construct). Peace, illumination, clarity, brilliance and greatness are yours to embody NOW! Phone Steve 0432 935 439.

Gym Mt Barker Gymnasium. Where fitness happens. 62-64 Wellington Rd.Mt. Barker Ph. 8391 1422

Health & Healing New Age & Health Shop. A healthshop, bookshop, crystal shop and naturopath all rolled into one. Come visit us at 587 Magill Road, Magill. 8333 3144. Healing with Heart. Chris and Lance are here to help you live your life in joy and ease offering: Aromatherapy • Acupuncture • Cupping • Ear Candling Guidance Readings • iDetox Treatments • Lymphatic Drainage • Polarity • Reflexology • Reiki • Remedial • Tuina. Healing on North East. For bookings and further

details phone Lance on 0407 796 195 or Chris on 0438 858 768. A visit to Vital Harmony will help you to feel peace and harmony with yourself. Vital Harmony has relocated to Aldgate in a beautiful and serene garden setting. Susanne is available for individual Theta healing consultations as well as remedial massage therapies. Regular weekend seminars (and midweek by request) are available (Theta healing DNA 1 &11; Advanced DNA 2; Vianna’s Manifesting & Abundance and Vianna’s Rainbow children’s seminars). The Rainbow children’s classes are for adults and children. DNA 1&11 and Advanced are to practitioner level. Also see ad under “Seminars”. Also available is past life work and house clearings, remedial massage therapies including reflexology. Susanne is also an authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant. For more info see ad in Energy Healing this issue or phone Vital Harmony on 8370 8557 or 0418 845 119.

Homoeopathy Have you had the benefit of homoeopathic treatment? Graduating student, student member of the Australian Homoeopathic Association, requires clinical patients to complete qualification. The process will be supervised by a fully qualified homoeopath. All consultations and remedies to be given without charge. If you are interested in receiving treatment please telephone. Wayne Butcher on 0413 619 166

Hypnotherapist Need help with any area of your life. Adults, children 18 years experience. Leesa BarnardPh.D 0488 999 147

Life Coaching Passion for Life Coaching. Specialising in body image and emotional eating in order to achieve natural weight without dieting. or 0448 881 268 Are you happy where you are? If yes, congratulations. If no, remember there is always a solution. or 0418 894 001

Marriage Celebrants Your day your way, any time any where. All ceremonies, all areas I visit you. Leesa 0488 999 147.

Massage Aromatherapy, holistic, facials, lymphatic drainage, reflexology,

pregnancy massage. Qualified and caring therapist. Greenacres, Stirling - Call Emma on 0407 508 827

appointment. Many people only require from 1-4 sessions.

Massage Therapist. Remedial, sports, myofascial, relaxation, aromatherapy, deep tissue, skeletal mobilization, reiki health fund rebate. Parafield Gardens. Phone Dallas McIntyre 0419 141 104.

Accurate Psychic Tarot - Phone readings. Spiritual Guidance, any issue. Theta Healing, Remove Fears/ Blockages. Heal from the past Carolyn 0438 790 641


Cosmic Carol, Esoteric Counselor, using tarot and astrology to give you divinely inspired messages. Personal and absent readings available on 0439846111.

Jane Deans Naturopathy – Healing the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. Naturopath, Iridologist, Masseuse, Herbal medicine, Spiritual and Emotional healing, Homeopathy, Injury repair etc. Phone 0421 821 760 Goodwood 13696

New Age Alternative Choices. Incense, Crystals, Singing Bowls, Books, Jewellery. Phone 8641 0251. 140 Carlton Parade, Pt Augusta.

Organics The world’s first Certified Organic skin care, cosmetic and health care products. No synthetics or toxins, 100% beneficial ingredients – literally edible! Ph: Fleur Durham (ONEgroup Independent Representative) 0421 211 218.

Personal Development Become your whole Soul Self. Are we moving from Homo Sapien to Homo Spiritus? Is your intuition telling you there’s more? Jennifer Coombe has varied techniques to gently assis you in your journey towards evolution and consciousness. $20 off first session. Phone 8339 5745 today. Mary Shaw - Personal Mastery and Higher vibrational training. 08 97544231 or 0405003233. Heard of “The Secret”? Take the next step visit and enter coupon code 138292 for a $5 discount. Stop Struggling. Private Subconscious-mind Healing (P.S.H.) has helped many people resolve problems such as ... addictions, anxiety, low self-esteem and many other stress-related problems. To achieve permanent inner healing, gently. Phone P.S.H. Therapists Michael Oster 0411 174 110 ... or Leaona Hamood 0419 037 830 or for an

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Publishing Make it happen now! Publish your manuscript with Joshua Books. Contact us on (07) 5493 1700

Pranic Healing Learn quick and easy ways to heal yourself and others. Free healing days. Visit or phone 8333 3144 for a free info pack.


Reading Day. 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. $20 per 30 minutes. Professional readers. For bookings phone SA Reiki Healing & Teaching Centre (non-profit)55 Fosters Rd, Greenacres. Phone (08) 8266 3276 Angel and Isis psychic readings and spiritual healings. Phone Careena on 8251 8068. Flower Readings with Vicki. Clairvoyant/Intuitive. Telephone 0438 293 357 for appointments. Psychic Tarot: Soul Guidance & Counselling. Healing Oracle. Over 15 years of experience. Phone Anna on 8411 7090.

Rebirthing Rebirthing is a safe, simple breathing technique that can change your life. Rebirthing/ Breathwork uses the breath to activate, release and heal stored cellular memory. Ideal to use when you want your life to change. The Australian Academy of Rebirthing/ Breathwork verifies the integrity and professionalism of the following members. Trevor Applebee - Mawson Lakes 0418 836 261 Bronwyn Barter - Mawson Lakes (08) 8260 2086 Elise Carr - Allenby Gardens 0417809198 Jillian Trowbridge - Geranium 0408 813 401 Veronica Reinders - Mt. Pleasant 0438 880 894 Gabbie Enright - Seacombe Gdns 0414 410 963

Reiki ARC Inc. Australian Reiki Connection. Australia’s Leading REIKI Association Est. 1997 - Run by Members for Members with fellowship and support. Access to Insurance. FREE Membership of [AARP] Association Australian Reiki Professionals National Referral Directory. Discounts on Massage Tables, Music CD’s Salt lamps. Informative website & Forum ARC INK Quarterly Magazine. Regional Rep. Kathryn McKie (Mt Gambier) phone 0406 355 249. SA State Rep. Christine Sinclair Ph. 0411 604 753 National ph 1300 130 975 Attention Reiki Masters. Reiki Masters against Cancer. Special Training Course.

Seminars Susanne from Vital Harmony holds regular Thetahealing seminars in her beautiful peaceful home and garden in Aldgate. ( approx 2km from Stirling exit of freeway). For information and enrolment forms phone 8370 8557 or 0418 845 119

Singing Singing and Piano lessons, supportive and nurturing teacher. Beginners very welcome. Located in Eastern suburbs. Phone Pete 0422 932 785

Soaps Alex’s Handcrafted Soaps & Shampoo Bars. Palm oil free, range includes goats milk & dog soap. or Phone (08) 83889467

Spiritual Healing Spiritual Healing/Counselling/ Life Coaching/Bush Flower Essences: Balance your Mind, Body & Soul. Release and heal your concerns through changing patterns and creating a positive outlook on life. Ph Carmel 0430 469 352

Spirituality Know Thyself as Soul Foundation. Sant Mat is a practical spiritual path based on meditation, ethical living, service to others and love for all creation. Its goal is to enable the soul to return to and merge with its source; the purpose of human life described by mystics of all traditions. Discipline and dedication are essential, as is the help of a competent living Master. Entry is via a preparation program. There is no charge at any stage. For further info call 1800 462 193 or visit The Secret Teachings of Jesus Christ. The Keys to Illumination/Enlightenment. The Esoteric Teachings of all ages. Free of Charge, All Welcome.Australian Gnostic Association. Ph 83622459

Tarot Guidance through the Tarot. Belinda has thirty years experience opening the Tarot’s door to revelation. Gawler and Northern suburbs. 0433408755

Workshops MUNAY KI Shamanic Rites in July 2010. This shamanic Master Path will propel you into your empowerment and give you the tools, support and knowledge required to walk the path of the Earthkeeper. You will learn how to clear your energy field the way the Inka shamans do. You will learn how to manage your energy and grow the power of the Rites within you. You will be taught how to give the initiations to others. These initiations establish deep and strong connections between you and the Earth, with nature and all life. Sa & Claudio invite you to join them on a rich and UNFORGETTABLE journey. Read more about it on our website: Contact Danijela for info : 0407 883 445 Email:

Yoga Yoga to suit all abilities. At Hillcrest Community Centre. For more details contact 7120 7605 0416 084 494



You Are God: A Conversation with Dr. Wayne Dyer Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has been teaching people to live better lives for nearly 40 years. First coming from the perspective of a psychologist and then as a spiritual teacher, his books, recordings, and talks have influenced millions. After four decades, his core message has become incredibly simple and equally profound: You are the same as your Source. You are God. Because you come from God, you cannot be anything but God. All of Dr. Dyer’s current work boils down to helping people realize this fundamental truth and overcome obstacles to living lives that fully recognize it. Q: Star ting with T he Secret , which has reached such a wide audience, the emphasis in today’s popular understanding of the Law of Attraction is predominantly about material wealth. What are the consequences of that kind of skew to this teaching? Dy er Dyer er:: First of all, I think the law of attraction has been misstated. You do not attract what you want. You attract what you are. That’s how the law of attraction works. Twenty-five centuries ago in ancient China, Lao Tzu said there were four virtues. If you live them - if you live in a place of God-consciousness - the universe will give you God-consciousness. If you live in a place of ego-consciousness, though, the universe will give you more of that.

One virtue is reverence for all of life. You revere all life. You never kill, you never harm, you never wish harm, and you never have thoughts of harm directed toward yourself or others. Another virtue is natural sincerity, which is manifested as honesty. Just be honest with who you are. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Don’t be a phony. Walk your talk. That’s how God works, so doing it is emulating how Source works. The third vir tue is gentleness, which manifests as kindness toward all others. The four th vir tue, which is relevant here, is supportiveness. If you say to the universe, “Gimme, gimme, gimme,” which is what a lot of the work around the Law of Attraction says because of a misinterpretation, then the universe gives you back what you offered out. You get more “gimme, gimme, gimme.” “Gimme” means you don’t have enough. You have a shortage. The universe just keeps giving you more shortage because of what you’re thinking and saying. If, on the other hand, you say to the universe again and again, “How may I serve? How may I serve? How may I serve?” and you live a life of constancy reflecting that principle, the universe will respond back, “How may I serve you?” Q: With an approach centered on lack and need, even if you are getting things things,, the f eeling of shor t-

age keeps coming back to you. So no matter what you get, you still always feel the need, don’t you? Dy er Dyer er:: Exactly, and that’s why I say you don’t get what you want, you get what you are. When you live the virtues—when you live in that place of God-consciousness—all these rules we have about cause and effect, beginnings and ends, don’t have any impact or relevance. As Joel Goldsmith said, in the presence of the God realized, the laws of the material world do not apply. That’s why people who live steadfastly at a place of God-consciousness can perform miracles. They can create. They can make virtually anything happen. From the space in-between, that last inch is the critical inch you have to take to reach that place. Every once in a while, I get to that place of God-consciousness, and miracles do happen. Q: So, just to be really c lear ha t’ lear,, wwha hat’ t’ss the big biggg est thing people need to learn in order to help them get beyond the excuses? Dy er : They need to know that Dyer they are God. We mostly do not recognize that. We’ve lost the sense of our own divinity. We think that we’re separate from God, but we can’t be. We must be like what we came from, and we came from an infinite, loving, kind, beautiful Source. We’ve forgotten that.


Non Invasive Health Assessment and Early Prevention, Naturally

So, you have to recognize that God isn’t something outside of you—a cosmic bellboy to whom you pray in order to get this or that if you do the right things. Those kinds of understandings are all ego talk. Everybody—you, me, Osama bin Laden, Adolf Hitler—we all came from the same Source. Then we took on these egos and began to practice all kinds of things based in not having reverence for life, whereas that which is God has reverence for all life. All excuses are nothing more than misalignments with God. Just imagine the great creative Source needing an excuse. It doesn’t have any concept of, “I’m too busy. I’m too old. I’m too afraid. Things are going to take too long.” Source doesn’t work like that. The Tao does nothing, Lao Tzu writes, but it leaves nothing undone. Q: What are you most excited about today? What gives you hope? Dy er : What I’m most excited Dyer about is that there’s an openness to this shift, and I do think that there’s a shift happening. We can sit here and talk about all the negativity, which we’ve done a little bit, but for every act of evil in the world, there are a million acts of kindness. Basically, our nature is to love each other and care about each other, and most of us do that. Most of us have no quarrel with anybody who’s living on another side of the planet and who might have a different religious persuasion. It’s just these small minorities to the far right and the far left who get all of the news time and print space. But we’re starting to look at a new way of being, and I know ultimately that it will triumph. I think it’s coming soon, too. WAYNE W. DYER, PH.D., is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of selfdevelopment. He’s the author of over 30 books, has created many audio programs and videos, and has appeared on thousands of television and radio shows.

Digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI) is a totally non-invasive clinical imaging procedure for detecting and monitoring a number of diseases and physical injuries, by showing the thermal abnormalities present in the body. It is used as an aid for diagnosis and prognosis, as well as monitoring therapy progress, for conditions such as: Breast Disease Thyroid problems Arthritis Headaches Nerve Damage Aches and Pains in general Fibromyalgia Heart and vascular problems, Stroke Varicose Veins Inflammations Skin Cancer Digestive Disorders and many more!! Images or “Thermograms” can be taken of the whole body or just areas being investigated. The images are stored on a computer and are sent electronically to a Thermologist (certified Medical Doctor) for interpretation and reporting. Your report is colour printed and a copy can also be sent to your healthcare professional (natural health care provider, medical health care provider, phyisiotherapist, chiropractor, podiatrist, masseur etc.) Unlike most diagnostic tests DITI is: - Non invasive, - No radiation - Painless - No contact with the body - F.D.A approved The only method available for “visualising” pain Clinical DITI is providing the answers in the diagnosis of pain and earliest detection of breast disease – earlier than has been possible through breast self examination, doctor examination or mammography alone!

DITI detects physiological changes in the breast tissue at 256 cancer cells, which is 2 years after cancer started to grow. Mammography is an anatomical test, which shows masses that are detected in the 8th year with 4 billion cancer cells. DITI IS ALSO APPROPRIATE FOR YOUNGER WOMEN (30 TO 50) WHOSE DENSER BREAST TISSUES MAKES IT MORE DIFFICTULT FOR MAMMOGRAPHY TO BE EFFECTIVE – This is really early detection and prevention

QFA - QUANTITATIVE FLUID ANALYSIS The QFA uses state of the art software to generate comprehensive reports based on the biochemical make up of body fluids such as urine, blood and saliva. The test shows: - the pH of the body - oxidative stress at a cellular level - concentration of minerals in the body - hydration - detoxification ability - digestive function - mitochondria activity (energy production) - biological age - viral, bacterial and fungal activity - physiological indicators of the adrenal glands, kidney, liver, lymph, circulation and digestive organs are also displayed.

FREE 14 TO 18 PAGE REPORT You will receive a 14 to 18 page report explaining the cause of the health problem, recommendations, remedy plan and advice. Changes can be monitored with follow up tests.

Phone 8338 26 20 548 Portrush Rd., Glen Osmond S.A. 5064.

From Leo Drioli, editor of InnerSelf

A book to keep by your bedside

“If a book had a soul, then this book would be brimming with Spirit. et Leo has a unique wwaay of con convv e ying dee deepp tr uths using simple simple,, yyet beautiful language. His words follow a direct route from the mind to the hear t, and can touc tter wwher her touchh an anyyone one,, no ma matter heree the theyy ar aree on the spiritual pa th. interna national lecturer er,, healer and writer path. th.”” - Denise Linn, inter na tional lectur er Available from good bookstores or direct from InnerSelf for $19.95 (inc p&p). Ph 08 8396 6752

You can visit Leo Drioli's blog at:



Spiritual Journeys

with Lorraine Webb

“Now is the time to feed your Spirit rather than your bank account as it will give much greater returns! In these precarious times self development and discovering your ‘Authentic Self’ is more important than anything else. Your relationship with your ‘Higher Self’ and following your ‘inner guidance’ is what is required.”




September 19th to 29th - 11 nights

17 days, departing 12th November 2010

Held at Uluru Central Australia. This journey is for those wanting to train as Energetic Healers or those wanting a personal transformation. Recommended highly for those with chronic medical conditions. Life is never quite the same after this! “I would recommend it for anyone who feels that they are missing something, this is the piece that is missing, the hands on, face to face with a truly inspiring woman who has seen it all. Right here in Australia! Go with an open mind, go with an open heart, but whatever you do, just go! I am truly looking forward to putting my new skills into practice.” Samantha Ansley, Sydney

This is a magical tour through the temples and tombs, spending two nights sleeping out in the Sahara Desert, plus 4 days sailing the Nile. Lorraine takes you on a spiritual experience from beginning to end! Book now don’t miss out!

HEALING THE PAST WORKSHOP This workshop was created by Lorraine in 2000 and has been running monthly since that time helping many to move on from past patterns and programs of behaviours. It is recommended as the ‘foundation’ work. For your life to work you must have a solid foundation.

FLINDERS RANGES RETREAT November 2010 - 4 days Includes bus travel, opening dinner, resort accommodation, bush walks and the successful HEALING THE PAST workshop, plus healing. Limited to small numbers so book early!

ASCENSION WORKSHOP June 19th & 20th November 13th & 14th Understand all that is transpiring in this transformation period on the planet leading up to 2012 and beyond and the role you play!

HEALING WITH LORRAINE By appointment at the Centre also for interstate, available over skype by arrangement.

MYSTICAL PERU May 2011 - 16 days Visit amazing Incan townships, Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley, Colca Canyon and of course magical Machu Picchu. Spend a night with the Quantati people on their floating Island. Experience shamanic sacred ceremonies. Let Lorraine guide you through this mystical place of beauty and simplicity.

FREE 30 MINUTE DISCUSSION on what would be right for you by appointment. For more information contact us.

For more information on any of the Journeys contact: ADELAIDE HEALING ENERGY CENTRE -112 Prospect Road, Prospect SA 5082 Phone: (08) 8342 4109 • Email:

Innerself Issue 28 - SA / 2010  

Innerself Magazine

Innerself Issue 28 - SA / 2010  

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